O'vian Family

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The O'vian family are the 2nd most famous puffle family after the Von Injoface Family. Like the Von Injoface family, they are talking puffles. Unlike the Von Injoface family, most members live in the wild, and are generally unheard of. However, some have made their mark.

Notable Members[edit]

Von Injoface members that share blood

Others who share blood, but aren't members of the family.


  • O'vians try to behave like penguins more than puffles, the most extreme being Steven who claims to be a penguin. They eat penguin food, do penguin activities (dancing, sledding, etc), and want the rights penguins have. They have gotten these rights, which make the Von Injoface Family even more angry.
  • O'vians tend to live in the wild instead of houses (which is ironic considering that they want to be like penguins)
  • They actually have a valid reason to not live in houses. Houses cost money which puffles generally don't have because they are limited due to specie-ism. The only real way they could live in a house would be to be adopted, which they consider extremely dehumanizing.
  • Most of the spouses the Von Injoface members have are members of this family, since there aren't too many other talking puffles the Von Injofaces can breed with.