Operation Improbable

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Operation Improbable
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Date January 29, 2017 - TBA
Location All around Antarctica
Result TBA
Casus belli Antarctica's terrorists, villains, criminals and other evil organizations plot the destruction of Antarctica and it's several countries by attacking and targeting different areas, locations and leaders and causing overall turmoil.
Elite Penguin Force, USA, Good Guys, EQF Walrus Crime Ring, S.H.A.R.K., Darktan's Army, The Evil Something, X-Creatures, Power4U Super Penguins, The (Unofficial) Alliance of Greenhogs and Pink Panthers
The Director
Wikipenguino X
Darktan II
Doctor Aye-Que
Big White Duck

Operation Improbable was an event that took place in many different places all around Antarctica after Antarctica's villains, criminals and terrorists united to attempt to overthrow many of Antarctica's countries. Agents, heroes and civilians all around Antarctica must unite to fight back against the villains and stop them before their mysterious master plan succeeds.


2:40 AM, January 29th, 2017
Blizzardville, Eastshield

It was a dark, quiet night in the western parts of Eastshield. Mountains could be seen not too far away while the city of Blizzardville glimmered faintly not too far down below. In the darkness, a few figures could be seen walking along a very rocky looking path through the mountains that was mostly safe from prying eyes. A safety barrier stood in their path but they simply waddled around it. One of the figures, who was actually a penguin, started to complain and some of the others responded.

Xillybob: Where in Antarctica is this secret place where us villains are supposed to meet?

12yz12ab X: It should be along this way.

A penguin who seemed to be a str00del joined the conversation.

Penguin: W3ll, 1 d0n'7 kn0w wh3r3 73h [email protected](3 15 e17h3r [email protected] 1-0U(H!!1!

The penguin banged his forehead on what seemed to be thin air and looked confused.

Penguin: [email protected]? th15 15 1mp0551bl3!!!!1!1!1!!11!!!

12yz12ab X: It's not impossible, it's simply a fake wall mimicking the area in front of us! Of course us villains needed to keep the meeting place invisible.

12yz12ab X extended a flipper and used his telekinesis to open what seemed to be a door that looked exactly like the terrain behind them.

Xillybob: In we go, then.

The three penguins waddled into a tunnel that seemed to lead into the rocky side of the mountain beside them. After around a couple dozen seconds of walking, they came into a cave in which several evil criminals and villains were already present including members of Darktan's Army, former members of Nightmare's Army and S.H.A.R.K. minions. Several Walri were present amongst the many penguins as well.

Walrus: Finally! They're here now. Can we start the meeting?

Wikipenguino X: No, we're still waiting for Darktan and everyone else to arrive!

Sam Rudi X: I still don't believe I can trust a walrus.

Several of the walri glared angrily at Sam Rudi X who did just the same at them.

Crash Test: Zer's no need to get yoor fedderz in a bunch, we're all veelains here!

Xillybob: Ow! I think a bug just bit me!

Xillybob felt something much smaller-than-average let go of his shoulder and drop to the floor.

Tiny: Oh, that was no bug. It was your guest of honor!

Everybody groaned.

Foolx: Let's just get this clambake on the road already.

Amigopen: Yeah! I've got my new plan to destroy Antarctica!

PorkayYorkay X: If we're planning on nuking Antarctica, that's already happened and failed, so you can count me out of that one!

Xasper squawked his approval.

???: We will not be destroying anything today.

Everybody turned their heads to see Darktan II.

Darktan waddled into the room with two High Knight of Darkness on his left and right and seated himself with the other villains. The Conclave of Doom followed him in shortly after. Some of the penguins bowed and greeted him as he entered.

Darktan: Greetings, fellow villains and minions. I see most of you are already here.

Then, QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu, Major Sheep, QuackerpYngu, Darth Walrius, Krylo Ben, Darth Brain, Lava Operator and some other The Evil Something members came in. Norbert, Big White Duck and Candyrocker entered the room moments after.

QuaXerpingu: Hi all of you. May the force be with you.

The members then seated themselves among the others.

Agent X: So what's the plan?

Pyrofyre: Do we burn down the USA's precious South Pole Council?

XSUCKS: Let's build a shrink ray! OH YEAH!!!

Major Sheep: I think that we should bleat!

Darktan: ...

QuaXerpingu: . . . . .

Candyrocker: ...

After a few seconds of pure awkwardness, others suggested their ideas. The dim-witted str00del proposed his idea first.

str00del: w3 sh00dz 5P4m [email protected](71(4 w1f [email protected] 4nd 70g4z! Lulz1!1!11!1

Candyrocker: Why don't we destroy their police force and nuke everybody with the X-Virus?

QuackerpYngu: Yweah! bwut lwet's nwuke ewvewyone with the Y-Viwrus iwnstwead!

12yz12ab X: Why don't we build a giant heat ray and melt Antarctica and everyone on it?

Some of the other villainous scientists such as Doctor Aye-Que and Xary seemed to like that idea and a small number of them nodded their heads in approval. Willie Watt stared adoringly at Xary the entire time. Xary, however, did not notice and neither did anyone else.

QuaXerpingu: Why not destroy Antarctica with a Death Star?

Darktan: I don't think that we should destroy Antarctica, as WE need to live somewhere, too...

Xeng Guin: In case you haven't noticed, that idiotic polar bear tried to do that a few years ago and failed, too!

Norbert: Can I say some insults about him?

Darktan: Not right now! It's time we proceed with the planning. Has anyone around here got any more ideas?

After a few more minutes of exchanging ludicrous ideas, the smallest one decided to speak up.

Tiny: Why not all of them?

Everybody was surprised at this sudden idea.

Tiny: Since we can't decide, why don't we combine them all into one super plan?

Darktan II: Well, that's uh, surprisingly brilliant.

Tiny: *Flexing nonexistant muscle* I know, I'm amazing, aren't I?

He was flicked across the room like a rubber band. The villains then proceeded to start working on the super plan.

After a while, the incredible "super plan" was complete and the villains look immensely impressed with themselves. Darktan grinned evilly.

Darktan: Perfect! Those foolish penguins can't stop all of us at once!

Wikipenguino X: Yes...alright then, men. It was nice working with you all. You work on your plans...we'll do ours...mwheheheh...

Wikipenguino X then commanded the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. members to follow him out of the room. Suddenly, as they were nearing the door, it opened.

Bernie892: I'm here! Let's begin the meet-oh...

Wikipenguino X looked furious and facepalmed before facing Bernie.

Wikipenguino X: BERNIE, YOU WERE LATE!

Bernie looked extremely ashamed of himself.

Wikipenguino X: COME ON! Let's leave!

The rest of the S.H.A.R.K. members followed him out.

Unknowingly to the villains, four EPF Agents had been watching them leave one by one through a gap in the mountains.

Jet Pack Guy: Whoa. That's a lot of villains.

Agent A: Hey! Look! There's my X-Antibody! Were they having some sort of meeting in there...?

Agent Tux: I'd say you were correct.

Jet Pack Guy: Whatever it is, it's definitely nothing good.

Agent A: Perhaps the Anti-Terrorism Division can handle it?

Agent Tux: Well, whoever's going to do it is definitely not in for a lot of fun. I don't think even we can handle this one alone.

Agent A: So you're saying we need help?

Agent Tux: Yep. A lot of help.

The agents then shuffled off, back to their camp. The one who had said nothing was discouraged. He had been of no help so far, and he suspected that this was because he was timid, and thus the other agents didn't send him on dangerous missions of discovery, as he put it, and this was the first time. He was seriously considering quitting his position as an agent. He was lost in his sad thoughts, when he suddenly heard a sound, and paused. Excusing the others (by remarking that he thinks he forgot his water bottle, which was in his coat), he went back to the spot. Whipping out his pocket binoculars from his pocket, he looked into the distance. He saw a suspicious blue-feathered penguin in a miner's hat poking out of a bush, softly swearing in Str00delish to herself.

???: H0W D4R3 TH3Y F0RG37 M3??? @#&₯%#^₡*^₧!

The agent recognized this penguin at once, and carefully observed her for five minutes, when she suddenly disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared, and, having waited for two more minutes in case she should return, left the scene, keeping his discovery of a villain to himself, so he and his family friends could sort it out themselves without external aid.

Chapter 1: The Going Gets Tough[edit]

12:32 PM, January 29th, 2017
Club Penguin Island

A few hours later, on an island far, far away, Wikipenguino45, his best friend and pyrokinetic ninja Falco and puffle Terry Van Furry were in Wikipenguino's igloo in Club Penguin Island and were still blissfully unaware of the oncoming events.

Wikipenguino, who was playing with his yo-yo while slowly turning around in his spinning chair paused for a moment and addressed the Narrator suspiciously.

Wikipenguino: I'm sorry, blissfully unaware of what now?

Terry and Falco were hanging around in the igloo's attic where Falco was now bouncing a ball attached by a string to a ping-pong paddle and Terry rummaging around in the contents of a few boxes.

After a few moments of thinking and playfully swinging his yo-yo, Wikipenguino remembered something.

Wikipenguino: Hey, guys, I think SnowBob CirclePants is on!

Falco: Really? Quick, turn on the TV!

Falco grabbed Terry by the fur and leapt down softly using his ninja skills.

Terry: Hey-!

Wikipenguino grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV.

Falco: Here we go!

Painthopper (on the TV): Are you ready, chicks?

Chicks (on the TV): Aye-aye, Captain!

Painthopper: I can't hear you!


Painthopper: Ohhhhhhhh...... Who lives in an igloo right next to the sea?

Suddenly, the show was cut short and replaced with a news flash.

Both Wikipenguino and Falco groaned while Terry didn't seemed too bothered.

News Reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you this very important news...

Falco: I'd rather watch SnowBob!

News Reporter: Known criminals and villains have been reported all over the continent to be up to no good at all. Several dozen eyewitness accounts, security footage have shown that many villains that have previously been assumed to have vanished may be among us again. Many claim the crime rate has mysteriously increased overnight and these villains may be working together. We advise you to stay alert and report any unusual activity. Chicks are advised to-

Falco: Yeah, yeah, we've heard enough already.

Falco grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

Terry: Chances are they might be overreacting again. I mean, what could possibly go wrong at times like these?

Suddenly, Wikipenguino's spyphone rang. Wikipenguino picked up his phone immediately.

Wikipenguino: Hello?

Agent Tux (on the phone): Wikipenguino. We need you in the EPF base. Now. Mandatory for everyone to come. Director's orders.

Wikipenguino: O-okay. I'll be there ASAP.

Wikipenguino hung up and turned to Falco and Terry.

Wikipenguino: It was Tux. Everyone needs to get to the EPF. I can bet you all those criminals showing their ugly faces on one single night isn't a coincidence at all...

Falco: Well, I guess I stand corrected.

Wikipenguino: Well, you know what this means. If they need our help, we can't just stand around here like statues. To adventure and BEYOND!

Without further ado, Wikipenguino opened the door and raced out while Terry and Falco followed him.

The trio came to the EPF Base a few minutes later.

Falco: Whoa...I've never seen this many penguins in here.

The entire base was packed with agents of all classes and ranks. On the large, rectangular screen, the EPF emblem could be seen. Agent Tux was waiting near the entrance and welcomed the trio in.

Wikipenguino: What in burnt waffles is going on here?

Agent Tux: Apparently, from our sources and what we've seen, the villains are up to another malicious plan. And they all seem to be working together. The Director has been communicating with the other EPF agents around the continent and telling them what to do.

Suddenly, the screen turned to static then showed the Director as a dark silhouette as usual.

The Director: Greetings agents. As you've probably heard, villains are at large and are active all over the place. We have as many agents as we can get working to stop this incident. You will all be receiving orders on what to do by your division's leaders and those of you going out there to apprehend them will be assigned to your different tasks. I must attend to South Pole City's agents, so in that case, let Operation Improbable begin.

The screen turned to static for a short moment once more before switching back to the EPF emblem.

Agent Tux: Well, that was that. I can't stick around forever, especially since all this is happening. By the way, Wikipenguino, I think you might come in useful.

Wikipenguino: Me? But how?

Agent Tux: Your X-Antibody was seen with those villains. I was hoping you might be able to provide some information regarding him.

Wikipenguino: That little...no matter how many times we've proven we can foil his plans, he never knows when to stop, does he?

Falco: Looks like he doesn't.

Wikipenguino sighed.

Agent Tux: We'll find a way to put their plans to an end somehow. You'd better get to Club Penguin City Airport, we need some agents to go and take down three known X-Antibodies that have been spotted down at Shiverpool.

Wikipenguino: Sure! We'd be glad to take care of it.

Agent Tux: Alright then, gear up and get going.

Wikipenguino and Falco rushed off excitedly while Terry hopped along behind them.

Falco: Man, I do hope Cheddar's doing alright with all that hoopla.

12:34 PM, January 29th, 2017
EQF Base, Quackington Island

Quackerpingu was making "Wanted" posters of QuaXerpingu. Then, Kektus waddled in.

Kektus: top kektus

Kektus stepped on the TV remote, turning it on.

News Reporter: -on't let your chicks out of igloos, as there are many villains are doing bad things there, and-

Then, the news flash was cut and replaced with some evil message from QuaXerpingu.

QuaXerpingu (on the TV): YOU ALL SMELL!

Then, the news flash was came back.

News Reporter: The weather will be sunny, with a chance of snow coming in later. END OF NEWS.

Quackerpingu closed the TV and pushed the alarm button.


Soon, all the EQF agents that were in the EQF base, in the Quackerfleet base, in Quackington City or somewhere else on Quackington Island had waddled, teleported or driven to the EQF HQ.

Quackerpingu: It seems that a lot of villains are doing bad stuff all over Antarctica. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do??

Waddler: Let's go and catch them!

Quackerpingu: Good idea!

Topkek von Kek: I'll go and call the governments of all the countries of Antarctica to get permission to go anywhere with the Quackerfleet ships until this ends and fight the villains.

Quackerpingu: Also a good idea!

Kektus: top kek

Quackerpingu: ...

Kektus: top kek

Quackerpingu: ...

Kektus: top kek

Quackerpingu: ...

Kektus: top kek


Some time later, Topkek came back.

Topkek: All the governments allowed us to enter all the countries with the Quackerfleet ships to fight villains...except for the East Pengolian one.

Quackerpingu: Good. Also, Quacker called me and said that he saw QuaXerpingu and Quackerpengu along with some other The Evil Something members in CP.

Topkek: That's far away...

Quackerpingu: We'll use this "Ship Teleporter 3000" that i bought from Gary. It creates big portals that ships can go through.

12:40 PM, January 29th, 2017
Local Random School, Blizzardville

Penguinpuffdude was running to the school next to their hotel. The family had decided to take a holiday, for once, in Blizzardville, taking Popcorn 3000 and his motorcar, Nifty Nifty Pop Boom, with them. Unfortunately, Popcorn had been driving around the town in it when the local random immature students, like back in their home cities, had suddenly shouted that, as he was driving past, Nifty was a great "picnic basket on wheels", and, as usual, a fight was breaking out. As if it was a normal part of the day, Penguinpuffdude, who would have left them to it today as a special treat for Popcorn, was running as fast as she could with an urgent message. Finally, she arrived at the spot.

Penguinpuffdude: Popcorn! Stop it now! I mean it! I have news!

Popcorn was in the process of wrestling three students, all with black eyes. He somehow managed to punch and kick them off, and, jumping into the motorcar, drove off to the end of the road, and, by Penguinpuffdude's instructions, went to the local woodland area. There, Penguinpuffdude led him to a cave, where an EPF agent - a family friend - was crouching.

Penguinpuffdude: What's the news then, Bertie?

Bertie, being timid, coughed hoarsely, rubbed his nose on his sleeve, and cleared his throat, all while becoming increasingly red. He then announced, in a proud voice, that he had seen XenguinXuffXude the night before, on his first EPF mission, and he was suggesting that the three of them go and track her down themselves, and see what she is up to.

Popcorn 3000: Sure. Challenge accepted.

Penguinpuffdude was growing increasingly impatient, for she was both hungry for her lunch and she didn't want to wander around the woodlands with an EPF agent, which she thought would look too conspicuous She hurriedly ended the conversation with -

Penguinpuffdude: We'll see you here at 7 PM (don't ask me why but I thought of it first so... yeah), with all the supplies (I'd reckon it'll take a month) - it is getting dark, and we promised not to be late. Hopefully we will get permission. Away!

Saying the last word in her best imitation of a fairy-like voice, they crawled out, and went to their residences as if nothing happened, knowing that this was, as usual with their adventures, a secret.

Around an hour later at Club Penguin City's Airport, King George's Island, business was going around quite normally, with penguins waddling left and right and going to their specific flights or waiting around. Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were making their way with a few disguised EPF Agents.

They took a left turn down a corridor. A security guard halted them, but one of the agents ahead of them flashed him a badge. The guard granted them access and led them down a staircase. He opened a metal door and fresh air and sunlight flooded in.

EPF Agent: Here you go fellas, the pilot is over there.

Wikipenguino: Thanks!

EPF Agent: And before you go, I think an agent said they wanted to meet you guys before you left.

The other agents started heading back up the staircase. The agent looked at them then turned back to the three.

EPF Agent: That's all for now. Good luck!

Without another word, he waddled back up behind the other agents.

Falco: I wonder who he meant by that agent who wanted to meet us?

Terry: Probably Tux making sure we know the instructions, I guess.

As they got closer, Wikipenguino was surprised to see that it was not Agent Tux at all. A yellow penguin with brown hair and white lab coat with a small, red lightning bolt on the coat's pocket was waiting for the three beside the pilot.

Wikipenguino: Uncle?

Dr. Infinity: Good afternoon, you three!

It was none other than Wikipenguino's uncle and scientist, Dr. Infinity.

Wikipenguino: What're you doing here?

Dr. Infinity: I thought I'd properly wish you good luck before your journey and introduce you to the pilot. Wikipeng, Falco, Terry, this is Phil. Phil Sye. Or as he likes to be called, Phil Sye the Aviation Guy.

Phil, who was a white-feathered penguin wearing a light grey headset-like helmet, a darker grey suit with the EPF emblem on one side and shoes greeted them.

Phil The Aviator.png

Phil: 'ello shirs.

Falco: Hey there!

Wikipenguino: Er, hi.

Phil shook flippers with both Falco and Wikipenguino.

Dr. Infinity: Well then, I hope you do well, stay safe, and if you ever do get the chance, say hello to Aaron for me.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, we will. Thanks, uncle!

Dr. Infinity: Goodbye and good luck!

Dr. Infinity waddled away back towards the inside area of the airport.

Phil: Welp then, ya'd better climb inshide, we gotta go.

Terry: Yeah, sure thing.

Wikipenguino: Great, let's hop in!

All four of them got into the jet and strapped themselves into the seats.

Phil: Arrighty then, letsha go!

Phil strapped himself into the pilot seat and started the engine.

Wikipenguino could feel the jet starting to move and the rest of the airport slowly passing by the window. Suddenly, the plane tilted back slightly and gathered speed.

Phil: Here weh go, guysh! Nexh stahp, Shivapool.

3:56 PM, January 29th, 2017
Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula

Meanwhile, on the coast of Shiverpool, the group of X-Creatures that Falco, Wikipenguino and Terry had just gone to pursue were creating a large machine with a long antennae as part of the "super plan". An arcade console was attached to the machine and hooked up with a very thick band of wires and a keyboard was attached next to the controllers and joysticks. A metal control box was attached to the centre of the machine, too. 12yz12ab X was using his telekinesis to construct the machine and was nearly done.

