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This article is about a character, Ninjinian. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.


The Cookie Master in his bandana.
Born February 21, 1991 (1991-02-21) (age 28)
Gender Male
Nationality UnitedTerra flag.PNG Terrain
Other names Cookie Master, President of UTR, Ninj
Occupation President, politician, businessman, health enthuastic, songwriter
Years active 2002-present
Home town New Club Penguin
Height 3ft6
Weight 18kg
Known for Being the first president of UnitedTerra
Title President of UnitedTerra

Ninjinian Percy Titan-Smith, better known as Ninjinian, is the first president of UnitedTerra and a very successful businessman around Antarctica, who is now currently a key figure of the UnitedTerra Parliament after serving as president for twelve years. He rebuilt PreTerra in the 1990s and then UnitedTerra was made. Ninjinian has two brothers - DJ Crow, a DJ and rapper and Baby N who leads Scoodlepeep, a country in UnitedTerra. The three are key members of the Titan-Smith Family. Ninjinian is considered to be mature in his political work, being 20 years old, but also as a fun, immature penguin out of his formal deeds. Outside his business and political work, he is known for his cookie obsession, which is represented by his Cookie Crown. He is always spotted wearing his bandana, or his Cookie Crown.

Besides being president and a businessman, Ninjinian became part of the metal-rap band Awesomesauce and is a healthy eating activist (even though he eats loads of cookies). In support of his healthy eating campaign, he hosts a PengTube channel where he posts videos on healthy eating - gaining many subscribers and millions of views. Many have noticed that Ninjinian is not quite tall, and is just under the average height for his age. Going in more into his musical career, he has started writing songs for his brother DJ Crow, starting off by co-writing "Like a Thousand Embers" with Crow and TrillBron, which is on Crow's third album Disc-Jockey's Nyt.


Early life[edit]

Ninjinian was born on February 21, 1991 and was left with Saint Ninjinian III when his parents decided they couldn't take care of another chick (they had DJ Crow before Ninjinian). They had bought a puffle for him, named Yusei, and left the puffle with him before they went. The next year, Saint Ninjinian left his igloo, leaving Ninjinian alone while he went. Another year later in 1993, Saint Ninjinian came back to his igloo - to find Ninjinian still there. He then vowed to never leave him alone again, and loved him like Ninjinian was his own chick. When he was living with Saint Ninjinian III, he was told that he has an older brother. He told him everything his parents had told His name was unknown, and Ninjinian really wanted to find out about his older brother, but the only other detail that he knew was that his older brother was 2 years older than him.

Ninjinian in his chick years.

When he was seven in 1998, he was watching the news and noticed that PreTerra had collapsed. He didn't want the country that he was born in to be completely destroyed, so he vowed to rebuild the country when he was older. At the end of the year, Ninjinian made a plan to go to another place and find his older brother. Saint Ninjinian told him that there was an island called Penguin Island where he could go. They both built a boat and Ninjinian took the map with him, including his puffle, Yusei. He arrived in early January 1999. He rented a igloo and he went to the Pizza Parlour one day. He ordered a small pizza and sat down. He saw something staring at him, and could tell it was his older brother. He went over to him and they talked. Ninjinian explained what happened to him and so did Crow. He dropped the igloo he had rented and lived with Crow for two months. Then in March 1999, he said that he had to rebuild PreTerra. Crow didn't permit it at first, but then he agreed and said it was for their country. They agreed to meet again, and he set off.

Meeting friends and UnitedTerra[edit]

The group of best friends forever.

Before going to the ruins of PreTerra, aged 8, roamed what would soon become the United States of Antarctica. He needed to find builders to fulfill what he wanted. After a couple of weeks of no good, he went back to Penguin Island. He went to the Pizza Parlour, where a penguin was playing the piano. He sat opposite someone as the rest of the tables were full. The penguin opposite him was Hat Pop, and they started talking and became friends. Ninjinian then said that he had to go after a couple of weeks at the end of September 1999, and left and said to keep in touch. He found some construction workers luckily (about a bunch or 20), and his cuteness persuaded them to rebuild PreTerra, not just because of that, because they used to live there, and wanted to revive their old country too. He saw a crazy penguin flying around him when the construction workers agreed to work with him, and the crazy penguin introduced himself as Explorer 767, and they both because friends too. They went into a cookie store, Explorer was buying, and that's where he started adoring cookies.

