One Last Hope

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One Last Hope
Start 2051
End 3011
Location Ninja Archipelago
Rewards Flywish XI succeeds to the Ligurian throne
The Last Stand The Spitfire

One Last Hope is a story about Flywish X's reign, Flywish XI's adoption, and the Hochstadt's experiences after Pengvintine's (Swiss Ninja's) death. When the Hochstadt Remnant and Flywish XI's paths meet, a spark of hope ignites for Liguria's better future with Flywish XI as their new Papa. With Jock Hochstadt's rigorous training and King Clovis Hochstadt's role as a stepfather, they prepare Flywish XI for his destiny to overthrow his real father and claim his rightful place on the Ligurian throne.


Soon after the deaths of Swiss Ninja and Bellina, the number of the Hochstadt Gang had been dwindling. About the time Swiss Ninja died, Fisch's immortality was terminated, and he began to rapidly age. By 2051, the scrawny, wrinkly old penguin passed away and joined his twin brother. By the time Fisch had died, Dave Hochstadt and Bernhard Hochstadt were long dead. Meanwhile, King Clovis continued to rule, and he took a wife in 2056. King Clovis had two children: a boy named Tunis, and a girl named Aravis. Gottfried had married in 2045 and had three children: a boy named Hertz, a girl named Ala, and another boy named Trottel. Fuut Ga's son, Fidelio, had no children, but his daughter, Regalia, had twelve children who were all trained to be ninjas by his Grandfather. Piper's children in total had 10 children, and Leonardo married in 2044 and had three children. Jock Hochstadt never married.

Meanwhile, Flywish and Maddie seized the opportunity to marry after Swiss died. They had one daughter named Eva Wish. In 2080, Maddie had died of old age leaving Flywish a widower once again. About sixteen years after her death, Flywish had executed a wanted criminal who was sentenced to death. Three days later, he was assassinated by the criminal's brother while making a speech saying that he was probably going to die soon. Flywish II passed away in 2150. After that, Clovis lost contact with the Papas. Until over 1,000 years later.

In 2100, Jock decided that he should take advantage of his situation, so he built a giant Viking longship and named it the Jötunn because it was the largest wooden Viking longship ever built. Jock, with the company of Piper, hired a large group of sailors and set sail for sea. For 200 years, Jock and Piper had many adventures while sailing around the Antarctic seas, visiting many islands and had attempted many times to find great treasures. Some could never be found, but the ones that were found were immediately donated. In the year of 2300, the Jotunn was caught in a massive storm, and it broke apart into pieces. Jock and Piper were able to survive with the new crew, and they arrived in the Viking city of Frostize. Eventually, Jock moved to Frostborough, Freezeland after being offered a job as a ship porter and lived in peace with Piper, who accompanied him.

Meanwhile, King Clovis continued his reign. He had lost contact with the Flywish family after Flywish II, and he eventually began to lose contact with most other political figures in Antarctica and the Ninja Archipelago. Eventually, by 2170, Clovis secluded himself from the rest of the world - even from his own citizens, except for his servants and a couple of his trusted advisors. However, Clovis was still mentally scarred from the great losses from the Snoss Civil War and The Last Stand. Clovis eventually stayed in the palace and never came out of it, and the only time he did was on every night on October 1st, when he would visit the royal cemetary and mourn for Dave Hochstadt, General Hermosa, and King Carlos Goberna. However, when he did visit the cemetary, he had his identity concealed with a cloak so no one would notice him....although some penguins had noticed him there before, no one knew that he was the king, and this mysterious cloaked penguin began an urban legend. As time went on, King Clovis himself became a legend because he never came out of his palace. By 2256, King Clovis Hochstadt was considered dead and a puppet king and that his advisors were the real powers, however, that was never true.

Leonardo di Tremezzo had a rather happier life than either Jock or Clovis. Leonardo went off to become a freelance artist, and traveled and toured all over Antarctica and the Ninja Archipelago as he created great paintings that usually involved the landscape and daily life. With the money he received from the paintings he made, he was able to buy a home in Parie and a small apartment in the downtown area in Dellaroma. Because he spent his time visiting Liguria often, Leonardo was the only Hochstadt Gang member who kept track of the Flywish family lineage. Before he died, Papa Tremezzo gave Leonardo a position in the Ligurian Cabinet because that was what Leonardo wanted, and he also gave a position in the Ligurian Cabinet to his other son, Giorgio, because Giorgio became the successor to Papa Tremezzo's business. Giorgio's son eventually succeeded him after he died, and through Giorgio's lineage continued the Papa Tremezzo's watch selling business. Leonardo continued to be a part of the Cabinet as a representative but did not do much, and did not have much contacts with the Flywish family much.

Finally, Fuut Ga continued to teach Ninjas through out his reign, but eventually, Fuut Ga felt that the youth/semi-immortality wasn't what it would crack up to be. Deciding to go on a quest, Fuut Ga began to search for a way to reverse the spell on himself so that he could finally die in peace. However, before he went, he began to train several Senseis to succeed him. Once they were ready, Fuut Ga went on the quest in the year 2999, and found what he was looking for. He was able to demolish the spell on himself, and began to age.

In 2986, twenty-four year old Flywish X sat at his father's bedside with tears in his eyes. His father was dying. Flywish IX leaned close to his son. About to say something.

Flywish IX:"Son, I have some final things I want to say to you before I go into eternal sleep."

Flywish X:"What are they dad?"

Flywish IX:"Son, I love you, you were a great son, I couldn't ask for any better."

Flywish X:"I love you too dad"

Flywish IX:"One last thing"

Flywish X:"What is it dad?"

Flywish IX:"Be the best papa you can, and remember, your namesake son must be heir to the throne"

Flywish X:"I will dad"

Flywish IX closed his eyes and Flywish X heard a flatline. His father was dead. He dropped his face into his flippers and cried. But suddenly, there was a maniacal look on his face. He had thoughts of violence. Just like his ancestor, Flywish the first. Liguria was in for a change. The problem was, Flywish X's violent rage was ten times worse than Flywish's. He had planned for a very brutal and corrupt government. One that would make life in Liguria miserable.

Chapter I: A New Era[edit]

Flywish X went out on the Papa's balcony to announce his ruling.

Flywish X:"Today is Liguria's first day of me as their leader!"

The crowd cheered thinking Flywish X was going to have a great reign like all the other Papas of Liguria.

Flywish X:"I shall lay down this law though! Speeding is now legal, but any crime you commit, even the SMALLEST crime, you DIE! Plus, you cannot criticize me at all!"

The crowd was scared, they all ran off. Flywish then went off to meet the Mafia Cabinet. Leonardo came up to Flywish X.

Leonardo:"Fly X, why are you being very unfair?"

Flywish X:"Because, this is how I will run this, and that's final!"

Leonardo:"This isn't right, But I will not say anything to be safe."

Flywish X:"GOOD!"

Liguria was in for a bad era. Nothing looked good. Executions took place daily, and no one could do a single thing.

In 3000, Flywish XI who had been seeing nothing but the daily murders for the first 6 years of his life, was getting upset. He didn't like how cruel the treatment was. Some of the victims were arrested for stealing and had stolen to support their families. Flywish XI could tell that and one day, decided to get his father to stop.

Flywish XI:"Dad, can you please stop the brutal murders?"

Flywish X:"Son, those penguins are bad, that's why they're getting executed"


Flywish X:"I don't care, and don't speak to me that way!"

Flywish XI:"I can't believe you won't listen to what is coming out of your own son's mouth!"

Flywish X:"Son, you're grounded!"


Flywish X:"That was 2011, now it's the fourth millennium!"

Flywish XI was angry, he had enough of his father doing what he did. He tried to walk away but his father stopped him.



Flywish X:"Son, I will not let you protest me! This is what I will resort to!"

Flywish XI:"Oh @#$%@!!! You're the worst dad the world could ever over!"

Flywish X:"WHAT??? NO! JUST NO!!!! You will regret what you said..or not, because you will soon be dead!"

Flywish X took out his pistol and immediately loaded it. Leonardo rushed to the scene immediately.

Leonardo:"WAIT! STOP!"

Flywish X:"Move to the side, puffle! I need to take care of buisness!"

Leonardo:"A Flywish does not murder another Flywish. As a member of your cabinet, I have the right to petition to have you removed from power."

Flywish X:"Ha! Impossible! The Flywish family has ruled Liguria for a thousand years. Besides, everyone else on the cabinet loves me. I should consider removing you from it, or even executing you."

Leonardo:"You have no idea who I am, to begin with. I have followed the Flywish linage my whole life, and I am not ready to see one of them kill their son. This is not what Flywish I would want."

Flywish X:"How would you know? You never met him!"

Leonardo was silent for a moment but decided not to prove him wrong.

Flywish X:"Move aside! I have an execution to take care of!"

Leonardo:"I don't think so!"

Leonardo took out his pre-loaded pistol and shot Flywish X in the flipper. Immedately, he staggered back as two soldiers came to aid him.

With no haste, Leonardo grabbed Flywish XI's hand with his telekinesis and pulled him out of the room. Because Flywish XI was still a young chick at the age of six, it wasn't hard for Leonardo to pull him away from the situation. Together, Leonardo ran with Flywish XI to his room.

Leonardo locked Flywish XI's door and put a chair against it.

Flywish XI:"Who are you? How do you know me? How did you know where my room was? Why did you help me?"

Leonardo:"Boy, do you ask a lot of questions! It must be a phase you are in."

Flywish XI:"What's a phase? You aren't answering my questions!"

Leonardo:"It's a long story, kid. A looong story. However, I can tell you that your life is in great danger and so is mine. We need to escape Liguria as soon as possible. We are not welcome here anymore."

Flywish XI:"So we're running away?"

Leonardo:"That's right. Now, here, take this suitcase and pack up whatever you want to take with you."

Naturally, because Flywish XI was raised as royalty, he got whatever he wanted and never thought about losing items.

Flywish XI:"Can't I just take everything?"

Leonardo:"Oh, you silly six year old. You can't do that. In life, there must be sacrifices to be made."

Flywish XI:"What's a sacrifice?"

Leonardo:"Right...I forgot you don't use big words because of your age. Just pack up whatever you can fit in there. Quickly now!"

Flywish XI put everything that was the most important to him into the suitcase and packed and closed it without trouble. Leonardo took the suitcase and put it into his hammerspace for safe keeping.

Leonardo:"Now, for the escape..."

Leonardo opened up the window of the boy's room and took out a rope and a grapple. Leonardo attatched the grapple onto the windowsill and made sure that it was secure.

Leonardo:"Do you know how to climb down a rope?"

Flywish XI:"I don't know. I've never climbed up or down a rope before."

Leonardo:"Right...Here, put this on so you can safely climb down the rope without messing up and killing yourself..."

Leonardo strapped the equipment onto Flywish XI and the rope and bid him to climb down first.

Leonardo, being an experienced climber since his very youth, was able to swiftly climb down the rope without needing equipment. Nevertheless, there wasn't any equipment for puffles anyways. Once both of them were on the ground safely, Leonardo unhitched the grapple from the window and put away the rope in his hammerspace with the rest of his items.