12yz12ab X: Behold! The giant energy projector powered by dark energy! Using stolen experimental technology from the many scientific laboratories that we raided, this machine is able to do many things! By using the temperature settings, it can freeze or melt all of Antarctica! We just have to find somewhere safe to fire it from...

Akbaboy X: Interesting. I can't wait to PWN those pathetic penguins...

XSUCKS: Does it come with a shrink ray?

12yz12ab X: Not yet, I'm still making adjustments, improvements and additions to the machine. It'll be done as soon as I have enough time.

After a few minutes of watching metal levitating and attaching itself to other parts of the machine, Akbaboy X spotted something with a pair of binoculars.

Akbaboy X: Hey! That's a jet with the EPF emblem!

12yz12ab X: Wait, WHAT?!?

Sure enough, a white and blue jet with the EPF emblem on it was coming closer and closer to the Antibodies who were watching speechlessly it as it flew closer.

Akbaboy X: Wha...Well, don't just stand there pathetically! We gotta do something!

XSUCKS: I am NOT pathetic!

XSUCKS shoved 12yz12ab X out of the way and went up to the arcade console and pressed one of the buttons labelled "ON/OFF". The machine came alive and booted up. Instead of showing a video game menu screen, a radar like screen was there instead. A red dot was shown getting closer to a bigger green dot in middle of the screen.

12yz12ab X: No! WAIT! Not all of the features are complete!

XSUCKS: It doesn't matter, it's freeze ray time! OH YEAH!!!

XSUCKS moved the cursor using one of the joysticks until it was directly above the red dot. XSUCKS typed in "temperature_select" using the keyboard. A temperature selector came up on the screen and XSUCKS typed in the maximum freezing level possible before pressing "fire". He grinned as the machine whirred and shook. The antennae was locked to track the jet then started to charge up.

XSUCKS: See how pathetic this is gonna be, puny penguins! OH YEAH!!!

Suddenly, a bright white-blue beam of light ejected itself from the antennae and directly hit the jet.

XSUCKS freezing the jet.png

Inside the jet just moments before, the team inside were completely unaware of the X-Antibodies being right in front of their very noses and were continuing to fly towards the airport.

Phil: Arright guys, we're almosh there. Da airport should be nearby.

Wikipenguino, who seemed to be half asleep, seemed relieved.

Wikipenguino: Fantabulous. I was *yawn* really starting to-SWEET SNOWZER CHEESE!

The sudden shaking of the plane awoke Terry and Falco's senses.

Falco: W-what's h-happening!?

Phil: I dunno! Imma try geddus outta here!

Terry: This is the worst turbulence I've ever experienced!

Unfortunately, when Phil attempted to change the jet's direction, the piloting controls seemed to be stuck. A closer looked showed that the controls were frozen and stuck in their current positions. Ice was crawling up the levers and freezing the buttons. Phil tried pulling, flipping, pressing and pushing every single one of them. None of the controls budge.

Phil: W-w-wat's happenin to da controls!?

The temperature had suddenly gone ice-cold and was dropping rapidly.

Terry: Out there! Look!

Wikipenguino and Falco saw the three X-Antibodies watching them as the plane slowly started to paralyse. The entire interior of the jet slowly started to crystallize with ice sprouting from every direction.

Wikipenguino: T-t-they're f-freezing o-our p-p-plane!

Wikipenguino noticed his teeth were chattering and he himself was shivering. He had never been this cold.

Falco: D-don't w-w-worry! I-I'll f-flame us o-outta here!

Terry: N-n-no! T-that'll m-make the e-engine explode a-and then w-we'll all b-be in m-much g-great-t-ter t-trouble!

Phil: G-guysh w-we're s-shtartin' t-to l-loosing a-altitude, s-sho w-we gotta g-get outta h-here!

Phil rammed into the frozen-shut door of the plane which burst open. The vast ocean could be seen under them.

Terry: W-What?! No, n-no, I'm not d-doing that...

Wikipenguino: T-Terry i-if w-we d-don't t-this p-plane's g-gonna nosedive into t-the ocean and w-who k-knows what'll happen.

Terry: B-but-

But as the aircraft started to descend quickly, Wikipenguino grabbed Terry and leapt out of the open door.

Wikipenguino: GERONIMO!

Phil and Falco followed him after as the jet made a large splash into the ocean.

Back at the EPF headquarters, Agent Tux and the others were discussing something else...

EPF Agent: Sir, what is our next course of action?

Tux: I'm glad you asked.

Tux threw a small device onto the table. Emerging from it was a small hologram of a familiar brown penguin.

Tux: Capture this individual before the final attack on the villains.

EPF Agent: But sir, all our files indicate that he is just a normal citizen.

Tux: That is where the files are wrong. The analysis of his last blood test has revealed that he is the Q.U.A.I.L. one.

EPF Agent: Come again?

Tux: The Quite Unusual And' Incredibly Lucky one. We have had to keep his identity under wraps for the sake of the public.

EPF Agent: Sir, that still barely explains everything.

Tux: *Sigh* In every generation of Penguins, there is one born who is blessed with an incredible ability. They are able to endlessly radiate a chemical not found in nature known to us only as "Dues Ex Machina". With it, penguins around them will be protected from permanent damage or be able to get them out of tough situations with relative ease. We have dubbed them the Q.U.A.I.L. ones. We will be a very powerful ally if we can find him.

EPF Agent: ...How much money does he owe you sir?

Tux: 20 bucks.

EPF Agent: You know, you could've just said that.

Tux: Listen agent, you were given orders, and I have another reason other than just an overdue loan.

EPF Agent: On it, sir.

Returning to Shiverpool, the three X-Antibodies were confused as to where the penguins had gone.

Akbaboy X: Where are they?

12yz12ab X: Chances are they've frozen to death in that jet and then drowned underwater.

XSUCKS noticed a news helicopter flying by trying to get footage of them.

XSUCKS: Will that helicopter get out of here!? Oh, nevermind...

XSUCKS: Shrink Ray! OH YEAH!!!

He aimed his flipper at the helicopter and fired.


Every piece of the helicopter shrunk rapidly with the penguins screaming inside. Suddenly, the entire thing shrunk within the blink of an eye and plummeted down.

Suddenly, a flipper extended from behind a tree and grabbed it.

All three of the antibodies were confused.

From behind the tree, Wikipenguino, Falco, Terry and Phil revealed themselves. Wikipenguino was holding the shrunken jet in one flipper. He carefully placed it down a safe distance away then returned.

XSUCKS: Well, well, well...you survived...came back for a rematch?

Falco: Yeah, and this time, we're taking you down.

Akbaboy X: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Wikipenguino: So. Are we gonna do this or let the Narrator babble on all day while we wait?

12yz12ab X: Bring it on.

Wikipenguino pulled out his keysaber and activated it. Phil charged forwards to tackle XSUCKS.

XSUCKS: Really? Then how about THIS! SQUID LAUNCHER! OH YEAH!!!!!!

XSUCKS fired a squid hitting Phil square in the face who fell over.

Falco: FEEL THE BURN!!!!!

Two long jets of flame burst from Falco's flippers which 12yz12ab X blocked using his telekinesis.

XSUCKS: Shrink ray! OH YEAH!!!

XSUCKS used his built-in ray-gun and zapped Phil with it.


XSUCKS: OH YEAH!!! Now you're tiny!

Terry grabbed the now miniature Phil and stored him in his hammerspace while XSUCKS tried to zap him with it. Terry rolled and dodged the many blasts while XSUCKS chased him.

Falco was still having trouble fighting 12yz12ab X who was now trying to shoot him with a gun powered by dark energy. Wikipenguino was barely making any progress with fighting Akbaboy X and was slowly getting overpowered by him.

Wikipenguino: Take this!

He swung his keysaber which Akbaboy X avoided and landed Wikipenguino a punch which sent him flying into a tree.

Akbaboy X looked happy with himself then turned to Falco and Terry.

XSUCKS: HAH! Now we've gotcha!

Akbaboy X: Now which one of you wants to be PWNed next?

Terry whispered to Falco.

Terry: Whatever you do, don't let them use the machine! That was the thing that shot us out of the sky!

Falco: Right then. Got it!

Falco leapt up a tree using his ninja skills and fired a blast of flame at the machine.

12yz12ab X: NOOO!!!

The X-Antibody, distracted by the attempt to destroy the machine, protecting only some of the blast with his telekinesis and went to cater for the damage that had succeeded in harming the control box which was now emitting smoke. XSUCKS proceeded to try and help him. The arcade console was viewing static on the screen.

Akbaboy X approached the tree and PWNed it, knocking it over into the ocean while Falco leapt off of it and attempted to proceed and PWN Falco.

Akbaboy X: You can't evade me forever! OUCH!!!

Terry had bit Akbaboy X on the foot. Akbaboy X tried to PWN him in time, but was hit hard in the head by Wikipenguino, knocking him out.

Wikipenguino: Phew...that wasn't easy.

They then turned to XSUCKS and 12yz12ab X.

12yz12ab X: WHAT!? The machine isn't done yet, you need to distract them while I-

Suddenly police sirens were heard and police cars pulled up behind them.

XSUCKS: Oh, poop.

XSUCKS used his grappling hook and fired it at a news helicopter. 12yz12ab X used his telekinesis to grab Akbaboy X before grabbing onto XSUCKS.

Police Officer: Hey! They're getting away!

Some of the officers fired at the fleeing X-Antibodies who were surmounting the helicopter. 12yz12ab X was blocking their bullets using his telekinesis.

XSUCKS: OH YEAH!!! You'll never stop us now-


XSUCKS had slammed himself face first into the side of the helicopter.

12yz12ab X: Look where you're going, you idiot!

XSUCKS unglued himself from the helicopter then smashed open the door and threw the news crew members out of the helicopter into the ocean. 12yz12ab X pulled Akbaboy into the helicopter which zoomed off into the distance. The police started examining the machine while the news crew members swam to shore. A few EPF agents were amongst the police, too.

Wikipenguino: Huh...so that happened...I'm still a little dizzy from that kick from Akbaboy X...where's Phil?

Terry pulled the tiny Phil out from his hammerspace.

Falco and Wikipenguino: Phil!?

Phil: Heya guys! D'ya have aneh ideeya how to getsh meh back to normal shyze?

Terry: XSUCKS had a shrink ray installed on that gun-flipper of his.

Wikipenguino: Uh...don't worry, Phil! We'll uh...figure it out...somehow...eventually...

Phil: Great!

???: Hey, guys!

They all turned to see none other than the Penguin Prankster Who Likes Cheese and Wikipenguino's cousin, Cheddarbox.

Terry, Falco and Wikipenguino: Cheddar!

Cheddarbox: I heard you guys were taking on the X-Antibodies. It was live on the local news channel...until those penguins broke into that helicopter and flew away, I guess. Me, a few EPF agents and some other guys 'round the area thought we should've called the police since it looked like you were getting PWNed.

Falco: Nah, we would've handled it anyway.

Wikipenguino: How've you and everyone else been handling the whole "villains are coming to town, stay alert" especially since three of them were just here about a minute ago.

Cheddar: Eh, we've been handling it fine, I guess. Most of my neighbourhood, me included, were evacuated and moved to a safe zone guarded by police and EPF agents when we heard the three antibodies were down by the coast next door. Nobody wanted to go near them without getting PWNed themselves, and the EPF here isn't that big, so we waited for some agents to go and handle it. We never knew you guys were gonna dive right into it...

Terry: The three of them intercepted us on our way to the airport.

Cheddar: Oh. Well, I guess that explains it.

Wikipenguino: By the way, d'you think you could take this to the scientists at the EPF and see if they could handle this...?

Falco held out the tiny Phil in his flipper who waved at Cheddar.

Cheddar: Is that...a penguin...?

Terry: Sure is.

Wikipenguino: Yeah...Cheddar, this is Phil, an agent and pilot of the EPF, Phil, this is Cheddar who is also an agent.

Cheddar seemed to stunned to speak for a few seconds.

Cheddar: Hey there...

Phil: Hi!

Terry: XSUCKS shrunk him with his ray gun. D'you think the agents here can get him back to normal size?

Cheddar: Oh, that is cool! I wish I was that small...but yeah, sure, we'll handle it.

Falco carefully slid Phil into Cheddar's flipper.

Cheddar: Well, uh, in that case, I'll catch you all later. Oh, and before you go, I heard this agent wanted to speak to you...I can't remember his name..."Turner"? "Tusk"? "Tuxeedo"? I think it was something like Tuxeedo...

Wikipenguino: That must be Agent Tux.

Cheddar: Oh. Okay then. Well, anyways, I gotta go. See ya!

Cheddar waddled off towards the centre of the city with Phil in his flippers.

Suddenly, Wikipenguino's spyphone rang.

Wikipenguino: Hello?

Tux (on the phone): Wikipeng, we have another mission for you.

Wikipenguino: Okay...what's that...?

Tux: We've just caught word from Sam Rudi that walri have been spotted in Snowville by the EPF agents there. We believe that it may be the Walrus Crime Ring. I think they could use some of your help. We've got a few agents there that will assist you, and we may send in others along the way because, well, we all know what walri are like.

Wikipenguino: Greeaaaat...how are we going to get there?

Tux: Currently, just as of a few hours ago, we've been setting up this currently experimental teleportation devices which have been delivered and are active in most bases, Shiverpool and Snowville included. Not completely finished, but it gets the job done well and gets you to where you need to be with minimal fuss. It's much faster than planes, cars or jets, and wastes much less time. You may be one of the very few to try it.

Wikipenguino: Sweet. Is it safe to use, though?

Tux: Should be, the scientists have tested it several times with small objects. It should be the same with larger living objects such as penguins and puffles. So what happens when we get to Snowville?

Agent Tux: Get to Snowville first, then await further instructions. Either I will contact you or Sam will inform you of the next few phases.

Wikipenguino: Gotcha. Thanks!

Tux: Any time.

Wikipenguino hung up the phone and turned to the others.

Wikipenguino: So, uh we're going to Snowville via teleportation to tackle a bunch of walri.

Falco: Walri, huh?

Terry: That doesn't sound very easy...

Falco: Well, either way, Let's get going then. Can't miss out on the fun now can we?

Wikipenguino: No we can't.

With that, they raced off to the Shiverpool EPF base.

Meanwhile, somewhere at the sea near CP, the Quackerfleet ships were coming out of the portals.

Quackerpingu: Quacker called again and said that QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and the others went on a Walrus Line ferry going to Shiverpool. He went on the ferry along with Quack, Quackerpenguin and some other agents to follow them, as well. Oh, and Walrus101 is on the ferry, too.

Topkek: Let's go to Shiverpool then!

Quackerpingu: We'll go there, when the ship is going there. When Walrus101 is there, then they might become bounty hunters, take over the ship and sail somewhere else to give him to the Walrus Crime Ring.

Topkek: I'll use the ship tracker to find out where's it going.

Quackerpingu: Good idea. Also, they can't get away, as our ships are faster :)

All the EQF agents: :D

At the same time near there, QuaXerpingu and the other The Evil Something members were doing evil things.

Walrus101: You're going to pay!

The captain of the ship: Yes!

QuaXerpingu: No. Tie them to these chairs!

Quackerpengu tied them to the chairs.

QuaXerpingu: I'll give you to the WCR and get money :D

Quackerpengu: RED ALERT! Our ship is too slow! The Quackerfleet ships are coming!

QuaXerpingu: C E N S O R E D


Soon, the battleship "Onwaddler" got close enough to the ferry for the EQF agents, including Quackerpingu, to get to the ferry.

Quackerpingu: Quack.

Meanwhile, the evil penguins were leaving the ship through a portal.


Quackerpengu: The walrus is too heavy, we can't take him through the portal! Why did we tie him to the chair so that he can't move?

QuaXerpingu: ...

QuaXerpingu and Quackerpengu waddled through the portal and it closed. Then, Quackerpingu came in.

Quackerpingu: ...

Quackerpingu cut the ropes used to tie Walrus101 and the captain of the ship to chairs with his keysaber.

Walrus101: Thank you!

The captain: Thank you!

Then, the EQF agents left the ship along with the other EQF agents who came from CP. The ship started sailing to Shiverpool again, and the Quackerfleet ships started sailing somewhere else.

During these events, Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn 3000 were packing their bags in preparation for the next hour, after having earned permission from her parents.

Penguinpuffdude: You know, I have this funny feeling XenguinXuffXude isn't the only villain operating in the area.

Popcorn 3000: Well, if this blasted hotel room had a television, and when we next get the local newspaper, we'd know if your suspicions are right. I have the feeling that we are going to have a good adventure, though, so quit worrying!

After a five minute silence, the bags were ready. Penguinpuffdude knew Popcorn was right, but she was still worried.

Penguinpuffdude: I'm sure that when we drove back here, those two penguins in the car next to us when we stopped at the headlights were talking about the terrible situation of the villain overflow.

Popcorn 3000: Don't be silly, they were just joking - I'm sure of that.

Popcorn twitched his nose (with his nose being almost invisible, he looked like he twitched his beak when he did this), and then casually said, facing the audience -

Popcorn 3000: Mr. or Mrs. Narrator, hurry up and get us into three hours' time.

Uh, alright...just stay quiet and you'll be there in what seems like twenty minutes.

6:56 PM, January 29th, 2017
Snowville, Polaris SAD

The mayor of Snowville was waiting patiently in Snowville's EPF base. Many agents were either scouting the city for walri or contacting or updating other EPF bases on the latest finds.

Suddenly, in a separate room that concealed the teleporter entrance, the teleporter started to glow and hum faintly.


Wikipenguino appeared inside the teleporter and staggered out.


Falco materialised next on his back and sat up.


Terry rolled out of the teleporter last.

Wikipenguino: Man, was that very disorientating...

Sam Rudi, the mayor of Snowville, who was also an EPF Agent, turned around to see the three agents.

Sam Rudi: There you are! You've finally made it.

Wikipenguino: Yeah...sorry for the slight delay.

Sam Rudi: Nah, it's fine, I guess. Some of the agents said there's some walri down by the power station trying to-

Suddenly the lights flickered and the screens changed to static. All the agents paused to watch. After a few seconds, the face of a walrus came on all of the screens. It was none other than the leader of the Walrus Crime Ring, Walrus.

Sam Rudi: Trying to do that...

Walrus smiled evilly.

Walrus (on the screen): Well, well, well! It looks like we've been able to hack into the EPF's security system! Mwahaha...

Sam Rudi: You'll never get away with whatever you're doing!

Walrus: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that! You don't even know what we have in store for the final phase of us villains' master plan!

Falco: We're going to PWN you one way or another, you fat, ugly, walrus!

Walrus: Who're you calling fat!?

Falco: I'm calling you fat!


The screens flickered once more and resumed to their usual appearances.

Sam Rudi: So, um, yeah, we needed some agents to get over there and put an end to whatever those walri are up to before things get tougher than they already should be and I think you two could help with that. We'll let some agents come with you and if you need extra support, just give us a call.

Wikipenguino: Alrightio then. Let's roll!

Terry: I am so not looking forward to this one...

7:00 PM, January 29th, 2017
New Duck City, Duck Island

A duck: There are many villains doing bad stuff everywhere in Antarctica...

