Ninja Wraith

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Ninja Wraith
Born Zürich Ninja
August 30, 2009 (2009-08-30) (age 11)
Died December 23, 2030 (age 21)
Geneva, Canton Romandie, Republic of Snowzerland
Cause of death 400 meter fall
Residence Snowzerland
Gender Male
Title Prince Zürich of Snowzerland
Parents Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, Maddieworld
Relatives Griante (brother)
Bellina (sister)
Jessica (sister)
Hochstadt Family

Zürich Ninja is Swiss Ninja's oldest son by one day. He is EVIL, although not as evil as his sister, Bellina. He shares a rivaly with his brother Griante, which he is not proud of.


Zürich Ninja was born in August 30, 2009. He learned Card Jitsu from the Start, but later dropped out when he was a yellow belt beacause he was bored. He hated good things, so he ran away from home and trained Card Jitsu with Sensei Wraith and was given the name "Ninja Wraith". He became a a powerful ninja warrior as well as a bully and did evil things around the Antarctic.

Here are things he did:

  • Bullied Mwa Mwas
  • Bullied Nerds
  • Threw pies at random Penguins
  • Robbed department stores
  • Beat up old ladies
  • Use puffles as toilet paper

He was caught and thrown in jail. His sister bailed him out though.

Future and death[edit]

In the year 2030 after Swiss Ninja is supposedly assassinated, Ninja Wraith starts the Snoss Civil War by seceding the southern half of the island of Snowzerland from the Republic of Snowzerland, and founding the Snoss Confederacy. He fought against the republic with the help of Emperor Pengvintine for almost a year, until December 2030.

It was then that his uncle Clovis converted him from evil to good, and he was determined to stop Pengvintine and bring order back to Snowzerland. He brought five Jedi with him to the Snowzerland Capitol Building in Geneva, and attempted to arrest Pengvintine. However, the Sith resisted and a battle ensued, which left all five Jedi dead, although Wraith still had the upper hand. However, soon after his sister Bellina came in and sided with Pengvintine, slicing off her brother's lightsaber-wielding flipper, leaving him open to Pengvintine's lightning attack and a 400 meter fall to his death.

True Heir[edit]

NW was the true heir to the throne, but due to his evilness that Swiss Ninja noticed and a scandal that involved a car hijacking, he was skipped for being the heir. Because of the skipping, he now swears for revenge on his father and supports his sister, Bellina, in destroying him strongly. Ninja Wraith doesn't blame Griante for this, but they share a rivalry for the throne.


  • Like Sensei Wraith, Ninja Wraith doesn't consider himself evil and is only doing these things to "balance" out the world
  • He is an honorary member of the Treacherous Trio
  • Even though he is the oldest child, Swiss Ninja has Griante next in line for the throne. Ninja doesn't have hard feelings for Griante, as Swiss Ninja was the one who made the decision.

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