Leonardo:"Quick, let's escape into the garden and leave the property from there. Your father will never know. Let's go before anyone sees us!"

Leonardo and Flywish XI immediately ran into the garden, which was full of large hedges, trees, bushes, and plenty of flowers; this was all put into place courtesy of Flywish XI's mother, Fabiana, who loved gardening. Nevertheless, Fabiana was sitting on a stone bench deep inside the garden alone, crying. She had overheard everything about Flywish X's plans to kill his son, and Fabiana immediately retreated to the garden to escape these fears.

Flywish XI:"Mom!"

Fabiana:"Figlio! You are alive!"

Leonardo:"I was able to spare some time for the child to escape, signora."

Fabiana:"What a gentleman! Oh please, this boy owes you his life for what you've done for him!"

Leonardo:"Yes, but he is still in danger. Not only his life, but mine too! I may have been able to spare our lives this time, but we must leave this country quickly!"

Fabiana:"I agree...but what can we do?"

Leonardo:"I know a friend who can adopt and raise the boy."

Fabiana:"That sounds wonderful....although...I will miss you very much, my figlio."

Flywish XI:"Mom, is everything going to be all right?"

Fabiana:"Yes, everything's gonna be ok."

Flywish XI hugged his mother, not knowing that he would not hug her again for a very long time. Fabiana and Flywish XI hugged for a long time, to Flywish XI's discomfort. Fabiana was weeping a couple minutes but eventually let go of her son.

Fabiana:"Please, good puffle, tell me your name."

Leonardo:"My name is Leonardo."

Fabiana:"Leonardo who?"

Leonardo:"I am Leonardo di Tremezzo, member of the Ligurian Cabinet....or at least I used to be until now."

Fabiana:"Oh my! You're a Tremezzo? You're Leonardo di Tremezzo??? You mean the Hochstadt Gang member? I thought you were dead like your father and brothers!"

Leonardo:"It's a long story why i still lived and am still in condition. There are still some Hochstadt Gang members still alive, you know."

Fabiana looked astonished.

Fabiana:"How interesting! Who?"

Leonardo:"Gottfried Hochstadt, Fuut Ga, Jock Hochstadt, my cousin Piper J. Cub, and I. Oh, and there is one more..."

Leonardo beckoned Fabiana closer and whispered to her:"And King Clovis Hochstadt of Castilla."

Fabiana:"He...he lives?!?"

Leonardo:"Yes, he lives, but he is nothing but a hermit now, who hides in his palace. After all these years, his mind is still scarred with loss."

Fabiana:"How terrible! I remember learning about Ancient History in Grade School. King Clovis always amazed me. I've heard some of your acts as well."

Leonardo:"Don't freak out or anything also, but I am also going to have your son be raised by him. I believe that your son will give Clovis hope again...not only will bring King Clovis back to normality, and then....he will be able to raise your son to be a good ruler by the time he ascends the throne."

Fabiana:"I don't think my husband will want that to happen anymore."

Leonardo:"That's the point, isn't it?"

Fabiana:"Oh...I see what you mean."

Leonardo:"Now, we must go immediately. We're going straight for Castilla."

Fabiana:"I bid you both well, then!"

Leonardo:"Good by, Signora Fabiana."

Fabiana:"Flywish XI, listen to me. You will not be coming back home for a very long time, do you understand?"

Flywish XI:"Yes, mom."

Fabiana:"Please do remember me, and be good to your new adopted father, ok? Promise me you will be good?"

Flywish XI:"I will."


Fabiana made her final farewells to Flywish XI and Leonardo, and the two of them continued to escape the Ligurian palace grounds.

Leonardo and Flywish XI eventually found the edge of the garden and the large fence that surrounded the palace gardens. It didn't take much effort for the two to climb over the fence and onto the concrete sidewalks of the quiet streets of the city.

Leonardo immediately took out his pistol and loaded it just in case any guards caught them. Luckily, there were none.

Leonardo:"Watch your back, kid. Speeding is legal, which means there can be anyone racing down the streets at any time so don't get hit! Well, at least getting hit by a car isn't lethal since they're all hovercraft. Back in my day, cars had wheels."

Flywish XI:"Cars had wheels?"

However, there were no cars at all. The large cobblestone streets of the city were empty. There were no cars, penguins, or puffles in sight. With the rise of Flywish X to power, it seemed like everyone feared him greatly and stayed at least three blocks away from the palace and the Parliament building. However, by the time they had walked three blocks away from the Palace, they began to see some activity going on. There were only a few cars, speeding as usual, and a few penguins and puffles. They all seemed to be wearing gray or black clothing and tried their best to avoid others. There also appeared an occasional Ligurian soldier stationed at a street corner, but they didn't seem to have much interest in their job.

Flywish XI:"How quiet it is here."

Leonardo:"It wasn't always like that, you know. Liguria was a great country of amazing artists and livery. Penguins loved to go to cafes and drink their share of Cream Soda with friends. It really isn't like that anymore."

The sky was cloudy, and it almost looked like it was going to rain.

Leonardo:"We better get to the airport quickly. There's bad weather approaching."

Flywish XI:"I agree."

The two eventually found a lone hovercraft taxi that had small spots of rust on it's yellow paint. It appeared to be at least fifty years old at the most. Whey they got inside, it began to rain, quietly at first, but eventually it began to pick up.

Taxi Driver:"All hail Flywish X! Where do you need to go today?"

Leonardo:"The Airport."

Taxi Driver:"All right. That will be 50 Coins....and with the kid, that will be another 50 Coins, and for being a puffle, that's a 30 coin fee, and because it's raining you'll have to pay an extra..."


Taxi Driver:"OH! Ok! Put the guns down! I'm sorry! I didn't know! Sure. A Free ride to the airport for both of you. Sorry for the trouble."

The Taxi Driver turned on this wiperblades and began to drive the old hovercraft car to the airport.

Chapter 2:The King and the Viking[edit]

The flight was rather short since the aircraft were very fast, efficient, and they were only flying from Liguria to Castilla. Luckily enough, Leonardo and Flywish XI were able to get onto the aircraft without question.

Leonardo:"These planes are so nice and roomy. It's a luxury plane compared to the ones from long ago! The Economy class was nothing but seats crammed together like a bus! Imagine that, kid."

Flywish XI:"That's terrible. How come you know all these things about the past?"

Leonardo:"I've lived through them. I'm much older than you."

Flywish XI:"You don't look that old."

Leonardo:"I am pretty old, and I have learned a lot of things from personal experience."

Flywish XI:"Ok. How old are you? Did you know my grandpa?"

Leonardo:"Well, I knew him a little. Not much, though. I never really talked much with the Wish Family. I stopped keeping in touch with them after Flywish II."

Flywish XI:"WHAT? You can't be that old! You'd be like one of those statues in those museums!"

Leonardo:"I am that old. Like 1000 years old, somewhere like that. I am not the only one like that."

Flywish XI:"How is that possible? Can I be like that too?"

Leonardo:"No, silly. It's a long story how I lived this long. It wasn't supposed to happen, really."

Flywish XI:"If you knew Flywish II, you probably knew Flywish the Great!"

Leonardo:"Yes, I did. I knew him very well. My cousin Piper and I helped him come into power as a Papa. If it wasn't for Piper, my gangster father Papa Tremezzo, Bugzy, and I, you wouldn't be of noble blood."

Flywish XI:"Cool! Tell me...what was Flywish I like?"

Leonardo:"He was a great ruler. Wise, thoughtful....he also had a spark of violence in your own father."

Flywish XI:"Was the angry feeling a family thing?"

Leonardo:"Well...sort of...After all these years, I think I have found out why your father and Flywish I were angry; they had to witness seeing one or more of their family members die in front of them. I suppose it is a weakspot in the Flywish family tree. Nevertheless, Flywish II never had this emotion despite seeing his own father being assassinated. He was a pure miracle....and since you've heard and probably seen a lot of deaths happen, I am assuming that you are one too."

Flywish XI:"Who did Flywish the Great have to witness dying?"

Leonardo sighed sadly.

Leonardo:"His second wife."

Flywish XI:"Second? Two of his wives died?"

Leonardo:"Unfortunately... yes."

Flywish XI:"How?"

Leonardo:"Well, he lost his first wife, Rose44, to a poisoned cookie."

Flywish XI:"That's awful! Who poisoned it?"

Leonardo:"Darktan Anator."

Flywish XI:"Inator? what a humiliating last name!"

Leonardo:"OK... I guess, anyway... he wanted to get back at Darktan, he wanted to see him die"

Flywish XI:"Then what happened?"

Leonardo:"Unfortunately, Darktan did notice his plans, and they had a conflict. Darktan decided to once again, upset Flywish so he sent one of his army members to go kill his brother, Kyle Wish. He succeeded."

Flywish XI:"Did Flywish get back at the penguin?"

Leonardo:"He didn't get back at Darktan for he reformed during the Great Darktonian Pie War, but he did get back at the killer of his brother, he killed the penguin and threw his body into the sea"

Flywish XI:"So how did his second wife die?"

Leonardo:"The War of Vengeance, where Falcon Xaldi and Flywish took their armies, and clashed."

Flywish XI:"Who was Falcon Xaldi, and why did they go to war?"

Leonardo:"Falcon was a psycho killer who led an army. He hired some enemies of Flywish to help him in the war. But what happened was a year before, Falcon killed Flywish's father, Raywish. He was stabbed by Falcon. But during the war, Flywish II died, but was luckily revived by some phoenix like penguin who apparently was obsessed with railroads."

Flywish XI:"But what happened to his second wife?"

Leonardo:"She was kidnapped by Falcon. Flywish went to his base, heavily armed, and tried to save his wife, Valeria di Luca. Sadly, he was held down and she was killed. But after that, he gave Falcon what was coming to him, with the assistance of my cousin Piper and his puffle, Chuck. Piper shot him in his flippers and feet, Chuck let Flywish beat him up with his bat, and then he threw Falcon in a nearby river. That's when he got the spark of violence, after that, he married Maddieworld, who was formerly married to the most first Kaiser of Snowzerland."

Flywish XI:"Swiss Ninja?"

Leonardo:"How did you know what his name was?"

Flywish XI:"My tutor taught me a little about these ancient rulers, did you know Swiss?"

Leonardo:"Yes, I was once his pet puffle, you know. Later on, though, he was one of my enemies, along with the rest of my friends, yet, most of those guys are related to him closely."

Flywish XI:"Wow!"

Flywish XI was amazed about how much history he learned from one puffle.

Leonardo:"So I'm guessing that if you know Swiss, did you learn about the ruler of Castilla during that time?"

Flywish XI thought for a moment.

Flywish XI:"King Carlos, I think?"

Leonardo:"That's right. I was very good friends with him. you know who succeeded him?"

Flywish XI did not hesistate to answer.

Flywish XI:"Some guy named Clover, right? There weren't any successors from him, and they still say he rules, right? My tutor says he most likely died a long time ago and he's noting but a puppet ruler now."

Leonardo:"First off, his name is Clovis Hocshtadt. He was the brother of Swiss Ninja."

Flywish XI:"Did you know him?"