President Fat Duck: What then?

The other duck: The (Unofficial) Alliance of Greenhogs and Pink Panthers is attacking us, as well!

Fat Duck: Send the army, the navy and the air force to fight them! Oh, i almost forgot...SEND HIM, TOO!

The other duck: Ok.

Fat Duck: Greenhogs and pink panthers smell!

Soon, the navy ships were sailing to Duck Island 2. The air force planes were flying there, as well, and there also were some ferries for the army. Some hours later, they arrived at Duck Island 2. They started fighting the greenhhogs and pink panthers.

A greenhog: You smell!

A pink panther: I agree!

A duck solider: Nope. You two smell instead!

The duck solider deleted the greenhog and the pink panther.

Another pink panther: Ducks are stupid!

Black Duck: YOU are stupid!

Black Duck takes his deletion ray and deletes the pink panther.

Another pink panther: Ducks are idiots!

Black Duck: YOU are an idiot!

Black Duck deletes that pink panther, as well.

Another pink panther: Fat Duck is an stupid idiot!

Black Duck: YOU are an stupid idiot!

Black Duck deletes that pink panther, as well.


Big White Duck: Quack.

A duck cop: You're under arrest!

Big White Duck: No.

Big White Duck throws a spam bomb at the cop duck.

Fat Duck: Quack.

Fat Duck hit Big White Duck with a loaf of bread on the head, put him in a duckproof container and locked the door. Some duck soliders put the container on a truck, drove the truck to a ferry that was in a port near the battlefield and started sailing back to Duck Island.


Fat Duck: WHAT?!?



All the greenhogs and pink panthers surrendered and ran away. The duck navy, air force and the other ferries with the army started going back to Duck Island, as well.

At that moment, Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn were ready to depart with their heavy bags. Bertie was waiting outside, and he too had supplies.

Penguinpuffdude: You can prepare ice when we come back. Hurry up and let's go!

Popcorn 3000: Wait a minute, I have to check this...

Popcorn was prodding at some ice in the fridge, making sure they were completely frozen. With a satisfied look on his face, he picked up his bag and went through the doorway, where Penguinpuffdude was waiting on the steps. She then got up, and waved a handkerchief.

Penguinpuffdude: Goodbye! Don't forget the mango yoghurt for when we come back!

Penguinpuffdude's parents: Au revoir!

As the three penguins waddled to the end of the street, turned a corner and disappeared, Penguinpuffdude's father, Prof. Penguinpuffdude sunk into an armchair, with the day's news.

Prof. Penguinpuffdude: Let's see the headlines for today...

As he read out the headlines, he grew increasingly flustered.

Prof. Penguinpuffdude: "What Will the Villains Do Next? Walri Present in the Neighbourhood of Snowville...Plane Frozen Down...Who Were the Villains Seen Yesterday Night?..."

As he scanned confusedly across the articles, he felt he was getting a headache.

Prof. Penguinpuffdude: Agnes dear, get me some water in ice, err, no, some ice in water...some water cup in ice...oh, I don't know, just get me a cup of water with some ice...

As Agnes Penguinpuffdue went to the fridge, she barely noticed what was inside the cubes, and instead dunked five of them into a glass of plain water. As she gave it to Prof. Penguinpuffdude, he was about to drink it when he saw what was inside.

Prof. Penguinpuffdude: Hey, what's with the ice?! Why's there a fly in here? That bad lad!

Meanwhile, Popcorn and Bertie were fixing up their tents. Penguinpuffdude was extremely annoyed, as for some reason Popcorn had took nose-pegs instead of tent pegs, so they had to make do with rocks. Since she needed to simmer her temper, she was crouching on a rock in the woodland, looking through a pair of binoculars.

Bertie: Anything you can see yet?

Penguinpuffdude took them off, had a good look at the lens and put them back to her eyes.

Penguinpuffdude: I can't see anything yet, but I will see something if you stop bothering me...

Popcorn 3000 had just began the fire for the kettle, and was inclined to do something else than prepare to sit on the grass with a hot cup of instant coffee, which he didn't like anyway. He then waddled up to her and offered a flipper, by saying -

Popcorn 3000: Let me try. I have better eyes than most of the other chicks in the neighbourhood, so mine have got to be better than yours. Why does it have to be at this time of night anyway?

Penguinpuffdude grouchily replied, in an ironic voice, that she chose that time because XenguinXuffXude wouldn't be as incognito than in the daytime, and then continued with the comment that if he had such good eyesight, then perhaps he could see XenguinXuffXude without a pair of binoculars.

With this piece of semi-twisted logic, he wrenched the binoculars off Penguinpuffdude, who then sulkily advanced to her tent, and looked through them.

Popcorn 3000: The lens are clouded up! No wonder you couldn't see anything!

Hardly noticing a furious glare from Penguinpuffdude, he wiped them on a leaf, and looked through them again.

Popcorn 3000: Ah, I see her. Waddled past those two large trees, but now she's gone. Let's go there.


The two then had a hard time to get her to calm down by saying that if she shouted like that then XenguinXuffXude would know they were watching her, and they finally managed to succeed. Once they had extinguished the short-lived fire, they waddled single-file to the alleged area.

Popcorn 3000: I can't see a single thing! Who forgot to bring the torches? I would have-

Popcorn continued no more, as he had tripped over a steel ring hidden under a pile of earth. Penguinpufdude was gleefully smiling at this piece of schadenfreude, while Bertie was opening a first-aid kit, with difficulties trying to keep from laughing himself.

Popcorn 3000: Can't you see I'm right? XenguinXuffXude passed here! I see her footprints! And stop looking at me like that!

Bertie: Well, I have to make a point that if you do have such good eyesight you would have spotted that in the ground.

Popcorn scowled at this semi-taunt, but then, luckily, the attention was turned back onto the steel ring.

Penguinpuffdude: Maybe there is a trapdoor under this. Let's try lifting it.

As the three picked themselves up, they scraped off the earth and managed to lift it. A staircase loomed below.

Penguinpuffdude: Well then, the one with the best eyesight goes first. And by that, I mean you, Popcorn.

After casting a furious glance at Penguinpuffdude, he went down first, followed by Penguinpuffdude and Bertie, who closed the trapdoor as he entered, with a soft thud.

Back in Snowville, Old Town, one of the neighbourhoods, had been evacuated do to the presence of walri. The sun was no longer visible an had sunk below the horizon. The sky was a deep blue and the whole vicinity was darkened.

Falco, Wikipenguino, Terry and a few more EPF agents were on the rooftop of a building and were communicating by whipsering to each other.

Falco: I'd love nothing better than for that fat guy to show his face so I can give him a lesson...

Terry: You can't just do that, he can greatly injure you. Don't underestimate a walrus.

Wikipenguino: Down there guys, look!

Wikipenguino and some of the agents had spotted something with their binoculars.

Larger-than-penguin-sized figures were moving across the street to what seemed to be Snowville's telecommunication centre.

Wikipenguino: We gotta follow them. Let's go!

They all came back down the way the entered and quietly followed them into the centre.

Agent #1: Uh, we got a problem...The front area is being guarded by walri.

Falco: Looks like we're just going to have to try the back door.

Agent #2: I've checked, there's a walrus guarding it too.

Wikipenguino: Then the only way to do this is to take him out swiftly and silently.

The agents were careful not to get spotted. Unfortunately, one of them slightly disturbed a bag of rubbish in an alleyway. The walrus turned their way.

Walrus: Who's there?

Wikipenguino: Oh no...

The walrus shuffled closer to where they were hiding.

Walrus: Hmmm...must've been the wind...

One of the agents fired a sleeping dart which hit the walrus once he returned to his position. The walrus instantly collapsed and fell asleep.

Falco: I still can't believe he actually thought it was the wind.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, me neither. Well, let's get in before he wakes up. Then we'll be in trouble.

The team slowly opened the back door then locked it behind them.

Falco: Wow, it's dark in here.

He used his flippers to create a small fire which glowed just enough for them to see their surroundings. A few crates, boxes and other itmes lined the walls.

Wikipenguino: This must be the back room...

Terry: I think the main door is here!

Terry pushed open a metal door which creaked open.

It was even darker in the next room.

Wikipenguino: Huh. They must've gotten to the power switch. Walruses...


The agents froze.

Agent #1: What was that?

Wikipenguino: I'm getting that strange, creepy feeling that we're being watched. Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Falco: As a ninja, I can tell you that this would be a great opportunity for any other ninja to sneak up on us so just watch your back anyways...

Terry: Can we move forward? I'm not a fan of silent, dark spaces especially with that creepy feeling that Wikipenguino just mentioned.

Agent #2: Let's take out our night vision goggles, maybe that will help.

The agents all pulled out their night vision goggles and turned them on.

Terry: This is the lobby of Snowville's telecommunications centre isn't it?

Agent #3: It sure is...

Wikipenguino: I'm telling you, somebody is on our tail for sure. It's real quiet. Too quiet...If I'm not right I'll be a-

Suddenly, something tiny and metallic made a sound that echoed throughout the building.

A ninja star was wedged into the ground right were Wikipenguino was going to step next.

Wikipenguino:...slab of smoked salmon...

The agents looked up.

Agent #1: NINJA WALRI!!!

Indeed, on the ceiling above them, walri in ninja suits were hanging silently from the light fixtures. The immediately leapt to different locations as soon as the agent yelled. Everyone took out their weapons. Falco started chasing one of them and leapt over a set of stairs leading to a higher platform.


Wikipenguino: I DON'T KNOW EITHER!

It was hard to keep track of the ninjas' movements as the were all leaping and moving swiftly and soundlessly from one place to another.

Wikipenguino: Take this!

He activated his keysaber and slashed at nothing but thin air.

Wikipenguino: Wait, what? Where did he go?

Wikipenguino whirled around to see the walrus he was after. The walrus kicked at him and Wikipenguino dodged just in time, narrowly avoiding the walrus, but tripped over and fell onto his back.

Agent #1: How're we supposed to catch them!?

Wikipenguino: I don't think we can!

Falco blasted jets of flame into the darkness, brightening it up temporarily which the ninjas avoided.

Oblivious to these events, Penguinpuffdude, Popcorn and Bertie were crawling along at a snail's pace in a cramped tunnel. They had crossed the flight of stairs, and fifteen minutes ago found they had to crawl in the tunnel, for the height was not enough for even a chick to stand on tiptoes, let alone a full-grown EPF agent. Popcorn had fallen to entertaining everybody by inserting references that break the fourth wall continuously in his speech, which was received amicably and kept them going.

Back at Snowville's telecommunications centre, the team was still having trouble fighting off the ninjas still attacking them. The fact that it was very dark didn't help either.

Agent #1: What should we do!?

Wikipenguino: Quick! Call for support!

The agents hastily pulled out their spyphones and called for support.

Falco: GUYS! In here! We can stay in here while they arrive!

The agents quickly ran back into the room they came from connecting the back entrance to the main lobby. The walri were catching up quickly. Falco created a wall of flame just as the last agent made it in before slamming the door and promptly locking it. The others pushed the heavy crates against the wall and stacked items on top of it.

Agent #2: Phew! That should hold them!


The boxes and other items lined against the walls shuddered and shook. The little space that they could see the door from revealed that there was a large dent in it.

Wikipenguino: Or not...

Terry: W-well, what're we gonna do? We can't just sit here, they'll break in and pound us into penguin and puffle pancakes! And I am not looking forward to that.


Agent #3: This is bad...let's escape through the back door!

Falco: Huh...how come we never thought of this earlier...

But suddenly, they heard a pounding from the other side of the door.

Walrus: Hey! Let me in! Or I'll tear this door down myself!

Terry: Uh oh...he's woken up. The dart I assume didn't last long.


Some of the boxes fell over.

Agent #1: What are we going to do? We can't give up now!

Wikipenguino: The walls, apart from the one leading into the room with those walri which we don't want to go back into, are too thick for my keysaber, I can't saw through those either.


Terry gulped.

Terry: We're done for.

An awful lot of noise seemed to be happening on the other side of the door with the sound of heavy things falling to the floor and others crashing.

Wikipenguino: Well, I guess, if this really is the end, it was nice knowing you all, may we all rest in pepperonis...

Suddenly, something long, glowing, blue and in the shape of the end of a key came right through the door cutting through and burning some of the boxes and objects made them all jump. A closer look revealed that it was the blade of a keysaber.

Falco: They must've found your keysaber!

Wikipenguino: T-that's impossible, I've got mine right here!

Terry: Whoever it is, we'd better be prepared!

The agents took out their pistols and weapons and Wikipenguino activated his keysaber. Falco's flippers were alight with flame.

The door was almost fully cut open by the keysaber and suddenly fell down with a loud clang. A penguin-shaped figure was standing there holding a blue keysaber.

Wikipenguino: W-who are you? Reveal yourself!

Falco: Yeah! Don't make me burn you!

The penguin waddled forward and the light from Falco's flaming flippers and Wikipenguino's keysaber made it clear that it was an aqua penguin wearing a red horned helmet and had a jet pack on his back.

Star kirby12: Relax guys, you can put down your weapons, it's me!

Wikipenguino: Star? Is that actually you?

Star: It sure is.

The agents lowered their defences and looked extremely relieved. The flame on Falco's flippers turned into smoke. The ninja walri lay motionless on the ground behind Star.

Star: Everyone alright?

Falco: Pretty much, yeah. Man, we thought you were another one of those walri...

Star: Nah, they've been dealt with. They were fast, and not easy to catch, but they're out cold anyways. You called for support?

Terry: We did. Walruses aren't our thing I guess.

Agent #2: Especially when they're ninjas.

Falco: Well, now that you're here, we probably need your help. There's a walrus outside that's just dying to get his tusks on us.

Star: Pretty sure they've been handled too. I let the others that came with me to tackle any guards while I flew in through the main entrance. The Director's been assigning me to different places, but while I was here, I thought I'd help out.

Wikipenguino: Great! I'm not convinced those were the last of the walri, though. There could still be some in the building.

The agents waddled into the building while trying to observe their surroundings. They were sure to be extra careful as they reached the next room.

Agent #3: Any idea where the light switch may be?

Star: Probably in the next rooms.

Falco: No doubt we're going to have to fight our way through more of them and encounter that fat-

???: I AM NOT FAT!!!

The lights suddenly came on to reveal walruses coming in from every entrance. Walrus was amongst them and looked furious.

Walrus: You think you can call me fat!? Penguin, you will be the first to feel the wrath of the Walrus Crime Ring!

Walrus turned to the other walruses.

Walrus: Get them.

The agents immediately took out their weapons as the walruses closed in.

Terry: What do we do!?

Suddenly, Star noticed the power control box being guarded by two walruses. He took out his Mike Sword and threw it straight at the box. Much to their surprise, the walruses kept advancing. In addition, the shortage of power has led some Ninja Walruses to their location.

Falco: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

When it looked like they were done for, a few blasts of hot sauce melted a huge group of the walruses. The mysterious hero jumped to the heroes to reveal himself.

Walrus: A traitor!

Iron Walrus: I AM NOT A TRAITOR.


Zeno124 and DevMel66 suddenly wedged their way into this story.

Zeno: Dev, you know what I don't understand?

Dev: What?

Zeno: During this entire story, neither of us have appeared. Not even mentioned once.

Dev: Well now it seems that we're in it since the voices just spoke again.

Zeno: Maybe our head voice forgot to include us in this story because he was a little late on finding out about it. What can we do?

Dev: I think someone watched SnowBob earlier, and you created that show, so I guess that counts... but our voice will find a way, right, head voice?

Er... it seems impossible to put you two in the main events currently happening, so I'd recommend you stay as useless side characters.

Zeno: Alright, enough fourth-wall breaking for one story! Dev, I have to go, I should be interrogating Xeno right now.

Dev: Alright. See ya.

Zeno hung up his icePhone and turned to where his x-antibody Xeno should've been. Instead there was a chair with open flippercuffs on the seat.

Zeno: Of course, he got away. This is what happens when you enter a story late, Zeno!

Enough was enough. The lowering levels of oxygen and increasing output of carbon dioxide was enough to make everybody in the tunnel feel dizzy and bad tempered. Even Popcorn, the jolliest of the lot, had a hard time keeping his temper.

Popcorn 3000: Hey, I know the head voice (or narrator, choose as you like) read a book about some fluffy puffle named after a plant or something who escaped its home through a stuffy tunnel like this.

Bertie: What head voice?

Penguinpuffdude: Shut up, Popcorn.

Popcorn 3000: You were close to breaking the fourth wall there.

Popcorn proceeded to whistle "Home Sweet Home".

Penguinpuffdude: I said shut up! If you don't, then I'll punch you from behind!

Popcorn found that his best attempts at making everybody regain their spirits were slacking. He was beginning to regret having spotted XenguinXuffXude when he began to smell fresher air. Evidently the other two hadn't, as Penguinpuffdude was complaining how stuffy the tunnel was. At last, he heard somebody flop on the ground.

Penguinpuffdude: I'm done. Finished. Can't go further.

Bertie was close to flopping down himself too, and Popcorn realized that there was only sixty yards left until he could smell the tunnel got wide enough for them to even stand, and there was also a lot of air in the spacious part too. In a moment of desperation, he instructed Bertie to grip her feet, with Penguinpuffdude holding onto his own feet, so he could drag them all out. It was a difficult job, and Popcorn himself didn't know how he did it, but he managed to cross the last sixty yards and, with Bertie kicking for extra speed for the last ten yards, finally flopped himself as soon as they were all in the spacious part.

Popcorn 3000: Ugh. It would be nice if you two managed to drag me out through those small air holes in the roof over there. So much for good eyesight!

Unlike Popcorn, who was leading the way and therefore had plenty of space to stretch his arms, Penguinpuffdude and Bertie could stretch their limbs at last, and quickly became cheerful.

Bertie: Well, that explains the fresher air in here. Shame it isn't light yet, or else you wouldn't need to use your good eyesight.

Penguinpuffdude: Seriously, who dug this tunnel? If it was XenguinXuffXude, then she's pretty determined. The cramped tunnel was simply awful. Who didn't think of bringing a supplies bag in here?

Bertie had, however, thought ahead, and produced three foldable mugs (Penguinpuffdude gasped when she saw this), a flask of water and his latest invention - powdered bread. Penguinpuffdude helped Popcorn to sit up, as Bertie stirred the powder with a foldable spoon. Instantly the bread puffed up, and was edible in under one minute.

Bertie: I am a part-time inventor too, by the way.

Popcorn 3000: Normally I'd say "what's the point of powdered bread when you can waddle to the local bakery?", but you've saved our stomachs.

As they finished their meal, they rested for half an hour, when they decided to set off again. At that moment, footsteps could be heard. They all kept quiet, when suddenly a Str00del waddled out of the darkness, screamed, and ran back. At that moment, everybody was in hot pursuit of the penguin, with Popcorn, once again, leading the way.

Popcorn 3000: Quick! After him! I was right after all - XenguinXuffXude must have been here to meet accomplices, or why would there be a str00del in this place!

As they ran, Popcorn slipped on a stray brick, and fell into a hole which they had previously not noticed.

Penguinpuffdude: POPCORN!

As she looked down the hole, nothing could be heard but dewdrops.

Bertie: Don't be upset. He'll get out of it somehow. We both know him. Come on.

