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Royal Monarchy of Yow Island


Flag Coat of arms

Remember yesterday, protect today, prepare for tomorrow.
Oh my Yow, oh my Yow
Highly detailed Map of Yow.
Capital Golden City
Government Monarchy
 -  1990-2012 King Alexander
 -  2012 Feey1 Pie
Historical era Late 20th Century - Early 21st Century
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin

The Kingdom of Yow Island, Yow Kingdom, or Yow was an island nation north of King George's Island. It was discovered by Alexander Clanin in 1990 when he got lost during a fishing trip. It grew to have several islands including F Island, and June Islands. The Yowiens and their king are anti-USA, to a somewhat delusional extent.

In its latter years, Yow was starting to suffer from overspending issues, as King Alexander is extremely liberal with his budget. The creation of a moon colony and a government-funded theme park have especially exacerbated this problem. In 2011, Yow was been forced to cut funds for several programs and projects, as well as borrow money from the USA. Many economists expected Yow to spiral into recession sooner or later.

Yow Kingdom fell in May 2013 after they tried to create weapons of mass-destruction, much to the chagrin of the UAN. Because of this, many nations that opposed Yow formed an alliance against Yowien nuclear development. After Yow had successfully developed a nuclear warhead and launched it, the allies declared war on Yow and its allies, plunging the entire Yowien Sea into a devastating conflict.

The Nation's Past, Present, and Future
Yowien Empire flag.png
Part of the Yow series of articles.
Yow's History
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Past Times
The Hokjoks
Populating the Yowien Sea
Space Colony 1
The Crab Wars
The Great Yowien War
Yowien Partition
Yowien Sea Islands
Old Yow Kingdom
June Islands
F Island
Rockhopper Island
Barbearer Islands
King George's Island
Royal Monarch of Bar Crab
Disparu Island
Future Times
Great Rebellion
King Alexander
Heimlich Zimmer
Feey1 Pie
The Pie Family


The island the Yow Kingdom is located on is relatively small. It was first colonized in 10 BC by Viking and High Penguin tribes that had integrated together. The island had about two small towns by the year 100 AD, when some Germanic Penguins from modern Alemania inhabited the island with the Viking and High Penguin communities. The land was named Yäulandt by the Natives after the Germanic tribes arrived. By the year 30 AD, there were five towns on the island. The islanders were very content with their lives since they were able to grow a lot of crops. Unfortunately, in around 150 AD, a great hurricane swept the island and destroyed many of the homes and crops of the islanders. To make matters worse, the Penguin Empire immediately invaded the island after the storm, and all the towns were ransacked and burned. The fires of the towns got so bad that half the island's vegitation was destroyed. The islanders who were not killed during the earthquake and the invasion were taken up to be prisoner of war slaves for the Penguin Empire. Only through the stories written by these slaves was the history of Yow truly discovered. Alexander's descendants were some of them.

The island continued to be generally uninhabited except by a few terns and penguins until 1990, when Alexander, now the nation's founder and first king, stumbled upon it while fishing. He found the island a stark contrast to the colder climate of the mainland. It was abundant in trees and there was no snow on the island. Since the island wasn't claimed by any other third party, he decided to claim it for himself and set up his own country and name it the Yow Kingdom. It is not part of the USA. Alexander Clanin proclaimed himself king of the Yow Kingdom so it was now a totalitarian monarchy, although King Alexander didn't have any children to bestow his power when can no longer rule. To attract newcomers to live on the island, King Alexander started an advertising campaign, which the primary reason people came was because the Yow Kingdom was advertised to have low taxes, and free land. Shortly after he declared the island to be his own, many people from the mainland and Latin Antarctica flocked to live there since they accidentally thought they would not have to pay any taxes to the government. However, they soon found out they did have to pay taxes. However, the country is now booming in domestic industries such as electronics and high tech engineering. The island's strategic location near a trade route led it to become a major trading destination.