Leonardo:"Yes. Clovis and I helped save Antarctica from a terrible fate."

Flywish XI:"Wow."

Leonardo:"I'm not finished. Like me, King Clovis is still alive and well. However, he's badly mentally depressed."

Flywish XI:"Why?"

Leonardo:"Like your father and Flywish I, who get violent, Clovis becomes very depressed when he has viewed the ones he love to die. Long ago, Clovis had to see that reality. He had to see a good friend of his die...a good general die...and many of his soldiers die of a massacre. It happened during the Snoss Civil War, one of the most tragic wars in Snoss and Castillan history."

Flywish XI:"Cool. So are we going to meet this King Clovis?"

Leonardo:"Yes...we are, and he's going to be your adopted father, too. You are his only hope into pulling himself back together and bring himself out of his depression. Trust me. He will help shape you into a great leader so that you will be liked by your subjects when you ascend the Ligurian throne. I have it all planned out."

Flywish XI was speechless.

Eventually, as the plane landed, Leonardo and Flywish XI took another taxi hovercraft through the city of Metido to the Royal Palace.

Taxi Driver:"¿Adonde vais?" (Where are you guys going to?)

Leonardo:"El Palacio Real." (The Royal Palace.)

The Driver looked at Leonardo funny, but Leonardo was wise and gave him some more Club Penguin Coins as a token of assurance.

Taxi Driver:"Vale. Vamos al Palacio Real." (Ok. We're going to the Royal Palace.)

The taxi driver drove through the vibrant capital city of Metido, until they reached the quiet, old royal palace. Although the Palace was as old as some of the other buildings of the city, the palace seemed abandoned and rather quiet. It had stains of brown dirt that had not been washed off of the stone walls.

Flywish XI:"That piece of junk is the palace??"

Leonardo:"It wasn't always a run down place. It was very beautiful and envied in the whole Archipelago. It's a heatbreaker, yes, but I'm willing to change that soon. Come, you must meet Clovis."

Leonardo and Flywish XI got out of the car, and walked towards the palace. Two soldiers stopped them before they reached the door.

Soldier 1:"¡Pado! ¿Qué estan ustedes haciendo?" (Stop! What are you guys doing?)

Leonardo:"Me llamo Leonardo di Tremezzo, el buen amigo del Rey." (My name is Leonardo di Tremezzo, the good friend of the King.)

Soldier 1:"No te creo." (I don't believe you.)

Leonardo took out a picture of himself with Clovis and Jock.

Leonardo:"¿Mira? Yo conozco a Rey Clovis." (See? I know King Clovis.)

Soldier 2:"Vale. Te creo. Conozco a quien eres. Eres el héroe del Antarctica." (Ok. I believe you. I know who you are. You're the hero of Antarctica.)

Leonardo and the young six year old chick walked inside the old Palace, to find a complete different change. Everything was tidy and clean. The marble walls and floors were shiny as if they were new, and the brightly painted ceilings still retained their vibrant colors as if they were painted recently.

Flywish XI:"Wooow...."

Leonardo:"That's why you never judge a book from it's cover. The palace may need to be repainted and cleaned on the outside, but plenty of the servants still work on the inside."

Flywish XI:"Where is Clovis?"

Leonardo:"Hidden away in a room. He is very depressed and spends his days as a lifeless penguin. Technically, he already is dead, but he still continues to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom."

Leonardo led Flywish XI up the grand staircase to the highest story in the building. They walked down a grand hall until they reached two doors that seemed to lead to a large room.

Leonardo:"He should be here."

Flywish XI:"I hear a television...."

Leonardo knocked on the door. There was no response. Flywish XI did the same, but still no response.

Flywish XI pushed on the door slightly and it opened up to reveal a dark room. Although there was hardly any light, the room seemed to be a large mess with food, clothing, and other miscellaneous items spilled over the room. All the shutters were closed, and the only light in the room was the white blare of the television, which eerily shone on a dead looking jester lying lifelessly on the couch. His eyes were open but rolled back, not even looking at the television anymore.

Leonardo wasted no time and rushed to Clovis's side. Flywish XI turned on the lights of the room with the switch, which was very, very old fashioned for him.

Leonardo grabbed the remote from Clovis's limp flipper and turned the TV off.

Leonardo:"Clovis! Clovis! Speak!"

Leonardo felt for Clovis's pulse and for signs of breathing. The pulse was there and Clovis was breathing deeply and normally. Leonardo sighed in relief that he was still alive, but he kept shaking him.

Leonardo:"Clovis! Clovis! Snap out of this!"

Leonardo continued shaking Clovis, but Flywish XI took a water bottle he found on the floor, opened the cap with a little difficulty since he was only six years old, and spilled the water all over Clovis's face.

Immediately, Clovis's ashen grayish-blue face turned back to life. Clovis's eyes went back to where they were supposed to and Clovis shivered. King Clovis blinked and rubbed his eyes for a while.

King Clovis:" I dead...why is it so bright in here..."

Leonardo:"Clovis, it's me, Leonardo. You're not were just unconscious."

King Clovis looked at Leonardo very angrily.

King Clovis:"Why did you wake me? I have suffered so long already...all those innocents are dead because of me! DEAD!"

Leonardo:"Clovis, it wasn't your fault."

King Clovis:"I don't care...I don't want to be here now...I HAVE NO PURPOSE!!!!"

Leonardo:"That's not...."

King Clovis:"I am angry, now! Leonardo! ANGRY! I just need to end"

However, suddenly, King Clovis looked up to the door and saw Flywish XI.

King Clovis:"Who...who is that???"

Leonardo:"His name is Flywish XI."

King Clovis:"FLYWISH??? THE ELEVENTH??? How long was I unconscious?!? I only remember falling asleep during Flywish VIII's rule!"

Leonardo:"I don't know. I suppose the servants continued to feed you. Look Clovis, times have changed. You don't exist in the average Castillan's eyes anymore. Also, Liguria has a harsh dictatorship led by Flywish X. He nearly killed his only son, and I was the only one to save him. Please King Clovis, you are the only wise man left who can raise this child. You are a King of a grand country and very experienced; this boy needs your help so he may reclaim his rightful spot on the Ligurian Throne!"

King Clovis:"Is this true, Flywish XI?"

Flywish XI:"Yes, sir."

King Clovis:"Flywish, I will adopt you, because Flywish I and I were good friends. You can call me your father, if you want."

Flywish XI:"Do you really mean it?"

King Clovis:"Yup. I'll make you a room, we'll clean up the palace...all that good stuff. My two sons died a millenium ago."

Flywish XI and King Clovis hugged, starting the stepfather-stepson bond. Flywish XI was finally happy to have a loving guardian and King Clovis was happy that he would have a stepson again and have a fresh face of hope in the palace.

King Clovis:"But we can't help you alone, boy. You will need help with some training."

King Clovis pompously walked with his son and Leonardo down the stairs and out into the outside world for the first time in a millennium.

The two guards who met Leonardo and Flywish XI earlier were very frightened when they saw King Clovis walking with them. For the first time in their lives, they saluted the King.

King Clovis:"We need a jet to Frostborough, Freezeland."

Soldier 1:"Yes, sire!"

King Clovis:"And you, bring me a glass of water. I'm parched!"

Soldier 2:"Yes, sire!"

The three arrived in Frostborough in due time. They went into town to ask anyone about Jock's whereabouts, and luckily enough, they stumbled across one of Jock's neighbors, who immediately knew who Jock was. The neighbor beckoned them to follow him, and they went deep into old town Frostborough. They soon came across an old but maintained house that was the color white with green shutters. It's windowsills had flowers and various spices growing.

The neighbor timidly knocked on the red door of the house. At first, there was no response, but then the door quickly opened and Piper J. Cub appeared with his gun, threatening the neighbor.

Piper J. Cub:"Go away, you villagers aren't welcome on the master's property!"

The Villager stepped back, and then Piper saw Leonardo, Clovis, and Flywish XI. Clovis waved at Piper.

Piper:"Well...well...well...whaddya know...It's my Cousin and Clovis! It's good to see you two! It's been a very long time! Come in, come in, Jock would be overjoyed to see you both!"

Clovis:"Oh, Piper, I bid you also to welcome my adopted son, Flywish XI!"

Piper:"Oh, I knew he looked familiar. A relative of Flywish is any friend of mine."

Clovis and Leonardo looked at each other. Piper had obviously not heard about Flywish X. Piper led the three to the kitchen, where Jock was cooking fish on an old fashioned hearth oven.

Piper:"Jock, we have visitors."

Jock:"Eh...who thinks their so important to barge in the home to see me at this hour?"

Jock looked up and saw King Clovis and Leonardo, and bowed immediately.

Jock:"My apologies, King Clovis."

Clovis:"I understand, Jock. We've been through some tough times. I heard about your school."

Jock:"I never look back on that now. I've resolved to live here now in peace where I can be away from the crowds. I don't converse much with the locals but I buy food there in the market once a week."

Clovis:"I haven't left the palace at all....Listen Jock, we need your help."

Jock:"Sure. Does it involve this boy?"

Clovis:"Yes. His name if Flywish XI, and he is my adopted son."

Jock:"The direct relative of Flywish himself! Wow! I never knew the family liked that name so much. It's a pleasure to meet you, Flywish XI."

Flywish XI shyly replied:"Pleasure to meet you too, sir."

Jock:"So the boy is adopted, Clovis?"

Clovis:"Yes. He is. His father, Flywish X, is a tyrannical dictator. He nearly killed his son, and Leonardo was fortunate enough to save his life."

Jock:"Ah, nice job, Leonardo."

Clovis:"It is our responsibility now to raise the boy so he can ready himself to reclaim his true right on the Ligurian throne. I can raise him to be a good ruler, but I can't teach him to be a great fighter. Please Jock, train this young lad to become one of the best warriors on Antarctica. He needs all the help he can get to destroy his dictator father."

Jock:"Gee...I'm sorry Clovis, I'm sorry you have to deal with this...can't you just invade Liguria?"

Clovis:"That would ruin relations with the country. We've had three milleniums of peace with each other; I'm not going to risk it being destroyed!"

Jock:"Well, I'm sorry, Clovis. I have moved on from doing things like this. I resolve to live a regular life here in Freezeland where we don't have to worry about political strife. I just don't have the drive and the dedication to train Flywish's descendant."

Clovis:"I'll pay you."

Jock:"Heheh. No Clovis, that won't convince me."

Flywish XI sighed in disappointment. Clovis put his flipper around him.

Suddenly, the shutters of the kitchen closed, making the room darken.

Piper:"Woah! Who did that?"

Jock:"Uh...not me..."

Then, the fire in the fire placed burnt out. All was still, and out of nowhere, the ghost of Swiss Ninja appeared in his Water Ninja form.


Swiss Ninja:"Jock, take Flywish XI as your apprentice. He is the only hope for Liguria. Penguins are dying, and his father must be stopped."

Jock:" don't want to...I swore to myself that I would never again train another failure..."

Swiss Ninja stretched out his ghostly flippers and moderately zapped Jock with lightning powered by the Sensei State.

Jock:"AAAAHH!!! AAAAAAH!!!! OK! OK! AAAAAH!!!! I'LL DO IT!!!!"

