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The once-good Ninjasaurus
Born Marino Septimius Aemilianus
May 20, 1868 (1868-05-20) (age 151)
Parent's igloo, Frostborough, Freezeland
Gender Male
Nationality Freezelandflag.jpg Freezelandian
Other names Tyrannosaurus Ninja, Ninja-Rex
Ethnicity High Penguin
Citizenship Freezelandflag.jpg Freezelandian
Education Frostborough High School, Frosborough
Alma mater Frostborough University, Frostborough
  • Deadly Alliance member
Years active 1891-present
Notable works Attacking the good with his allies.
Home town Frostborough, Freezeland
Salary 200,000 CP Coins
Height 5'0 (five foot)
Weight 60kg
Known for Camouflaging, Being a ninja, spitting acid
Title The Ninja who was once Good
Spouse(s) Sara Matthews (1858 - 1954), Sabrina Thomas (1865 - 1926), Jenny Williams (1863 - 1921)
Parents Felix Septimius (father), Rena Aemilianus (mother)
Relatives Abel Septimus Aemilianus (brother), Juliana Septimus Aemilianus (half-sister)

Marino Septimius Aemilianus, otherwise known as Ninjasaurus, is a villain. He used to be a High Penguin, until he was mutated into a lizard.



Marino hatched in the 20th of May, 1868, in the two story igloo of his parents. His parents are wealthy, and treated Marino greatly, not letting him die. At age 2, his parents have a heated argument, which at age 3, his mother walks out, and moves in at another igloo. This was the most traumitasing memory he has ever seen. At age 5, he went to elementary school, from Kindergarden to 5th grade.

Teenage years[edit]

At age 15, during 8th grade, a friend of his is concerned that he may be addicted to chocolate, as he has been to his igloo multiple times, eating multiple chocolate bars in one sitting. At age 16, he meets a girl who would be his former girlfriend, Sara Matthews. They were together for a short time, when at age 17, Sara left Marino, since she couldn't cope with his addiction to chocolate. At this point, he is very fond of chocolate. At age 19, his chocolate addiction heightens, and will eventually have meet his second former girlfriend, Sabrina Thomas. At age 20, they would end their relationship, since Marino was too focused on chocolate to have time for Sabrina.


At age 23, he would stop eating chocolate, and would finally become a nice penguin, and skilled ninja. He would meet his last former girlfriend, now wife, Jenny Williams, and would also move to a small city in Antarctica. They would have the longest relationship, having four chicks. He would be a great husband and father to his family. Until one night, a very dangerous and strange substance came around his town. This substance is called Mutation Ooze. Basically, this "ooze" will, somehow, if made by physical contact, will change the victim's appearance and personality. And, sad thing, that if made contact, it will be permanent for life.

This was the sad case for Marinos, in which he accidentally was underneath some moving ooze, on the first floor of a church, in which the second floor, which had a huge crack, slowly made it's way out and dripped and dripped until almost all of it, fell onto Marinos, turning him into a penguin-lizard man, which would change his personality to nice, to downright savage.

He killed as many penguins in his way, and although his family knew about the news, they did not know what was coming for them. Marinos made his way to his home, and murdered his entire family. Afterwards, he escaped into the night. Never to be seen again...

1891 resurgence[edit]

In 1891, Marino, now under the name Ninjasaurus he came back, only to come across the almighty Ice Dragon, a large, bipedal behemoth, whose skin is competely ice-blue. He met him while walking through a forest. At that time, he formed the Deadly Alliance, and was asking if he could join, and Marino agreed to.

Deadly Alliance[edit]

He works there, and is an elite agent, and earns a salary of 200,000 CP gold coins per year. He is allies with Ice Dragon, Boon Tobias, Vapor and the others. They often interfere with the EPF and EQF. He helped finding Moe-Lock with Kligerman.

Allies and Enemies[edit]


  • Ice Dragon - He and Ice Dragon have a friendly relationship, being friends and allies during missions, and Ice Dragon considers him his best fighter or "student".
  • Boon Tobias - When Boon Tobias was introduced into the DA (Deadly Alliance for short), Ninjasaurus was friendly towards him, and shows him the way of being a student.
  • Vapor - Similar to Tobias, he would show him, and be nice on the first day, in which both Vapor and Tobias are some of his best allies.


  • Samantha Van Peng - He has a strong dislike for her, and are one of the main targets to eventually assisinate. They have fought many times, and still, Ninjasaurus wants to basically kill her.
  • Swiss Ninja - Despite being evil, he and basically everyone hates Swiss Ninja, for unknown reasons.


  • Listen, and join us. I know things about Samantha. She will fall in the telling--and pave the way for Ice Dragon ~ Ninjasaurus saying something about Samantha that has nothing to do with Ice Dragon.