Norman Malice

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Norman Malice
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Very good
Status Alive and well
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date 1995
Occupation EPF agent, former PSA agent, Peach hardware developer
Nationality Antartican
Family Currently unknown
Friends Formerly Herbert P. Bear

Norman Malice is a somewhat snobby black-feathered penguin. He was born in 1995, and lives in a large clean house with many features, that he invented and installed himself. He is also a semi-famous inventor, and an agent for the EPF.


Norman Malice is a black-feathered penguin with blonde hair shorter and straighter than Daniel's. He commonly wears a black and white suit since he's fairly rich, along with black dress shoes. But when he's working for the EPF, he is wearing a black leather suit with a black leather coat. He also wears Tactical Boots when doing things for the EPF.


Norman Malice was sort of a technological geek when he was a chick, he loved building things like toy planes, toy boats, and toy cars. When he got into junior high school he started researching more about technology, and built more complex things like remote controlled cars and planes, TV remotes, and even DVD players. When he started high school he got into a technology class and even started building simple computers, and received quite a few A's and A+'s in technology class, however he wasn't very good at traditional or computer art. Before he joined college, he became an agent for the PSA. By the time he got into college, he started building very complex machinery like modern computers, TV sets, and even remote controlled robotic arms. He got a little better at art in college, but not by much. He also started to learn some coding and quickly became good at it. He then graduated from college, and started working as a hardware developer for Peach to earn enough money to make his own technology company. He also became a very good hacker, however he doesn't use it for anything bad. Then one day the PSA exploded with Herbert's popcorn bomb, and Norman was caught in the explosion. He survived but then had a temporary fear of all butter and corn, and to this day he is still mostly afraid of corn. After the headquarters got rebuilt and the rise of the EPF, Norman joined the Tactical class and the Tech class.


Norman is currently working with Peach, developing hardware. He is also half way towards his goal of developing a machinery company. He currently works for the EPF, and he has become a very good Tech and Tactical agent. And, he still has a rivalry with Daniel.


  • Norman has a rivalry with Daniel Hunter.
  • Norman was once rumored to be a nephew of Gary the Gadget Guy because he was very good at technology and had a few similar physical traits as Gary. The rumor was debunked when Gary revealed his living family tree.
  • Norman has a buddy for his work as a tech agent named Pete Hunter.

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