Swiss Ninja:"Good. Flywish I will be very proud of his descendant."

With that said, Swiss Ninja disappeared. The shutters of the house went back to normal, and light was restored. However, the hearth fire was still out, as a reminder of Swiss Ninja's appearance.

Jock fearfully got up, and bowed to Flywish XI.

Jock:"Flywish XI, I've changed my mind...I will train you to be the best warrior modern Antarctica has ever seen..."

Clovis:"Good. Pack your bags then, you two are going to move back to Castilla, and both of you can stay in the palace, as long as you guys can come and help fix it up a bit."

Jock:"Sure thing. It would be delightful to return to Castilla again."

Chapter 3:The Sensei[edit]

About a week later, Jock and Piper officially moved into the Castillan Royal Palace. King Clovis's existence was finally proven true and held many press conference meetings to prove that he was still alive. Meanwhile, the Palace was refurbished and repainted and King Clovis's reappearance and adoption of a new son was instantly brought up across the Antarctic, even to the Dojo, in Club Penguin. The ailing Sensei Fuut-Ga Hochstadt immediately sent four ninjas (One Fire Ninja, one Water Ninja, one Snow Ninja, and one Regular Ninja) to bring news to King Clovis, Jock, Gottfried, Piper, and Leonardo that he was on the brink of death and wanted to see them before he died. They quickly rushed to Club Penguin to see him. Flywish XI was also brought along, only because Fuut Ga requested him to come.

King Clovis was the first to kneel at the Sensei's side on his bed in the Ninja Hideout. Everyone else gathered around Fuut Ga, but they gave him some distance.

Fuut Ga opened his weary, aged eyes and looked at King Clovis.

Sensei Fuut Ga:"As you all know...I am going to die...I am fortunate enough to live this long and to finally reunite with my other loved ones. However, Clovis, Jock, Gottfried, Piper, and Leonardo, you all have much more time to live here on this Earth."

King Clovis:"We will miss you."

Sensei Fuut Ga:"I will too, but there are many tasks to get done. Clovis, let me see that boy...the decendant of Flywish...I would like to speak to him personally."

King Clovis motioned Flywish XI to come over to Fuut Ga's side.

Fuut Ga:"Flywish may not know me, but I know of you. I am Sensei Fuut Ga, and I am Jock's brother. It is nearly time for me to die, but I see a bright future ahead of you. Flywish XI, promise me that you will pursue your goal of becoming a warrior. It is your duty in life now to defeat your father, and bring peace to Liguria once and for all. Promise me that."

Flywish XI:"I will, Sensei Fuut Ga. I will not let you down."

Fuut Ga:" are excused."

Fuut Ga excused Flywish XI away, and had one of the Ninjas send him outside since Fuut Ga wanted something personal to tell his long time friends.

Fuut Ga:"I have seen the future and it's many events. I have seen the success of Flywish XI's claim to the Ligurian throne, and he will become one of the best rulers of Liguria. However, there is a downside. Don't get angry, and don't tell the boy, but raising Flywish XI as a Prince in Castilla will prompt one of his descendants to reclaim the Castillan throne and will want to make the Castillan Empire part of Liguria."

King Clovis:"This is madness, we can't let that happen!"

Fuut Ga:"No, listen. Flywish XX will be the most Imperialistic penguin in Liguria's history. He will end your reign, Clovis, and all of you will be banished from Antarctica. That is when you all will be able to be taken away and reunited with me and your other loved ones forever."

King Clovis:"All right. Fate cannot be avoided. I will prepare for that day."

Fuut Ga:"Yes...meanwhile...that won't happen for a looong time..."

King Clovis:"So this boy will bring glory to Liguria once more. I will be proud of him, but at the same time I feel like I should tell him not to have children."

Fuut Ga:"It appears that he may ignore your advice on that part. Do not force him to do anything except for lessons on value and morality."

Jock:"So I will succeed in teaching this boy to become a great warrior?"

Fuut Ga:"Yes, definitely. Regain your confidence again, Jock, and learn from your past mistakes; if you do, you will succeed."

Jock:"Thank you."

Gottfried:"Fuut Ga, will I be uprooted from my castle home also?"

Fuut Ga:"Not by your own fellow citizens...the Ligurian army will do that."

Gottfried:"I will be ready for Flywish XX."

Fuut Ga:"Well, finally, I must part very soon. Once I die, you five will become known as the Hochstadt Remnant, since you are the remaining members from the Hochstadt to be eradicated for good."

The group huddled closer to Fuut Ga.

Fuut Ga:"Good bye to you all, and don't lose hope. Your purposes have not been fulfilled completely yet, and there are more heroic acts you you all to fulfill."

With that, Fuut Ga closed his eyes, breathed his last, and passed away.

Stricken with grief, King Clovis summoned several of the Ninjas in the Hideout to bring in the pre ordered casket and placed Fuut Ga in it. They went under the Dojo into the Ninja Sanctuary, where he was buried with the other Hochstadt Senseis who lived before him.

It was a day of mourning in Club Penguin, as well as a day of mourning in the Castillan Empire, Frankterre, Batavia, and the German States.

That night, Flywish XI felt sympathy for his adoptive father. He couldn't think of anything but the words Fuut-Ga had told him, and how upset his adoptive father was. He couldn't sleep from all the thought. Eventually, the room had gotten darker. Flywish XI fearfully watched as the ghost of a penguin he had never seen before appeared. It had turned out to be the ghost of the penguin he was long descended from, Flywish I.

Flywish:"My dear grandchild, do not fear me, I am Flywish the first."

Flywish XI:"You are?!?"

Flywish:"Yes, I am."

Flywish XI:"I have so many questions!"

Flywish:"I can tell, I want to tell you something important though."

Flywish XI:"What?"

Flywish:"I want you to be the best ruler you can be, I am greatly disappointed in your father for what he has done. I want to give this suggestion to you, has anyone told you about my many lusts for vengeance?"

Flywish XI:"Yes, Leonardo has told me about Falcon Xandi, Darktan, and Williams."

Flywish:"To correct you, his name was Falcon Xaldi. Also, I want you to be fierce, when you take Liguria for yourself, show your father no mercy. I showed every enemy of mine no mercy. I have held grudges, if you hold a grudge against your father, don't be ashamed, I held a grudge against my own second cousin, Swiss Ninja."

Flywish XI:"You and Swiss were related, so does that mean..."

Flywish:"Yes, your adopted father, Clovis Hochstadt, is my second cousin."

Flywish XI:"Do you know what happened to my father? Why is he so cruel?"

Flywish:"I can assume something happened to Flywish IX, your grandfather, I hear he was so devastated about losing his father that it made him the twisted penguin he is today."

he continued

"I must go now."

Flywish XI:"Wait! there's so much more I must ask!"

Flywish:"I will pop in time to time."

With that, Flywish faded away leaving Flywish XI staring at his bedroom wall.

Flywish XI was not hesitant to tell his stepfather about what he saw last night at the breakfast table with Jock, Piper, and Leonardo.

Flywish XI:"I saw Flywish I last night. He appeared to me, for real!"


Clovis did not doubt Flywish XI; he always had a feeling that this would happen.

Jock:"What did he have to say?"

Flywish XI:"He was giving me words of courage and he says he's disappointed in my actual father."

Leonardo:"That's good."

Jock:"Are you ready to start your training today, Flywish XI?"

Flywish XI:"Oh boy, I can't wait!"

Clovis:"You have fun, son. I have some political stuff to attend to. I haven't been involved in a long time."

Flywish XI:"That's ok, I understand."

Jock:"All right then, we'll start two hours from now. Finish your food and get ready for some action that will benefit you for the rest of your life."

Leonardo:"After your training, you and I will be doing some school work since you need to be educated too."

Flywish XI walked with Leonardo to an open space in the Royal Garden, which was completely cleared out.

Jock:"Today, we are going to learn to do Archery. Afterwards, we're going to have you do sword fighting."

Flywish XI, excited at first, completely lost his interest after he kept failing at archery and when Jock kept hitting him with the wooden practice sword. Eventually, Flywish XI gave up and thew his sword down in anger.

Flywish XI:"I can't do this! I'm a failure!"

Jock:"Don't be silly! You JUST started! Of course you're not going to be good already! You'll improve, don't worry. Besides, I'm really good and have trained for a millennium. You haven't."

Flywish XI:"Ok..."

Jock:"Confidence, Flywish. Strive to be better."

Flywish XI:"I will, Master Jock."

Eventually, Flywish XI finished his training exhausted, and Leonardo led him into the Palace's Library.

Leonardo:"We're going to start with reading. I learned from your mother that you have an education equivalent to Third Grade. You are pretty high level for your age, you know."

Leonardo took out an ancient storybook and told Flywish XI to start reading.

Chapter 4:Becoming a Hero[edit]

Six years passed, and Flywish XI was heavily drilled by Jock's intense training with Piper's help, and Leonardo brought Flywish XI's formal education by reading classic books that were read and published in the early 2010's, which gave Flywish XI an reviving appreciation for books and literature. Leonardo also heavily drilled Flywish XI in History, but also taught math also. Eventually, Flywish XI and Gottfried bonded together also and Flywish XI stayed at Hohenterngau for a couple summers. Eventually, Flywish XI was able to learn English, Spanish, as well as German since his adoption. Gottfried couldn't stand having the boy cooped up in the castle all day, so they went on an adventure or an excursion every day when Flywish XI visited Gottfried.

Hohenterngau Village View.png

One day, a nasty Ninja barged into the local Cream Soda bar of Hohenterngau, and forced everyone to obey and bow to him, which everyone did since he threatened them that his Ninja minions would attack them; word of this reached Gottfried and Flywish XI immediately.

Gottfried:"Flywish XI, it's time for you to show your stuff. This guy is a threat to the village and is potentially a threat to invading Alemania."

Flywish XI:"I am ready, Gottfried."

Gottfried:"Don't take your gun. You won't need it. Just take your melee weapons."

Flywish XI strapped on his sword to his belt that was already with his knicicle.

Gottfried:"Let's go. It's going to be your moment, but I'll help take out the enemy Ninja minions."

Gottfried and Flywish XI arrived in Hohenterngau Village to find several evil Ninjas swarming around the village.

Flywish XI:"Where's the leader?"

Gottfried:"Preferably the Town's Cream Soda bar. That's where he declared his rule."

Gottfried and Flywish XI entered the empty Cream Soda Bar, and found the Ninja sitting in a makeshift throne with other Ninjas fanning him like a King.

Flywish XI:"You've outstayed your welcome, Ninja."

Ninjahund:"How dare you tell me what to do, boy! I AM NINJAHUND THE GREAT, YOUR LEADER!"

Flywish XI:"No you're not! I'm Flywish XI, and this is..."

Gottfried:"Flywish XI, don't get cocky, focus!"

Flywish XI:"Oh, right. Focus."

Flywish XI immediately unleashed his sword and engaged a battle with the evil Ninja. Then, Gottfried took out his sword and attacked all the other evil Ninjas.


