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Willy's insane alternate version of himself
Title Ocean Rock lll
Gender Male
Race PWNguin
Faction Insane Superhero
Health Mentally Unstable
Level 72
Status Being crazy
Location Over the Rainbow
Occupation Mercenary
Interests Slicing and Dicing
Friends The Inquisitor
Enemies The Bad Comedian, Backbone, Bizweirdo, The Blue Cranium, Fang, The Red Ghoul, Rob Ghoul, I.N.T.E.L.L.E.C.T., Job-dictator

Oceanrock is Willy the Penguin's crazy alter-ego.


Oceanrock was created after Willy the Penguin bonked his head on a rock after he tripped on Mabel, (which after she yelled at him about) and started to think he was a evil supervillian, and caused mass chaos around the USA. Of course, 45 minutes later, he finally regained consciences, and apologized to everyone, but still continued to use the Aliases as a superhero.


Oceanrock is a master of martial arts, and knows all types of it. He can also teleport and regenerate. (He absorbed large amounts of ditto, and began to harness the power in order to do those feats) He can also wise-crack very well.


Willy uses Oceanrock to fight criminals and super-villains, as well as other superheroes. (When he's gone batty) Despite being mentally unstable, he is the leader of the superhero team Sidekicks, which gives sidekicks and "low rate" superheroes a chance at redemption. Before he established the team, he, along with help from Metal Fist, another superhero, created "Sidekicks for Hire". As well as being a super-hero/villain, he is also a mercenary, working for anyone who will give him cash.


  • He is mentally unstable.
  • Willy learned martial arts to perfect the role of Oceanrock
  • The Swords on his back are only there to look cool. (They are real however, and will sometimes actually use them when he's gone crazy. Or, in a fight)
  • He is often considered to be an anti-hero.
  • There are several rumors going about stating that he will join The Defenders.
  • He often will go into psychotic outbreaks, yelling nonsense and swinging his katanas.
  • His powers (teleportation and regeneration) were a result of Oceanrock consuming large amounts of ditto.
  • His mental unstableness, as well as "some undiagnosed mental disorder" are a result of him hitting his head on a rock, which, ironically, had created him.
  • Oddly enough, the mental problems rarely pass over to Willy when he's not Oceanrock.

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