Northern Shopper Territories

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Northern Shopper Territories
Motto: "Over the Horizon"
Anthem: Never Give Up
CapitalAdventure City
Official languages English
Demonym Shopper
 -  President of Shops Island Lavender
 -  Governor Ronald Lewis
Legislature Common Legislature
 -  Upper house Bureaucracy
 -  Lower house Administration
 -  estimate 1,050
Currency WB$

The Northern Territories of Shops Island are a collection of small islands in the far northern Antarctic which span over a large area and have been amalgamated into one district. The islands came under Shopper jurisdiction in August of 2015 after their discovery. These islands are rich in resources and are home to many mining operations, as well as the base for many scientific and military operations.


The islands of the Northern Territories had remained undiscovered by penguinkind for most of time because of their remoteness from the rest of Antarctic civilization. Many explorers stopped looking for land beyond Calada, which was considered quite an extreme point of Antarctica. They were only discovered and thoroughly examined by Shopper astronauts in 2015, who happened to be flying overhead. Shops Island then launched an expedition to the islands which concluded that they were habitable and already had other species living there. Shops Island officially claimed the islands for themselves, and established them as a collective bunch, naming them the "Northern Shopper Territories".


The Northern Territories are split into three main regions: The South Georgia Islands, the South Sandwich Islands, and Bouvet Island.

South Georgia Islands[edit]

The South Georgia Islands are the largest island set and include the largest islands of the Northern Territories, and they are also the population hub of the territories. On the largest island is Adventure City, the capital of the Northern Territories. The South Georgia Islands are also quite diverse, with many unique plants growing there. This region is also home to many skuas and terns.

South Sandwich Islands[edit]

The South Sandwich Islands are also filled with life, but not so much as South Georgia. The South Sandwich Islands only have primitive forms of plant life such as lichen and moss. Some skuas still inhabit these islands. The South Sandwich Islands are the most mineral-rich part of the Northern Territories, and are home to many mines which engulf entire islands. Many Shopper miners have left Uranium Island to come mine in the South Sandwich Islands.

Bouvet Island[edit]

Bouvet Island is far away from the rest of the Northern Territories, and is considered to be the most remote island in Antarctica, with no landmass being visible for thousands of kilometers in any direction. This island is much colder than the rest of the Northern Territories, and as such there was no plant or animal life here before the Shoppers came. Bouvet Island consists entirely of an extinct volcano. It is now used as a safe and secure site for scientific research, weapons design and testing, and more.



  • Bouvet Island also hosts a giant bank of seeds to help grow food and rebuild civilization in the case of an Antarctic catastrophe.
  • Many explorers and sailors have recently gone missing throughout the Northern Territories. Many speculate that this is because they exited the temporal pocket that separates Antarctica and penguinkind from the rest of the Earth.

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