Noterbury Tales

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The Noterbury Tales, was a event which took place in the Puffish province of Noterbury. It was when a group of travelers was traveling to the Saint Tommy Bucket Telenance, who made a campfire, made toasted marshmellows, and told three stories. The three stories were told by bad people who had reformed to the side of good. Told in first-person narrative, it records the stories of Joe, Rollo, and Offa's criminal exploits.

The Event[edit]

Prologue: The Wind is Blowing![edit]

We went forward; we could only go forward! No-where else! Why were we on this journey? Who knows? Why? Most of us had done bad things. We wanted forgiveness from the Prison Chief of Noterbury, so we won't have our Governance bills high.

The wind blew so hard; we couldn't see. The RocketSnails were luckey, as they had their rockets. They had already reached the campsite. They were setting everything up, so we were high in spirits. We had three miles to go, and two hours before the deadly predators, the Black Dogs, would come and hunt us.

My name is Joe. I'm no saint; I've done wrong to nerds. My species is the Jerk Penguin, so the Black Dogs - hopefully - won't pose much of a threat to me.

I want forgiveness from the Prison Chief. The lower Officer won't forgive me. My bills are high. I am writing this book, so that you too can know the truth.

Despite our high spirits, we all suffered. The poor old Screenhog, Emin, was half frozen. Her screen was broken. We never gave up.

Exhuasted, we all climbed up the last mountain. Then, I fell to the ground. I was exhausted. The RocketSnails helped me up.

The RocketSnails have prepared everything; the tents, the marshmallows, you name it! It was all up there. I had to fish for our lunch. I caught some Blue Fish, and we all ate it. We then all toasted our marshmellows. As I was toasting them, Roy, a young Chick, had asked why were we here. Everyone apart from me, Rollo, and Offa had a short reason. We had not just a reason, but a tale.

"My name is Joe! I'm Jerk Penguin, and I've came here for forgiveness because of my past. This is my story," I said, while the fire burned, keeping us warm, and toasted the marshmellows.

Everyone listened, as I started.

Chapter One: The Life of a Jerk[edit]


  • This is a parody of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.