As Penguinpuffdude did her best to choke back the sobs, she cautiously crept along the edge of the hole, followed by Bertie, and left the scene, trying to think what Popcorn would have done in that sort of a situation.

Back at the Snowville telecommunications centre, the walruses were still stunned at Iron Walrus' sudden entrance.

Wikipenguino: Oh wait, is it our scene now?

Terry: We shouldn't keep the reader waiting.


Iron Walrus: Bring it on!

The many walruses advanced on the penguins and Iron Walrus. The agents put on their night-vision goggles then proceeded to attack. With Iron Walrus' help, their combined efforts were proven to be effective against the many walri. Walrus attempted to back away. Star kirby noticed and used his jet pack to fly ahead of him and land in front.

Star: You're not getting away that easily!

Walrus grinned evilly.

Walrus: We'll see about that!

Star took out his keysaber and held his Mike Sword in the other and swung at Walrus who dodged and ducked. After a minute of fighting or so, Walrus managed to knock Star's keysaber out of his flippers and make him stumble backwards slightly.

Walrus: Ha! Now I've got you!

Walrus was about to do something, but Wikipenguino jumped forwards and held his flipper in front of Walrus.

Wikipenguino: STOP! I know kung-fu!

Star looked skeptical.

Star: Do you really?

Wikipenguino: Well, uh, no I don't actually, I was just trying to distract him while you-

Star: Watch out!

Suddenly, Walrus swiped at Wikipenguino with his tusks. Wikipenguino, who noticed before it could do too much damage, attempted to dodge but was knocked onto the floor.

Walrus: HA! Now, it's your turn-OOF!

Walrus was blasted onto his side by Iron Walrus. Before Iron Walrus could do anything else, More ninja walruses descended from the ceiling and attacked him. Star tried to go after Walrus, but was met with more ninjas.

Star: He's getting away!

Walrus left through another back entrance along with a few of the other walri.

Some of the other agents attempted to follow but were blocked by more walruses.

Outside from the telecommunications centre, the agents who had followed Star had no idea what was happening.

Agent #4: What's taking them so long? Are Star and Iron Walrus still not enough support?

Agent #5: Wait, what's that noise?


Agent #4: What...is...that...?

A solid white helicopter made of what appeared to be text characters flew upwards from behind the building until it was high enough in the sky. Before they could do anything, the helicopter quickly retreated out of sight and appeared to go through a portal. The agents only managed to catch a glimpse of a walrus wearing red glasses through the window.

ROFLCOPTER (vehicle) image.gif

Suddenly, the agents from inside the building and Iron Walrus rushed out.

Agent #4: There you guys are! We just saw a few other walruses leave the building before you!

Star: Where are they now?

Agent #6: ...in some sort of helicopter...

Agent #4: They flew into a portal and got away. Sadly, there was nothing we could do about it. None of us brought a grappling hook or something that could catch them quick enough.

Star: *sigh*

Falco: Great. That's the second time it's happened to us. Are we making any progress around here?

Wikipenguino: Well, we did just take out a bunch of Walrus Crime Ring members that are all going behind bars, thanks to the help of ol' Iron Walrus here, so I guess that's a start, isn't it?

Terry: Pretty much.

Wikipenguino: I've now informed Tux of the news. He's just said we have to be ready for tomorrow for yet another mission that he has for us. This is one truly insane mission, eh?

Terry: *Sigh* let's go back to base then. When will this adventure end?

Wikipenguino: An agent's work is never done. But I think it'll probably end as soon as the writers of this story say so.

Falco: But for now, as Wikipeng said, we can't sit around like statues when there's villains on the loose like that evil crook of a penguin. We've still gotta catch 'em all.

Back in the underground tunnel, Popcorn still felt like he was falling through the hole. The brick had only fallen on his foot, which was a good deal less painful than when he crashed onto the ground. He thought it better to close his eyes, and fell into a semi-dream like state.

A humming sound could be heard. Was it three penguins talking in a train? No, it was the sound of a propeller turning, and those three penguins could be seen inside an areoplane. An orange-feathered pilot was chatting informally with his two passengers - a cousin and a niece.

Penguin 1: Goodness, your life has been full of adventures. I just remembered something that you've never told me in detail about - can you tell me about the time when you crashed your plane in that desert place? You know, before you got your plane but when you were a commander.

Pilot: Weel, ah was jusht showing mah playnes where ta flie, when mah oil shupplies wan out and mah plane shuddenly began to fall. Ah had enough tame ta parashoot from da plane, and guessh where ah landed! Into a dishushed tunnel, an then ah rolled and well into shome kinda disushsed well!

He coughed, and a silence came. The second penguin blew her nose obnoxiously to signal to him to carry on.

Pilot: Ah yesh, ah fell unconshious, and den ah had ta climb out. Dere wash shome holesh on the well, which wash handy, and den ah ushed a shtray propeller from mah plane to protect mahself, jusht in case. And ah ushed it ta climb out. Out. Out.

The last word echoed innumerable times, and the penguins disappeared. The propeller began to hum again, and no more.

Popcorn came to his senses, and found himself mumbling to himself about his memoirs. He stopped, got up, and threw the brick outside the hole. He found that in certain places in the totally random and unexpected hole that there were some bricks jutting out. Using these as a sort of ladder, he ignored the pain in his foot and climbed out. Using his sense of smell, he figured that the part he was facing had plenty of fresh air, so that part must have been where they were eating the powdered bread. Picking the brick, he waddled cautiously to the other side of the hole, and walked calmly on.

7:30 PM, January 29th, 2017

Meanwhile, the walruses from the helicopter who had entered the portal reappeared on an island that seemed to be far from any civilization. Xary and a few other evil scientists were present on the island.

Walrus: Those foolish penguins thwarted us again! And I can't believe that double-crossing traitor of a walrus showed up to aid them!

A puffle was situated on top of yet another machine. He pulled a lever and the portal behind them vanished. He turned around and the walri recognized Dr. Aye-Que.

Aye-Que: Luckily, while you were all doing whatever you were doing, We were creating...

Xary pulled a large veil off of something huge.

Aye-Que: Behold...ALBERT!

The walruses looked confused. Before them stood what was presumably a huge computer screen.

Walrus: You named a computer screen "Albert"? This is more anticlimactic than I thought it would be...

Aye-Que: It's not just a screen. Allow us to show you...

Xary flipped a few switches behind the screen.

The screen suddenly sprung into life. It lit up and a humming noise could be heard. Solid-green words appeared on the screen in a console-like format against a dark green background and were individually narrated by a classic monotone computer voice.


Walrus: So you took all this time to build a talking computer?

Aye-Que: No, keep watching!


The words cleared themselves from the screen and were replaced by a smiling penguin made simply of solid-green outline.


Walrus: What...?

The machine spoke, but this time with a more natural voice.

Albert: Hello. My name is Albert. How are you today?

Walrus: So it is actually a talking computer.

Aye-Que: No, you fool! It's an AI system! An artificial intelligence! With a little help from your hacking tools and programs, we were able to create this! Albert is an obedient and intelligent computer designed to help us put an end to the rest of the fools who think they can stop us. As soon as he's done, he'll be useful in accessing the electrical and online world. I don't even think Tails will be able to stop us now, heh heh...

Chapter 2: An Impossible Mission[edit]

9:00 PM, January 29th, 2017
Residential Server, Club Penguin Island

Mr Cow2 was at home, relaxing.

Mr Cow2: Nothing says rotting the brain more than staying up late! Yep, these are the good times.

Suddenly, a helicopter hovered over his igloo, dropped down a claw Aqua Grabber style, and scooped up the entire igloo and some of the ice surrounding it.

Mr Cow2: Oh come on, I payed my rent! Or maybe this is about the vacuum cleaner.

The helicopter headed for the EPF HQ, one full igloo in tow.

8:30 AM, January 30th, 2017
McDonald's City EPF Wing, Mcdonalds City

Agent X1: Hey, we need to move.

Agent R99: No way, un! I have to watch the rest of the All-Stars game vs. the Philly Cheesestake Jetpacks! Look, Jonathan Wilson got a hat trick on this one!

Agent X1 facepalms. Then, Agent R99 turned his head facing toward Agent X1

Agent R99: What is it, then?

Agent X1: Look, Antarctica's most improbable terrorists have swept the nation. We tried to stop them, but failed. We have lost A23469 and O234-P69 so far. Our wing needs some more reinforcements, so move it!

Agent R99: Why don't you just call the other wings?

Agent X1: Oh, the other wings are fine. The South Pole City and Club Penguin Island wings are on the case, and are doing extremely well. They don't need our help.

At the last second, Agent R99 turned off the TV.

Agent R99: Then let's go!

Agent X1: For a rookie, you are sure incomprehensible.

Agent R99: Oh shut up.

10:00 AM, January 30th, 2017
Local Police Station, Blizzardville

Penguinpuffdude (who was carrying a bag, which the other two thought unnecessary), Popcorn and Bertie were on the road to the local police station, smiling, to go and interrogate both XenguinXuffXude, and the newly-discovered Penxuinxuffdude. Last night had been very lucky.

Flashback begins

Bertie and Penguinpuffdude were crestfallen after Popcorn had slipped and fallen down the totally random and out-of-place deep hole, but could see some light at the end of the tunnel. When they reached it, it was revealed to be a door on real hinges, covering light from a room inside. It was wide enough for them to look inside comfortably, without being spotted from inside. What they saw was astonishing - a large group of Str00dels all sitting on chairs, and two other infamous-looking penguins, one with purple feathers, one with blue feathers and a miner's hat, who were sitting side-by-side.

Penguinpuffdude (whispering): That's XenguinXuffXude, but I have no idea who the purple one is.

Suddenly, the babbling group of Str00dels were silenced by the purple penguin, who began to speak.

???: I, Penxuinxuffdude, have to inform you that my delightful host XenguinXuffXude will now unveil her plans to the public, also known as YOU.

Saying this sentence with a mixture of irony and annoyance, she walked to the middle of the room and stood there, turned the light onto a veiled blackboard, and faced XenguinXuffXude, with crossed arms and a sly face.

Penxuinxuffdude in Operation-Improbable.png

XenguinXuffXude: 1 UNV31L M^ [email protected]$T [email protected]!

She unveiled the blackboard, which showed a messy plan of some sort of mechanical spaghetti, covered in the str00del alphabet. The phone suddenly rang

XenguinXuffXude: @H, 1N TH3 N1CK 0F 71M3! H3LL0, W1K1P3NGU1N0 X?

Everybody couldn't help gasping when they heard this. The blundering idiot, XenguinXuffXude, collaborating with the scheming Wikipenguino X? That sounded impossible!

XenguinXuffXude: C#@NG3 T0 [email protected]$# T3$7, PLZ. H3LL0, G07 7#3 [email protected]#3771 [email protected]^? G00D, G00D. JU$7 S3ND 17 1N T#3 P0$7. 0K, T#@NK$, B^3.

She put down the phone, only to have it ring again.

XenguinXuffXude: H3LL0, [email protected]^R0CK3R?

Most of the penguins in the room, especially Penxuinxuffdude, groaned. He was only, they thought, a green-shirted fool with a ridiculous name.

Penxuinxuffdude (whispering): Of all the silly fools...

XenguinXuffXude had a friendly chat with him about some mechanisms, and finally put the phone down. She then proceeded to explain to her companions what she had devised - robotic spaghetti.

Bertie (whispering): Now's our chance! Ambush them or something, and leave it to me to do the rest!

Penguinpuffdude obediently went on all fours, and crawled like an eel underneath the chairs, which were conveniently everywhere in the room, towards the two villains. Suddenly, she grabbed a foot (she didn't know whose it was), and pulled it under. Whoever it was screamed obnoxiously, meaning that she had ambushed XenguinXuffXude. As Penxuinxuffdude tried to pull her out, to no avail, Bertie suddenly rolled, EPF-agent style, into the centre of the room.

Bertie: I am Agent Bertie, part of the Spy Division of the EPF, and I have come to arrest you.

Showing his EPF badge to the villains, he signaled to Penguinpuffdude, whose head was out, to let go of XenguinXuffXude's foot, and once she was pulled out and on her feet, he pressed a button which ejected a net onto the two villains, trapping them.

Bertie: Now, I think that you will have some explaining to do once we are at the police station. So will these str00dels.

All that time, however, a str00del (who also happened to be the same one present at Darktan's meeting, hence the using of his "robotic spaghetti" idea) was underneath a chair, because he had dropped his pencil and notebook. He was, however, the first to see Penguinpuffdude wriggling along the chairs en route to ambush her enemies, and, being somewhat of a coward, had hidden all that time underneath. Once everybody's attention was solely on Bertie, however, he wriggled himself out, winked to Penxuinxuffdude, who was the only one whose eyes were trained on him, and crept behind Bertie.

Bertie: Hey, why are you smiling at me like that?

With a shout, the str00del pushed him over, and, using a piece of string conveniently on the ground, quickly tied his flippers. Penxuinxuffdude, throughout this, looked like she was going to cackle.

Penxuinxuffdude: Well well, Mr. EPF Agent, it looks like the boot is now on the other foot. Str00del, just release us and leave us to deal with Penguinpuffdude.

At that moment, as the str00del reached for the custom-made EPF badge ("An idea I picked up in a bookstore", said Bertie later), with Penguinpuffdude looking on in horror, a well-aimed brick smacked the str00del right on the flipper, causing him to roll and howl in pain. As the mysterious averter-of-disaster stepped out of the tunnel where the brick had suddenly projected, it was none other than Popcorn 3000, with a handful of bricks.

Popcorn 3000: Don't move, unless you all want to be howling like walruses!

Penguinpuffdude: You made it through!

Bertie: Well, I did tell you. Just untie me, will you?

Using an oddly-shaped brick fashioned like a razor, he cut the tightly-knotted ropes off (which he then dug into the ground, lest a villain somehow escapes and throws the brick at somebody) and, using a ball of string conveniently placed on an empty chair, began to tie the others, beginning with Penxuinxuffdude.

Welcome00: Hey, can I have a hand with tying those villains? I haven't tied a knot in ages!


Welcome00: What, is it wrong for me to hide behind a blackboard? There's a good shortcut, anyway.

He pushed the blackboard-on-wheels away, to reveal a doorway with a faint glimmer of light at the end.

Bertie: Well, then, if you will take my place, I'll just go and bring the police.

Saying thus, he ran out, and into the beginning of dawn.

Penguinpuffdude: Capturing villains is easier than I thought. How did you get out, anyway? Your foot looks rather red!

Popcorn 3000: I'll tell you later. Let's help Welcome with tying the villains first. Wait, Penguinpuffdude, don't just fling that blackboard on the floor - we will need to hand it in to the EPF for safekeeping, evidence and analyzing. That'll have some importance, and, having a look at it now, if we hadn't managed to ambush them, the entire island would have been infected with the X-Virus. I suspect that that blackboard will be classified material.

Flashback ends

As mentioned earlier, the trio were heading their way to the local police station. Once there, they managed to get permission to visit both of them, and was assigned a newcomer officer, who was not very talkative.

Penguinpuffdude: I didn't need to have packed a month's food supplies. Oh sorry, but excuse me, ma'am, could you take us to Ms. Penxuinxuffdude's cell?

The officer grunted ("How unfriendly", thought Popcorn 3000), and guided them to her cell. Using sign-talk, she managed to tell them that she will lock them in just in case they decide to make a run for it with Penxuinxuffdude, and once they finish interrogating them they should knock on the door. Once they were in, she locked the door(as she said), but the room was in total darkness.

Popcorn 3000: What an un-talkative penguin. Somebody switch on the lights, won't they?

Once Bertie had located the light switch, what they saw was shocking. There was nobody in the room, and the iron bars were all on the ground. Penxuinxuffdude had managed to escape.

Popcorn 3000: Quick! We must get out!

No matter how much they knocked, they found they were locked in. By the sound of it, the newcomer officer had made a run for it.

Penguinpuffdude: I had a thought she was suspicious, but of all the items one needs in a situation like this, it should be a bag, and a paperclip.

Penguinpuffdude produced a paperclip from her bag, and picked the lock.

Bertie: Good old Penguinpuffdude, to have thought of taking a paperclip!

Luckily, as they were running out, the first policepenguin they bumped into was a former ex-EPF colleague of Bertie's, a penguin named Fred.

Fred: Whoa there, don't be so excited! Oh, that's you, Bert! I hope you haven't turned to the bad!

Bertie: I'll explain later, but did the newcomer officer ever go to this cell earlier on?

Fred: Yes, and it seemed like she was giving Ms. Penxuinxuffdude (in Solitary Confinement)'s breakfast. She was taking a long time at it.

Bertie: Thanks! Just take us to XenguinXuffXude's cell now, will you? It's urgent!

They ran to the door, and Fred, mumbling to himself that XenguinXuffXude was also in solitary confinement to remind him what he was looking for, fumbled with the keys. As the door swung open, they saw an officer unconscious on the ground, a broken food bowl, and the miserable remains of the breakfast. Not too far from the officer were two identity cards, one for XenguinXuffXude and one for the unfortunate officer.

Fred: I thought I couldn't see her identity card on her uniform.

Bertie: Well, I never!

Penguinpuffdude: Oh, no no no...

Popcorn 3000: I suppose that's what comes of putting villains in solitary confinement, but my head voice tells me this kind of thing has already happened earlier.

2:52 PM, January 30th, 2017
Margate City, Margate

Many miles away, Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry materialized out of a teleporter entrance. Wikipenguino steadied himself and waddled out. Falco appeared moments later, standing up, only to have Terry fall on him, making him collapse.

Wikipenguino: We made it to Margate, as Tux said, alive and all in one piece. Well, I think...

Falco got up.

Terry: What do we do now?

Falco: Tux said he'd tell us the instructions, I think.

Tux: And so I did.

The trio saw Tux standing in front of the doorway.

Tux: Glad to see you made it in unscrathed. I take it you all are fine?

Wikipenguino: Yeah, pretty much. Minus the dizziness from the teleportation.

Tux: Yes, it is agreeable that it can take some time getting used to. I've been relaying information just as of a few hours ago from base to base and seeing as I was already here and you were due to arrive in half an hour, I decided I would tell you in person. I think this mission is where you will come in handy.

Wikipenguino: Sooooo, what're we doing today?

Tux: Well, our sources say that the S.H.A.R.K. may be involved in illegal item trading with Businessmun Incorperated.

Falco: You mean our worst enemy is teaming up with that greedy dirtbag who'll do nothing to earn money?

Tux: According to what we've heard, yes. We need you to look around the city for any shady or possible criminal activity. We hear the Triad may be involved in this crime too. If you can find one of any one of the three companies' members and track them to wherever their secret hideout may be, we might just be able to stop them before things can get worse and the villains obtain what they need. We've also heard they may be forming a "master plan", but we're not sure of it.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, we might've heard it mentioned a few scenes ago.

Tux: Well, anyways, good luck. There are some agents waiting to greet you who will be your teammates in the investigation. Now if you'll excuse me, I must now return to a private project back in Club Penguin.

Wikipenguino: And what may that be...?

Tux: Classified.

Tux stepped into the teleporter entrance and vanished.

Wikipenguino: I wonder what's so private that he can't tell us...?

The three waddled into the next room.

???: Hey! Wikipenguino!

Wikipenguino turned around. It was none other than his old friend, 1337ypeng.

Wikipenguino: 1337y!? W...what're you doing here?