For Lisboagal, 1990 was a devastating year, despite Yow's founding. Castilla invaded the country and upset many citizens, causing many of them to move away. Most of them heard about Yow's discovery, and immediately immigrated there and became some of Yow's first settlers, founding Golden City's oldest neighborhood, Little Lisboagal, now today the heart of the Lisboagese-Yowien culture and is home to the Embassy of Lisboagal (despite being told that they should place it in The Yellow Zone).

When the population hit 500 penguins in 1992 more harbors were made. Yow Kingdom became part of a small supply route that connected it to King George's Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. The kingdom became rich from selling its raw materials to Colonial Antarctica's monarchy. Pretty soon markets were growing. Then more migrants came, making the population 1,000 penguins by December 1992. It was clear the current towns were started to get crowded. So some explorers decided to look for new land to settle in. Currently only Golden City and Hilnit Town were populated, and the rest of the island wasn't even touched for everyone wanted to stay near the ocean. So explorers went looking towards some mountains they saw on their ship from the ocean. On the way they made a dirt trail, which later became the Great Highway. The explorers arrived in an narrow field, which they guessed stretched 30 miles wide. They decided to call it Nilo. Soon the other towns were discovered and grew. Thanks to the founding of Nilo, the kingdom exported gold, silver, and salt. The Yow Kingdom was growing extremely quickly. The Yow Kingdom castle was built in 1999 when Alexander could afford to. The castle was really large, and became the kingdom's new government headquarters.

In 2000, Colonial Antarctica gave way to the USA. Yow Kingdom established a trade partnership with the new government, which had no interest in annexing territory so far from the mainland. However, Alexander extremely disliked democracy, for he said it was too weak of a government. Therefore he did not allow much Yowien aid to the young USA. This political rivalry soon turned into The First Hontanan War, when Frankterre and Yow fought the USA for Hontana in 2000 and 2001. The USA was beaten by two much smaller nations, and were ashamed. Alexander would brag about this victory for the rest of his life.

For a few years, Yow Kingdom continued to experience economic growth, thanks to its status as a via point. However, when the SABER was established, a large amount of nautical traffic diverted to the new port of Club Penguin, which was closer to the mainland and allowed ships to make shorter journeys. In anticipation of this, King Alexander began to invest in the production of cargo planes, in the hopes of using them to continue exporting Yowien goods. Funding was taken from the Yowien Air Force in order to manufacture the cargo planes. The cargo plane were success; however, they could not ship as much material as sea ships could. This caused foreign salt industries to boom, and Yow's to nearly collapse.

Just as Alexander predicted, Yow's ports went from busy to almost dead, and by 2007 the island was now only a final destination on the SABER's northern branch. Yow began exporting through the Trans-Air Continental Route, exploiting its advantage of having more airports than Club Penguin. Today, while Club Penguin remains an important port of call, Yow retains its traffic in the air, albeit at the price of losing military power.

In 2008 the kingdom hit economic depression. The kingdom hadn't done much since New Year's Day. King Alexander, misunderstanding the term "depression", decided the kingdom needed more fun, so he he hired a company to build an amusement park in Linox called Funtopia. The amusement park would cover 200 acres, include a water park, 10 roller coasters, and a carnival. Construction begin on January 25th near the Summer Fun Roller coaster. The Summer Fun Roller coaster was plan to become apart of Funtopia.

The amusement park was half way done 2 months later, and then a month later it was finished. On March 1st, 2008 it opened. Hundreds of tourists came to the amusement park. Hoping to get locals to attend as well, Alexander ordered all school districts to cancel school, though that had little effect. Despite being criticized as a complete waste of money and not a proper solution for the economic problems, Funtopia did attract more tourists than expected. This caused local economies to grow greatly, however, Yow started to sink into debt.

By 2010, King Alexander decided his nation was sufficiently advanced enough to begin launching spacecraft. Hoping to oust PASA and Snowzerland's RDA in the Space Race (despite being a bit behind), he hired top Yowien scientists and engineers to plan Yow's first mission into space.

