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Kingdom of Chill Okannigan
Flag of Okan
MottoQuod mundus nix, glacies et aqua de manu vestra.
AnthemVenite Petra Bell
Location of Okan
CapitalHiems City
Largest Frigor City
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Italian, Latin, Serbian
Species  Penguins, Puffles, Fluffs
Demonym Chillan
Government Federal constitutional monarchy
 -  King Orange Yoda
 -  Prime Minister Fresco Pink
 -  Vice Minister Borioso Brown
 -  Discovered by Brown Binks 1986 
 -  Orange Yoda crowned King December 1, 2011 
 -  2019 estimate 3,576,838 
 -  2015 census 3,122,569 
Currency Acadian franc (ACF)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 029
Footnotes - Land found in 1986, not recognized until 2011

The Kingdom of Chill Okannigan, usually shortened to just Okan, and rarely called Ornetopia, is an island Free Republic located between Club Penguin and the Emperorlands, and north of Glaw. It is a trade center and a minor economic powerhouse that is inhabited by Penguins, Puffles and Fluffs. The island has 6 main cities and 2 provinces: the Malum Province, which is home to the country's largest city, Heims City, the trading center, and the Frigus Province, which is the largest by population and is home to the capital, Frigor City, the major tourist center.

The nation was founded in the year 1986 by a group of people from present day Club Penguin, with their leader declaring himself the King, but the country wasn't officially recognized until 2011. The same day Orange Yoda was crowned as King in 2011, a giant earthquake hit the island, which formed a huge crack, splitting Fragor City apart and starting the building of the Trans-Fragor Bridge. Although originally impoverished, reforms passed by the new King helped improve the country's economy, and new trade deals have made Okan a trade center in the Sub-Antarctic.



Okan was first discovered by an exploration team from Penguin Island in the year 1986. The captain of the ship, Brown Binks, Orange Yoda's grandfather, proclaimed himself as the king of the island. They set up various camps around the island, mainly in two places, the place where Hiems City is located, and the location of Freddor Town. Freddor was the original capital of Okan, which was known at this time known as Hyozan until they went to "war" with a neighbouring island in the Sub-Antarctic. During the war they moved the capital from Freddor Town to the location of Frigor City, mainly due to that city being their main warship manufacturer.

After the great war, Okan remained a very peaceful island, staying neutral in all Antarctic conflicts and wars. They became partners with Club Penguin, causing many penguins and puffles to move from Club Penguin to Okan since the country was peaceful and safe compared to Club Penguin. Okan also established relations with other countries around Antarctica, which helped grow their economy as they began to trade with. Foreign companies also established some infrastructure in the country as well, helping build roads and buildings, and some established offices in the country.


Following the great war, and the death of Red Robyn due to poisoning, the next-in-line for the throne, Orange Yoda, made reforms that changed Okan to the country it is today. While the Kings before him always were strict, ruling the country with absolute power and sometimes silencing dissidents, while Orange Yoda was not. He changed the kingdom from a poor country with little rights to a country of voting rights, happiness and equality. The land had been made peaceful and prosperous, and Frigor City became the new tourist attraction due to its many new sites that were built.

On December 1, 2011, shortly before Orange Yoda became king, an earthquake hit Frigor City and a huge crack formed in the ice, splitting the large city into two pieces. Later in the month, Orange Yoda created the positions of Prime Minister and Vice Minister, to improve the island's quality of life, and then ordered the best architects in Okan to design and build the Trans-Frigor Bridge. After his coronation, Orange Yoda secured international recognition, and Okan became a member of the Free Republic Union, after being de facto part of the USA since 2000. Construction on the Trans-Frigor Bridge ended on April 13, 2012.

Conquest by Snowiny[edit]

In 2013, the Kingdom of Snowiny, looking for new lands to colonize as a part of the Manifest Destiny Treaty, conquered Okan. The small Chillan Armed Forces were unable to put up a fight against the superior Snowinian numbers and strength of the Snowinian military, and surrendered within hours. Okan became a Snowinian territory for four years, during which it experienced some development under Snowiny, but was otherwise a forgotten territory, as Snowiny was concerned with other, larger territories, including numerous rebellions in the Snowinian territory of Ed Island at the time.

However, in 2017, under pressure from the United States of Antarctica, the new United Provinces government, which had succeeded the Kingdom of Snowiny, decided to give Okan independence, and the country became independent again. Control of the country was given back to Orange Yoda, the former King of Okan, who began setting up the old government as it was before the invasion. The Chillan government also began to establish relations with other nations around Antarctica as well, in the hopes of securing a trade agreement and to increase the country's involvement as well.


As explained above, until the year 2011, the land of Okan was an absolute monarchy, with only a king, who made all the important decisions for the country, as the leader. However, when Orange Yoda became king, he created the positions of Prime Minister and Vice Minister for the country. They would work alongside the king to have everything as efficient as possible. He also created a unicameral Senate, which is responsible for making most of the laws, and a Supreme Court, whose justices are appointed by the King, to decide the ruling on court cases and laws.

The King, who is the head of state, inherits the throne from his predecessor, and despite reforms passed that turned Okan from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, the King still holds much power in the country. The head of government of Okan is the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the King, and is aided by the Vice Minister, who is appointed by the Prime Minister and presides over the Senate along with being the Prime Minister in the absence of the Prime Minister. Okan's legislature is the unicameral Senate, consisting of 100 members who are elected every 5 years.


Okan's military was weak, small, and unorganized, but has been improving in the past few months through an agreement with the Acadian government, which allows for Acadian military bases to be built in the country in exchange for the training of Chillan soldiers by Acadian officers. The army and navy are relatively powerful, while the air force is weak, though that has been changing as the government has commissioned the building of ten air force planes. The Okan Armed Forces have around 35,000 soldiers, most of which are new recruits recently joined after the improvement of the military.

