Nummy Cake Spray

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Nummy Cake Spray
Nummy cake spray image.png
Help cure Mwa Mwa Penguin
Type Spray
Effects Cures Mwa Mwa Penguins
Source Made from nummy cakes
Location If you hate the Mwa-Mwa's then it shows up in your mailbox every Friday.
Cost to buy 1,000 Fish
Cost to sell 1,500 Fish

Professor Flaggles created this spray as a more efficient and easier way to help cure the Mwa Mwa Penguins, and haters of the product get this mailed for free every Friday, and it is better than Nummy Cakes because you can just spray it on any one of them except Cutiekins and Manny Peng as they are immune to it, though a new and more powerful version is being developed that could possibly work on them. Anti Mwa Mwa Penguin groups and local police in places often affected by Mwa Mwa Penguins often utilize this as it is more efficient that the Nummy Cake.


The Nummy Cake Spray comes in a multi-colored can is used by penguins around the USA trying to cure annoying Mwa-Mwa's, similar to the use of pepper spray that is often used for self defense. Once sprayed on them the Mwa Mwa Penguins quickly turn from insane penguins to normal and sane penguins, and as such has been regarded as the best invention ever and it is loved by all. Another use for it, at least for Dan Beronews, is turning criminals into Mwa-Mwa's, thus stopping them by causing them to be insane and act like a human baby.


The Club Penguin Police Department is known to use the Nummy Cake Spray, with every police officer being equipped with one, similar to the use of pepper spray, due to the large amounts of Mwa Mwa Penguins in Club Penguin that often hang around the Pet Shop and other busy areas and become an overall nuisance to the public. Originally the Club Penguin Police Department opted to arrest the Mwa Mwa Penguins and take them to the police station where they were to be fed a Nummy Cake to cure their insanity but that proved too time consuming and inefficient, until the more efficient Nummy Cake Spray was invented, which allowed the police to simply spray it on them without having to arrest them.


  • Mwa-Mwa haters get it mailed to them for free.
  • It can cure Mwa-Mwas, similar to the Nummy Cake, which it is based on and is made of almost the same ingredients.
  • Dan Beronews uses it to stop criminals.
  • A new and more powerful version is currently being developed which could possibly even cure Cutiekins and Manny Peng.
  • RS and her family get 10 bottles in the mail weekly.

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