Suddenly, hundreds of Ninjas swarmed into the Cream Soda Bar and Gottfried immediately ran outside, with every Ninja minion pursuing him. Suddenly, Gottfried unleashed his 1000 years of fighting knowledge and began to take on the group of Ninjas all at once, jumping to and fro, on top of Ninjas and smashing and clashing them.

Meanwhile, Flywish XI's training was already coming in handy, for eventually, Ninjahund was having difficulty battling with Flywish XI's blows and higher level strikes.

Then, the two had their swords in a lock.

Ninjahund:"You'll never defeat me, pitiful boy!"

Flywish XI:"Guess again!"

Flywish XI circled his sword swiftly and strongly, which made Ninjahund lose grip of his sword, which flew off into a nearby field. Moments later, Ninjahund's eyes bulged out and made a loud and quick grunt of pain. He looked down and saw Flywish XI's sword driven through his chest.

Ninjahund dropped dead immediately.

Gottfried and the Ninjas he was fighting paused to look for that moment when they saw Flywish XI finish Ninjahund off.

Gottfried:"He is a true Flywish..."

Flywish XI:"I did it, Gottfried! I slayed my first enemy!"

Gottfried:"Good! Now come! The battle isn't done yet!"

Flywish XI ran over, took back his sword, and joined Gottfried in the battle against the rest of the Ninjas, who also perished with their master as they foolishly continued to fight without his guidance. Afterwards, the villagers came out immediately and cheered Flywish XI and Gottfried on, although Gottfried gave Flywish XI most of the credit, and everyone celebrated. The Evil Ninjas were taken away and were buried in a pit far away in the forest. A small party was held in the Hohenterngau Cream Soda Bar once more.

Gottfried:"Today, Flywish XI, you have proven yourself worthy of fighting, and I am proud to promote you to the status of Warrior."

The Villagers clapped as Gottfried and Flywish XI cheered with their glasses of Cream Soda and drank.

Gottfried:"King Clovis and Jock will be proud of you."

Gottfried and Flywish eventually returned to the Castle, when Gottfried planned for another excursion.

Gottfried:"Flywish, pack up your suitcase again. We're going to Liguria so you can see my Vacation home and the Home Region of Leonardo. It's about time you return to Liguria. Don't worry though, we'll have you disguised so you won't be in danger."

Flywish XI:"Oh good! I get to go to Liguria again!"

Gottfried:"We're flying into the northern city of Milano, so you won't have to worry too much since you're not in the capital. We're visiting a very peaceful and rather quiet place in Northern Liguria that is the crown Jewel of the north: Lago di Lario."

Flywish XI:"I remember learning about that place a little."

Gottfried:"It's beautiful there. Leonardo grew up there a bit and lives in the villa he was raised in."

Flywish XI:"Villa?"

Gottfried:"Of course. Lago di Lario has plenty of Villas on it's shores."

Flywish XI:"No, I knew that, but I didn't know that Leonardo was raised in a Villa."

Gottfried:"Yes, he was. After all, he is a di Tremezzo. His ancestors ruled the town of Tremezzo, and his father was a gangster. Leonardo reluctantly now owns his father's company after his great great great nephew died without any children, and none of the other relatives wanted the home or the company either since most of them moved to larger cities like Milano, Dellaroma, and some even moved to Snowzerland after Swiss Ninja and Bellina were overthrown..."

Flywish XI:"Wow... and you? Where do you have your vacation villa?"

Gottfried:"Actually, it's a Castle, not a villa. Castle Vezio isn't very big though, but it offers a great view of Lago di Lario. I even let Leonardo rent it out when I do not reside there. It's located in a giant hill above the beautiful lake town of Varenna. There's also Vezio village right behind the castle. It's very small, though."

Flywish XI:"Interesting. This should be fun."

Gottfried:"Yes. Did I mention that Jock and Leonardo would be there also?"

Castle Vezio Distance.png

Gottfried and Flywish XI flew into the Milano airport in Liguria with no trouble, and because Flywish XI was wearing a disguise and a fake but legal passport issued by the Castillan government, Flywish XI and Gottfried safely made their journey to Castle Vezio.

Gottfried:"Welcome to my castle. It's not as the one as home considering that it's basically only one tower and there's only one bedroom. I hope you don't mind sleeping in the living room/kitchen.

Flywish XI:"No, not at all, don't worry. It's great to be back. It's just really quiet here now. The streets are awfully quiet despite the fact that speeding is illegal."

Gottfried:"Exactly. Speeding became so popular, it became deadly, and so did travelling with hover cars. Penguins and puffles are even afraid to cross the streets now."

Flywish XI:"Wow. So where is Leonardo and Jock?"

Gottfried:"Leonardo and Jock are at Leonardo's villa in the town of Tremezzo, which is his family's city that is across the lake from us. We're going there in an hour, and we'll take the ferry there."

Flywish XI:"Cool."

Villa Grotta.png

An hour later, the two took the ferry from Varenna to the nearby sub-municipaity of Cadenabbia, where they briskly walked to the Villa Grotta, the home of the Tremezzos. Leonardo heartily welcomed them at the gate that marked the entrance of the place.

Leonardo:"Flywish XI, welcome to my home that I was born and raised in."

Flywish XI looked up to find the grand Villa still in good shape after so many years of existence. The whitewashed villa tremendously stood out from the green foliage of the fancy garden. There were grand old staircases on both sides that led up to the main entrance of the building, and a balcony above the main entrance from the third floor. The white clock on the top of the building still continued to operate as it's black hands continued to slowly move.

Flywish XI:"Woah. Haven't you ever considered getting a digital clock for that thing?"

Leonardo:"No, not at all. I don't intend to either."

Leonardo led Flywish XI and Gottfried inside the main room of the villa, which had white marble floors and an intricately designed roof that had a square shaped honeycomb pattern. The center of the room was a statue of Pufficus of Paphos, the ancestor of Piper and Leonardo.

Jock and Piper entered the room to greet Flywish XI and Gottfried.

Jock:"Gottfried. Flywish XI. Welcome. Are you ready for the discussion, Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"Yes, Jock. The boy doesn't know about it yet."

Flywish XI:"What discussion?"

Gottfried:"You'll see."

Leonardo led everyone into the living room since the dining room was only fit for Puffles, not penguins.

Leonardo:"Make yourself comfortable. Tea or coffee, anyone?"

Gottfried:"A cup of tea will do."

Jock:"Coffee, please."

Flywish XI:"Coffee also."

Piper:"I'll have a bottle of cream soda."

Leonardo paused for a moment.

Leonardo:"Um...this early in the day?"

Piper:"Why not? I can handle a couple of bottles of cream soda easily. You know me."

Leonardo:"I said coffee or tea, but I guess you can have your cream soda too..."

Leonardo went into the kitchen to prepare everyone's drinks.

Gottfried:"So, Jock. You can tell him now."

Jock:"Very well. Flywish, we want you to consider joining the Order of Avis. It is an ancient order of Knights and Vikings that wish to promote justice throughout Antarctica and to make sure corruption is destroyed. If you ally with them, they will help you win Liguria from your father. You need all the help you can get, because The Hochstadt Remnant can't stop you, no matter how good we are in fighting."

Flywish XI:"Aww I have to think about it now?"

Jock:"Your training is coming to a close, and you are a maturing warrior, nearly a master. It is time to consider and plan your way to reclaim the Ligurian throne."

Flywish XI looked down at the floor. He hoped this day would never come.

Jock:"Come join us, Flywish XI."

Flywish XI:"Very well. I will join the Order of Avis."

Jock:"Good. Then come with us to Lisboagal. There, you will be proposed to the council of Knights and it will be their decision to approve you or not. Gottfried is one of them."

Flywish XI looked at Gottfried.

Gottfried:"You have a lot of hope in you, Flywish XI. There is no doubt that the council will disapprove."

Eventually, Clovis joined the rest of the Remnant and Flywish as they all congregated in Avis, Lisboagal.

King Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Leonardo, and Piper stood together with Flywish XI as they stood in front of the Council of Knights, with Gottfried one of them.

Grand General:"So this young boy...I mean to be proposed to be a member of the Order? He's but of a rank of a squire for his age!"

King Clovis:"Yes, but he is Flywish XI, son of the evil Flywish X. It is in Liguria's best interest that this young heir ally with us so that we may help him retake Liguria from his power abusive father."

Grand General:"I see. He is an asset for winning. Now...has he done anything...heroic or courageous? Surely he can not be on this council without some sort of achievement. We don't accept anyone, you know."

Flywish XI:"Yes, I did. I killed an evil Ninja that tried to sabotage an Alemanian village."

Grand General:"Do you have any proof or witnesses?"

Gottfried:"Yes sir. I was there. He helped slay the enemy Ninja and is the hero of Hohenterngau."

Grand General:"Very well. Council, let's vote."

The Council bubbled in their answer on the ballot and turned it in to the Grand General, who counted the votes with his assistant while Flywish XI stood impatiently.

Once the Grand General finished counting the votes, he looked up at Flywish XI, who was growing impatient.

Grand General:"Prince Flywish XI, you have been accepted as a member of the Order of Avis! Congradulations!"

Flywish XI cheered along with the Hochstadt Remant, who all celebrated.

That night, Clovis and Flywish XI went on a private walk into the town late at night. The small town of Avis was still bustling since many Lisboagese like to stay up at night until 10:00, much like their island neighbor, Castilla, so it was more than customary for Clovis and Flywish XI to stay up late.

Clovis:"Flywish that your destiny is near soon, I must tell you about you and your ancestors' future. It may not be easy to tell, but I must."

Flywish XI:"How do you know about my future and the future of my ancestors' futures?"

Clovis:"Fuut-Ga told me before he passed away."

Flywish XI:"What did he tell me?"

Clovis:"Well, Fuut Ga said you would defeat your Father and that you would be the best ruler Liguria had in a looong time."

Flywish XI:"Yes! Awesome! That wasn't bad news at all!"

Clovis:"There's more to this tale, Flywish XI."

Flywish XI's smile faded away.

Flywish XI:"Go can continue..."

King Clovis:"Fuut Ga said that your distant ancestor will be the WORST ruler in Liguria's history."

Flywish XI:"Well, that's gotta be a lie. That's my father!"

King Clovis:"No, worse than your father. Fuut Ga prophesied that this Flywish would try to destroy the Hochstadt Remnant. Luckily enough, we will get away safely."

Flywish XI:"I don't believe it! Which Flywish is it?? I'd NEVER let that mistake happen!"

King Clovis:"Flywish XX is his name. There isn't anything you can do, Flywish XI. You will be long dead before he reigns. 1000 years from now."

Flywish XI:"No! I don't want to die...look at you and the remnant...they've stayed immortal like this for a millenium! Why can't I be like that too?"

King Clovis:"First of all, this is a CURSE. I don't want to be immortal, Flywish XI, especially when you are a political ruler. That's why you and Leonardo first found me on that couch....I was overwhelmed with the great grief of the past. If you become immortal, you will have to witness the deaths of your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, and so on. Trust me, it's not fun."

Flywish XI was bitterly disappointed. He was not fond of the idea of dying and leaving his adopted father and his friends behind.

King Clovis:"I must warn you not to marry; it is the only way to prevent you from having Flywish XX. Nevertheless, the prophesy decrees that you will ignore my wish."