In 2017, the Chillan government announced plans to reorganize and expand the military, and allocated more funding towards the military. The Chillan government also signed an agreement with the Acadian government that allows more joint military exercises between the countries every few months. Additionally, the Chillan government also ordered for the number of ships in the navy to be doubled from eight ships to sixteen ships, with four of the eight ships to be purchased from Acadia while the other four are to be built, with construction to be finished in 2021.

  • Brown Rinks --- (1986-1992)
  • Red Robyn --- (1992-2011)
  • Orange Yoda (2011-present)
Prime Ministers:
  • Fresco Pink
Vice Ministers:
  • Boriso Brown


Province Capital Languages Spoken Location Population
Malum Province Hiems City English Located to the East of the Crack of Frigus, Hiems City, the capital of Okan, is the second largest city, and the country's trade centre. 1,402,484
Frigus Province Frigor City North English, Latin Frigor City is located in the Crack of Frigus, and is connected by the Trans-Frigus Bridge. Frigus City is Okan's largest city and the main tourist centre. 2,174,354


The economy of Okan is primarily based on the production of goods, with the country exporting or trading those goods with different countries around Antarctica. The Port of Frigor City is the largest and busiest in the country, and is also large for the country's small size and population. Okan mostly trades with other Free Republics and the USA, but in recent years has begun trading with other countries around Antarctica. While production is a large part of the economy, farming is also a large sector in the economy, and a majority of the population lives in the countryside.

Okan was previously somewhat poor before the reforms of King Orange Yoda, with widespread poverty, low overall incomes, a weak economy, and high levels on unemployment. The country's economy primarily depended on farming and trade with Club Penguin at the time, which barely kept the economy afloat. However, the reforms of King Orange Yoda and the establishment of a new government helped establish a better economic system by signing multiple trade deals with other countries and corporations, which brought more trade to the country and improved the economy.

The country also expanded the Chillan Central Bank and the Frigor City Stock Exchange to make trading easier as an incentive for international companies to do business in the country. The country's largest trading partner is Acadia, who they have been trading partners with since Acadia was in the Free Republic Union, and hasn't changed ever since. Since the signing of the Delphi Pact, Okan has adopted the Acadian franc as the currency and has also considered adopting the Circum as a legal tender as well, in order to grow closer to the Western Union economically.


A melting pot country, Okan doesn't have a single specific culture, but rather its culture is a mix of dozens of customs and traditions from other cultures. Founded by explorers from Penguin Island, which at the time was under the rule of Olde Antarctica, early Okan had a small Olde Antarctican influence, though it wasn't a lot. In the later years, after the founding of Club Penguin, its close proximity to Okan meant that some of Okan's customs and traditions were influence by Club Penguin, including its melting pot culture and some other customs unique to Club Penguin.

Additionally, four years of Snowinian rule altered the culture as well, and some of the island is Snowinian influenced. Although Okan wasn't a major destination for Snowinian settlement during the short colonial era, around 60,000 Snowinians settled in Okan, with most of them staying even after Okan was given independence. The Snowinian presence in the country, while small, is still prevalent, with some of the rural villages in both provinces where there is a Snowinian majority having signs in both Serbian and English, and there is a small Snowiny Town in the capital as well.


Many parts of Okan are icy almost throughout the year, but there are also fields, where farming takes place, and forests. Okan is mostly flat and has no large mountain ranges, but there are some highlands, mostly in the central part of the country. The island is almost split in half by a crack known as the Crack of Frigus, which was formed after a major earthquake in 2011. Okan has no major lakes and rivers, but water travel often occurs on the Crack of Frigus, which is considered the main waterway on the island, as it cuts through many cities on the island.


Okan has a large road system, spanning the entire country and connecting all major cities and towns. Many of the roads and highways were built by foreign companies and contractors after the King opened up the country to the world. Thus, Okan has a relatively advanced transportation system. One of the largest projects in the country was the Trans-Frigus bridge, which spans across the Crack of Frigus and connects the two sides of Frigus City, and cost billions of dollars. Water travel is also extremely common in the country, as is with air travel, with the primary center for air travel is Frigus City International Airport, which flies to some major airports in the region.

Train travel on the other hand, is underdeveloped, though the government has been attempting to change that, with plans to build a subway line to connect a few important landmarks within Frigus City, and another plan to connect the two largest cities on the island, Frigus City and Heims City. There are also plans to build a highway to connect the two cities, as the normal road has been getting overburdened with traffic as both cities grow in population.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • United States of Antarctica - Great. As a Free Republic of the USA, the two countries have a close alliance. However, the USA government has been criticizing Okan for its alliance with Acadia, with whom the USA has poor relations with. Okan trades heavily with the USA and participates in Free Republic Union military exercises as well.
  • Acadia - Excellent. The two countries began getting closer together in 2017 after the Chillan government reached out to Acadia to establish a trading agreement, and Acadia offered to train Chillan soldiers in exchange for a military alliance with the country. Acadia built a small military base in the country later that year, in which 5,000 Acadian soldiers are stationed, and Okan signed the Delphi Pact in late 2017, bringing the countries even closer. Okan is also a major recipient of Acadian foreign aid, with Acadia giving around 100 million Fish to Okan every year.
  • United Provinces - Fair. Chillans still have negative views of the United Provinces because Snowiny invaded Okan in 2014, but the negative views have subsided ever since Snowiny became the United Provinces. Acadia has also been attempted to get Okan more connected with the Western Union countries, one of them being the United Provinces.