1337ypeng: I work here. Wow, I never expected you to be the one of the agents who were going to aid us..

Wikipenguino: Well, we've been going around tackling villains all around the place but we haven't really made too much success...1337y, this is Falco. And Terry, I believe you've already met long ago.

Falco and 1337y shook flippers.

1337y: Nice to meet you! Anyways, we have the rest of the team over here, who'll be helping us out on this mission.

To 1337y's left was Agent A and Nicktang10.

1337y: Well, we cannot wait around all day, we'd better move.

Nicktang10: Let's go!

3:35 PM, January 30th, 2017
Ski Hill, Club Penguin Island

Zeno124 was continuing to search for Xeno, but he had no luck at all.

Zeno: Now where is that crook?

Suddenly, Zeno's phone rang. Zeno took his phone out of his pocket and saw that Dev was calling him again.

Zeno: What now, Dev?

Dev: I found Xeno! He's just a bit... different.

Zeno: WHAT?!? Where are you?

Dev: On the Ski Hill, what about you?

Zeno: Uhh... that's where I am right now.

Dev: Oh. Uncreative deus ex machina, I suppose.

Zeno: Yeah. No wonder why your voice sounded so close. Alright, I'll hang up until we meet.

Zeno hung up and turned around to find Xeno and Dev. As Zeno walked closer, he saw that Dev's eyes were closed and Xeno was holding him upright.

Xeno: Foolish antibody. As you can see, I made your friend unconscious. But I didn't need to point that out. Just kidding, I definitely did, for more effect. And I wanted to make sure the reader was clear on what happened.

Zeno: Huh? Who was on the phone just now?

Xeno: Me. I learned to speak in non-Ban. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Zeno: And what reader?

Xeno: You'll find out soon enough. For now, you're coming with me.

And Zeno had no idea what happened next, for he passed out the moment after. He was out so cold that he didn't wake up even when a helicopter carrying a full igloo passed right over him. However, neither of them noticed something puny breaking into the helicopter at the speed of a bullet.

Meanwhile, back in Margate City, the agents were patrolling around a rather crowded area. Nick was looking downwards from a rooftop, Agent A posing as a civilian at a nearby café, 1337y by a car they had taken to get there, while the others were waddling around the area looking for suspicious activity. All of them were communicating using their spyphones.

Terry: Is this the right area?

Nick: This is where most of them were spotted, yes. Seen anything?

Agent A: Nothing yet.

1337y: Nope, zero villains on my end.

Falco: We got nothing too.

Wikipenguino pulled out a gadget that looked like an earpiece out of his hoodie pocket.

Wikipenguino: Maybe this'll help! This gadget's supposed to be something like a much more powerful microphone, useful for picking up conversations. I'll scout around using this and see what I can pick up.

Wikipenguino waddled over to the café Agent A was at and noticed the menu.

Wikipenguino: H-hot chocolate!? Well, it wouldn't hurt to just get some...would it...?

Wikipenguino waddled into the store. Many penguins were seated and in deep conversation.

Wikipenguino waddled to the counter.

Wikipenguino: I'll have one cup of hot chocolate, please.

As the penguin went to go get his order, Wikipenguino overheard a few words that grabbed his attention.

???: ...S.H.A.R.K. is offering us a lot of money for the trade...

Wikipenguino turned up his earpiece.

???: We're due to meet in Businessmun's tower in about 20 minutes, so we'd better move.

Two penguins in suits got up from a table and waddled towards the entrance.

Cashier Penguin: Sir, here's your hot chocolate.

Wikipenguino gave him the money and slowly took his cup before following the two penguins and getting his walkie talkie.

Wikipenguino: Guys, I think I got them. Two men in suits just leaving the cafe Agent A is in.

Agent A: On it!

Agent A pulled out his pistol.

One of the suited penguins noticed, pulled out theirs and fired an ice bullet which went right into the window, shattering it. Penguins screamed and rushed away from the area at the sound of the noise. Agent A dropped onto the ground and avoided the bullet as it smashed the glass window of the café.

Nick: What was that!?

Agent A brushed broken glass off of himself.

Agent A: The two penguins are getting away and they've got weapons!

1337y: I'll start the car!

Nick started sprinting down a staircase from the rooftop while Agent A rushed after the agents and 1337y started the car. Wikipenguino gulped down his hot chocolate quickly before joining Falco and Terry in scouting around for the two penguins. Terry spotted one of the two suited penguins and they stared at each other for a moment before the penguin followed his companion.

Terry: There they are!

The two penguins had just disappeared behind a corner and into an alleyway. Wikipenguino drew out his ditto gun and Falco's flippers were sparkling with flame once again. The trio rushed but only saw the brick wall in front of them.

Falco: Hey! Where did they....?

Suddenly, a dart hit Falco and he suddenly collapsed.

Wikipenguino: Falco! Are you still alive!?

???: That depends on how willing you are to cooperate.

Wikipenguino whirled around only to black out as the penguin hit him hardly on the forehead.

Terry grabbed the walkie talkie.


But the two penguins took the walkie talkie, stuffed Terry into a sack, and tied it firmly.


The penguins dragged the unconscious Wikipenguino and Falco next to the curb. A black limousine pulled up in front of them and the penguins got inside and took Wikipenguino, Falco and the trapped Terry inside before slamming the door.

Nicktang rushed out of the building he was on top of moments before. Police sirens could be heard in the distance 1337y was waiting in the car beside him. Agent A was already in and signalled Nick to hurry inside.

Nick: Where's Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry?

1337y: I saw them just get shoved into what I'm sure was a limo...No time to lose, we gotta find them!

1337y stepped hard on the pedal and the car rushed off, picking up speed.

Agent A: There's the car, up ahead!

Sure enough, the same car that had abducted the trio could be seen in the distance. It was sitting idle in front of a red traffic light. Several cars were in the way of the three agents' car.

1337y: Here's a better idea!

1337y directed the car onto the pavement.

Penguins screamed and dived out of the way as the car shakily rumbled across the street. It knocked aside a table and several items in the way.

Nick: What are you doing!?

1337y: Trust me, we'll get there faster! SORRY! And, Sorry about that one-Oooh, that's gonna leave a mark....sorry!

1337y continued to yell apologies at anyone he saw has he steered his way over the pavement.

Agent A: Oh, boy...

The car rammed a few bags of rubbish aside before going back onto the main road. The limo was now only a few cars ahead of them.

1337y: See? We're nearing them!

After about 10 minutes of driving, the two cars neared a tall building with the words "BUSINESSMUN INCORPORATED" labelled on a sign in front of it.

1337y pulled into a nearby parking space.

Agent A: Well...that was one...roller coaster of a journey....let's start making our way over to the tower.

In Blizzardville, Penguinpuffdude, Popcorn 3000 and Bertie had finally rediscovered their camp, and were hurriedly re-packing their tent in order to go searching for XenguinXuffXude and Penxuinxuffdude again. The unfortunate unconscious officer had recovered two hours before, and have given them all the details of what had happened, which, being slow-talking due to the symptoms of concussion and slightly forgetful, had taken an hour.

Firstly, the officer had taken the food bowl for XenguinXuffXude from the kitchen, and had waddled into her cell. Furious at being imprisoned, at first, she had been eating the food in pretend relish, when she suddenly beckoned the officer to come closer, and then smashed the food bowl over the poor penguin's head. The officer briefly regained consciousness sometime later, and noticed that the prisoner had taken the officer's uniform, and was in the process of unclipping the ID badge, which she threw on the floor aside her own ID card and photograph, and then, putting the coat collar too high to cover her face, waddled out and locked the door behind her. The then semi-conscious officer could only assume that she was heading for Penxuinxuffdude's cell; unfortunately, before the officer could do anything to prevent it, he lost consciousness again.

Another officer outside, who was listening carefully, suddenly provided them with the information that he saw that XenguinXuffXude was holding a clumsily-concealed razor, but did not stop her when she growled that it was for herself; he later assumed that this was with the intention of breaking her accomplice out by sawing off the iron bars, and had just figured out that as the two guessed that the trio were going to come, she waited until our protagonists came, in order to make them into mistaken prisoners, and then safely escape themselves.

As soon as the trio were about to depart, they were given an alarm that the two were seen running desperately past a garage, and were asked to come to look for evidence immediately. They came as soon as they could, and wasted an hour trying to find clues. Then, on the way back, they were caught in a traffic jam, which cost them 35 minutes more, and proceeded to get lost in the woodlands, and had finally found the camp a few minutes earlier, and now they were having trouble packing the last tent.

Penguinpuffdude: Hurry and put that in the bag, or we'll never find her!

Popcorn was whistling to pass the time. Suddenly, the wind began to blow, causing the neatly-folded tent to unfold.

Popcorn 3000: What ails this tent?

The tent began to fly away.

Bertie: What ails this wind? Quick, catch it!

Penguinpuffdude: This comes of whistling for wind when we don't need it!

Popcorn 3000: I didn't know it applied for land as well as sea!

Putting their bags on (with the two other folded tents), they ran as if it was for their lives, in order to catch the tent. Eventually, they decided to give up, and thought that "what's one tent less when you have two?".

Penguinpuffdude: Goodbye, tent. It was your fault, Popcorn.

Popcorn 3000: In return, I did save you from str00dels and villains, didn't I?

Eventually, the two penguins quarreled, wasting more time. Bertie sat amused on a tree trunk, and watched while eating some instant powdered popcorn in a mug. Nobody but Bertie noticed a helicopter towing an igloo away, but even so, he thought it was some new advertising campaign, and didn't take it seriously. Nobody noticed that they were lost, either, and more importantly, nobody noticed that a looming shadow passed over Bertie, knocked him out with a groan, and dragged him away.

Back in Margate, the agents were having no luck getting in the tower. Two security guards at the front had refused to give the entry, no matter what.

1337y: How're we supposed to get in there? Who knows what they could be doing with the others...

Agent A: Well, if we can't get into the building...

Agent A opened the back of the car and stood aside to let the other two see.

Agent A: Then the only way forward is up.

Inside were three jet packs.

Agent A: We'll get in through the top of the building!

Nick: Perfect!

The agents equipped the jet packs then stood a safe distance from the tower.

Agent A: Nick, will you do the honours of counting us down?

Nick: Sure!

The agents all gripped the handles.

Nick: 3......2......1......GO!

The agents initiated their jet packs and all felt the ground below them leave their feet.

Up the tower.png

The agents ascended the building quickly and managed to get onto the roof. On the roof was a helicopter pad and a staircase leading downwards.

1337y: Great! Now we're-

Agent A and Nick grabbed 1337y and pulled him behind a large line of metal boxes.

1337y: Wha-?

Nick pointed at the sky. A helicopter could be seen approaching the helicopter pad and touched down safely. The agents held their breath and kept quiet as possible as some penguins came out. One of them was Octavius Businessmun who was guarded by two body guards. The agents could hear the other penguins' voices as they were talking loudly over the sound of the propeller.

Businessmun: What's in it for us if we give you the requested items?

The agents just managed to see the other penguins accompanying Businessmun and recognized one of them as Wikipenguino X.

Wikipenguino X: You'll see soon enough. Bernie and the others, bring the packages along!

Bernie892 and some S.H.A.R.K. members emerged from the helicopter carrying briefcases.

Wikipenguino X: So where is this place that will hide us from prying eyes, then?

Businessmun: A private, secret floor underground whom I restrict access to almost everyone but myself. We can get there by the elevator, there's a secret button...

The penguins entered the staircase and disappeared below the building. The agents waited until they were sure nobody was around before proceeding.

Nick: We probably can't use the lift, we'll have to take the stairs. The cameras will spot us going there and it's probably in use.

1337y: Aw, I was hoping we could actually use the elevator for once and save time.

After many minutes, they made it to the bottommost floor of the staircase.

1337y: Hey, there's nothing here! Can we take the elevator now?

A large control box with a caution sign and a lock attached to it was the only thing present.

Agent A: Well, if the base was secret, he had to hide it well...What if...?

Agent A opened pulled out what seemed to be an ordinary laser pointer and activated it while pointing at the lock which started to melt. He then opened the box. Inside was not a range of labelled levers and buttons, but a hole leading into a large room.

Nick: This must be it!

The three climbed inside carefully and landed on a platform. A staircase could be seen leading downwards and an elevator entrance was present. The agents heard distant talking and the closing of a metal door.

1337y: Great, now we just have to-WHOA!

Suddenly, a layer of bright red lasers appeared with a zap noise horizontally over the rest of the stairs, forbidding entry below.

1337y: Now how are we supposed to get in?

Nick: I've got this rope. Maybe we could lower you carefully through the lasers and get down there...

Agent A: And not get touched by any of the lasers? That's gonna be impossible...

Nick: Anything's possible, so it's more like...Improbable.

At the same time, somewhere on the sea near Duck Island, the Quackerfleet ships were coming out of the portals made by the Ship Teleporter 3000.

Waddler: Why are we going to Duck Island?

Quackerpingu: QuackerpYngu was spotted in New Duck City.

Waddler: Ok.

Kektus: top kek

Quackerpingu: ...

Soon, the ships arrived in New Duck City. The Duck Island Navy and the ferries that were carrying the army arrived there from Duck Island 2, as well. The EQF agents and the ducks then waddled out from the ships.

Puffles: So, where is QuackerpYngu?

QuackerpYngu: MWA MWA!

Puffles: Oh, there he is.

QuackerpYngu: MWA MWA MWA! I wate wall wof woo!

Quackerpingu: ...

QuackerpYngu threw a water balloon full of Y-Virus to some of the duck soliders. It exploded, resulting in them catching the Y-Virus.

QuackerpYngu: :D

Quackerpingu: No.

QuackerpYngu: D:

QuackerpYngu ran away.

Quackerpingu: Don't let him get away!

The penguins and ducks started chasing him. QuackerpYngu ran into a house, and because the key was inside, he locked the door.

Quackerpingu: Does anyone have another key of this house?

Fat Duck: No, there is only one key! And the container with Big White Duck in it is in there! And the container's key is there, too!

Quackerpingu: Why wasn't Big White Duck taken to jail?

Fat Duck: Because the truck that had the container on it broke!

At the same time, QuackerpYngu let Big White Duck out of the container. Then, QuackerpYngu unlocked the door of the house, threw a spam bomb at the crowd of penguins and ducks outside, and while they were clearing themselves of the spam, he ran away along with Big White Duck. Soon, they went on a bus.

Quackerpingu: ...

The EQF agents, Fat Duck, Black Duck and some of the duck soliders who hadn't caught the Y-Virus started chasing the bus with tanks. However, because there were many cars, they were unable to catch up with the bus.

Quackerpingu: They haven't left the bus...

Fat Duck: The next bus stop is the last one!

Soon, they got to the last bus stop. However, before Big White Duck and QuackerpYngu could be caught, they ran to a helicopter that was near there and flew away.

Quackerpingu: ...

Fat Duck: .....

Finally, Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn's argument reached a truce. They also realized that it was darker than it was earlier, a helicopter was above them, they were lost, and Bertie had gone.

Popcorn 3000: It's your fault we got into this argument, or else we might have caught the tent and stopped Bertie from leaving.

Penguinpuffdude: Shut up, Popcorn. Judging from that totally random helicopter above us, though, I think Bertie was kidnapped.

Popcorn 3000: See? Told you that argument was your fault.

They were just at the risk at plunging into another verbal war, when a rope ladder fell from the helicopter (hitting Popcorn smack on the head, causing Penguinpuffdude to say "If you hadn't begun the second argument, you would have spotted that coming with your good eyesight", causing Popcorn to frown disagreeably), and a penguin in a black coat and an oversize hat covering his face climbed down.

Penguinpuffdude: I have a feeling we might be kidnapped.

Popcorn 3000: I have a feeling we might be saved.

But nothing of their thoughts happened (or, at least, not immediately), because -

???: Hi there! I'm Bill, and I'm your new door-to-door salesman! What would you like? A clock? A pen? A mosquito?

Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn: I am very sorry, but I regret to inform you that I already have those items. I can inform you that, however, I believe that the local tourists have none of those things. May I give you the address?

Bill: Thanks a lot! You sure you don't want a ride in my helicopter though, by any chance? I can take you wherever you want to go!

Penguinpuffdude: That'd be nice. What do you say, Popcorn?

Popcorn looked uneasy at first, but didn't expect anything bad from a helicopter ride, even if it was from a totally random door-to-door salesman that owns a helicopter for some mysterious and unexplained reason.

Bill: Deal done! Climb in!

As they climbed in, they saw five seats - one for the pilot, and the other four for passengers. Penguinpuffdude thought to herself "Thank goodness this isn't a kidnapping, and with this totally random unexplained helicopter we will soon be able to find Bertie", and told Popcorn so.

Or so she thought.

Once they climbed into the seats at the main back, to their surprise, the salesman suddenly looked terrified and climbed into a passenger seat. To more of their surprise, the pilot was not the salesman, but a penguin that looked remarkably like a villain.

Pilot: Ha! Just like rounding up wild puffles! All three meddlers in one helicopter! What do you say, Bill, to fly to Penxuinxuffdude's secret headquarters?

Bill: Y-y-yes, leader.

Pilot: Also, remind them to look who's under the seats, won't ya, Bill?

Bill (whispering): He told me to kidnap that penguin under the seat. He kidnapped me earlier on, too, because I look so incognito, and I'm a new EPF agent with some skill at being like a shadow. I didn't want to do it.

When they looked underneath, to their horror, they saw Bertie, bound and gagged. As the helicopter flew to the secret destination, they wondered what was going to become of them.

Penguinpuffdude: Popcorn, we've been through many exploits and situations, but I have no idea what's going to happen to us now.

Popcorn 3000: Me neither, but I think things will be alright...hopefully.

Back in the underground lair, 1337y was being cautiously lowered through the lasers.

1337y: H-how much longer?

Agent A: You're already doing great, just focus on the mission, keep going, and whatever the case may be, don't look down!

1337y couldn't resist the temptation and looked down.


1337y felt his head spin with dizziness and clutched the rope.

Agent A facepalmed.

Agent A: *sigh*

Nick: Just keep going!

1337y: O-okay, I-I'll try...

1337y avoided looking down and went noticeably slower.

Nick: Just hurry up! This is taking forever!

1337y: But it's a long drop down there, I'll-


But as 1337y looked up to respond, he hadn't noticed that the rope had touched one of the lasers, which sliced it cleanly in half.


1337y managed to grab on to a pipe bordering the large gap but kept his eyes firmly shut.

1337y: NO! PLEASE! WE'VE COME SO FAR, I DON'T WANT to go...just yet...oh...

1337y noticed he was just a foot away from the ground and lightly jumped down.

He waddled up to a button near the door and pressed it. The lasers shut off.

Nick: Finally.

The other two agents waddled down the stairs quickly and were down within a few dozen seconds.

Wikipenguino awoke not too far away from the agents in Margate.

Wikipenguino: Ugh...again with my head...where am I?

He surveyed the area.

Wikipenguino: Oh, come on. Not another prison cell...

He noticed Falco was still unconscious in another cell opposite Wikipenguino. His flippers were encaged in metal. Terry was in a cage inside yet another cell beside Falco.

Wikipenguino: *sigh*...So how do I get outta this one?

Wikipenguino rummaged around in his hoodie pocket only to find nothing.

Suddenly a door opened and a guard wearing a small pair of glasses came in.