Flywish XI was now more downstruck. He always wanted a wife, and for years he planned to ask out a girl he had known ever since he moved into the Palace in Castilla.

Flywish XI:"But I can marry without having kids! My future wife and I won't have kids!"

King Clovis:"It's of no use, Flywish XI. You will still end up having childen anyways."

Flywish XI turned away from Clovis and was in deep thought.

King Clovis:"Nevermind. Forget I said anything. Just come, celebrate, you will soon be Papa of your own country soon enough."

Chapter 5:To Puffica We Return[edit]

Everyone returned to Castilla with good cheer as King Clovis attended more political meetings. One day, as everyone assembled for dinner, King Clovis arrived from a meeting with the National Congress. He sat down at the edge of the table next to his adopted son, who was in turn sitting next to Gottfried. Jock was the opposite of him, and the two puffles sat at the other side of the table opposite to Clovis.

The servants brought in their meals of Mullet, Fish, O-Berries, Fruits and cheese, and they ate heartily. Clovis was the first to speak.

Clovis:"I have to go to the city of Froston in the Puffish colony of Puffica for a meeting in a few days."

Jock:"That's nice. Hopefully you'll have a good time there."

Clovis:"No, I was planning to bring you all with me. I have decided to make a visit not only to Froston, but to the humble city of Brawltimore to the south of the island. Flywish XI, do you know what the significance of this city is?"

Flywish XI looked up at his stepfather and shook his head.

Flywish XI:"No. I don't."

King Clovis:"It was the birth city of Flywish I himself. He was raised there as well. I believe there is a statue of him in the city now too, right in the same house that he used to live in, which is now a museum."

Flywish XI:"Awesome!"

King Clovis:"So get ready to pack your bags, guys. But first, I will have to attend that meeting in Froston. Thankfully, it's only a one day event. The next day after, we'll head for Brawltimore."

The flight to Froston was smooth on the jet, and the Hochstadt Remnant and Flywish XI soon made their way in their rented limo hovercraft to the five star Froston Harbor Hotel. They checked out their rooms, and rested briefly after they unpacked.

King Clovis:"The convention is about an hour and a half from now. I am going to have Gottfried come with me as protection. Jock, you're in charge of supervising Flywish XI while I'm gone."

Jock:"Aw, come on. He's 16. Can't he watch himself or go with you?"

King Clovis turned around and glared at Jock with anger. He knew he should not have said that. After all, he was the King. Meanwhile, once Gottfried finished polishing his armor, he left together with Clovis to the convention. Jock sat down in one of the comfortable hotel suite chairs.

Jock:"I hate this. Why does he coop us up in this hotel room while he goes to his stupid convention?"

Flywish XI:"Maybe we can go browse the town? Isn't there anything to see here?"

Jock:"Oh yes. This is a very historic city. You know, maybe I don't have to worry about you being 16. You act mature enough. Fine then, we'll go explore the town. But promise me this, Flywish XI."

Flywish XI:"What?"

Jock:"Whatever you do, don't talk. I don't want your relatively thick Ligurian accent to be heard by any of the Locals. You'll get into trouble the minute they find out you're a foreigner."

Flywish XI:"Sure thing."

Leonardo:"Please, Jock. Let's not do anything crazy."

Jock:"Aw, don't worry about it. We won't."

Piper:"Yeah. Just relax. This is my kind of town, anyways."

Piper could tell that Leonardo seemed a bit nervous, and he knew why, too.

Minutes later, Jock, Flywish XI, and the two puffles were walking in the streets of Froston.

Piper:"Hey Jock, where are we heading?"

Jock:"Where do ya think? The Bellihan Tavern, of course! It's only my favorite place to get Cream Soda in all of Froston, or in all of Puffica for that matter."

Leonardo shivered.

Leonardo:"But Jock...You know we shouldn't be going there..."

Jock:"Who said we can't?"

Leonardo:"It's a bad neighborhood. You know how they are with Ligurians."

Jock:"Bah, no one is going to notice. Just don't say anything."

This time, Flywish XI felt a twinge of fear, but he decided not to show it. The group began walking towards the Freezelandian Quarter of the city. Immediately, Leonardo pretended to lag behind before he ditched Jock and the others to find Gottfried to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Gang reached the Freezelandian Quarter of the city. There were several Pubs and Cream Soda bars lined up all on the same street. Many High Penguins were still wearing traditional clothes of the 1800's, even 1200 years later. The citizens wore earth colored newsboy hats and baggy jeans or khaki pants, and all wore an overcoat. The Bellihan Tavern was a relatively quiet red brick building at the edge of a small Alleyway, near a smaller Tavern called The Green Puffle. Jock took a seat at the bar, and Piper sat on his right while Flywish XI uncomfortably sat on his left.

Although English was fairly still new to him, Flywish XI could still understand and read clearly the very faded black sign on the wall that read "No Ligurians Allowed". The rest of the front bar seats were filled with other Frostonians of Freezelandian descent, and on the far side of the room, there was a group of penguins playing the classic game of pool. Everyone else were exchanging hearty laughs at the numerous brown tables around the room.

The Cream Soda bartender had unruly curly brown hair and had a five-o'clock aftershave. He wore a worn out bartender's uniform and a dirty white apron. He spoke with a thick Freezelandian accent, just like the rest of the penguins in the Quarter of the city. He strolled to the three customers while drying a glass with a towel.

Bartender:"What can I get 'ya boys today?"

Jock:"I'll have a pint of your finest stuff."

Piper:"Same with me."

The Bartender turned to look at Flywish XI, who still kept to his word about not speaking anything.

Bartender:"An' you, lad?"

Jock stammered:"Eh, er...he doesn't speak. He's a mute. He'll just take a regular glass of Cream Soda. No more, no less."

Bartender:"Ain'e be he a bit too youn' ta be drinkin' here?"

Jock:"Oh, no worries. He's of age. A good 22 years he has, right my boy?"

Jock nudged Flywish XI jokingly. Flywish XI made a faint smile as if he did not understand half of what was going on. After all, he was only 16, and it was his first time in a normal Tavern.

The Bartender brought everyone back their drinks. He first gave Flywish XI his typical pink colored Cream Soda glass that he was used to. However, Jock and Piper's drinks were a completely different color. Their drinks were also carbonated, but they seemed to be the color of apple cider.

Flywish XI whispered to Jock:"That's a unique color!"

Jock:"Yea, it's a very special type of Cream Soda. You don't get it any better than here in this tavern in Froston. It's the only city where you can get this rare kind of drink....the only other places I know where you can get this is in secret taverns in Puffle'and and in Alemania."

Flywish XI:"Huh? Why is it so rare?"

Jock shrugged, and replied:"I don't know. It is a very secret recipe that most penguins and puffles don't know. All I do know is that it might have some sort of grain in there, but maybe that's for flavor....and can you do me a favor and stop talking again? I know you're curious, but we can't get these guys suspicious?"

Flywish XI:"Can I at least have a sip?"

Jock:"No, you won't like it."

Flywish XI:"I will!"

Jock turned around to ignore Flywish XI, whose whispering was catching attention from the other customers and the bartender. Meanwhile, Flywish XI gulped down his regular cream soda with vigor. The minute he was done, he noticed that the front door had been opened since a crack of light entered the dark room as well as the ringing of the bell that the door hit. Everyone looked at the strangers who appeared standing in the doorway, all except Jock and Piper, who didn't want to care.

Flywish XI's eyes opened wide in fear. The sun glistened onto Gottfried's shiny metal armor as he stood in the doorway. The small yellow ball of fur that was Leonardo was timidly sitting on his shoulder. Once Gottfried spotted Flywish XI, he approached him without changing the furious expression on his face. However, the direction of his eyes changed from Flywish XI to Jock, who was still not caring to notice Gottfried's arrival.

Gottfried did not pause as he spun the surprised Jock around and slapped him in his face with his metal gauntlet almost simultaneously. Once he finally realized what had happened, Jock's expression became fearful as his eyes seemed to plead to Gottfried for mercy. He knew now that his fun was officially over.

Jock swallowed hard. Gottfried didn't seem to care. Gottfried seized Jock by his tunic with both his arms and pulled him close to himself with fury, only leaving a few inches between their beaks as well as Gottfried's metal visor.

Gottfried muttered to Jock:"What the heck do you think you're doing???"


Gottfried clearly stated:"You KNOW you're not supposed to be here, you FOOL! When King..."

Jock:"Shhhh, Gottfried!"

Gottfried hadn't noticed that everyone in the tavern was watching him. He slowly placed Jock down onto the floor, since Gottfried was nearly a head taller, and while they were face to face, Jock's feet were hanging off the ground. He hated to be the shorter penguin of the Gang.

Flywish XI seemed to forget Jock's orders, as he felt the crave to have another Cream Soda:"Cannai get-ta-nother glass, please?"

That moment, all the Freezelandian customers in the room, especially the bartender, looked at Flywish XI as if he had said something very offensive. Gottfried and Jock also glanced at Flywish XI, who appeared to be very pale and nervous.

The Bartender sternly declared:"Yer kind ain't welcome in this part o' town, Boy."

Flywish XI stuttered while saying:"I-I'm sorry!"

Jock:"Look, It was me who brought the kid here. I am to blame. After all, I only wanted a drink."

The Bartender became angrier, and so did the rest of the customers, who all began to stand up and clench their flippers.

The Bartender barked:"Git outa my tav'rn ya stupid Ligurian, and same with you ya ridiculous Viking and Knight!"

Jock:"Fine, fine then."

However, Flywish XI's adrenaline had already kicked in. He wasn't going to let the Freezelandian Bartender put down his people and his culture.

Flywish XI stood up proud and tall, no longer showing any fear towards anyone in the Tavern.

Flywish XI:"What you say about my contree, you idiote?"

Bartender:"Aye, what did the lad say? I couldn't understand his bad accent!"

Flywish XI:"I said go back to the country you came from, Idiote!"

Suddenly, a very boozed Freezelandian Culture began to rush at Flywish XI, and he prepared to fight back, but Gottfried immediately drew his sword between them.

Gottfried:"Can't we fight in a more civil manner?"

The Freezelandian looked at Gottfried and said:"Get outa my way, ya good for nothing Alemanian peacemongler!"

The Freezelandian swung an empty brown bottle of Cream Soda at the side of Gottfried's helmet, which shattered and made Gottfried stumble back, and Leonardo jumped off his shoulder onto an unoccupied table. Luckily, he was all right, but he was unsuccessful at preventing Flywish and the Freezelandian from getting into a fight. Moments later, more Freezelandians joined in, which prompted Jock and Piper to join also. Once Gottfried stood up again, a Freezlandian tried tackling him, and he joined the fight also.

Nevertheless, things turned for the worst. Gottfried reached for his sword and began the brutal slaughter, while Jock and Piper took out their snowbullet pistols and began shooting every enemy in sight. Leonardo and Flywish XI continued fighting with their fists.

Moments later, the fighting ceased; there was no one else to fight. Everyone except the bartender was dead.

Everyone was panting heavily.

Leonardo then spotted the Bartender, who was peeking over the counter that he was hiding behind in hopes that they had left.

