Nookularix Virus

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Nookularix Virus
A single Nookularix Virus
Type Virus
Effects Mental and physical problems, loss of limbs, death.
Source Nuclear waste + The X-Virus
Location Unknown at the moment

The Nookularix Virus is a mutation of the X-Virus. When contracted, it enters the victim's bloodstream, brain, and/or respiratory system.



The Nookularix Virus has 4 stages.

Stage One[edit]

This is the most common stage. In this stage, the victim will start to suffer a miniscule or major mental illness. Here are the most common illnesses that can be contracted:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of common sense

This stage is contracted the simplest, and is the hardest to prevent. It can be picked up by shaking an infected penguin's flipper, hugging or kissing them, or any physical contact with them.

Stage Two[edit]

This is the second stage of the virus, in which the victim will begin to suffer from a physical disorder. Here are the disorders they may pick up:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Bone fatigue

This stage is contracted via kissing or eating food touched by an infected penguin.

Stage Three[edit]

This is the rarest stage in the diesease. In this stage, the victim will suffer the loss of a body part (arm, leg, e.t.c).

The way this stage is contracted is by the infected penguin coughing or sneezing on you.

Stage Four[edit]

This is the fourth and most severe stage of the Nookularix Virus. In this stage, the eventual result is death, with the possibility of experiencing any or all of the 3 less severe stages beforehand.

This stage is contracted by the raw virus getting transferred from the infected penguin to the victim. Notable examples are vomiting and puking blood, but there are other ones we won't talk about.

How it works[edit]

In stage 4, the virus seeks it's way into the bloodstream where it leads to the lungs and heart where the virus causes internal bleeding and death within 48-72 hours.


As of now, there is almost no cure to the virus, with the exception of heavy mental assessment and psychology for sufferers of Stage One.


The Nookularix Virus' origin is uncertain. Scientists have however traced the origin roughly back to someone infected with the X-Virus rolling around in nuclear waste, or something nuclear, and mutating to create the Nookularix Virus. The virus was first discovered in the late 1980's, but wasn't brought widely to public knowledge until 2012.


  • Mito has invested a lot of her money into research of the virus.
  • Despite its name, it has no connection to radiation or nuclear waste.
  • A particular puffle is researching a similar disease going through puffles.

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