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A high-quality satellite image of the planet as of 2015
Star, Position Nol system, second planet
Moon(s) None
Physical Information
Diameter ~3,500 km
Gravity 0.8 G
Length of Day 21 hours, 59 minutes
Length of Year 1.9 years
Atmosphere 1.2 atm (N2, O2)
Temperature (F) 10° F on average
Population 2,000,000,000
Affiliation None
Other Names Planet 1984, Nol-II

Not to be confused with the Dominion of Notron

Notron (also commonly known as Planet 1984 by Earthlings) is an exoplanet in another solar system which is approximately the size of Earth's Moon, and slightly closer its home star than Earth is from the sun. The average temperature of the planet is about 10° Fahrenheit. It is known for its intelligent life forms which resemble penguins closely.


Go to the Dominion of Notron article for a political history.

Notron is estimated to have been formed approximately 4.85 billion years ago, making it 250 million years older than Earth. Sometime during the evolutionary process of the planet, intelligent life was created and evolved over billions of years. Over this time, intelligent life established itself as the dominant species on Notron, this species is known as the Notroneans, which bear resemblance to penguins. They plunged their planet into turmoil, but are only now recovering.


A map of Notron in the days of oppression.

Notron is completely covered in snow and ice (with exceptions, such as the deserts of Malabar), much like Antarctica. Its continents and maps look very much like Earth as a whole, but Nobody knows why.

Planet 1984 also has seven continents, similar to those on Earth:

See main article: Regions of Notron
  • North Orwellia --> North America
  • South Orwellia --> South America
  • Serran --> Australia
  • Großverpomia --> Europe
  • Oberfranken --> Northern and Central Asia
  • Estland --> Southern Asia
  • Malabar --> Africa


See main articles: Orwellia, Verpomia and Ouestland

Notron was once home to three different nations, all superpowers, and they controlled the entire planet's land mass. They were in perpetual and constant war with each other, in attempts to destroy each other and establish absolute supremacy over the planet. The following nations were:

  • OrwelliaFlag.png Orwellia
  • VerpomiaFlag.png Verpomia
  • OuestlandFlag.png Ouestland

These nations all abused their citizens greatly, submitting them to poverty-like conditions and barbaric treatment by their governments, which consisted of starvation, torture, mass killings, surveillance, and brainwashing.

Since then, Notron has been liberated and a new democratic government has united the entire planet under one power. This nation is known as the Dominion of Notron.

Life and Demographics[edit]

Wilson Schmidt, a typical-looking Notronean.

Unlike Earth, Notron's biology is not well known. It is known that over two billion Notroneans live on the planet, as well as the confirmation of the existence of a few species, notably fish-like creatures which are often used for food. Notronean and Shopper biologists are committed to researching the planet to find new species of animals which have not been driven to extinction over the years.

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