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An example of a non-member.
Type ???
Effects You begin life with it
Source ???
Location Thousands, maybe millions of penguins
Cost to build Poof! One day your membership goes Poof! Don't just give up in gloom - Call the EBUL and the BoF to the rescue!
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

A Non-Member is a type of Penguin that have not subscribed to a Membership, a special group invented by EBUL. These penguins are usually found in Club Penguin, and can buy and keep normal things, such as armchairs and two red puffles. As of 2017, these penguins make up 75% of the population of Club Penguin. These penguins are limited in abilities, and are only allowed to do certain things. However, non-members can have success stories, such as starting off poor and ending up as a mayor. The Minix is a good example of a successful non-member.


The Non-Member star, which is always seen on a Non-Member's playercard. Click to enlarge.

A non-member is either a penguin whose membership has expired, or has never been a member. To see if the penguin in question is a non-member or not, penguins can check the Player Card. If the badge at the top corner is a plain star (as seen in Club Penguin's national flag), then it is definite that the penguin is a non-member. However, a member has a shield with a picture of the star, and sometimes has little ribbons underneath it to indicate what level of member this penguin is. Non-members are usually found at The Town, attending tours, the Beach, the Cove, well, everywhere! Well, non-members cannot go into members-only rooms, and aren't usually seen at the Clothes Shop/Gift Shop as non-members cannot buy many clothes. However, it is not rare to see them at shops. After all, the Pizza Parlour is crowded with penguins, members and non-members alike! As mentioned before, non-members usually go to the Town - it is the bee-hive of excitement and where all the fun begins, of course. And some non-members enjoy igloo parties hosted by jolly members wanting some fun in their igloos, let it be disco parties, medieval kingdom role-playing parties, hotel parties, cafés, anything! Non-members often have aqua feathers, then they go and pay to change their feather colour at the Gift Shop. Many female non-members these days usually have a wig with whitish hair, and almost every non-member has either a blue, red or green shirt to indicate that they are a non-member. Non-member pookies are often seen carrying around an orange balloon, to show their status.


Every penguin from Club Penguin begins life as a non-member, and as mentioned before, a majority of the population are non-members. Basically, non-members can -

  • Buy 2 puffles*
  • Own a basic igloo
  • Can buy more furniture** (as of 2016)
  • Buy plain clothes***
  • Earn a job (police, robber, etc.)
  • Can unlock items, special or not
  • Can play mini-games
  • Can play mini-games up to certain levels
  • Enjoy life
  • Decide whether to be a member or not
  • Become an EPF agent
  • Become a ninja of any element
  • Become a Tour Guide

* - If the penguin bought many puffles while having a membership, they can keep them.
** - If the penguin bought member's only furniture before their membership expired, they can keep it in the inventory but cannot use it. If it is in their igloo and all the igloos are not basic, it stays there.
*** - If the penguin is wearing member clothes and membership has expired, they can wear it. However, they can keep but not wear any other member clothes.

However, non-members cannot do the following -

  • Buy more than 2 puffles
  • Buy special puffles
  • Buy puffle hats
  • Buy more clothes
  • Buy more furniture and igloos
  • Finish entire mini-games
  • Go inside special rooms
  • Receive all items during a party
  • Get all stamps
  • ...and more.

Non-members are easily identified by looking out for the following signs -

  • Checking their Player Card and seeing no membership badge
  • Simple/restricted clothes
  • Red/blue puffle
  • No skateboard (as of 2015)
  • Simple igloo
  • No membership badge
  • Cannot host any igloo parties


However, there is one controversy about being a non-member - equality. Some non-members want more equality, and sometimes protest at The Town. These protests usually don't work, and the rioters are usually ushered away by police, and if they are doing damage they can be put in jail. Otherwise, many penguins still live a nice life being a non-member, as non-members usually get what they want.

Famous Penguins[edit]

Some famous Club Penguinian penguins are members, but there are also some non-member famous penguins too. Here is a short list of famous (or famousish) penguins that are non-members -


  • Non-members, if lucky, can even be politicians!
  • Some penguins live as non-members for their entire life.
  • Who coined the term "non-member" is currently unknown.

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