Nurse Rose

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Nurse Rose
Born Rosella Jean Hospi
September 2 1988 (26)
South Pole City Hospital
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Rosie
Education South Pole City Elementary School, South Pole City High School, Penguin High School
Alma mater South Pole City University (2007-2009)
Occupation EPF nurse, EPF agent, veterinarian (2009-2010)
Years active 2007-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-present
Home town South Pole City
Known for One of the EPF nurses
Parents Liam Hospi (father) and Lana Hospi née Mel (mother)

Nurse Rose is a nurse that works for the EPF. She is very loyal and smart penguin, whenever someone is hurt she automatically helps them. One of her patients are Jet Pack Guy, Gary and many more. She was born in South Pole City but her family moved in Club Penguin Island in 2003.


Early Life[edit]

Rosella Jean Hospi was born on September 2, 1988 in the South Pole City Hospital. Ever since she was a toddler, she developed an interest in being a doctor back then because she didn't know what a nurse was. At age 7, she decided to be a nurse when she grows up, much to her parent's excitement. When she's not spending time with her friends, she reads in the library to study the penguin body. Like any other nerds, she was bullied a lot because the bullies always say to her "Oh, it's the science nerd, not the cool one!" She felt upset about that so her family moved to Club Penguin where there are fewer bullies, not too many like the ones in South Pole Elementary School. After she graduated high school in 2006, she spent 2 years in the university.

2009-2010: Dropping Out and Career as a Veterinarian[edit]

She dropped out of South Pole University. First, for it was boring for her. Second, so she can pursue her job as a veterinarian. She traveled back to Club Penguin. At first her parents were a bit doubtful about that but after a while they become supportive. Rose liked being a veterinarian, she took care of puffles and always answers the phone if a penguin needs help with their pet's health. In mid-2009, a puffle almost drowned in the lake in the forest and Rose bravely swam across the lake to rescue it. When Rose and the puffle arrived at the vet, she took care of it for a few weeks. In July, she won the bravery award for rescuing the puffle in a dangerous lake even though Rose wasn't on duty as a veterinarian.

2010-2012: Career as a EPF Nurse and Operation: Blackout[edit]

Similar to the way she dropped out of University, she quit her job as a veterinarian and successfully got a job as an EPF nurse due to her loyalty. She befriended many EPF agents and almost won all of the awards for Best EPF Nurse of the Year. Her parents were really proud of her effort and allowed her to continue to follow her dreams. In 2011, she moved from a penthouse igloo to a bigger igloo. 2012 was one of her busiest years yet, due to Operation: Blackout. She was shock and sad that the leaders of each position of the EPF were kidnapped, but that did not stop her. She spent most of her time looking after penguins who got badly injured or have a cold in the EPF Hospital Building that was close to the underground one. Luckily, the EPF leaders of each position were freed, making her happy and glad. After the event when Club Penguin was improving, she had a boyfriend named "Luke Simpson" and finally had a office at the EPF.

2013-2014: Operation Puffle and EPF Awards 2014[edit]

In November 2013, she discovered that the puffles were missing in the wild. She didn't know why but she was determined to find out. According to the Club Penguin Times, the puffles were brainwashed by digging coins non-stop. The day before the mission, she packed her stuff in her suitcase and left home at 9:00pm. When it was the first day of the mission, even though she felt really tired, she'll did it no matter what. During Operation: Puffle, she looked after many penguins and rescued a lot of puffles. When the mission ended, she received awards for her effort on saving the puffles and a badge for being very loyal. At the EPF Awards 2014, she was nominated for 10 awards and won 3 awards. In March 2014, she got nervous that Rookie might get kicked out of the EPF due to him sending classified information to the agents. Luckily, she quickly got over it and hope that Jet Pack Guy starts training Rookie to a acceptable level.