Wikipenguino: Hey, excuse me, d'you think you could let me out? Your friends must've taken my water bottle and I'm really thirsty.

The guard turned around.

Guard: Thought it would be that easy? Because you're definitely not getting anywhere out of there. Don't bother calling for help even if anybody managed to find their way into this place, the walls inside here are soundproof. And those bars are electrical. If I were you, I wouldn't go an inch near them.

The guard waddled out and close the door without another word.

Wikipenguino: Welp, that didn't work. Looks like we'll have to do this the hard way instead.

About half an hour later of thinking, the guard came in with a small cup of water and carefully slid his flipper through the cell bars to give it to Wikipenguino.

Guard: Alright, you can have some, but no funny business!

Wikipenguino: Yes sir.

Just as the guard was about to draw his flippers out, Wikipenguino had an idea. He took the guard's flipper and pressed it against the bars before letting go quickly so he wouldn't feel the shock.


The guard collapsed while shaking. His glasses slipped off.

Guard: N-n-noo....m-my g-glasses...I-I-I-I c-c-can't s-s-see...I-I need m-m-m-y glass-s-s-ses...

Wikipenguino took advantage of the situation and quickly rolled up his hoodie sleeve and slid his flipper carefully between the bar, grab the guard's glasses, toss them out of sight and swiped the keycard off his belt.

Wikipenguino: Hmph. Not always a very handy idea making these walls soundproof...oh well...

He carefully put the keycard just in front of the keycard reader on his cell. The door buzzed and opened.

Wikipenguino: Fantabulous. Now to free the others!

Wikipenguino waddled up to Falco's cell and pressed the card to it. A screen beside it showed him a diagram of what seemed the be the trap holding Falco together and a door with a padlock on it. He pressed the "DEACTIVATE" button and the padlocked door. The door opened and the trap released Falco who dropped onto the floor.

Falco: Ouch...what the...Wikipen, is that you?

Wikipenguino: Yup. Hey, we gotta move, there's an electrocuted guard outside working for the guys who kidnapped us and we still gotta save Terry.

Falco: Oh...uh..alright.

Falco hastily got onto his feet and they rushed to unlock Terry's cell. Terry was asleep inside.

Falco: Wake up! This is no time for a nap!

Wikipenguino grabbed Terry and rushed for the exit. Falco followed while the electrocuted guard was slowly regaining control of himself.

Guard: H-hey! S-stop!

Wikipenguino: Adios, amigo!

Falco tossed the card in the air and pressed it to the card reader.

Guard: Hey! WAIT!

The door slid shut and locked itself before the guard could escape.

Nick, 1337y and Agent A were sneaking around Businessmun's private underground floor and were hiding in a closet.

Nick: Where on earth are they!? We've been lost for who knows how long now...

Agent A: We can't give up hope just yet. Come on, let's go!

The other two sighed and followed suit.

At that moment, Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry were sneaking around the corridors looking for an exit as well.

Wikipenguino: How much longer are we gonna be trapped in this labyrinth of-

Suddenly, the other three agents came around the corner at the same time and they all bumped into each other at the same time.

1337y: AAAAHHHH!



Wikipenguino: AAAAHHHH!




1337y: You're alive!?

Wikipenguino: My head still kinda hurts, and I've already pinched myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, so I think so...?

Terry: I probably must've *yawn* fallen asleep...Where are we?

Wikipenguino: Businessmun's secret floor. We just managed to escape until we bumped into the others.

Nick: Well, whatever the case is, we'd better hurry out of here and find those penguins before-

???: *GASP*

They all whirled around. Two security guards had seen them.

Guard: The hostages have escaped and there's-


Falco kicked him into his companion, knocking them both over and leaving them both unconscious.

Frantic approaching footsteps could be heard.

Wikipenguino: Time to run!

After a few minutes of running, speakers on the walls came alive.

Speaker: The hostages have escaped! I repeat, the hostages have escaped!

Agent A: Quick! In here!

Agent A used the keycard to open a metal door which slid open. The agents rushed in and locked it once they were in.

They were now standing on a metal platform with safety rails that was several feet off the ground in a tall, echoey room. The walls were metal and a dark shade of blue. The only light source was down below, but was bright enough for the agents to see most of the room. The platform stretched across to the end of the wall.

Wikipenguino: Well, look who it is...

The agents peered down. On the ground was a round darkly coloured wooden table. Several penguins were seated at it.

Nick: This must be the meeting.

Wikipenguino: And look who's present.

Sure enough, Wikipenguino X was seated amongst the many penguins. Bernie and some other S.H.A.R.K. members were seated next to him.

The agents kept as quiet as possible so they could listen to the villains' voices, which echoed loudly from below.

Businessmun: So let's get to business.

Wikipenguino X: Go ahead. We're all waiting.

Businessmun signalled to two suited penguins in black shades next to him who took out a briefcase and opened it. The case opened with a whoosh. Inside were glowing, coloured liquids in vials.

Wikipenguino X grinned evilly.

Businessmun: How about yours then, gentlemen?

The Triad members took out containers filled with glowing, purple substances.

Wikipenguino pulled out his binoculars and zoomed in on the items.

Wikipenguino: Doom Weed...?

Falco: Where?

Wikipenguino: Down there. But it's in a box that's nowhere near you, so you're fine.

The S.H.A.R.K. members pulled out the briefcases and opened them. Inside were stacks of dollar bills.

Wikipenguino X: 4,500,000 in each case, to be exact.

Businessmun: Fair enough.

The members swapped and exchanged briefcases.

Terry: We gotta do something. They'll get away with whatever they're-

??? (Outside the door): HEY! OPEN UP!

The agents froze. So did the villains.

Agent A: It's one of the guards!

Guard: We know you're in there!

Falco had just about given up on keeping quiet.

Falco: Uh...No you don't! We're someone else!

Guard: Fooling us won't weasel your way out of here!

The rest of the agents had just about given up on silence as well. The villains down below were starting to move around but were bent on watching the agents.

Wikipenguino: Aw, crumbs. How in burnt waffles did they find us!?

Nick: And how do they know that it's us?

Terry: Oh, I don't know, maybe we were being watched by that camera right over there. Of course they know it's us!

Wikipenguino and his X-Antibody's eyes suddenly met for a moment and Wikipenguino felt a surge of anger. Wikipenguino X gasped.

Wikipenguino X: Him again!

Wikipenguino: The one and only.

Wikipenguino X looked furiously at his minions.

Wikipenguino X: What are you waiting for!? DESTROY THEM!

Businessmun: You heard the guy! They're in here! Call for more support!

The guards on the other side of the door meanwhile, were attempting to break it down.

Wikipenguino stood up only to get back down again just in time as three shots rang out and ice bullets whizzed past his head.

Falco: We'll just have to take 'em. FEEL THE BURN!

Falco blasted fireballs at the villains, setting the table on fire.

Wikipenguino X: Quick, Bernie! The items!

Bernie and the other S.H.A.R.K. members grabbed the briefcases who they had traded in with Businessmun and the Triad members and started looking for the nearest exit. One of Businessmun's guards pressed a button several feet under the platform the agents were standing on.


Suddenly, it started to descend quickly.

Nick: Uh oh!

Falco: I got this one!

Falco blasted a fireball at the button. The platform still descended.

Falco: Great! Now I broke something.

As soon as it was safe enough to jump, the agents leapt down, one by one. Terry hopped off the platform and hit the guard on the head on his way.

Nick punched him aside and the agents sprinted forwards. The Triad members had already escaped alongside the S.H.A.R.K. members through the exit and Businessmun's guards were starting to back away as well.

Businessmun: That's IT! We're out of here! Remind me never to keep prisoners in the same building that I am in.

They darted forwards through the exit as well. The agents pursued them and saw them get into an elevator just before it closed.

1337y: Aw, COME ON!

The elevator was ascending the building quickly.

Agent A: I have a plan! Nick, 1337y, bring out the jet packs. Each jet pack should carry one person. So now...

Agent A took out the laser pointer gadget from before and increased the intensity before zapping the elevator doors with it. They fell back to reveal a deep, dark, elevator shaft. The doors fell into the seemingly infinite abyss below.

Terry: No. No way I'm-

Falco: Too late!

Falco grabbed Terry by the fur and gave him to Agent A and then held on to 1337y's flipper. Wikipenguino held onto Nick's flipper.

Agent A: Alright. On the count of three, jump!

Terry: WHAT!? No! I am not ready for this!

Agent: 3...2...1...GO!!!

The agents jumped into the shaft and the three jet pack agents ignited theirs and zoomed upwards. As soon as the elevator slowed down, the agents slowed down too. Footsteps could be heard exiting the lift. Agent A used the laser once more and melted an opening for them. The agents climbed out and followed the penguins out onto the roof.

Nick: STOP!

Wikipenguino X turned his head and grinned.

Wikipenguino X: It's too late! We've already won! And now, we can continue with-HEY!

Just as soon as the S.H.A.R.K. members tried to board the helicopter, they noticed it was hovering and continued to hover, regardless.

Wikipenguino X: Come back! You forgot about us, you fool!

Businessmun: I'm sorry, but I'm too valuable to get caught. It's nothing personal. It's just business. Good day!

The helicopter continued on it's way and was soon almost out of sight.

Agent A: ...

Wikipenguino: What a traitor. In that case...the rest of you! Destroy these insignificant fools!

The S.H.A.R.K. members took out their weapons.

Nick: You're outnumbered!

Wikipenguino: You must've miscounted. There's seven of us, and six of you!

Nick: Not if you turn around.

The noise they all thought was Businessmun's helicopter in the distance was in fact the sound of a different helicopter. A dark blue helicopter with the EPF emblem on it's side hovered closer to them. Grappling hooks suddenly rocketed from below and secured themselves on the rooftop. Agents climbed up from the sides shortly after.

Agent: Freeze! EPF! We have you surrounded! Put down the weapons and surrender yourselves or you will be arrested!

Wikipenguino X: Not today you wont! Bernie! Backup plan!

Bernie pulled out a device which projected a portal. Wikipenguino charged away from the others and ran as fast as his feet would let him.

Terry: No! DON'T!

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as the last S.H.A.R.K. member's foot enetered the portal and it began to rapidly shrink with a bright flash of white light. Suddenly, everything seemed to resume its regular speed and the S.H.A.R.K. members, Wikipenguino and the portal had all vanished together in a bright flash of light.

As the penguins were sucked into S.H.A.R.K.'s portal, the helicopter reached its destination, and their hostages, including Bill, were quickly escorted to a cell, after having given a kind of conspicuous necklace for easy identification (but, surprise surprise, they were allowed to keep their possessions). Once in the cell, they freed Bertie with Popcorn's pocket penknife, as Bill sunk miserably into a corner of the cell. Once Bertie was free, Penguinpuffdude was the first to talk.

Penguinpuffdude: What a fine mess we're in. I blame it on you, Popcorn, for agreeing to go into the random helicopter and beginning that argument.

Popcorn 3000: If I hadn't agreed for us to go into the helicopter, then we'd never have found Bertie and he and Bill would be the only ones in this mess!

Bill: Either way, I had instructions that if you refused then I would have had to forced you to ride. I'm sorry to say that I have no idea what will happen to us though.

Bertie: At least Bill and I are not the only ones in this mess, but that's selfish. What about you two? Miserable argument...I ought to have calmed you down instead of watching amused! The points you two made in support of your own arguments were all strawmen and slippery slopes, anyway!

After that comment, the four then quieted, and eventually wrote to each other, in case their voices were being recorded, that they should instead sit and devise a plan for escape. For one or two hours, they thought, and Penguinpuffdude, aching to read her new book, gave up first, but then, becoming bored, started again. Popcorn, being more cunning that the others, finally thought of a plan, and wrote his explanations to everybody. The others, unfortunately, were not that convinced.

Penguinpuffdude: But will it work?

Bill: Believe me, Penxuinxuffdude's gang is cunning, and apparently they all copy Penxuinxuffdude, but none are as cunning as Penxuinxuffdude herself. The gang are more cunning than anyone I've ever seen.

Bertie: Your plan is plausible in some places, but unbelievably weak in others. Try thinking again. I'm an EPF agent so I know this sort of thing - we were taught that.

Popcorn 3000: Just believe me, and we'll be out soon. I'm sure of that. If you doubt so much, would you care for a game of cards?

Producing a pack of cards from who-knows-where, they played a card game they all knew. Popcorn seemed like he was losing, but, at the last possible moment, used what seemed like some sort of magic, and won the game.

Popcorn 3000: There. If I can seemingly lose and then suddenly win a card game, then I should be able to let the puffles out of the bag, if you see what I mean. Care for another game, to pass the time?

And so they played, and every time Popcorn won.

8:20 PM, January 30th, 2017
Margatian Ocean Territories

Wikipenguino reappeared on an island out in the vast ocean. The sky was now an inky-blueish-black colour. Land, apart from the very island he was standing on, seemed far out of reach. Not a single spec of light was visible on the horizon.

Wikipenguino: Aw, come on. Now how am I supposed to contact anyone?

Wikipenguino looked around. As his eyes adjusted, he could begin to see old, rusted warehouses with roads linking them.

Wikipenguino: Where is this? Is it some sort of...old air base?

Wikipenguino groped around in his inner pocket and checked everything he had. Still nothing.

Wikipenguino: *Siggghhhhhhh* And here we are, back at the same situation I was in back in that cell, with nobody around and me talking to myself- Oh that's right, the reader's still listening, how could I forget. Not that they can really help or anything. So now what?

Wikipenguino walked further away from where he was and noticed some crates and boxes around him.

Wikipenguino: And here are some boxes and crates, which always seem to be there whenever I seem to need them...? Odd. Does that mean I-

Out of the darkness, rays of light from torches shone on the cold, rocky ground. Footsteps and voices accompanied this.

Wikipenguino dived into a half-opened crate and covered it with the lid.

The voices sounded very close.

???: We will be needing all these supplies and tools for the journey and will play a vital part in the mission...Without most of them, the plan can't succeed, so I'll need you to get these moved to the plane within 20 minutes.

Wikipenguino recognized the voice as Bernie892's.

???: But I don't know if that's possible to do it that fast-

Bernie: I DON"T CARE! Just make it happen!

???: Oh, alright. We'll try our best.

Bernie: Enough trying! Start doing!

Frantic footsteps could be heard. Bernie sighed and waddled off after him. Wikipenguino remained extra silent and played it safe to not come out of the box, even though his position was starting to hurt his feet. Just when he thought it was finally safe, he heard movement and suddenly, his box was lifted up and started moving, wobbling and rattling.

Wikipenguino: Oh boy I hope they don't drop this...

After a few minutes, Wikipenguino felt his crate being placed down and many others being placed down around him. After he thought he was safe, he climbed out of his box.

Wikipenguino: Ouch. That box was uncomfortable...

Suddenly, the floor shook and Wikipenguino felt movement. An engine could be heard humming away.

Wikipenguino: Uh oh. This must be the plane!

Wikipenguino looked out the window.

Wikipenguino: I guess this is going to be one heck of a ride...wherever we're going...

9:00 PM, January 30th, 2017

SnoX: Hahaha! It's finally all mine! The sleepy city of PuffleVille is all mine!

Snow: Not so fast, rotten little creature.

SnoX: What you don't know is that I've got some new tricks to deceive you, little puny rodent.

SnoX: And I heard plans... they just didn't see me.

Snow: Oh yeah? So do I. I've got some new plans to foil your likeness.

FrostByte: This is unnecissssary!

Snow: He's right!

SnoX: Just you wait, puny thing.

9:05 PM, January 30th, 2017

Zeno awoke after what seemed like hours. He was tied up in ropes which connected to the ceiling of the room he was in, which was unknown. It was a tiny planked shack-like room, but it seemed that there was a door that led to a hallway. Small, Zeno assumed it was. Zeno thought he had absolutely no contact with the outside world until he saw his phone on a shelf across the room. His flipped were trapped, but his feet were free, so with them he pushed off the wall behind him and swung to grab his phone with his beak. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach, and swung back, slamming into the wall and causing some of the planks to fall off.

Zeno: OW!

Xeno: Did someone say "ow"? Oh, you know I love pain!

Zeno could hear Xeno waddling down the hall. When Xeno arrived in the room, Zeno scoffed.

Xeno: Oh. It was just you. Nice job, pinhead, you destroyed that wall!

Zeno: Who you callin' pinhead? Also, I only broke off one or two planks, it's--

Zeno turned and noticed that not one, not two, not even three, but about ten planks were on the floor and the wall in front of him was shattered. He could see the outside world. It was nighttime, but not the dead of night. Outside, a blizzard of snow was falling, so the scenery was unknown. Zeno tried to make it out but Xeno talking made him turn around.

Xeno: Shabby place, huh? I made it a few months after I got created. I'd say it's my home, but since I'm always doing evil deeds nowadays, what with the big villain plan so many people just like me are planning, I haven't really been here much.

Zeno: We're aware of that. The whole EPF is.

Xeno: And we're aware of the fact that you're aware of that. Some villains have been caught by your kind already, but me? I'm just hiding out in my shack, free from agents. Except when I go outside to kidnap them. I'm starting my own sub-plan, to kidnap every single one of you agents! Then what'll happen next will... should I say... blow your mind.

Xeno cackled and walked backwards, trying to make an exit, but failing after crashing into the wall behind him, destroying that one too.

Xeno: Gosh darn this stupid shack!

Xeno ran out, leaving Zeno alone, as the blizzard from outside started to pile in.


Meanwhile, Penxuinxuffdude was making plans to begin her meeting, and try to worm out every single piece of information she could get from her four prisoners - Penguinpuffdude, Popcorn 3000, EPF agent Bertie and her new hostage, Bill. As her in-credible amount of henchmen were pinning up secret plans and blueprints on the blackboard in the totally unexplained secret base that shouldn't really be there, a henchman dropped a pin. Penxuinxuffdude unhealthily took small things far too seriously, and yelled at him.


Henchman 1#: Sorry, ma'am.

Penxuinxuffdude: At least you apologised. Since you don't seem to be good at anything, perhaps you would have enough expertise to go and get my prisoners for the interrogation.

Henchman 1#: Yes, ma'am.

The henchman walked the stupidly long way back to the secluded prison cell, and as he scanned his card on the digital-lock, Popcorn was encouraging them not to lose hope.

Popcorn 3000: Don't lose hope! He'll get us out in a minute and we can do it!

The henchman opened the door, and suspected nothing.

Henchman 1#: The Grand Almighty Ms. Penxuinxuffdude says to bring you to her secret lecture room, for interrogation.

None of them protested. After an awkward silence, when they lined up in a neat row, the henchman complained.

Henchman 1#: Oh come on! Am I a henchman for nothing? Start yelling or protesting or something!

Nothing happened, so he and his party waddled out, the henchman being depressed from lack of action. The plan began.

Penguinpuffdude: Do you like the violin, Mister Henchman?

Henchman 1#: No. I hate it - it sounds like a screeching cat-puffle.

Penguinpuffdude: Do you like the guitar?

Henchman 1#: Guitar? Guano, more like.

Penguinpuffdude: Not even the piano?

Henchman 1#: Piano! Huh! I've have peas any time!

Penguinpuffdude anxiously turned back to face Popcorn for a moment. Holding her breath for a minute, she stammered out the last chance.

Penguinpuffdude: Ex-excuse me, for asking y-you so many t-t-times, but d-do you l-like the l-lute?

