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The Free Republic of June Islands
Flag of June Islands
MottoProtect, and thrive. Never die!
AnthemJune, the land of freedom. You never die, but you thrive.
Purple Star
Location of June Islands
Detailed map of the June Islands.
Largest Capital GintyGinty
Official languages Spanish, English
Recognised regional languages English, Spanish
Official English, Spanish
Species  Penguins, puffles, crabs, seagulls
Demonym Juney
Government Free Republic
 -  President/Founder Bob Barker
 -  2nd President Hammy Lanes
 -  Upper House President
 -  Lower House Governor
 -  June's Day 1/25/60 
 -  Remembrance Day 8/11/65 
 -  1975 estimate 100,250 
Currency Juney Coin (J*)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 776
June Islands is a tiny country and not known very well.
Footnotes June Islands' national color is purple.

The Free Republic of June Islands, or June Islands, was a group of four islands that was previously a self-governing colony of Old Yow Kingdom. Before it joined the Yow Kingdom it was a dying nation, and on the verge of anarchy due to a loss of strong government. However, when Yow took control of the nation they were able to restore peace quickly; though, many do not realize this and actually believe that the Yowien government made things worse. Currently, the government is failing once again, and crime has risen greatly within the nation.

The Nation's Past, Present, and Future
Yowien Empire flag.png
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Yow's History
Yow Kingdom Islands.png
Past Times
The Hokjoks
Populating the Yowien Sea
Space Colony 1
The Crab Wars
The Great Yowien War
Yowien Partition
Yowien Sea Islands
Old Yow Kingdom
June Islands
F Island
Rockhopper Island
Barbearer Islands
King George's Island
Royal Monarch of Bar Crab
Disparu Island
Future Times
Great Rebellion
King Alexander
Heimlich Zimmer
Feey1 Pie
The Pie Family


The first to discover the June Islands were actually Castillans around the year 1567. They were only able to put about two small towns on the island, but the colonies were not very successful. There was a lack of food and water in the area at the time, and the only food they could get were from the Castillan Galleons that took weeks to arrive to. Thus, many penguin colonists died of hunger, while others tried to stay alive by eating whatever they found in the wilderness. Sadly, around the year 1578, the High Penguin Confederacy invaded the islands and burned and ransacked the Castillan colonies on the June Islands. The HPC was intending to recolonize the islands thrmselves, but they had forgotten about it and so did the Castillans. Little to nothing of the two Castillan towns remain today. The discovery of these two towns' ruins were done by some Archaeologists in 2008.

The June Islands were re-discovered by a penguin named Bob Barker in 1990. He had a friend that took him to the secret June Islands, and Bob said they should build a country on it. The teo penguins worked hard on a some cabins for first settlers, then established the country and writing a declaration and making a flag. Bob's friend went to Colonial Antarctica to advertise the new country. However, he ran into trouble with the government, which was not too fond of their citizens leaving for a new country. Bob was forced back to the islands, but some immigrants followed him. The settlement was very tiny and the civilians started to multiply. The settlement began establishing a port to increase the number of immigrants.

In 2002 the Yow Kingdom's expanding territories enveloped the June Islands. President Hammy Lanes foresaw a huge border problem, and was afraid that the Yow Kingdom would annex the islands. Hammy sent a letter to King Alexander asking him to not annex the June Islands; his letter was received, and read by Alexander. Alexander himself sailed to the June Islands. When he arrived, he and his advisers spoke with the startled Hammy at the capital building. That night, the June Islands reluctantly became part of the Yow Kingdom. The following month Yowiens migrated to the June Islands and the Junies migrated to other Yow Kingdom islands. The Yowiens built more shops, making more jobs. Thirty-five of the Junies did not have jobs, but by the end of the month only 10% didn't have jobs.

In 2011 a rebel group called the Juney Is Free or JIF, was founded when June citizens started to hate the Yow rule. The JIF is stationed in Jupi, and has grown to 200 members. They transport weapons and secret messages through underground waterways. The JIF is led by a penguin named: Phineas83. The JIF plans to get the entire town of Jupi to join the rebel army.


In August 2013 when Yow was invaded by Polaris, the USA, Castilla, UnitedTerra, the JIF revolted. It started when they raided the Juney Army Arsenal at Jupi, to get more weapons, and succeeded. In February 2013 they captured Ginty and in October of that year the Juney Republic was recognized by the USA, Polaris, all AU nations, UTR, and Southern Ocean City according to the Treaty of Millsburg.