Physical Appearence[edit]

Although she changes outfits everyday off duty, here are her EPF outfits:

Original (2010-2011)[edit]

  • Hair: Loose, wavy dark blonde halfway between her shoulders with a small curly fringe
  • Colour: Peach
  • Jacket: Short white jacket with short sleeves and pockets
  • Skirt: Mini white skirt
  • Shoes: White pumps


  • Hair: Wavy light blonde in a low, loose bun
  • Colour: Peach
  • Jacket: Short white jacket halfway down to her waist
  • Dress: White dress with no sleeves
  • Shoes: Red high heels

2013 redesign (2013-present)[edit]

  • Hair: Wavy medium blonde hair with a few brown highlights in a low loose bun covered with a hairnet
  • Hat: White hat with a small cap and a red cross sign
  • Dress: White short sleeved up to her knees
  • Apron: White
  • Shoes: Shiny white pumps







  • Unnamed Admirers

Quotes About Penguins[edit]

  • Rookie - "Oh yeah, one of my patients. I got a little impatient with him, but in the end I got along with him."
  • Jet Pack Guy - "He's cool, but he's a bit impatient with me. I don't know what's with him. He's still a good friend."
  • Gary - "He's a nice guy and invents gadgets for me to use in the EPF hospital."
  • PH - "She has a way with puffles just like me when I was a veterinarian."
  • Dot - "She's totally good with disguises."
  • Aunt Arctic - "I know her, she interviewed me for the CP Times."
  • The Director of the EPF - "She's okay, I guess. Sometimes, though, she gets a little impatient with irresponsibility, but she's my boss."
  • Luke Simpson- "Oh my gosh, he's so cute and a nice boyfriend. I'm so lucky."


  • Loyalty
  • Caring
  • Excellent with Maths
  • Mostly knows everything about the penguin body
  • Assertive
  • Responsibility
  • Great with puffles
  • Making beds
  • Checking temperatures
  • Excellent with looking after patients
  • Very smart


  • Hemophobia (fear of blood, she doesn't mind blood but she hates it when it gets on her. Still, she's not afraid of the color red.)
  • Impatient
  • Delayed thinking time
  • Nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
  • Pteromerhanophobia (fear of flying)
  • Necrophobia (fear of dead things)
  • Vomits easily when unwell
  • Gets travel sickness


These are the puffles that Rose currently owns:

  • Alert: She is a tomboyish red puffle that loves surfing and extreme stuff. She is named "Alert" after the saying "Red alert!"
  • Pebbles: She is the youngest of Rose's puffles, she is known for her cuteness and her love of sports.
  • Rebo: He is secretly Rose's favorite puffle because they are both loyal. He also loves playing in the Snow Forts.


  • She is afraid of the dark due to bad experiences.
  • She sometimes gets impatient with troublemakers.
  • She knows almost everything about the penguin body.
  • She's scared to death of flying because she heard many stories about penguins having disasters.
  • She currently owns three puffles.
  • She's a nurse for the EPF.
  • In her free time, she reads books or listen to Cadence's music on her IcePhone.
  • She is a huge fan of Cadence but she never got time to go to her concerts due to her duties.
  • She's a bookworm.
  • Before she even met Chris, she never dated anyone or even have a crush on anyone.
  • Her favourite drink is strawberry smoothies.
  • Her favourite colours are red and white together.
  • She has a few unnamed admirers.
  • She loves technology and especially an expert at it.
  • If she wasn't a nurse for the EPF, then her job would be a university teacher.
  • She gets extra grouchy if she hasn't got enough sleep.
  • She drinks coffee three times a day to be active during her duties.
  • She was prone to be a perfectionist when she was a teenager.
  • Her favourite food are strawberries and fishdogs.
  • She thinks Grammar Nazis are the most annoying people on the internet.
  • She hates drugs that are bad for her.
  • She has a unique sense of humour.
  • Besides being focused and a hard-working agent, she can be shown to have an impish side.
  • Her igloo is basically half home and the other half is work.
  • She has a high-tech computer suitcase on her desk.
  • She got bullied like any other nerd back then.
  • She is one of the best agents of the EPF.
  • She is known in the EPF for loyalty, integrity and her intelligence.
  • She is very close friends to G.
  • Despite being brainy, she hates wearing ugly clothing and "nerdy" stuff.

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