Leonardo:"Hey look, the Bartender is still up!"

Gottfried and Jock looked at the Bartender furiously, but as Jock began to walk towards him with aggression, Gottfried stopped him with his flipper.

Gottfried plainly asked the Bartender:"Are you going to tell anyone that this happened?"

The Bartender looked at Gottfried with fearful eyes of regret.

"No...No I will not!"

Gottfried pointed at him.

"You BETTER not. If you do, we'll surely find out...and if we do find out, your fate will be like the rest of these men on the ground."

The Bartender shuddered but nodded his head in response.

Gottfried:"Good. Let's go."

Gottfried opened the door for everyone and was the last to close the door shut. Once they were gone, the Bartender signed in relief and took out a mop and pail to start cleaning up the great mess.

The group walked briskly down the streets of Froston back to the Hotel. Gottfried with Leonardo on his shoulder was walking in front in a pace faster than the others. Jock was right behind him, and Flywish XI with Piper on his shoulder was behind him.

Gottfried:"I swear, His Highness will KILL you once he finds out where you took the Ligurian Prince!"

Jock:"Aww, come on; you know I only wanted a drink and to have some fun. I wanted to show the boy around town! He's never been to Puffica..."

Gottfried:"You wanted to show him around town? You took him to some shanty bar in the WORST part of town for Ligurians? You and especially the boy would have been KILLED by those thugs!"

Flywish XI:"Wait, why do those guys hate Ligurians so much? What did we do to them?"

Gottfried:"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They are Freezelandian immigrants, and for more than a millenium, they have been arguing and have a great rivalry with the Ligurian immigrants in this city. Don't worry, there's no such thing in any of the other cities on this island, all except in the Ghettos of Broadway."

Flywish XI:"Well, I'm glad you came, Gottfried. I think you're right. If you never came, I would be dead."

Gottfried:"Oh, don't thank me. It was Leonardo. After all, he was the one who told me Jock's plans."

Jock finally lifted his head up for the first time to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo:"Your welcome, guys."

As they entered the hotel, they went straight to their Hotel Suite. The moment they opened the door to their room, they saw Clovis and two Castillan Soldiers standing inside. Clovis had his flippers crossed and seemed to be very vexed and impatient.

Clovis:"What's this all about, boys? I thought I told you to stay at the hotel!"

Gottfried:"Your magesty, I wish to speak to you alone."

Clovis:"Very well. Guards, clear the room so that I may speak to Gottfried alone."

The Castillan Soldiers ushered the rest of the Hochstadt Gang out of the room. King Clovis shut the door behind them. Everyone was waiting in the hallway meanwhile. Jock seemed to be slightly nervous.

Minutes later, King Clovis opened the door again, and walked straight up to Jock. Without warning, Clovis slapped Jock hard with his flipper, and he slapped him a second time with the back of the same flipper.

Jock rubbed his stinging face.

Clovis:"I can't leave you for one minute by yourself in this city without you going off to the nearest tavern for a drink, eh?"

Jock:"Uh..I guess.."

Clovis:"YOU GUESS? You could have been KILLED. Flywish XI could have been KILLED. And you know what would happen then, right?"


Clovis:"FLYWISH X IS GOING TO NUKE US YOU FOOL! Sources indicate that he's going to attempt to do so already, so we need to work fast! Once we leave Brawltimore, we are going to invade Liguria and have the final battle."

Jock:"All right. Can I just get another drink at the Tavern before we go?"


The next day, the Gang flew south in a private Jet to the city of Brawltimore, the ancient hometown of Flywish I himself. This time, King Clovis ordered a very fancy limo hovercraft that was of the color gold. As it paraded smoothly with Castillan military escorts, Flywish XI alone stood up out of the roof window and began waving to the cheering fans of the Flywish Dynasty, welcoming Flywish's kin home.

They pulled up in front of Flywish's chickhood home where he was raised. Flywish XI got out of the limo excited to see the house that began the Flywish namesake. With Jock at his side, they approached the old worn out house. There was a ticket booth next to the door and the woman in the booth was grouchy and elderly.

Flywish XI:"Two please"

They swapped the money and tickets. The lady not even caring that he was Flywish XI. Jock took one ticket from Flywish XI and they headed inside. Clovis, Gottfried, and the two puffles came moments after. Nevertheless, they caught up with Jock and Flywish XI, who were standing in what used to be Flywish's kitchen. By now, the chairs and the table was gone, and in it's place were some platforms that displayed several artifacts that included utensils and plates Flywish I and his family ate with, as well as the very brown colored cookbook that his mother used to bake from.

Clovis:"Exquisite. Just imagine. That over 1000 year old book is probably just as old as us."

Leonardo:"Wow. Awesomeness."

Clovis:"Also, Flywish XI and everyone, I have a confession to make. I know it's not the right place and time, but I would like to tell you guys this now."

Flywish XI:"What is it?"

Clovis:"I really wasn't couped up inside that palace for those 900 years that it seemed. In reality, I had run away, sick of my job, in search of a life of normalcy. This was one of the museums I visited when I was still on my adventures around Antarctica."

Flywish XI:"So if you were travelling all of Antarctica...again... then why did we find you in your palace again?"

Clovis:"Well, there are times when you think you've seen everything and such, and so I did eventually decide to return to the palace."

Flywish XI:"So you've visited this whole museum, then?"

Clovis:"Yes, all of it. Including the secret VIP area."

Flywish XI:"That is?"

Clovis:"Flywish I's bedroom. It is locked with a very special password that people that only knew him very well personally could get through. Luckily, I knew what it was. That room was where I finally decided to return to Castilla."

Flywish XI:"Oh. Ok."

Clovis:"Follow me."

King Clovis led the way, with Flywish XI, Gottfried, Jock, and the two puffles behind him.

King Clovis had brought them to an old door that was painted gold. Unlike what it used to be, it didn't have a doorknob anymore, but had a very complicated lock system that barred across the whole door and onto the walls. There was a microphone, small speakers, and a red button on it.

King Clovis pressed the button. In a lifeless robotic tone, a voice spoke from the speakers of the lock: "Password, please."

King Clovis:"Gruff."

"Password correct."

There was a clicking noise, and the door slightly opened. They could now enter. They walked into the old room. The walls were painted green and there were posters all across the top.

Flywish XI:"Gruff, that seems like a very random password."

King Clovis:"It actually isn't, you see, Chuck wasn't Flywish's only puffle, he owned another puffle named Gruff. He was a typical green puffle which meant he was a prankster. He used to play pranks on his brother Surray who was owned by my cousin, Corai Unki. Gruff was a very friendly puffle. But after Flywish couped Liguria, Gruff lost all his joy. He spent the rest of his life as a normal puffle."

Leonardo:"I should have befriended that puffle."

Flywish XI:"Wow, what is the pizza box under the bed from?"

King Clovis:"Oh, that? That was from a party after Flywish's high school graduation. All of his close friends attended."

Flywish XI:"So Flywish lived a normal middle class life up until he met Rose?"

King Clovis:"Indeed he did."

Jock:"This is a nice room."

King Clovis:"It is isn't it?"

Out of nowhere, Flywish I appeared right before Flywish XI's eyes.

Flywish:"My eleventh namesake, today is a very special day!"

Flywish XI:"Why?"

Flywish:"Your destiny HAS to be fulfilled."

King Clovis:"Flywish, what are you talking about?"

Flywish:"It has come to my attention that Flywish X is going to nuke Castilla tomorrow."

Flywish XI:"Don't worry Flywish the Great, I will go back to Liguria."

The remnant rushed to the airport as quickly as they could go. Piper showed his flying license to the owner. The owner let him use one of his unused planes. They boarded the plane and Piper took off as quickly as he could. They flew quickly to Liguria.

Chapter 6:All Hail Papa Flywish XI[edit]

As soon as they landed in Liguria, they sprinted to the first hovercar they could find. Flywish XI opened the hovercar door, threw the penguin driving it out, and took the wheel with the remnant in the back. He sped as fast as he could to Dellaroma, the capital city. Once he parked, he hopped out of the hovercar and jumped on top of another. Penguins gathered around the car as Flywish XI began to speak.

Flywish XI:"My fellow Ligurians, Flywish X has gone too far! He has cruelly tortured and killed penguins for the past eleven years! I am Flywish XI! I am speaking against my father because he attempted to murder me just because I tried to change him! Luckily, I was saved by this noble puffle, Leonardo di Tremezzo! I will not let the Flywish dynasty be destroyed just because of one Flywish's rage! Do not be afraid to revolt! TOGETHER WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL!

Then, an unexpected roar of thundering applause came from the crowd, and some penguins began taking out their pocket knives and pistols, shouting: "Rivoluzione! Rivoluzione!"

King Clovis and the rest of the Hochstadt Remnant stood nearby and also applauded. Rebels began bringing their rifles, torches, and pitchforks as they were heading towards the Royal Estate of the Wish family. Rebels quickly filled the street that it became impossible for the military or the police to control them. The Mafia always won, and the mafia supported Flywish XI, not his father.

Screams, shouts, chants, and loose gunshots into the air were heard throughout the city, and many anti-Flywish X posters and banners were waved as well as the flag of Liguria itself.

Although the army did not do much, the Ligurian Army sent several helicopters to deploy troops that would guard the premises of the Wish Family Palace.

Flywish X stepped out onto the balcony and looked beyond his palace. He could clearly see the angry mobs that made more noise than a war or a stormy sea. Nevertheless, Flywish X looked on with a stern but still calm expression. However, he was very worried. He knew his son was behind this, and he had a feeling that he was coming for him. Eventually, he could see that his son was right at the front of the mob, leading them, along with the merry Clovis, the trigger happy Jock Hochstadt, the still serious Gottfried, the excited Leonardo sitting on Clovis's shoulder, and the brave Piper, who was sitting on Jock's shoulder.

Then, once the Hochstadt Remnant and the mob reached the premises of the Royal Ligurian Palace's gardens. Flywish XI remembered this was exactly where Leonardo had helped him escape ten years ago. Now, the metal fence looked more black than it was before. By now, he could see his father standing at the balcony with the naked eye.

Nevertheless, the Ligurian Soldiers rushed towards the fences and began lunging their bayonets at the angry citizens and Flywish XI, who were getting too close to the fence.

After missing a stab from one of the soldiers, Flywish XI stepped back and declared:"We aren't afraid of you!"

Flywish XI boldly stepped forward in defiance to the soldier's actions. In a swift motion, the soldier turned his gun around and slammed Flywish XI in the forehead with the butt of his rifle. He chuckled evilly as he watch Flywish XI stumble to the ground.

Clovis:"Oh no you didn't!"

Clovis looked back at Flywish XI for a moment to make sure he was ok, and sighed in relief once he saw Flywish XI groggily sit back up. He turned to look back at the Ligurian Soldier who had hit him. He had a nasty grin on his face. Clovis jumped into the air and over the fence, and without warning, he punched the soldier in the face. The soldier momentarily let go of his rifle to clutch his beak, which gave Clovis enough time to snatch the rifle and slam his face with the butt of his own rifle.