They drew up a plan that looked like this:
The first ever Yowien rocket.

It took 6 months before they could start construction on the rocket. The rocket was finished in 2011 and outfitted with a probe named Discovery 1. King Alexander had a beach cleared out so the launching pad could be built.

On the day of launching, the entire Yow Kingdom watched. The rocket's engines started up, and the entire structure began to rise into the air. The rocket flew higher and higher until it disappeared in the sky. The mission was unmanned, but the robotic Discovery 1 was designed to explore the moon. Once several stages were ejected, the probe made the 3-day journey to the moon. Upon landing, it began taking 10 pictures every minute. The rover rolled out of the ship and onto the strange, rock soil. It collected several rock samples and stored them on the ship. Instead of bringing the rock back to Earth the ship had a small laboratory where the robot could examine the rocks and soil. The probe also took pictures of Earth from space.

Being the competitive person he is, Alexander even started to construct a base on the moon to start a colony. It was titled Space Colony 1. The massive amounts of money required for the space program sank Yow so far into debt that the king was forced to enact a government shutdown, cutting funding to all programs except for essential ones like the military and police. Government employees had their salaries suspended while the king and his advisers deliberated on the best course of action.

Finally, Yow decided to borrow money from the USA. Remembering Snowzerland's failure to repay its loan, the USA agreed but demanded 50% interest. Yow didn't decide any further action, leaving economists to speculate that the country would soon go into recession. Some believe it might even be annexed by the USA.

Yow also had the worst Internet connectivity in Antarctica. The only provider is Yow Access, and they like to increase prices while giving poor Internet connectivity. Feey1 Pie solved this problem by paying an internet satellite company to place a station on Yow Kingdom Island in 2011. This destroyed Yow Access.

On September 7, 2011 Yow closed its space colony to help pay off its debt. A Yowien ship picked up all the penguins on the colony and took the penguins back to Earth. The ship, Space Colony 1, and some of the food were sold to the USA for 5 billion coins in an attempt to reduce Yow's debt load.


See the April 2013 UAN Resolutions, Yowien Partition and The Great Yowien War

All throughout 2012, Yow had kept borrowing money from the USA without paying a single dime back, throwing them into high debt. This continued well into 2013, but then a new concern was brought to light. Yow had started studying Liquid Nuclear, and many nations were worried this would transition to producing weapons of mass destruction, with the help from its ally, North Joseon. Just a while before these issues came to light, the UAN had agreed that nuclear development would cease. To discourage the further development of nuclear items, the UAN placed sanctions and trade embargoes on Yow. However, the Yowiens continued to develop nuclear products. In retaliation, a group of nations came out, known as "The Allies", and agreed to put aside their differences and block all trade in and out of Yowien territory. This really annoyed the Yowiens, and they continued to develop nuclear weapons. The blockade strengthened, and the Yowiens got even more angry. It was a deadly chain reaction.


See the Partition of Yow for more information

After the war, Yow was partitioned among the Culldrome Isles, Puffle'and, Shops Island, Castilla, and Snowzerland. Each section of Yow went under different types of rule. However, even under new control, some Yowien nationalists were still breeding a rebellion. Many nationalists who feared persecution fled and sought refuge in East Pengolia or Maverick. As of now, the Yowien islands are peaceful under their new rulers, who use the iron will of their militaries to keep the Yowiens in check.


See the culture of the Yow Islands

Space Craft Launches[edit]

The first ever Yowien rocket.
  • Discovery 1-First space craft launched by the Yow Kingdom. Was unmanned but had a rover.
  • Discovery 2-2nd space craft to launch to the moon. First ever to be manned.
  • Discovery 3-3rd space craft launched into outer space. Was manned and instead of going to the moon it orbited Earth for a month.
  • Explorer(not to be confused with this Explorer!)-4th space craft launched into outer space. Was unmanned and went beyond the moon to Mars.
  • M.A.R.S(Mars Area Rover System)-7th space craft launched by the Yow Kingdom. Landing on Mars and set a rover out to explorer it.

