Ciudad Vieja

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Ciudad Vieja
Ciudad Vieja Coat of Arms.png
The City's Coat of Arms
Country Castillan Territory, Eastshield
Monuments The City Wall, the City Palace, the statue of King Carlos, the Telenacle Cathedral of Ciudad Vieja
Headquarters The City Palace
Neighbourhoods Cuarto Espanol,
Mayor Jose Fernandez
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles, and some Jerks
General information
Native name Ciudad Vieja, Old Town
Foreign name Old Townians
Demonym Viejans
Founded 2009
– Founder Virgin Inc.

Ciudad Vieja, formerly known as Old Town is a prosperous Castillan siezed port city that mainly ships goods to mainland Castilla. It was abandoned due to Hurricane Diana which caused the Evacuation of Old Town, and was raided by Jerk Penguins. Eventually, the Castillan's took an opportunity for cheaper trade by illegally inhabiting the abandoned city. Since everything was in horrible condition, Castilla burnt the original city to the ground and rebuilt it in their native and familiar Spanish style.


Old Town was made to give an amount of Eastshield's population to another town. Thus, they created (former name) Virgin Town in 1992. Virgin Town lived on for many years until 1994, three years after the foundation (1991). In 1995, a tea party was held in the Convention Hall of Old Town. In 1998, Belivaskuo Nembuk made the Vua Tua Building, a tall skyscraper which is in the north part of the city. Years later, it became a large hub for tourists. However, during the Evacuation of Old Town in 2005, the town was evacuated like Pingko. Back then, no one lived there except for some Jerks.

Castillan Takeover[edit]

Castillan Takeover of Old Town.png

The Jerks had raided and inhabited Old Town for a little while, that was, until Castilla had heard in 2010 that Old Town was abandoned. Castilla was a major trading partner with the USA, and knew that if they had territory on the mainland, they could ship goods easier and cheaper than to do it internationally. Therefore, the Castillans illegally stormed the remains of Old Town and burned it down. The Jerks did try to do some resistance, but they were of no match and were made prisoners of war.


Eventually, the fire was put out, only to have the whole city in rubble. However, with the help of the now loyal Jerks, the city was rebuilt in Castillan style. Today, Ciudad Vieja oversees the shipping of goods and products from the mainland, and is the main spot where all of this is shipped. Since Ciudad Vieja is Castillan territory, shipping products to the Castillan homeland would be cheaper and more affordable. They also would be able to avoid the international shipping tax as well.

Map and Places[edit]

The city's original layout and buildings were destroyed during Hurricane Diana and the Castillan conquest, and when the Castillans came, they rebuilt the city into a very Spanish looking town.

Old City Layout[edit]

To the left, the Boring and Deserted Hotel lies damaged next to a resident's house, badly damaged and filled with lots of disgusting words. The antannea is falling. Next to it is Virgin Headquarters, where the Virgin Inc company resides. It is filed with spiderwebs and a ban of yellow-black lines are seen. Then, a small blue building could be seen. That is actually the Convention Hall of Old Town. It is scribelled with the words "LOLZ" on it. Strange... Next, the two houses could be seen. They are filled with spiderwebs. One is the school, and another is the Old Town Community Club|community centre. Behind it is the local food market, which was tottaly destroyed by Hurricane Diana. They are also the homes of some residents, mainly the upstairs. The second house also serves as an old folks home. The next building is a residential tower,known as Virgin Residential Tower, and below was a shopping mall (first two floors). It has a fire seen ongoing for days on a few floors, reports soon said it was put out by rain. The next one is the longest and largest (but not tallest) building, Virgin Hospital. It serves as the only hospital, clinic and others around the region. As nearby towns, such as Half Pipe or so, they would usually come here. For now, they moved the hospital to another area, around Snowville as many penguins would usually go there. The last building is Old Town Residential Tower. It is filled with lots of funny lines. Hmm... Vua Tua Building is located in the southern side of the ciy, and during it's vacancy it was vandalized by the Jerks.

Current City Layout[edit]

The City of Ciudad Vieja is surrounded by very large stone castle walls, which is referred to as the "City Walls". The Center of the city is home to the City's Palace, which is where the governor and the mayor of the Colony live. It is where the city and it's vicinity is controlled and governed. Next to the Palace is the large Telenacle Cathedral, which provides electricity for the whole city and it's vicinity. In front of the Cathedral is the newly refurbished and hispanified Old Town Market Square. The Houses of Ciudad Vieja are normally around 2-4 stories high. Many houses are built close togeter and streets are very narrow, which means many penguins walk or ride Motor Scooters there. Ciudad Vieja has two academies there as well. Outside the walls is the port, which is where all the ships, commercial and trading, are found. Surprisingly, the Vua Tua Building is all what is left of Old Town. During the Castillan attack, the remaining Jocks that lived there made the tower their base and gathered as much snow and water as they could to prevent the burning city from destroying the tower. As a result, the 22 story Vua Tua Building survived. The tower is still abandoned and remains the tallest structure in the city.


The city is hustling and bustling now with many penguins and puffles who inhabit the city's large houses. Many of the Jerks who had lived in the abandoned Old Town now live better and more peaceful lives in the city since the Jerks view Castillans as cool as they are. After the Castillan takeover, many Castillan citizens populated the city to secure the territorial gain of the city. As of 2015, half a decade after the invasion, 80% of the city's inhabitants are of Castillan origin, 10% are Jerks and 10% are mixed Jerk and Castillan. In fact, the population of the city is so big, many penguins are already moving out of the city and into the open spaces of Eastshield, now creating villages, farms, and puffle ranches all across Eastshield.


The outskirst of Ciudad Vieja are good for raising crops, but Ciudad Vieja is basically a trade city and usually only exports goods to the Eastshieldian coast where the Castillan ships cheaply take the goods to the homeland. However, Ciudad Vieja does produce some textiles and pottery, and sells them to the USA.

Meanwhile, USA Imports are brought into the city via the "Old" Castillan Road, which connects Ciudad Vieja to Presidio Invierno. What happens is that the USA Imports are brought to the Fortress, where it is taken to Ciudad Vieja via the "Old" Castillan Road to be shipped to the Castillan Mainland and it's colonies.

Since Ciudad Vieja is a port city, fishing has been another major industry. Many different types of fish, squid, crab, shrimp, and even lobster have been caught and sold in the city.

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