Obi-Wan Sensei

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Obi-Wan Sensei
Born 1893
Gender Male
Nationality High Penguin Confederacy
Occupation Jerdi
Years active 1895-present
Employer Jerdi Order
Known for Famous Jerdi.
Title Jerdi Master
Opponent(s) Serth
Relatives Sensei (cousin)

Obi-Wan Sensei is a famous Jerdi Master. He is the cousin of Toshi Kojima. He aided Club Penguin forces tremendously during the Star War, as well as being a great war hero from the Khanzem War.



Not a lot is known about Obi-Wan's youth before he became a jerdi, due to the lack of record-keeping before the 1900s. He was born sometime in the year 1893 in the High Penguin Confederacy. In 1895, members of the Jerdi Order found young Obi-Wan and could sense his connection to the "force". His parents let the peacekeeping knights take their son to be trained in the ways of the Jerdi, even though they knew they'd probably never see him again. Obi-Wan was brought to the main Jerdi Temple, where he ended up living for most of the time before the Khanzem War.


When he was admitted into the order, Obi-Wan automatically became a known as a "youngling". He, like all other chicks in the jerdi order, kept that title until he turned 10, old enough to become a "padawan". Most other children in his "class" (or age group) did not become padawans until months afterwards, but Obi-Wan was the top of his "class" and could excel early.

A few years later when Obi-Wan was 14 (1907), He and his master arrived at the Arctic Circle on a mission after their boat retained damages. While trying to find parts to fix their boat (since animals in the Arctic Circle didn't accept gold ingots), Obi-Wan's master found a young polar bear cub that he believed to be more connected to "the force" than any jerdi had ever been. As such, they kidnapped the young bear and made their way back to Antarctica (after their boat was repaired). The Jerdi council was very weary about having the young cub trained in the ways of the Jerdi, but Obi-Wan's master insisted, so the council eventually and reluctantly agreed to the cub's training. Unfortunately, the two Jerdi encountered a fierce Serth Lord in a mission soon after, and Obi-Wan's master was killed. However, his master made him promise to teach the young cub, Herbert, in the ways of the Jerdi.

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In the year 1913, the Khanzem War began, and Herbert was still Obi-Wan's apprentice. Through the war, Obi-Wan became a revered fighter and respected leader. In 1918, Herbert was captured by Whoot Smackler Whoot's forces, where he was tortured and his mind was "remolded" for 6 months. After 6 months, Herbert became an evil soldier. Obi-Wan was forced to fight Herbert, and he won after slicing off Herbert's arms. Unfortunately, he could not kill Herbert, so he left him for dead in the snow. An evil Serth Lord from a different planet (with much more advanced technology) found Herbert in the snow, and healed him by putting him in a robotic suit that gave him his strength back, as well as slow his aging process greatly. Obi-Wan went into hiding like most Jerdi after the Khanzem War.

Obi-Wan (nor Herbert) were seen by penguins in Antarctica until 2013. Obi-Wan helped the Rebel Alliance greatly during the Star War by serving as a distraction for Darth Herbert.