The other soldiers had already taken notice of Clovis's intrusion, and immediately Clovis engaged in combat with the closest soldiers near him. He jumped into the air like a Ninja and double kicked the first soldier that was charging towards him, and then did a backflip into the air to land on the second soldier that was charging up behind him.

Flywish XI:"Woah! I never knew you had it in you!"

Clovis:"I always did. Fuut Ga taught me a little bit of Martial Arts that would help in the EPF. Sensei taught me a little too, but not as much as Fuut Ga. I can only really do this when I'm angry though..."

Flywish XI:"Ok...Uh...who is Sensei?"

Clovis:"Nevermind that now. What is important now is for you to meet your father, you real one! Go off now so you can finally reclaim your throne!"

Flywish XI nodded and climbed over the fence. The rest of the Hochstadt Remnant did the same. The mobs began to cheer them on once they were on the other side of the fence. As they began to run towards the palace, a swarm of soldiers arrived once more. The Hochstadt Remnant obliterated them easily with the guns and rifles they had in their flippers.

Clovis:"Leonardo, lead the way into the palace!"

Leonardo:"Roger that."

Leonardo dashed across the garden like a mouse that was chased by a cat, although the Hochstadt Remnant was still able to keep up with him. As he sped to the palace doors, two soldiers came out to block their entry. However, Leonardo did not stop; he jumped into the face of one of the soldiers, scratching and biting him, while Piper jumped onto his helmet. The other soldier grabbed his rifle, and prepared to swing at Piper, but the moment he was about to hit him, Piper jumped off, and the Soldier had slammed his comrade with the butt of his rifle. His comrade collapsed to the ground, and Leonardo then attacked the other soldier.

Flywish XI snuck into the palace and rushed upstairs. With fury in his eyes, he quickly busted down the balcony door and found himself standing face-to-face with his father.

Flywish X:"Well well, you should have been dead a long time ago."

Flywish XI:"NO FATHER! YOU!!!! What kind of sick penguin murders his son?!?"

Flywish X:"I wanted you dead for an important reason, to keep my power."

Flywish XI:"You selfish little $^%#!"

Flywish X:"But that won't matter, because I will finish what I started."

Flywish XI and Flywish X got in battle-ready positions. Flywish XI tackled his father but Flywish X threw him straight off. The remnant was watching from the door. Flywish XI quickly drew his Knicicle and slashed it across his father's chest. Flywish X pulled out the same gun he tried to kill his son with and began shooting it. Flywish XI quickly pulled out his gun and started shooting at his father. his father was wounded in the arm. Flywish X pulled out a knife from his pocket and attempted to stab Flywish XI. Flywish XI dropped on the fround as if he were dead.


Jock:"What was I thinking?!? I actually had confidence in myself!"

Flywish X:"Let that be a warning to you guys."

Flywish XI got up almost instantly. It turned out he was playing possum. He stabbed his father in the back, shot him straight in the stomach, and then threw him off of the balcony. Flywish X took a ten foot fall and lifelessly hit the ground. The remnant cheered for him as if they were his biggest fans. Flywish XI grabbed a bullhorn from his father's desk and stood tall on the balcony.

Flywish XI:"My fellow Ligurians, the rebellion is complete!"

Ligurians cheered for the new hero. Flywish XI continued to speak.

"As your new Papa, I will restore order to Liguria again. You do not have to move three blocks away from me, I know what it is like for you all. But there are five friends I would like to thank for helping me claim what is rightfully mine, King Clovis of Castilla, Jock Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Gottfried Hochstadt, and Piper J. Cub. They are what is left of the Hochstadt Gang, and they have saved my life and raised me to what I am now. This Hochstadt Remnant is the reason for our victory!"

The crowds applauded the Hochstadt Gang with gusto.

King Clovis stood up to speak.

Clovis:"As the King of Castilla, and as the adoptive father of this boy, I wish my adopted son the best in his life-long career, and I hope that relations between Liguria and Castilla will remain to be strong for the decades and centuries to come. Together, as two important and influential cultures throughout the milleniums...ever since the fall of the Penguin Empire...we can make a difference in our world. A positive difference. We can end inequality in our world today of the Thirty-First Century. Together, with a caring and open leader and responsible citizens with just as much heart, we can prevent the dictatorships and eventual devastating genocides that have occurred many times, to many different Penguin Species and puffles, for many years. Long Live Papa Flywish XI, the true, the fair, the democratic, the peaceful! LONG LIVE LIGURIA!"

The crowds roared with applause.

Jock quickly took the microphone, and briefly said:"Yeah, and I helped train this kid how to fight too!"

The crowds applauded a bit more, but not as vigorous as the first time.

Leonardo looked up at Flywish XI and said, "I feel young again!"

Flywish XI chuckled.

Nine years had passed. It was now Flywish XI's twenty fifth birthday, and the Hochstadt Remnant and the political leaders from all of the Antarctic were invited to his extravagant party that seemed to be a mixture of casual modern and very formal European. The females still wore fancy dresses of the 1700's, while the males wore modern tuxedos.

However, the Hochstadt Remnant did not care to dress any differently, after all, King Clovis considered his own outfit to be "formal" enough. Jock wore his simple tunic, and Gottfried stayed with his armor. They decided to act as guards. They watched the fences that surrounded the palace property, and they could see swarms of citizens attempting to snap photos and glimpses of the royal dances.

Eventually, after a long day of dancing the waltz and the dub step (as well as more), it was dinner time, and everyone sat down on at a large series of tables connected together that where made just for the occasion in the middle of the palace in what was the main entrance room. As everyone sat down, they noticed that the tables were intricately decorated. The tables where blanketed with a fine cotton white tablecloth, while each seat had a clean white plate with forks, knives, and spoons that were made of gold.

Moments later, the servers brought in the large silver trays on hovering carts. They brought large portions of everything a Penguin or Puffle loved: Countless types of fish and seafood, O-berry dishes, fruits that where domestic and exotic, breads, pastas, and vegetables of many kinds that where part of many entrees. Despite the overwhelming amount of food, there were no leftovers after dinner was over.

Once everyone was done, everyone was individually asked for their preferred dessert. Then, one of the servers brought in a barrel of the Cider colored Cream Soda, and they poured everyone a glass.

Jock, who was sitting next to Flywish XI, nudged him with his elbow.

Jock:"Hey, are you ready to finally try some of this delicious drink?"

Flywish XI:"It smells somewhat good."

Once everyone served, Flywish XI rose his glass up in the air to propose a toast.

Flywish XI:"Today, I am very grateful for all of you coming to my twenty fifth birthday party. Next year will mark a decade of my glorious rule of Liguria. Ever since the coup of my father, we have rebuilt Liguria back to what it used to be..."

Gottfried:"I hate to interrupt you, sire, but I must make a correction. You did not restore Liguria..."

Everyone gasped for a moment, not giving Gottfried enough time to finish what he was saying.


This time, the political leaders clapped in accord to Gottfried's declaration.

Clovis interjected:"You also have made it to be the second most powerful nation now in the AU...right above the Alemanian Empire, and slightly below Castilla. I am proud of you, my son."

Flywish XI:"Thank you, father and friends."

There was a pause, but Flywish XI re-raised his glass and said:"LONG LIVE LIGURIA!"

Everyone else raised their glasses and cheered along:"Long Live Liguria!"

At the end of dinner after dessert was served, everyone went off to their hotels to leave the next day. They could not help but to compliment Flywish XI for the exquisite experience. Afterwards, Flywish XI beckoned Clovis and Leonardo into his bedroom. Jock, Gottfried, and Piper went off to clean up the table with the other servers.

Flywish XI closed his brown bedroom door with uncertainty. He locked it as well.

Clovis:"What is it, Flywish XI?"

Flywish XI:"I didn't want to disappoint you tonight, but I just found out."

Clovis:"Found out what? What happened???"

Flywish XI:"Carlotta and I..."

Flywish XI turned on the lights of his large bedroom. Flywish XI's girfriend was sitting on the bed, wearing a beautiful silk dress of gold.

Leonardo:"Uh...Is it what I think it is?"

Flywish XI confessed:"Yes, Yes! It's all true! I think Carlotta and I did go too far during that party couple months ago!"

Clovis:"What do you mean? I still don't understand."

Flywish XI:"I...I...I....failed you, father...I have failed my promise that I have made to you nine years ago."

Clovis:"Which one?"

Carlotta then pulled out a large white object that was hidden in the frills of her dress. It was an egg.


Flywish XI bowed down to Clovis, begging him for forgiveness. However, Clovis did not appear to be the least angry nor disappointed.

Clovis:"Ah, but you were too stubborn to hear me when I told you that this WOULD happen. This is your destiny, Flywish XI...and right there, that little egg, if it's a boy, will be Flywish XII."

Flywish XI:"I guess so..."

Leonardo:"The prophecy is fulfilled, just as Fuut Ga predicted!"

Flywish XI:"So what now?"

Clovis:"You shall wed Carlotta."

Flywish XI bowed again to Clovis, responding:"Yes, my father."

Clovis:"I am still proud of you of your accomplishments. It is not a shame to have children. They will bring you joy in your life."

Flywish XI:"I hope so...but having children really was not what I feared."

Clovis:"Then tell me, son. What do you fear so much that makes you doubt the prophecies that were told by Fuut Ga?"

Flywish XI sighed and told him his fears:"I don't want to dye and leave you and the rest of the Hochstadt Remnant behind! I just couldn't!"

Clovis smiled. He responded:"Why do you act as if your death will separate us from you forever? You will always be in our hearts after you pass, and we'll be in yours."

Flywish XI:"I know, but I'll never be able to meet you guys again ever! I don't want to be like a ghost either...I want to hang out with you guys just like now!"

Clovis:"Believe me, Flywish. One day, long from now, we will all reunite again one day. All the Hochstadt Gang will be there, and Swiss Ninja, Flywish I, and all whom we all love and care for."

Flywish XI was confused. He wasn't sure what Clovis meant. How could they reunite once he was dead, and the Hochstadt Gang were still alive?

Somehow, Clovis got the message.

Clovis:"No...we will reunite again to hang out with our loved ones forever. We may be immortal, Flywish XI, but the Earth is not."

Flywish XI nodded in understanding.

A new air of confidence rose in him, and determination began to beam from his very soul to the rest of Liguria and the Hochstadt Remnant.


The clock spun thirty times more until it was a beautiful morning of sunshine like before. Flywish XI stood with Carlotta in her wedding dress, and as he kissed the bride, young Flywish XII came up to be by their side. King Clovis clapped and attended, and so did the rest of the Hochstadt Remnant. Flywish XI continued to rule Liguria into it's golden age, bringing political, social, and economic peace across the land. Flywish XI lived to be a very ripe age and died peacefully of old age with the Hochstadt Remnant at his side. Flywish XII was also a grand ruler, and he tried his best to be just like his father, although he wasn't always perfect, but he did help increase the military. The Hochstadt Remnant continued to keep in touch with the Wish family now that King Clovis decided to keep himself known from now on instead of hiding from the world behind his palace or as a secret traveler. Thus, the Hochstadt Remnant live on their lives better than they had before with more confidence, all thanks to Flywish XI.