Independence Lost[edit]

In May 2013 during the Great Yowien War, Frankterre invaded the June Islands, to get rid of all Yowien influence. Their government and military were too disorganized to resist the Frankterrans, and the June Islands, which had only been indepednent for 6 months, were now part of the Frankterran overseas territory of Junêa et Barbare.


The Juney culture is modern with some old pieces in it.


There is a large amount of customs in the June Islands. One is where when you meet a new penguin you and the penguin are to slightly bow to each other and then shake each others flipper. Another one is when you meet a person you have already met you shake their flipper and say, "Good day to my friend."


The Juney architecture is very influenced by Caltexican immigrants-who were some of the first immigrants to come to the June Islands. It is very warm on the islands, so the citizens have built the buildings to stay cool and out of the heat. The architecture involves clay buildings, vaulted ceilings, and long, narrow hallways.

A Juney building.

Recently, the architecture has become more modern, but only in the larger cities. Ginty has currently five skyscrapers, which isn't much compared to other cities. These skyscrapers are classic, steel skyscrapers which show no resemblance to the Juney architecture.


The June Islands don't have a lot of original holidays, but they do celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter. Here is a list of original holidays in the June Islands.

  • June's Day Established:1/25/60
  • Remembrance Day Established:8/11/65
  • Hon Kon Night Established:10/1/2000
  • Feolwins Day Established:4/20/2005
  • Independence Day Established:2/23/13
  • Recognition Day Established: 10/8/13


The cuisine of the June Islands involve a lot of spices and spicy flavors. Here are some popular foods in June.

  • Chips & Salsa
  • Fish Pizza
  • Fishburgers
  • Fish Tacos
  • Cold Pasta
  • Garlic Bread
  • Pineapple Bread
  • Juney Nachos


Media is large at the June Islands, but technology is low there. The most used media is music. The Junies enjoy music a lot like the Yowiens. Here is a list of commonly used entertainment and media.

  • Music.
  • Dancing.
  • TV.
  • Internet.
  • Board Games.
  • Cell Phone Apps.
  • Drawing.


Major Juney transportation lanes highlighted in orange. Includes roads, monorails, waddling trails, and trains.

Transportation is not well needed in the June Islands. Almost everything is within waddling distance. Though some transportation units like a bus, Hover Board, etc. are used. This is a list of transportation units used in the June Islands.

  • Waddling
  • Buses
  • Hover Boards
  • Bicycles
  • Subways
  • Trains
  • Jet Packs


The Juney music includes a lot of folk guitars and maracas. There are many famous bands there. Like Fiesta Penguins, Far South Movement, Dust Song, and more bands.


Here is a list of common sports in the June Islands.

  • Soccer(or football in Spanish)
  • Football
  • Hang Gliding
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Bicycling
  • Track and Field
  • Baseball


June Islands' economy is very small. Even though it is stationed near a trade route its economy barely ever grew.


A Juney Coin worth 90% of a fish.

The June Islands' currency is the Juney Coin, this is its code: J*. It is worth 90% of a fish. The Juney Coin is a small chunk of wood, covered in a thin layer of copper and a purple star.


The June Islands is a tiny trading stop, though it is barely even known. The markets are extremely small.

Common Exports[edit]

  • Wood
  • Crab
  • Fish
  • Pineapples
  • Peanuts
  • Oranges
  • O Berries
  • Pizza Plants
  • Jewels
  • Fabric

Common Imports[edit]

  • Mullet
  • Computers
  • Seasoning
  • Mint
  • Clay
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Rubber
  • TV's


Juney Army.png

The Juney Military was one of the smallest military's near the South Pole before they joined the Yow Kingdom. The military is also very peaceful, meaning they only protect the land from invaders. Soldiers are equipped with a rifle, satchel, and a communicator.

A Juney soldier equipped with rifle, satchel, and communicator.


Before Yow Kingdom Joining

  • 10,000 soldiers
  • 40 sea vessels
  • 80 air craft
  • 35 tanks

After Yow Kingdom Joining

  • 30,500 soldiers
  • 200 see vessels
  • 105 air craft
  • 80 tanks


In November 2013, all units of the Juney Territorial Army were amalgamated into the units of the Juney Republic Army.