He kept in contact with Explorer, and went on further into the USA. The construction workers went to PreTerra to star the work. He then met Zapwire in Freezeland, and they became friends too, along with Tails6000. Ninjinian had soon became close friends with all of them, so they all met up in Club Penguin and made a group in October 1999 so that they could never stop being friends, and they called it the Quandrarious Quintet, with Hat Pop, Explorer, Zapwire & Tails6000, including Ninjinian himself. They still are friends till today, but the group never remained because of other duties to fulfill. The five of them usually meet up for anniversaries & for their friendships sake. The first friend of Ninjinian being Hat Pop, and his second friend Explorer.

Career in the UnitedTerra[edit]

As Ninjinian promised to return to his friends, he got the construction workers and took a loan from the local bank (about 69,000 coins) and used that for bricks and cement, but also used part of it to pay the workers. He still had money that Crow had given him before left. As the year 1999 passed into the next decade, the workers were working day and night, with only up to the maximum of 3 hours (it was their choice and they wanted to work as much as they could). Yusei had gone extremely smart and drew the whole planning of the country. By the end of 2000, all the buildings were made. The budget was low, and Ninjinian only had 2000 coins left. So he used that for furniture in igloos and central heating. Then the construction workers pulled out a couple of coins too and bought some food for the penguins that came. Then in 2001, the country was complete, and Ninjinian named it UnitedTerra.

Refugees and many penguins that used to live in PreTerra came almost straight away after hearing that the collapsed country was remade. Thousands of penguins came to live, and Ninjinian was crowned president of the UTR in the opening ceremony. Then the country began it's government - the UnitedTerra Parliament in 2002 shortly after. After that, the capital and first city; New Club Penguin was made, along with Satellite City & Neo Domino City. Many more were made also.

Ninjinian had paid back the loan he took and is still monitoring his career in the UnitedTerra. He was also crowned the Cookie Master later on in his career and made made a Cookie Crown out of real cookie-dough himself (with chocolate chips). More is to be accomplished in his career with the UnitedTerra, though - more expenses and lots of other stuff too.

Personal life[edit]

In 2008, Ninjinian was told by Saint Ninjinian III that another brother had been born. They met and Ninjinian decided to take care of him. He named him "Baby Perseus Percy-Titan Ninjinian Smith", shortened to Baby N. His baby-brother then went on to handle Scoodlepeep. DJ Crow was informed about his baby brother too. Recently, Ninjinian celebrated Halloween with his friends. For more information see Fanon Characters Halloween Special! He also celebrated Christmas with his fellow friends. He had a brief relationship with presenter Akiza Atlus from Halloween 2009 to 2010, when they broke up. They still remain friends and on good terms, especially since she is in a relationship with his brother, DJ Crow.

Cookie Master
Ninjinian Monarch.png
The Cookie Master wearing his Cookie Crown..
Reign 2001-present
Coronation September 1, 2001
Full name Ninjinian Percy Titan-Smith
Titles Cookie Master, Ninj.
Born February 21, 1991, 2:19 AM (local time)
Birthplace PreTerra
Royal House Tops Tower
Dynasty Titan-Smith Family
Royal anthem "Cookies rule!"
Royal motto Eat cookies! Cookies R good for U!

As well as being president of UnitedTerra, he is also a big businessman. He has many businesses all over UnitedTerra and the USA. One of the businesses he founded is CPP (Club-Penguin-Pins) Animated Movies, a movie making and distribuion studio. They are famous for some of their work, including their Ninja movies. He is also a boxing teacher and a band member of Awesomesauce.



  • Have no fear, Ninj is here!
  • No time to chat, brother.
  • Hello, brother!
  • Don't worry, brother
  • It's go time, boys...
  • No problem, brother


  • He is a vegetarian.
  • He hosts health videos on PengTube for penguins that are Fat.
  • Ninjinian is cookie obsessed, as dubbed the Cookie Master by the press and by himself.
  • He clearly said that his name has nothing to do with Ninjas.
  • The Cookie Master had a Beakbook, and goes on it almost everyday.
  • Ninjinian is part of one of the Top Five Families in Antarctica, the Titan-Smith Family.
  • He calls everyone either "brother" or "boys". If he is talking to a girl he calls them girls or sisters or course.
  • The teenage-penguin has already been Penguin Standard TIME Magazine's Featured Penguin of the Year of 2005, and was only 12 when he got the award.
  • His cookie obsession is inspired by the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
  • At one point, he tried to make a castle, made entirely out of cookies!

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