Henchman 1#: I'd do anything for a lute! I even have one in my bunker now.

Bill let out a small sigh of relief. Nothing bad had happened.

Bill: I want to go back to the cell!

Henchman 1#: No, you can't.

Bertie: I want to go back to the cell and drink some water!

Henchman 1#: I said you can't.

Popcorn 3000: I want to go back to the cell and drink some water and listen to the lute!

Henchman 1#: I said no!

Penguinpuffdude: I want to go back to the cell and drink some water and listen to the lute and be playing it!


Unfortunately for him, the prisoners so vehemently protested that he gave up and locked them back in the cell, promising to bring the lute and water in a plastic jug. As the door was locked, everybody burst out laughing.

Penguinpuffdude: What a close shave, whew! Ho-ho-ho, I don't feel like laughter but here I am laughing!

Popcorn 3000: Ha-ha-ha, everything's going like clockwork! Penxuinxuffdude and her henchmen will look like fools when we've finished this trick!

Presently, the door unlocked and the henchman tottered into the room, looking unsure.

Penguinpuffdude: If I may ask, please close and lock the door. I feel so bashful if more than a select number of penguins hear me perform.

Bert: Did you bring any cups?

Penguinpuffdude: Do sit down, Mr. Henchman!

As the henchman set everything down, he lowered himself cautiously to the ground. Popcorn, like a pickpocket, slipped a flipper into his coat pocket, and produced a smartphone. He winked, and somehow activated the password. Penguinpuffdude kept them busy by telling everybody the history of the lute, and when Popcorn found the audio (for Penguinpuffdude couldn't play the lute; that was only a last, unexpected thing to say if nothing else worked), he winked again. As he pressed the "play" button, the henchman listened, spellbound. Meanwhile, Bert had been filling the cups with water, crept up behind the henchman, and bashed the jug on his head. He didn't even groan, as he fell face-first, unconscious.

Bert: Sometimes copying robbers can be useful.


9:18 AM, January 31st, 2017
Sunshine Island, Tropicalian Ocean Territories

Wikipenguino opened his eyes to see that the room was no longer dark as before, and sunlight was streaming through the windows.

Wikipenguino: *Yawn* This metal floor definitely isn't a good place to sleep. Well, at least it beats hiding in a splintery crate...Wait a minute-

Wikipenguino looked up a few lines.

Wikipenguino: "9:18 AM, January 31st, 2017 Sunshine Island, Tropicalian Ocean Territories"...Is it really that early? And-Tropicalian? Tropicalian...I'm-I'm near home! I can call for help! But why did they want to come here...? Probably another malicious plan to overthrow the government again. I have to do something...

Wikipenguino opened a few crates and found some extra S.H.A.R.K. suits and uniforms inside.

Wikipenguino: Hmm...

A few hours later, the S.H.A.R.K. members had travelled over land and sea and had finally arrived at the country's capital, Tropicapolis.

Wikipenguino X: This is it..Heh heh...You all know what to do. The president will be making his speech soon, so we don't have much time to waste. Those of you infiltrating the scene, get your disguises on.

What Wikipenguino X didn't know was that one of the guards was actually Wikipenguino himself. He stopped to think for a moment.

Wikipenguino: Infiltrating the scene...? The president? This can definitely mean nothing good-

Wikipenguino X: Hey! YOU THERE!

Wikipenguino: *gasp*

Wikipenguino held his breath. The rest of the soldiers turned their heads to look at him.

Wikipenguino X: Keep up. If you end up being the one getting us noticed because you were lagging behind, you'll wish you never existed. Don't let it happen again!

Wikipenguino did his best to do a different voice.

Wikipenguino: *ahem* Yes...uh-sir...

Wikipenguino X glared at him one last time before continuing waddling in the same direction. The S.H.A.R.K. penguins followed him.

Wikipenguino let out a quiet sigh of relief.

Wikipenguino: Well that was a close one. But where are we headed?

9:20 AM, January 31st, 2017
Jennings Residence, 2410 Attica Street, South Pole City

Mcdonalds was asleep in his bed in a room with dark green walls. A phone on a nearby drawer started ringing.

Mcdonalds394: Can't I get a peaceful sleep here?

Mcdonalds picked up the phone.

Mcdonalds: Hello? *person on other phone speaks* Mm-hm. *person on other phone continues speaking* Yeah, I just stayed up until midnight for something, why? *person on other phone sighs, then speaks* Mhmm. Alright. I'll be there as soon as I can. Bye.

The person on the other phone hung up.

Mcdonalds394: So, they said that the biggest and most dangerous terrorists and gangs are attacking Antarctica? I have to act, and fast.

Back in Tropicalis, the S.H.A.R.K. members had arrived in the busy parts of Tropicapolis. A huge crowd of penguins were standing in front of a building a street ahead and were visible due to the absence of most buildings in the area. At the front the crowd, though barely visible was none other than the president and Wikipenguino's father, Penguino Lagois IV.

Wikipenguino, meanwhile, waddled quickly back to the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. members from around the corner just before Wikipenguino X would notice.

Wikipenguino X: Alright, you all know what to do. By the end of this operation, the president will be dead and Tropicalis will be ours!

Wikipenguino felt a surge of fear.

Wikipenguino: Oh no...I cannot let this happen...

The S.H.A.R.K. members parted and scurried off to several different locations. Wikipenguino followed three of them into a building. The lobby was empty apart from a penguin at a desk.

Penguin: Can I help you with something?

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #1: No, you can't.

Before the penguin could respond, one of the S.H.A.R.K. penguins fired a dart at the penguin at the desk who immediately fell asleep. Wikipenguino did his best to remain calm.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #2: Let's take the staircase.

When they reached the top of the building one of the penguins who Wikipenguino had not noticed was carrying a briefcase until that moment opened the case and took out a very intimidating looking rifle.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #3: I'll have to aim it perfectly because I've got only one of these special bullets. You guys better stand back as well.

The others and Wikipenguino waddled back a few feet.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #3: Now or never...For S.H.A.R.K.

Wikipenguino, who's breathing had increased with every few seconds, suddenly charged forwards and rammed the penguin with the rifle who lost control of the rifle and fired the bullet in the direction of the ocean before tumbling over and nearly off of the rooftop.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #2: WHAT DID YOU DO!?

Wikipenguino pulled off his S.H.A.R.K. headgear and put his hat back on at the same time.

Wikipenguino: *pant*...I'm sorry...But I couldn't let you do that.

The S.H.A.R.K. members gasped in horror.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #1: It..It was him all along!

Wikipenguino darted for the exit and didn't stay to listen to how the others would react.

In no time soon, he was at the lobby of the building and passed the still unconscious penguin at the desk and out of the building.

Wikipenguino: Phew, that was a close one-

???: FREEZE!

Wikipenguino: Oh, thank programmer for the police. Trust me, it's not what it-

But as he looked up, it was not the police. Instead he saw the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. team and his furious X-Antibody.

Wikipenguino X: You...So it was you all along!

Wikipenguino tried to reach for his keysaber, only to realize he didn't have it and the S.H.A.R.K. penguins raised their rifles as soon as he tried.

Wikipenguino X: Impossible. I can't believe this. Foiled once again by YOU! Victory was just within my grasp before you snatched it away like you always do!

Wikipenguino: Well, haters never prosper, do they?

Wikipenguino X looked like he was on the verge of exploding.

Wikipenguino X: That's it. Kill him!

The S.H.A.R.K. penguins all readied their rifles and fired. Several bangs echoed throughout the street, scaring off many penguins. But Wikipenguino was still standing where he was, completely unharmed. Wikipenguino X looked extremely confused.

Wikipenguino X: .......What!?

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin: I-I don't k-know what happened. There are no bullets in the gun! Just empty shells!

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin #2: I don't have any either!

The members were now discussing amongst themselves and checking each other's weapons for bullets.

Wikipenguino smiled.

Wikipenguino: I, uh, may have done a little sabotaging to your weapons which you all so helpfully stored in the back of that plane.

The S.H.A.R.K. members looked shocked and were now chatting amongst themselves even more loudly.

Wikipenguino X: SILENCE! Fine then! If you all won't do it...

He pulled out his keysaber and ignited it. His eyes seemed to glow in the bright red light of the keysaber's blade and he smiled evilly.

Wikipenguino X: I'll do it myself.

Wikipenguino's heart rate continued to rise.


Wikipenguino looked around. Penguins with dark suits, ties and black sunglasses had surrounded the area.

Wikipenguino: And, I also may have called some friends of mine while you weren't looking.

Wikipenguino X grabbed his host by the collar.

Wikipenguino X: Heh heh. I see how it is. So I'll make you all a deal...Either you let us go...

Wikipenguino X drew the blade nearer to his host. The agents raised their weapons.

Wikipenguino X: ...or if you prefer, I'll kill him. Your decision. And hurry up, I have places to go.

Some of the agents lowered their weapons slightly and discussed it amongst themselves. After half a minute and agent stepped forwards and Wikipenguino gasped in surprise at who it was.

Agent Tux: Very well. Let him go, and we'll let this one slide for just once.

Wikipenguino X grinned.

Wikipenguino X: Smart choice.

Wikipenguino X let go of his host and opened a portal using the same strange device. He waddled in and so did the others before vanishing. Wikipenguino was still breathing very quickly.

Wikipenguino: T-Tux...? Is that actually...

Suddenly, everything seemed to become blurry before Wikipenguino fainted.

3:30 PM, January 31st, 2017
Tropicapolis, Tropicalis

At the residence of William and Alayne Lagois in Tropicapolis, five hooded penguins jumped out the back of a van. They loaded their assault rifles and made their way up the residence.



Receiving no answer, the hooded penguins blasted the door open. The hooded penguins quickly sniped out the two security guards who tried to stop them.

William: I'll hold them off. Run! Alert your father!

Alayne: I'm not leaving you William.

William: I'll be fine. Now get out of here.

Alayne ran into a room, where she picked up the phone and dialed 911. Just as she said help, she was grabbed by one of the hooded penguins.

Alayne: AHHH!!!

Two other penguins came in, dragging William behind them.

Penguin: You tried to save her, but now yet to watch her die! You shouldn't have ever messed with my master!

Just as another penguin was about to kill Alayne, he was shot in the neck, and collapsed to the ground. William briefly looked to see they were Tropicalian police.

Officer: Tropicapolis PD! Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air where I can see them!

William was able to elbow one of the penguins in the face, while Alayne grabbed the fallen penguin's gun to take out another. The remaining two were tackled to the ground by the police.

Wikipenguino awoke to see none other than Agent Tux in a chair next to him who was holding his fedora in his flippers and looked concerned.

Wikipenguino: T-Tux...?

Tux: Yes, yes it is me.

Wikipenguino: W-where are we? And how did you-?

Tux: Calm down, I'll explain everything. And you've only just awoken so you'll wanna take it easy. The doctor said you must have hyperventilated too much, which is probably why you blacked out.

Wikipenguino looked around him to see lots of hospital beds around him.

Tux: And to answer your question, we're in the TIA's medical bay in the Pollyturris. It was a good thing you called for support, or we probably never would've found you in time. I immediately took a teleporter to Tropicapolis as soon as I heard from the TIA that you were in trouble. So your antibody was trying to assassinate the president?

Wikipenguino: Yeah. I followed him from a portal in Margate.

Tux: Speaking of which, your friends will probably be glad to know that you're still alive and well. In fact, they might still be waiting for any news now.

Tux looked around then at his watch.

Tux: Well, that's all I have to say. You'll probably wanna calm down for a little bit, but you should be completely fine in a few hours and ready to go. Unfortunately for me, I must address much more important matters. Have a good rest of the day, Wikipenguino.

Tux put his fedora back on his head and waddled out of the room.

Wikipenguino: Huh. So that happened...

Wikipenguino sat up and turned to the reader.

Wikipenguino: So now what?

Meanwhile, the evil scientists were working on their project.

Aye-Que: And finally, IT IS DONE!

Aye-Que pulled a lever and pressed a few buttons. The deactivated large green screen came alive once again.

Albert: Hello, creator. What should be my first task?

Chapter 3: Phase Two Begins[edit]

10:30 PM, January 31st, 2017

It was a frosty and tranquil night. A full moon was present in the sky and shone over the ocean. Nothing was present for miles except for a small island isolated from the rest. On the island was a large cave in which several lanterns were present. A large cinema-like screen was on the wall. Many penguins were present inside including Richperson, Tidalwave11, 12yz12ab, Nicktang10, Agent T, Hat Pop and Agent A. Penquino and Star kirby12 entered the room moments later.

Star: Wait, so why were we all invited here? And what's that screen for?

Nick: If I came all the way from Margate just to watch a movie then-

Suddenly, the screen flickered, frightening a small number of unexpected penguins.

The screen changed to a familiar dark silhouette of a penguin with glasses.

The Director: Greetings, penguins. You probably all know me as the Director.

Agent A: So...why did we all have to come to an island literally in the middle of nowhere?

Director: I have called you all here today because a major problem has arisen, and each of you who are in this room are penguins and puffles I know I can trust. Scientists we know are using their knowledge for evil intentions have created a supercomputer known to us as "Albert" who they are trying to introduce to the internet, giving him easy access to our online databases and potentially hack into Antarctica's electrical and online system.

Penquino: How long has he been active for?

Director: Not too long, but according to our sources, penguins have reported not being able to use the internet, no matter what method they try and sometimes getting a flash of a screen with a penguins smiling at them. We can assume that he will be much more active in a matter of hours. This is a private location, so he- *BZZT* can- *BZZT*

Everybody stood still as the screen emitted sparks and the Director vanished from it. For a few moments it looked as if the screen was turned off, until it suddenly started up yet again but this time, it wasn't the Director. Instead, a smiling thick green outlined penguin made of pixels was there on the screen.

Albert: Hello. I am Albert.

Richperson: Uh oh.

Some penguins who had weapons took them out. Penquino and Star kirby took out their keysabers.

Penquino: Who are you and what do you want?

Albert: To turn Antarctica into a utopia ruled by my creators.

Star: Definitely not gonna happen.

Albert: Soon, I will be active all around Antarctica and phase two of my creators' master plan will succeed. Sooner or later, Antarctica will be better with my help-

The screen suddenly blackened again.

Tidalwave: What happened?

12zy12ab was standing next to the screen with some wires in his left flipper and a wire cutter in the other.

12yz12ab: I terminated his connection and power. The red wire always works.

10:45 AM, February 1st, 2017
Tropicapolis International Airport

Mcdonalds394 got off of Gate H2, heading to the streets of the Tropicalis to investigate, suddenly, a familiar Penguin waved at him. Mcdonalds sighed of relief. Not a terrorist.

Mcdonalds394: Hey!

Mcdonalds walked over to that penguin wearing a fedora.

Tux: Where have you been?

Mcdonalds: Had some stuff to do.

Tux: I'm afraid you're too late. Wikipenguino just got injured just yesterday. We haven't moved to the case just yet.

Mcdonalds: Darn it!

Tux: However, it's not too late. A few of my other friends are still well. We must move on without Wikipenguino. It's for the best.

Mcdonalds: But how?

Tux: That's why I called you. You can help us defeat them. Unfortunately, Wikipenguino is injured, so you make no use. But! I think this would work without him.

Mcdonalds: I hope...

Meanwhile, at some other unknown location, Wikipenguino X was waddling back and forth. A round metal object small enough to carry around in a pocket vibrated on a table nearby. Wikipenguino X pushed a button on it. Out of it emitted a hologram of Bernie892.

Wikipenguino X: *Sigh* What is it this time, Bernie?

Bernie: Well, sir, we uh...may have...a slight issue...

Wikipenguino X: And that is?

Bernie: You see-uh...the-uh...the-

Wikipenguino X: Just tell me the truth already!

Bernie: *ahem* We failed to eliminate the two penguins.

Bernie immediately cowered after he finished his sentence.

Wikipenguino X: ₪#§¿%! Why is it that every time I entrust you with executing a mission, you fail!?

Bernie looked immensely embarrassed.

Wikipenguino X: Luckily, I have a lot more in store for Tropicalis and that plan was only part of a segment of this entire operation...

Bernie seemed to relax slightly.

Bernie: S...s-s-so...I didn't screw up after all-?

Wikipenguino X: THAT'S NOT MY POINT!

Bernie resumed cowering.

Wikipenguino X sighed.

Wikipenguino X: Of course I knew insignificant idiots such as you would somehow steer missions straight into dangerous waters which is why I planned ahead and thought of more ideas on how we could overthrow the Tropicalian government. In the meantime, I need to you keep on hunting down the Lagois Family so they won't keep interfering. And be sure not to take it easy on them this time!

Bernie: Y-yes sir, of course!

Wikipenguino X: Kill them if you must. Keep them alive if you can.

Bernie: Yes, yes, we will...

Wikipenguino X: Heh heh heh...vengeance will finally be mine. No more pesky pranksters, no more nosy adventurers or irritating ninjas...

Bernie: ......uh, what now?


Bernie: Alright, alright! I'm sorry! Won't happen again!

Bernie cut off the connection and the hologram vanished.

12:52 PM, February 1st, 2017
Beaksledge, Tropicalis

Kenny Lagois was reading a copy of Penguin Standard TIME at his house in Beaksledge. His black ninja puffle, Xander, was chewing on some Puffle O's while watching the TV.

TV Penguin: ....some countries are now considering temporarily closing down their borders to prevent any more attacks from the villains that are now among us. Meanwhile, many penguins in the USA have reportedly been unable to access the online world due to a "electrical disturbance" in the area-

Suddenly, Xander stopped eating the puffle O's and froze. He pressed a button on the TV, turning it off. Kenny noticed this sudden change.

Kenny: What is it?

Xander: I heard movement...downstairs...

The two remained quiet, and suddenly, Kenny could hear muffled voices and a banging sound every few seconds.

???: That's it! Break it down!

Xander gasped. Kenny gestured at him to remain silent.

Kenny: Now follow me.

Downstairs, someone was indeed breaking down the door.


Suddenly, the doorknob of the main entrance popped off and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Splintered wood and sawdust from the door littered the floor around it. Penguins in dark tactical gear waddled in. Bernie892 stepped into the scene last. Each penguin had an emblem with two crossed red swords on their left shoulder with "S.H.A.R.K." written in bold red letters under it.

Bernie: Search this place from top to bottom! Check every room and gap that you can find! He's gotta be here somewhere...KENNY LAGOIS, COME OUT WITH YOUR FLIPPERS UP!

Unknown to the S.H.A.R.K., Kenny was stationed on a corner of the ceiling with his puffle on his shoulder.

Bernie: You can run, but you cannot hide!

Kenny silently leapt down with his puffle and darted to another location just as the penguins turned their way. Fortunately, some of their gear was clanking and shaking as they moved which mostly muffled the sound of Kenny's feet. None of them seemed to suspect much. Kenny and his puffle peered from around the corner as the penguins continued around the corner.

Kenny: Okay, let's do this.

Kenny took a deep breath before pulling out a power 9 water card-jitsu card and flicked it at the penguins. It slid neatly between their feet and halted in a well-placed position in the center of the group. Suddenly, the floor exploded with water, making the penguins slip and fall. Bernie tried to stand up but shook slightly.

Bernie: He's there! GET HIM-Ooof!

