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The city at night
Country Frio, Castilla
Area Southern Frío
Monuments Torre de la Campana
Headquarters Town Hall
Neighbourhoods Plaza de la Ciudad, Bell Boulevard, Cobble carretera
Mayor Juan W. Vera
Population 5,000
Inhabited species Penguins and Puffles
General information
Native name Ciudad del Agua
Foreign name Octanis
Demonym Octanians
Founded June 16th, 2005
– Founder Juan W. Vera
Time zone Frío Standard Time
Summer time Frío Daylight Time

Octanis is a small city in Frío, best known for it's elegant bell tower that was made to celebrate the founding of the town.


The land was first found by Henry Gomez in 1997, a wealthy man, exploring the land around the area, as no one had bothered exploring it. He claimed the land, but never build anything upon it, despite being large enough to make a city.

After he passed on in 2003, the land was opened up once again as he had never made a will, seeing as he was the last of his family. The land was eventually claimed as a city for those trying to find business. A man named Juan Vera eventually won the election for mayor, and is still in power today.

Places of interest[edit]

In the middle of the city, there is the town square, where it's town hall is to the north, a MyphCo to the west, a Taco Ball to the east, and a McDoodle's to the south. It gets the nickname "The Fast Square" do to the restaurants.

North of the Town Square is their famous bell tower, Torre de la Campana, which is 16 stories tall. The bell rings during the beginning of each festival, holiday, and other important events, and then rings once more when they end.


Octanis has a subway, a train station, and an airport for transport. The railroad only goes to Puerto Aires.


  • This is the only city in Frío where a good portion of the population speaks English.
  • It is a popular tourist attraction, most coming to marvel at the bell tower.
  • The ocean to the north is quite clean and well kept, as they make lots of money by fishing for rare fish that migrate there in the summer.