Failed Launches[edit]

  • Saver-5th space craft launched by the Yow Kingdom. Sadly it blew up during launch, was unmanned.
  • Saver 2-6th space craft launched by the Yow Kingdom. It was unmanned. A calculation error caused a valve in the fuel tank to blow, causing the engines to fail. The craft fell from a height of 50 miles, crashing into the ocean.

National Anthem[edit]

The National Anthem of the Yow Kingdom is Oh Yow, Oh Yow. Here is the tune, and the lyrics to it. It was created by an anonymous penguin, who sent in the music to King Alexander one day. The Anthem is mysterious sounding, and quite scary, but Alexander chose it because it was dramatic and scary enough for the citizens to respect Yow Kingdom. Alexander thinks this anthem is very epic, and likes it more than the Snoss and USA anthem.

However in 2012, after Feey1 became king, he instantly changed the anthem. The anthem was somewhat pathetic to him, and he replaced it with a more epic song. The anthem however was an adopted song, written by a Yowien music writer. He wrote the song to depict Crab War 1, and it became the anthem instead.

Anthem 1990-2012[edit]



As trumpets begin to blow:

Oh Yow, Oh.... yow, Oh Yow!

Choir Murmuring: Yooooow, Yooooooooww Yow, my homeland


Choir Murmuring:

Yow, Oh, Yow. Hail King Alexander!

Yow, oh yow, My home.....land!

Yow, Oh Yow, You'll prevail!

Yow will take the World


Oh my Yow, hail King Alexander.

I am glad to be.....


Anthem 2012-Present[edit]


Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow

You are strong, we are strong! Forever!

So you think you can take on Yow Kingdom?

Bring it!

Our military, people, and king stand!

So you think you can take on Yow Kingdom?

Bring it!

We can stay forever, and forevermore.

We wouldn't fall, till the end of time.

Our soldiers, and people fight for what is right!

So you think you can take on Yow Kingdom?

Bring it!

Our military, people, and king stand!

Yow, Yow, Yow!

Our kings are brave,

Our people are great,

And our military is smart!

Our homeland, will stand forever. Yes, it will.

So can you take Yow now?

You are strong, we are strong! Forever!

So you think you can take on Yow Kingdom?

Bring it!

Our military, people, and king stand!

So you think you can take on Yow Kingdom?

Bring it!

Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow!

Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow, Yow!

I am a Yowien!

A proud Yowien, standing for what I believe in.



Map of Yow.png


  • Black dot:Place.
  • Black star: Capital.


Mainland Cities[edit]

Name Common Languages Spoken Location
Golden City English On the north point of Yow Kingdom Island
Linox Spanish, English North point of Yow Kingdom Island
Hilnit Town English South point of Yow Kingdom Island
Nilo Spanish, English South point of Yow Kingdom Island
Sall English East point of Yow Kingdom Island

Outside Provinces[edit]

Flag Province Capital Language(s) Spoken Location
June Islands flag.png
June Islands Ginty Spanish, English South of Yow Kingdom Island
Hontanan flag.png
Hontana Belena English, French East of Yow Kingdom Island
Aerius flag.png
Aerius Island Aerius City English North of Polaris SAD

Geography and Climate[edit]

Yow Kingdom is north of Rockhopper Island, far away from the colder weather. It's much warmer than Club Penguin Island, at a balmy average of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The region it is situated in doesn't encourage snow, so the only time snow falls is in the cold winter. The land is also capable of growing grass and trees, yet still liveable for penguins and puffles.

  • Golden City is the hottest region, with highs of 18 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sall is colder with highs of -5 degrees. Due to its location, it regularly experiences strong winds.
  • Nilo is the warmest area in the Yow Kingdom, at 20 degrees. The occasional rainstorm passes through here.
  • Hilnit Town is quite cold, with highs of -12 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a strong fish industry.
  • Linox is very humid. The highest there is 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Yow Kingdom was a direct monarchy, being ruled solely by King Alexander with the assistance of Heimlich Zimmer. Much to the citizens' request, King Alexander allowed them to create political parties to represent the ideas the citizens wished to influence in the government. The party can send in petitions, but it must be approved by King Alexander if it is to pass. Here is a list of political parties of Yow Kingdom.

