Northern State (Moon Island)

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Northern State
Moon Island Flagnorth.png
Flag of the Northern State of Moon Island
Northern State is coloured in Yellow
Key details
Type State
Level State of Moon Island
Location North Part of Moon Island
Inhabitants 239,920

The Northern State of Moon Island is a state located at the northern part of Moon Island, Shops Island. It has an area of 4510 km2 (or 1741.3 sq mi.). As of 2012, it is inhabited with approximately 239,920 penguins, making the penguin population density of the state 53.20 penguin / km2. Its capital is Dancing Penguin City, which is also the country's capital.


The first known permanent settlement of Moon Island is in a place called Mid-moon (Typhoonish: Mŏt Mŏn, Chinese:滅月) located some 100km south of the current capital, Dancing Penguin City, within Northern State. Although technically the state with the first settlement, it was not the place where Moon Island large settlements were developed. It was not until 2012, when Dps04 announced the moving of capital from Moon Island City to Dancing Penguin City when large cities started to be developed in the state.

Structures on the state include Dancing Penguin City avenues and Typhoon Mall, all concentrated in Dancing Penguin City. However, quite a large proportion of penguins who reside on Northern State in fact does not live in the City itself. Population is scatted pretty evenly among the rest of the state, accounting for the relatively low population of penguins living in the city and the low urban population.


According to convention, the mayor of Dancing Penguin City rules over the whole state as well as the city itself. In fact, there are no state governer of Northern State.

Currently, the mayor of Dancing Penguin city is Dps04.

Flag and Emblem[edit]

Moon Island Flagnorth.png

Moon island emblem north.png

According to the constitution, besides using the Moon Island Flag and Emblem, the Northern State Flag and Emblem can also be used within the state.

The emblem features a drawing of Mount Moon (3011 m) during winter - a mountain that divides Moon Island into North and South. The emblem has been used by Northern State official agencies since March 4, 2013.

The flag features the emblem on a black-striped red flag. These colors were picked to emphasize Northern State status as part of the Moon Island, whose flag is also black and red in color. It has been used since March 4, 2013.

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