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Northern Penguin
Amigopen, a known Northern Penguin.
Amigopen, a known Northern Penguin.
Rogue Tvarkov, another known Northern Penguin.
Rogue Tvarkov, another known Northern Penguin.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animala
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Sphenisciformes
Family: Spheniscidae

Arctic Penguins, Northerners

The Northern Penguin (Latin: Downera spiralus) is a sub-species of penguins that live in the northern hemisphere, instead of the south where most penguins are found. Little is known about this species of penguin, since hardly anyone travels to the North Pole. They are described to be elusive with the capacity to live underground, believed to be an adaptive measure to hide from the sunlight and anyone else who would discover their existence. Amigopen, ruler of Amataria, Rogue Tvarkov, EPF Commander of Anti-Terrorism and their families are examples of the few known Northern Penguins in existence, since they currently live in Antarctica.


The history of the Northern Penguins is purely made of speculation and the few details any known members of the species would divulge. They have been thought to have been alive since the prehistoric times, most likely dating back to the ice age. They can be described as secluded and isolated from other species and civilizations due to their hesitance towards being seen by anyone. Due to this, many of them have opted towards living and building communities underground or hidden from the rest of the world. These living conditions forced them to evolve to become adaptive to their environment, seeing as they can live either near the surface of the earth or deep into the crust.

It's unknown how or why some of them opted to move towards the Southern Hemisphere. Since food, shelter, and other necessities for living are just as abundant in their side of the globe as the South, scientists and theorists still cannot agree on why some migrate. Only a few known penguins from the species roam and reside in Antarctica, but they all differ from each other to exactly pin key details about why they've moved to the continent.

Currently, most of the population lives in the Arctic Kingdom or in nearby regions of it.


Due to the lacking information on Northern Penguins, there is no specifics on what they look like, what typical feather colors they are, and what height they can be. Most information on their characteristics are originated from the few who live in Antarctica, since there are still expeditions that have yet to return from the North Pole.

Based on data from currently known Northern Penguins, however, it's theorized that many of them are capable of night vision, due to their ability to live underground. They are highly capable in combat and typically exhibit faster healing rates than other species. Northern Penguins are also capable of amazing feats of strength and speed, with high levels of intellect that reasonably outshine during critical situations. Like most penguins, they can also vary in different colors and body builds. They can also mate with any other type of penguin, an almost genetic trait Northern Penguins can have.

They are similar to High Penguins in some ways that they are thought to be related to each other, but this is still pure speculation.

Notable Northern Penguins[edit]


  • They are presumed to be "Santa's little helpers" since they live in the north, but this cannot be proven by anyone.
  • It's theorized since many most live in the Northern Pole that there are underground cities that exist that are highly populated by Northern Penguins.
  • They can easily be mistaken for High Penguins due to their similarities, though that is not the case.
  • Next to the two most well-known Northern Penguins, Santa Claus is also another figure who is part of the species.
  • It's hinted that many, if not all, of Northern Penguins are connected to the BoF due to their migration to Antarctica.

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