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Ninjahopper image.png
Jockhopper had to get a photoshop editor to put Ninjahopper's pic on the boat.
Title うわー!あなたがロックホッパー!あなたは忍者です!
Gender Male
Race Rockhopper Penguin
Faction He is Sensei's rumored Successor
Health Good
Level Level
Status Being trained under Sensei
Location The Dojo

Ninjahopper, or うわー!あなたがロックホッパー!あなたは忍者です!, is one of Rockhopper's younger brothers, and an experienced Ninja. Unlike his older brother, he despises sailing as he claims it makes him sea sick. He is currently being trained by Sensei.


About 6 years after Rockhopper hatched, Ninjahopper's egg was laid. Instead of having the egg put in a incubation center, the father insisted he carried the egg himself. Unfortunately, one day Jockhopper tripped, and the egg fell in the snow. He got it back just in time before it froze, but this would alter the Chick's behavior much.


About a month later the egg hatched, and a little black Chick was born. When he was about 8, Rockhopper took him for a ride on the Hydro-Hopper. It lasted for about 3 hours and at the end of it poor, Ninjahopper's whole face had turned green. He quickly went home, and stayed in bed for two days unable to even think of salt water. Since then he despised sailing and instead wished to be a Ninja.

When he recovered from his Hydro-Hopper ride, he would pretend he was a brave Ninja. He pretended his dad's ties were belts. When he got caught doing this though he would be forced to wash them by flipper, and then write 50 times on a chalk board "Ties are not for Ninja Belts".


Years later the news of this young penguin's wish to become a ninja reached The Sensei. The old penguin decided to give Ninjahoppper a chance and asked him to come and see him in the morning. Ninjahopper's reaction was almost as suprising as some of Explorer's modes. He didn't sleep at all that night for he was to excited.

The next day he went to the Dojo to train as a Ninja Student. Sensei expected the young penguin to be a novice like most of his students were at first, but he was suprisingly quite well. He earned his Black Belt, and Mask in two days. Shortly before Sensei's death in 2023, he announced that Ninjahopper would be his successor.

6 years after he became Sensei, Ninjahopper died from an accident while training in Card-Jitsu Fire: After he leapt from one stone he missed his mark and instead fell in the lava, killing him almost instantly. Word spread fast around the Dojo about his death, and soon after his funeral Hat Pop was named as his successor.


Ninjahopper is currently training under the watch of Sensei, Sensei Wraith, True Sensei. He is excited about being the next Ninja trainer, but still has much to learn. As allways his Ninja students confuse him for Rockhopper, and he still gets sea sick on boats. The only time he still goes on them is when he has to get to the family reunion at Rockhopper Island.


(to students)

Ninjahopper: Arr, now. When ye be playin' Card-Jitsu, the first thing ye need ta' know is-

(student raises flipper)


Ninjahopper: ARRGH! I'M NOT ROCKHOPPER! Why do ye always get me confused with me brother?!

(another student raises flipper)


Ninjahopper: ...

(yet another student raises flipper)


Ninjahopper: ARR! I AM NOT ROCKHOPPER! NOW, DO WANT TA' LEARN CARD-JITSU OR HAVE I BE WASTIN' YER TIME! I am not Rockhopper! I can't teach ya a thing 'till I get that through yer landlubber heads!

(yet another student raises flipper)


Ninjahopper: (annoyed) AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

(Ninjahopper gets angry and karate-chops through a wall, nearly knocking off his Sensei hat.)

Ninjahopper: (calm) Now, anyhing else ya need ta say?

(yet another student raises flipper)

Student: (rapidly) ZOMG-YOUR-ROC-

Ninjahopper: (holding up Level Twelve Ice Card) Don't ye even think about sayin' that.

(When passing by his brother Rockhopper)

Ninjahopper: Argh, good day to ye brother.

Rockhopper: Argh, good day to ye to brother. How's the Card-Jitsu goin?

Ninjahopper: Argh, those Ninja students. They be so annoyin. Sometimes I just wish...

One of Ninjahopper's Students: ZOMG-THERE'S-TWO-ROCKHOPPERS-AND-ONES-A-NINJA!!!!!!


(When walking towards the Dojo)

Ninjahopper: Argh, argh, argh I be a....Gargh, it's those annoying students again. I gotta be gettin outa here fast.

Random Student: I can't wait to see Rockhopper today. It's so cool he's our part time Sensei.

Ninjahopper: Argh, I got me an idea. This should prove to them once and for all that I'm not me brother.

(turns invisible using Ninja abilities)

Ninjahopper: Har har har...


(Students start screaming and surrounding Ninjahopper)


Ninjahopper: Good day to ye, brother Rockhopper.

Rockhopper: Good day to ye, Ninjahopper.

Ninjahopper: My Card-Jitsu students argh so annoying. They al-


Ninjahopper: I'm not you! I'm Ninjahopper, ye brother!

Rockhopper: Oh. Right.


  • Ninjahopper is based off the many drawings people used to make of Rockhopper as a Ninja.
  • Despite their differences, Ninjahopper enjoys spending time with his older brother when he can.
  • Despite his Ninja-ways, Ninjahopper also speaks with a Pirate Dialect. His NOOB students often think he's Rockhopper.


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Preceded by
Sensei The Sensei master.png
The Position of
Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Ninjahopper

2023 - 2029.

Succeeded by
Hat Pop HPSensei.png