No Snowzerland Without You

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"No Snowzerland Without You"
Song by Snoss National Military Choir, Zürich City Orchestra
Released July 10, 2012
Recorded June 2, 2012
Genre Propaganda Music
Length 2:25
Writer Dietrich Kölner
Producer Snoss Government

No Snowzerland Without You is a Snoss Government supported song that was sung by the Snoss National Military Choir and the Zürich City Orchestra. It was written by the Orchestra's composer, Dietrich Kölner, in honor of the Kaiser Swiss Ninja. This song is often played in propaganda videos and festivals across the Snoss mainland and it's territories.



Trumpet Instrumental*

Heil Kaiser Swiss Ninja,

Ruler of the land!

To glory we will go,

Guide us, Swiss Ninja!

O Kaiser Swiss Ninja,

Kaiser von der Welt

We'll be victorious,

With you as leader!

Snowzerland's not the same

without you at all.

we will fall without you,

Swiss Ninja, you rule!

O Kaiser Swiss Ninja,

You are always there

For your gallant forces!

Kaiser Swiss Ninja!

Trumpet Instrumental*

Citizens of Snowzerland

work for your Kaiser!

He will reward you for

Hard work and loyalty!

Our Kaiser's generous

He will bring us gold

He will not let us down!

Kaiser Swiss Ninja!

AAH-AAH-AAH, Victory!

Swiss Ninja prevails!

Our Kaiser is the best,

Der Führer von der Welt!


  • The song was released on Swiss Ninja's birthday, who was very pleased.
  • Mr. Kölner was awarded 10,000 GC (Club Penguin Gold Coins) for making the song.

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