Relations With Other Nations[edit]

  • USA- Good. They were good allies until the Yow Kingdom took control of the June Islands. The USA helped the June Islands to even exists.
  • Castilla- Fair. Castilla never knew that the June Island existed until they joined the Yow Kingdom. Lots of natives from Castilla come to the June Islands to buy fabrics and wood.
  • Snowzerland- OK. Snowzerland knew about the June Islands for a long time and have tried to conquer their land. The June Islands was brought down by their attacks. In recent months, the Snoss have been Aiding the Rebellion to make things up.


June Islands.png

The June Islands are made of 4 little islands further north than F Island and Rockhopper Island. It has 6 cities(listed from largest to smallest): Ginty, Insta, San, Jupi, Gordo, and Kaland. There are also other, but much smaller, establishments across the islands. Gordo, Jupi, and Kaland are located on their own islands. But Ginty, Insta, and San are located on the largest island named Barker Island. The group of islands have lots of rivers, lakes, and islands maxing at 500 yards wide. The largest river is Giller stretching out half as long as Barker Island. The 4 islands are able to grow grass, and other vegetation. During winter it averages 10ft of snowfall every month.

Ginty- It's the capital of the June Islands because of it's mass and large ports. It is the warmest place in the whole country and attracts a lot of tourist. It has many ports and harbors and is a big fishing town.

Insta- It is the coldest place in the country and has many mountains. It attracts many hikers, mountain bikers, and campers. It has a large amount of wood and fabric. It is very cold there and gets the most snow out of the whole island.

San- It is well known for its beaches and the massive lake there called Fiddle. It is very warm there and has many great whale watching areas. It attracts many surfers, and scuba divers.

Gordo- It has many dense forests and is not well populated. It is a small fishing town that many ships in the SABER go to to just refill. It has gold mines there that have helped keep the country's economy going.

Jupi- It is well populated and was the first town in the country. It has great fishing areas, clothing stores, restaurants, and factories. It is also has a local land mark of the first settlement that is protected by the law.

Kaland- The smallest settlement in the country. Not many penguins live there as it is very small and doesn't propose anything special. But it does have a large amount of theaters and lighthouses.


The JIF's flag.

The Juney Is Free Rebel Alliance is a group of penguins who hate Yow's rule on them. They were found by Phineas83, in 2011. They are stationed in Jupi, and have grown to 200 rebel members. They hope to gain the entire town's support, and possibly the whole country. They believe the June Islands should be free from the Yow Kingdom, and will do anything to free it. Most members are veterans from the Juney military, or just basic citizens. They wear grey clothing, and always have a weapon on them. Commonly used weapons are Snowball Guns and lazer guns. When the JIF hits 1 thousand rebel members, Phineas83 will take action and attack the capitol building of Jupi.

Theme Song[edit]

Many rebels have disagreed with this, but the rebels leaders have made their theme song the same as the Snoss Army's song, because of Snowzerland's large help with the rebel army.


Commonly used weapons are stolen Snowball Guns, or lazer guns. Some weapons are built by the rebels themselves, but rarely. Some weapons could also be highly compacted, frozen snow balls. They're called Ice Balls, and take 2 hours to make. When a penguin is hit by one, it could cause serious pain.


  • Supreme General - Phineas83
  • 2nd Commander - Cheese Pirate1
  • 3rd Commander - Lighting Dicks
  • Field Commander - Bob Cow


When you join the rebel alliance, you join 1 of 2 divisions.

  • Division Red - 100 members. Commanded by 2nd in command.
  • Division Green - 70 members. Commanded by 3rd in command.
  • Division Yellow - 23 members. Commanded by field commander.

Underground Bases[edit]

The way the JIF delivers messages and weapons is through underground tunnels. Many of the tunnels are just old basements, storm drains, or tunnels dug by rebels. The main base is stationed under a street in Jupi. The way rebels enter it is either through a man-hole, or a secret stair well in a bakery.

There are many other secret tunnels and caves, some of them are still under construction.


  • Snowzerland - Swiss Ninja actually supports this group, for unknown reasons. Swiss has only verbally supported them but has not currently given them anything.
  • Castilla - Because of the Latin Antarctican and Caltexican immigrants who heavily impacted the culture, Castilla wishes for the islands to be independant. (Secretly, they want the islands to be annexed to them) Castilla only supplies small amounts of weaponry to them.


  • The national color is purple.
  • The Juney symbol is a purple star.

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