Yow Neutrality Party[edit]

The Yow Neutrality Party believes that Yow should not ally or be enemies with any other countries, and that it should stay a neutral nation that should not conquer anything. The Yow Neutrality Party believes that Yow needs to focus on other things rather than military if it is to be a very successful nation. The Yow Neutrality Party believes that the economy of Yow should be balanced between agriculture, industry, and buisness. It is the most popular and largest party in Yow.

The Yow Neutrality Party, or YNP, is created by citizens who hate war. They want Yow to be a peaceful kingdom, and stop conquering other countries. The party was created when the June Islands were conquered by the Yow Kingdom.

Many members are Junies themselves. It is the most popular party in Yow.

Yow Economy Party[edit]

The Yow Economy Party, or YEP, is solely for discussing Yow's debt and banking. It was created in 1995, and in 2011 suddenly grew due to the debt Yow must pay. Many bankers, or retired penguins, encourage the party. Many members are retired bankers, and young penguins.

Yow Kingdom Green Party[edit]

The Yow Kingdom Green Party, or YKGP, is solely a group of penguins who believe Yow should spend more time help the environment. This is the smallest party, and get's little attention. King Alexander himself even forgets about it sometimes.

Alexander's Agriculture Party[edit]


Yowien Soldiers with tanks, and Penguin Super Suits.

Yow Kingdom was a heavily militarized country due to the government's slight paranoia about invaders such as Snowzerland. Most of the weapons the military is armed with are domestic products, as Yow cannot afford to import too many high-quality weapons. However, a local has been making super technology for the military, which is as powerful as the Geek Empire's. Young penguins are encouraged to join the army because of the benefits for their family and financial security. It totals in over 990,700 in active duty. The Yow Kingdom Military uniform is the White Admiral Jacket, green boots, and a green helmet. Whenever a city/town has been conquered a soldier would be asked to raise a flag on the tallest structure in the area.

Before soldiers can go to the battle field they must take a year long training course.

Yow's military has begun to suffer from some recent funding problems, as King Alexander has begun to spread his resources thin. The air force and army have been weakened as a result of this. Due to new reductions in the naval force in September 2011, the army and air force have new weapons.

To add more pressure to Yow's military, Yowien Citizens do not support the military because they believe Yow should be a peaceful country.


The Yowien Navy is moderately sized, but powerful, thanks to the king spending almost a third of his budget on it. The navy has access to some of the fastest ships in the Antarctic. This area had large reductions to keep it balanced on September 8, 2011.

The navy is led by Admiral John Lug. The navy contains 320 battleships, 70 tankers, 134 submarines, 245 aircraft carriers, 345 command vessels, and 289 scout vessels.

Air Force[edit]

Ever since Club Penguin Island was re-established as a port city, the Yow Kingdom had trouble with their exports. King Alexander was forced to spend the money he had meant for the air force on cargo planes that would secure Yow's trade status. This decision has crippled Yow's ability to control the air. Again, with naval reductions, the air force got some upgrades. It has 750 fighter jets, 605 scouter planes, and 967 helicopters.

Most Wanted[edit]

The government's three most wanted criminals:

  1. Jack Slith: Leader of a gang that has robbed over 70 banks.
  2. Marge Little: Wanted for motor vehicle theft in all of Yow's cities. She is the most wanted female criminal.
  3. Gary Rudd: Used to be a pro sumo wrestler, but turned to crime after an accident which he blamed on the police. He is wanted for vandalizing several government buildings.

Local Kingdom Protection[edit]

There is no military roaming the streets in the Yow Kingdom. This was previously practiced until the public began to complain about it.

