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The (former) Dark Lord with the amulet of Shadow
Title The Dark Lord (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Evil!
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Trying to decide to join The Keepers, or Darktan
Location The Silmaril void.

Opacus is the former dark lord of Olde Antarctica and the creator of the shadow amulet, now under the hands of Darktan. He is related to Darktan.


He was born in the kingdom of fire many many years ago. As a child, he bullied the other children and was the unofficial leader of his village. As he grew up, he learned of the elemental amulets. He lusted for them, he tried to get at least ONE. Then He gave up. But he deceived the keepers. Inside the fires of Melter Mountain, He poured his cruelty and malice into making the amulet of shadow.

Read The Tales of Triskelle tale "The legend of the shadow amulet" to find more.


  • His name means shadow in Latin.
  • He is related to evil lord, Darktan

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