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The Margatian concept of One Republic (usually stylized as onerepublic) focuses on uniting small nations within a vast area under a single banner. This strategy aims to grow Margate's influence and standing on the continental stage, both economically and politically, and during the implementation of Phase 2, militarily. The concept focuses on a centralised state with similar measures implemented across all states, so as to ease economical tensions and federal issues. The term itself is focused on the unity of nations under a single banner, "onerepublic". It is also meant to contest with other political terms such as free republics, Castillian territory, Snoss territory, Shopper territory and so on.


Phase One (2005-2013)[edit]

Margate largely remained an irrelevant nation on the political stage from it's independence in 1965 to the early 2000s, and with the nation becoming an important economic power came the desire to punch it's weight on the political stage.

In 2005, the government proposed a plan to "further expand on GDP output by acquisition of various areas/construction of enclaves in other nations". The plan was never finalized and was shelved. In early 2005, another plan was proposed, this time focusing on "merger with Sherby Hoodwounds (who was then suffering from economic depressions following the war)". The plan also failed to suffice, although there was increased interest in the idea.

Finally, in 2006, the Margatian government set up a committee, known as the "Margatian Merger Committee", to analyse the potential of merger. A list of nations was considered, including Dorkugal, Club Jellyfish and the Finipines. Eventually, the government approved a list of countries, and then assigned the committee to accomplish a set of goals, all of which led to eventual merger between several nations and Margate. What resulted was the "onerepublic" plan.

In 2007, the concept of onerepublic was announced to the public, and with public support the plan began later that year, with negotiations with the governments of adjacent Sherby Hoodwounds and Cross Island commencing three months after the plan was announced. In 2008, the Republic of Sherby Hoodwounds and Cross Island joining Margate to form the "Republic of the Margate Antarctica Islands". The next phase of the plan was for Lasoun and Auzua Mostafique to join the republic, but the mergers were delayed due to the then continental financial crisis and wars ongoing in the USA and Ninja Archipelago. The merger was officiated in November of 2011, four years after the initial proposal, and two years past the original target set for merger, the two nations were incorporated into Margate

Phase Two (2013-present)[edit]

With the rise of Shops Island and the occurrence of the Sixth Snoss War, there was a newfound interest in the onerepublic plan, which had largely been put aside as the government focused on standardization of laws, educational standards and infrastructural deficiencies of the four signatory nations. There was much more of a desire to expand the military to keep up to the rising standards of nations like the Culldrome Isles and Shops Island, and expand just like them.

So, in spite of significant opposition, the Margatian government approved a plan to annex the adjacent nation of the Rock Union, breaching the terms of the Rock Union Sovereignty Treaty in which the Margatians guaranteed the small music-based nation. Steamrolling over the nation forcefully (while the USA, the other signatory, was still recovering from the effects of the Sixth Snoss War) did not increase Margate's standing or significantly raise it's GDP, but rather receive criticism from other nations. Nexon - one of the member states of the Rock Union, proved difficult to control, and broke away for a few months after Vincenzo took control and with the backing of the International Syndicate threatened war, culminating in a regional war with Shopper, Ed Islandian and Snowinian forces entering Margatian waters and airspace to invade Nexon. Margate's non-participation in the war further humiliated the Margatians.

In the end, while Nexon and rest of the Rock Union were successfully integrated as part of Margate, the former being home to most of Margate's armament industry and military bases, it came at a cost of billions wasted on trying to fix infrastructure and quell rebellion, and it's international standing - which was NOT what the program was intended for.

Constituent Nations[edit]

  • Sherby Hoodwounds - directly integrated into Margate as the State of Sherby
  • Cross Island - directly integrated into Margate as the State of Crossia
  • Lasoun - directly integrated into Margate as the State of Lauson
  • Auzua Mostafique - directly integrated into Margate as the State of Auzua
  • Rock Union - directly integrated into Margate as the State of Rock Central, the State of North Bank and the Special Autonomous State of Nexon
No. Flag Nation Agreement signed Join date
1 Sherby.png Republic of Sherby Hoodwounds November 15, 2008 November 15, 2008
2 30px Margate Cross Island November 20, 2008 November 20, 2008
3 Lasoun.png Lasoun April 20, 2009 November 6, 2011
4 Auzuaflag.png Auzua Mostafique April 15, 2009 November 7, 2011

Etymology and Linguistics[edit]





Reports show that a band also has the same name. True enough, the band are humans and reside in something like the USA, just that instead of Antarctica, it's "America". It also gained attention from the penguins.

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