To replace the military, the Yowien government created a national police force. They called the force GUARD, which doesn't stand for anything. The GUARD's job is to keep the peace around Yow and deal with criminals. The Guard have black uniforms with a yellow puffle badge on their right chest.

Some Guard members have a better chance at joining the military than other penguins. The Guard is sadly small and is somewhat corrupt. Many Guard members fail to stop burglars or enforce law.


The Yows, dispite their boasting technology and soldiers, have some hidden weaknesses. Yowien soldiers are a bit misinformed about the power of their army, and tend to severely underestimate opposing forces. Deeper problems run within the king's budget. Due to overspending, King Alexander has recently been forced to make several budget cuts to all three branches of the military, the air force being hit hardest. These budget cuts have also caused weapons manufacturers to begin cutting corners in order to sell their weapons more cheaply, as they are aware that the military is not able to spend as much. This results in rushed manufacture and limited safety inspection. Yow's military is equipped with some of the lowest-quality weapons in Antarctica.

Relations with other Countries[edit]

  • Barbearer Islands- Very bad. The nations were actually allies before the Barbearic Crab War. However, relations dropped afterwards and the two became vicious enemies.
  • Batavia- Good. The two nations had very different cultures, but King Alexander made it a point to comment on their amazing island building skills a few times. It is unknown if their relations changed after Feey took the throne.
  • Castilla- Bad. Up until King Alexander's death, the two nations had a fair relationship. However, King Carlos and many Castillan citizens hated Feey, so when he ascended to the throne the relations were severed. In 2013 Castilla took partin The Great Yowien War, sealing the country's fate.
  • Federal Republic of Polaris- Horrible! Yow saw Polaris as a puppet state of the USA. Polaris and Yow always disagreed on political matters, and Yowiens were responsible for many Polarian terrorist attacks.
  • Frankterre- Very Good. They were allies in The First Hontanan War, and later sold Hontana to Yow. They continued to be allies until the Yow's end, however they did despise the corruption seen in Yow.
  • Lisboagal- Very Good. When the Castillans invaded Lisboagal in 1990, several Lisboagese immigrants were the first to come to Yow Kingdom, settling the first neighborhood in Golden City- Little Lisboagal. They both hate Snowzerland much; this is why they had a good alliance with each other. Yow also helped Lisbogal with their military.
  • MAI- Great. Feey1 has many fans stokers in the MAI, and has many fan clubs there. Through him the MAI and Yow have created good relations. It is unknown what relations were like under King Alexander's rule.
  • North Joseon- Uneasy. Yow had requested large sums of cash from them, reserves that North Joseon barely had. While Yow agreed to let the North Joseons use Yow's ports, airports, and technology to help them generate foriegn currency, North Joseon eventually stopped loaning cash to Yow and requested that Yow pay back their loan. Yow agreed to, by sending them money from a USA loan.
  • Shops Island- Very bad. Please expand.
  • Snowzerland- Horrible. Snowzerland and Yow are both aggressively competitive empires.
  • USA- Indifferent. Yow would have liked to see the USA fall, and some Yowiens believed that Yow could easily defeat the USA. The USA didn't think much of Yow, especially because it was predicted to go into a recession. It is unknown what relations were like under King Alexander's rule.


  • The Yow Kingdom was discovered in 1990 when Alexander got lost during a fishing trip.
  • Yow Kingdom is further North than Rockhopper Island is from Antarctica.
  • The Yow Kingdom used to use sea vessels to do most of their trading. But due to their distance from any other inhabited islands it took 2 weeks for a sea vessel to get to Club Penguin Island.
  • Yowien Soldiers wear the White Admiral Jacket as uniform.
  • The Yow Kingdom has no snow except on the summit of Lane Mountain, the highest point on the island.
  • The Yowiens are extremely creative and put on many plays.
  • Half of the population speaks Spanish.
  • The current king of Yow is Feey1.
  • When the new 2012 anthem was released the word Oh my Yow was banned from being said.

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