Bernie suddenly slipped over and fell on his back again as Kenny leapt up the stairs. The S.H.A.R.K. penguins rushed up the stairs behind him. Kenny quickly pulled out another water card and overwhelmed them with another wave of water. Most of them toppled over and slid down the stairs and even one of them even fell backwards off the stair rail. Some however, clung on to the rails and continued up the stairs. A grappling hook suddenly glided upwards from below and secured itself on the railing. S.H.A.R.K. penguins surmounted the line moments later.

Kenny attempted to move the other way, but clumsily stumbled over the carpet and fell over.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin: You're done for!

He aimed his rifle at Kenny.

Kenny: Not today.

The penguin looked puzzled for a second before getting struck in the head by Xander. Kenny regained balance quickly and pulled out another card before flinging it at another penguin. The penguin picked it up and made a brief "huh?" of confusion before crystallizing immediately. Kenny dashed by him and snatched the card out of his only unfrozen flipper before flinging it at another penguins and punching the rest in the head and face. Xander followed in his footsteps and rammed random S.H.A.R.K. penguins in the belly with the occasional throwing of a card.

Eventually, Bernie began to back away just as another penguin was thrown over the rail from the floor above and landed near Bernie. Kenny and Xander leapt down quietly and started waddling closer to him.

Bernie: Uh oh...

Bernie pulled out his portal device and created a portal on the floor before jumping into it. The portal closed half a second after.

Xander: Looks like we'd better be on the watch for any more attacks.

Kenny: We'll have to inform the TIA about this.

Kenny and Xander spent a few minutes more cleaning up the place. Kenny finished fixing the doorknob before hopping on his motorbike with Xander and racing off down the street.

1:00 PM, February 1st, 2017
The Evil Something's Secret Base

In the base of The Evil Something, QuaXerpingu, QuackerpYngu, Quackerpengu, Major Sheep, CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS, Darth Walrius, Krylo Ben, Captain Plasma, General Tux, The Jedi Remover, Darth Brain, Lava Operator and some other The Evil Something members, along with Norbert G. Bear, Big White Duck and some greenhogs and pink panthers, were discussing what to do next.

QuaXerpingu: So, what sould we do next?

Major Sheep: Bleat!

Quackerpengu: Definently not. What about nuking Q City?

QuaXerpingu: We have no nukes...


Quackerpengu: We try to do that all the time...

Another robot: DESTROY EQF!


QuaXerpingu: ...

QuackerpYngu: Why nwot gwo two Cwubb Pwengin wand dwo ewvil stwuff? Wuackerpingu mway cwome twere, was well, wand twen we cwan dwefeat hwim!

Norbert G. Bear: I agree!

Quackerpengu: I agree, as well!

Former Dictator Pingu of Noot Island: I agree, too.

Big White Duck: I hope that I can steal some bombs from there to attack Duck Island again...

Major Sheep: Ok, we can bleat there, as well!


The evil characters went onto some helicopters that they had stolen (including the one used by QuackerpYngu and Big White Duck to get there) and started flying to Club Penguin.

Meanwhile, Tux had finally made his way out of the hospital, and he saw his helicopter up and running already.

Tux: Hey, what's going on here?!

Before anybody answered, the helicopter deployed its guns and started firing at Tux. He just barely got to cover in time.

Tux: Who are you, how did you get here, and what have you done with my passenger?

The helicopter deployed a speaker and an annoying voice spoke,

Tiny: Oh, you mean that brown thing? He's back the EPF base just like you dropped him off...

Tux: TINY?!

Tiny: And to answer your last question, get your binoculars and look at the window

Tux did so and saw Tiny at the helicopter's microphone, sporting an insanely evil smile and waving a bottle filled with green liquid

Tux: What is that?


Tux: WHAT?!? But that was just something I made up!

Tiny: Oh no, it's real. I hitched a ride on this old thing while you weren't looking and when you dropped Señor Dairy off, I extracted it from him. He looked like he was in a lot of pain...

Suddenly, Tiny had a realization

Tiny: Why am I explaining this? I'LL JUST ATTACK YOU!!!

Tux tried to run away, but it was no use. Tiny deployed all of the helicopter's weapons on him and used the claw to grab the mutilated Tux.

Tux: You...monster...

Tiny: I know I am, but what are you? Oh wait, I know! My new slave!

Tiny looked at his bottle of liquid Deus Ex Machine and laughed like crazy as he drove the helicopter away.

1:50 PM, February 2nd, 2017
Club Penguin City, King George's Island

Dr. Infinity was standing next to a machine the size of an average TV. On top were three glass tubes with different coloured liquids inside. A lightbulb was on the machine's side and was blinking every few seconds while the machine shook ominously. After a few seconds, the shaking stopped and the machine emitted a humming noise instead. A slip of paper started printing out of a slot in the machine. Dr. Infinity pulled it out after it was done.

Dr. Infinity: Hmmm...maybe a little more magnesium hydroxide...shame the computer's not working for some reason...

Dr. Infinity glanced at the computer screen which was flickering slightly.


Dr. Infinity pushed a button and the door slid open automatically. Two penguins waddled down the stairs: Dimitri Lagois and Dr. Infinity's niece, Wikipengal45.

Dr. Infinity: Hello there, you two!

Wikipengal45: Hi, uncle!

Dimitri Lagois: Salutations!

Dr. Infinity: It's always nice to see a friendly face in these troubled times. *Sigh*...villains...So, what brings you both to Club Penguin City?

Dimitri: I wanted to inform you about something, but the internet has been acting very strange lately. So I thought, what better way than to inform you myself? I don't know about Wikipengal, though.

Wikipengal: I was wondering if I could join any of the agents on any missions or help Wikipenguino since I don't have much else to do and a good adventure would be great, wouldn't it? Besides, they could use one extra flipper-

Dr. Infinity: Absolutely not. These are far more dangerous than most missions and especially no place for a young student in training to get involved in.

Wikipengal: But-

Dr. Infinity: I'm sorry, but you can't. Most agents are going against much stronger, merciless villains. If you become helpless out there, they will not think twice about sparing you. I definitely don't want you facing Darktan and getting injured like your brother and his friends did some time ago. And Wikipenguino's already landed himself in the hospital from what I've heard. Just let us handle the more important matters.

Wikipengal seemed lost for words and sighed.

Dr. Infinity: As you were saying, Dimitri?

Dimitri: William and Alayne were attacked the other day. Kenny had the same thing happen to him. See the pattern? They're all members of our family. The way I see it, we're being hunted...

Dr. Infinity seemed perplexed for a few seconds.

Dr. Infinity: Wha-....hang on a second...hunted?

Dimitri: Quite right.

Dr. Infinity: And you're saying that whoever is hunting us is coming for us next?

Dimitri: Exactly.

Dr. Infinity: Huh...first the strange electrical disturbance...and now this...surely this can't get any worse. Dimitri, you should protect Wikipengal. Ensure the rest of the family's safety. I'll try send word to everyone else.

Dimitri: Roger that.

Suddenly, a penguin screamed. Then some other penguins started yelling in fear and darting for cover.

Dimitri: What-?


Wikipengal: What in Antarctica?


Suddenly, looming over them was a large, metallic robotic figure with a claw for a left flipper and three sharp metal blades for the right. Two electrical, green rods protruded from the right shoulder. A large screen was placed on where the head should have been. A shiny metal beak-like mouth was present on the machine's front as well. Suddenly, the robot stopped and stood still. Police sirens were heard in the distance.

Wikipengal: Oh. He stopped...uh, uncle, is this another one of your inventions...?

Dr. Infinity: None of them look anything like that...

Suddenly, the screen flickered and was replaced with a dark green background and a smiling penguin made of solid-green outline formed out of tiny green pixels.

Albert robot.png

Suddenly, a voice echoed from the machine.

Albert: Hello. My name is Albert.

Wikipengal: Uhh...hi?

Dr. Infinity: Oh no...I've heard from other agents...

Dimitri: Who are you and what do you want from us?

Albert: To turn Antarctica into the utopia that it deserves to be. That is, if you are willing to cooperate.

Dr. Infinity: That robot is not friendly. According to the other agents, an artificial intelligence - which, may I add matches the description of the penguin on the screen all too well - that seeks to take over Antarctica by it's online and electrical system is currently trying to attempt that to this very moment. And his name is also Albert. This cannot be a coincidence...

Albert: My creators would like you to join us so that we can establish a new system throughout Antarctica.

Wikipengal: We'll never bow down to tin cans like you!

Albert: I calculate a 32.658% chance that you will successfully manage to defeat me. Margin of error: 67.342% Please do not resist.

Wikipengal: Now would be a good time to do something to him, Dimitri!

Dimitri: Hmm. Good idea.

Dimitri pointed his staff at Albert and blasted him with a bright yellowish ray of light. It merely glanced off of the robotic plating.

Wikipengal: Oh no...

Dimitri: Dang it!

Albert: I'm afraid that I will have to terminate you. Uncooperative entities are not healthy for our new system.

The robotic mouth opened. A dark purple ball of energy was building up inside.

Wikipengal: I think that's our cue to RUN!

The three started running. The robot fired the purple ray after them. A police car that was racing around the corner to the robot hit the ray and was dissolved almost instantly. The penguins inside rolled onto the floor.

Dimitri: It's a deletion ray!

The three kept running while Albert repeatedly tried to strike them with his laser. Albert suddenly tripped on a nearby car, falling over with a ground-shaking thud. A piece of metal from the robot fell off of the robot.

Wikipengal: Hey! He's down!

Dimitri: Only for a few seconds, it appears...

Sure enough, the robot was trying to regain balance.

Wikipengal: Wait! I have an idea!

Dr. Infinity: NO! What're you doing!?

Wikipengal quickly dragged the piece of metal to the other two. Albert stood up completely.

Albert: Warning. *bzzt* strategic system damaged. Attempting repairs and activating auto-combat system.

The screen flickered for a minute while Albert pointed the laser at the three. Dr. Infinity wanted to pull the other two away, but they wouldn't budge.

Dr. Infinity: He's going to delete us!

Dimitri: This may be an absolutely insane idea, but we'll just have to try.


They all held up the piece of metal. The deletion ray deflected off of it and hit the robot right back where the ray fired from, causing a small explosion and a small rain of debris while Albert staggered backwards slightly but remained standing. The metal mouth was damaged and the center of the robot was burnt and slowly deteriorating. The screen was cracked in a few places and continued to flicker but more violently.

Albert: WARNING. System core has been *bzzt* damaged *bzz* cannot *BZZT* can-*BZZ*

Albert then vanished from the screen, which was replaced with static.

Dr. Infinity: Of course...the metal! We used his own armour against him! That actually was a great idea!

Wikipengal: Thanks!

Dimitri: Uhhh...I don't mean to kill the moment, but this thing is coming down...

The robot was slowly starting to teeter forwards with an ominous squeaking of metal.

Wikipengal: Uh oh.

They both dived out of the way just in time.


The robot landed face-forwards with another yet greater ground shaking thud. The screen shattered completely while many metal objects broke off of what was left of the machine. Some police officers were still standing quite still with snowball guns but slowly moved forwards. Penguins were now starting to come out of their hiding places.

Dimitri: Huh. Well, would you look at that. We actually did it!

Dr. Infinity: Well, that was uh...unexpected. We'd better head to the EPF base. I'm very sure that wasn't the last of Albert.

Wikipengal: Or as Wikipenguino would say, "If that was the last time we saw him, I'd be a slab of smoked salmon".

Suddenly, the destroyed body of Albert raised a shoddy antenna that emitted a radio signal.

Dimitri: Wait, what's that?

Dr. Infinity: Oh no! I think he' should calling for-

Tiny: Help?

Before they could realize what was about to happen, three robotic claws grabbed them so tightly that they all blacked out.

1:55 PM, February 1st, 2017
Tropicapolis Central Hospital, Tropicalis

Mcdonalds finally got off the taxi and stared at the hospital, standing tall and proud as a soilder fresh into battle. He was going to meet Tux to visit Wikipenguino. However, he was greeted by cold air and not Tux.

Mcdonalds: Tux? Tux!

Still nothing.

Mcdonalds: Maybe he's already inside the hospital.

Mcdonalds went inside. He went in, finding the most modernized hospital he has ever seen. There was a inn-like front desk area, surrounded by 8 hallways, with glass sliding doors on the walls between these endless hallways. He thought that it wasn't that common for it to look this way so long ago, and it was probably expensive. This was just the first floor. He couldn't wait to know what the rest looked like.

Mcdonalds: Tux? Are you here? Can you hear me?

He wished for a response, but there wasn't any.

Mcdonalds: Guess he's not here. I doubt that he will come later. Well, I guess I have to visit Wikipenguino all by myse-

Suddenly, one of the glass doors exploded with a loud bang. Glass and rubber framing littering the floor as cold air swept in the lobby. Mcdonalds looked beyond the screaming penguins and squeaking puffles running like crazy around him, and a nervous and suprised look appeared on his face. A dark, hooded, figure.

Mcdonalds ran towards the nearest hallway. Not looking back, he kept on running, jumping over equipment and pushing passengers out of the way. He never wanted to know what happened to them.

However, without even being alert by this, Mcdonalds tripped over some tubing that lined across the floor. He tried to make moreover movements of escape, but it was too late. The hooded figure caught up to him. He flipped his hood off from his head, revealing someone that looks like Mcdonalds, only difference being that the figure had gray feathers.

Mcdonalds: My arch nemesis?!!

McdoXalds took a nearby steel bar and hit Mcdonalds in the head with it. On that very second, Mcdonalds became unconscious.

2:23 PM, February 1st, 2017
Tropicalian Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Tropicapolis, Tropicalis

Kenny: and Xander marched up to the tall glass structure before them.

Xander: This place is tall...

Kenny: Yes. About 65 floors. Let's enter. There's not much time.

The two waddled and hopped to the glass doors which slid open upon their arrival. They entered a lobby with a marble floor and two long hallways on both the left and right with lit up chandeliers on the ceilings within them. One of the hallways had lifts on the walls while the other led somewhere else. Glass walls gave a perfect view of outside. Security guards stood on either side of the building's entrance and at the hallway's entrance.

Kenny and Xander strode across to the lifts. Once inside, Kenny pressed on floor 63 and the lift rose. After a few moments a short "ding" was heard and the doors slid open and the two marched out.

Kenny: This way.

As soon as they turned around the corner, they were greeted by Kenny's brother, Pablo Lagois.

Kenny: Pablo?

Pablo: Kenny!

Kenny: What're you doing here?

Pablo: I was told to leave work come here by the TIA. As it seems, our family is being targeted. William and Alayne were attacked not too long ago. Dimitri, Wikipengal and our uncle, Dr. Infinity were abducted not too long after that. Wikipenguino should be safe though, he's in hospital I think...

Kenny: This is terrible!

Xander: I think we just so happened to have a little taste of what that was like...

Pablo: You were attacked? What happened?

Kenny: Long story...Anyway, we drove all the way here from Beaksledge to inform the TIA.

Pablo: As it just so happens, the agents also mentioned you. They think it would be safe if you left the country for now. Whoever's hunting us down is going to have a hard time finding us if we're further apart from each other. Also, the agents also think you could help our EPF friends with a few issues. Plus, it'll be harder for them to find you if you're hopping around the continent.

Kenny: I guess that's our only option.

Pablo: I'm afraid it just might be. The president is now heavily guarded and in a safer location for the moment. I'm going somewhere they shouldn't be able to find me and choose a false identity to disguise myself. Hmm, I wonder what I should name myself... Anyway, what happens to the other Lagoises is still being sorted out but I think they're fine at the moment. Right now, I think the EPF needs an extra flipper.

Kenny: We'll gladly be of help in that case.

Pablo: C'mon, let's go, I'll follow you to the airport. And by the way, once you're gone, d'you think you could say hi to Cheddar for me?

3:50 PM, February 1st, 2017
Command Room, Club Penguin Island

The agents of Club Penguin's EPF were working non-stop. The screens were all flickering, some of them on static while others had console-like screens.

Agent A: Come on...he was supposed to be here ages ago...Any luck with the tracking?

Agent #1: Still no luck. That talking TV must've fried all our tracking systems. We haven't been able to track down any of the villains or the three penguins abducted two hours ago.

Agent A: Darn it...

Suddenly, some penguins came out of the teleporter. Agent A turned around to see Nicktang10.

Agent A: Any luck on your end?

Nick: No dice. He must've got to our system, too.

Agent A: *Sigh*

Nick: Yep. It is nowhere near a formality. But, there is hope.

Suddenly, one of the agents waddled up to them.

Agent: We just received a response from some of the salvaged parts of the robot!

Agent A: Great! We're going to need some agents to go there. Anyone?

Nick: I'll volunteer myself.

Agent: Count me in.

Agent A: I think I'll go, too. Let's go assemble the rest of the team!

Later, the agents had assembled a team to travel to the tracked location via helicopter. The team rappelled down a rope and onto the floor. The other agents, wearing reinforced gear readied their shields and rifles.

Agent A: Okay, according to the tracker, it's coming from right here.

He waddled a few steps forwards then stopped.

Nick: Maybe it's above us?

They looked up but saw nothing.

Nobody spoke for a few moments.

Agent: Maybe the computer didn't track properly. We should head back.

Agent A: *Sigh*

Just then, the helicopter pilot seemed alarmed as the helicopter swayed slightly.


Agent A: What happened?

Pilot: It's him! Albert! He's taken over my-

But suddenly, the helicopter propeller stopped spinning. The pilot screamed and jumped out just in time. The other agents ran out of the way just in time.


Suddenly, the floor under them gave way. Snow slid off of it and revealed a large metal trapdoor. Some of the agents fell into a hole down below while the others tried to escape.

Nick: It's a trap!

A large metal robotic claw suddenly reached out from inside the trapdoor and took the agents one by one.

Agent A: Quick! Call for help!

The remaining agents only managed to press a few buttons in time before the claws grabbed them and pulled them inside the hole before the trapdoor closed.

6:30 PM, February 1st, 2017
Tropicapolis Central Hospital, Tropicalis

Mcdonalds finally opened his eyes. It has felt like years since the last time he saw something.

7:00 PM, February 1st, 2017
Plaza, Club Penguin

A lot of penguins and puffles and 1 sheep were at the Plaza. Suddenly, some helicopters landed there. QuaXerpingu and the other The Evil Something members came out of them.

QuaXerpingu: Hi.



All the penguins and puffles ran away in all directions, except for 5 of the penguins. These were Bean Pod 600, 24Keyser, Keyser5, David2453 and Puggie4276. Sheepman stayed there, as well.

Bean Pod 600: You will lose.

QuaXerpingu: No, we won't lose.

Major Sheep: Baa.

Quackerpengu: I think that we should catch them and put them into a cage.

QuackerpYngu: Gweat idwea!

9:10, Febuary 1st, 2017
Uzuri National Park, Tropicalis

On the sunny, and bright hills of Tropicalis, RealMax was hiking on the hills of Uzuri National Park. he was in a forested area. he noticed something. He saw a coin. It was strange for him to find a coin, since in many well-kown places he knows, it's strange for him to find objects. Thinking it would be his lucky day, he grabbe dthe coin, and stuffed it in his pocket. He soon continued hiking. He soon heard a couple of footsteps. He soon slowly approached, and without all of a sudden.


He saw a penguin running and parched. He asked him who he was and what was going on.

RealMax: My Gosh, are you Ok?

Penguin: Yeah i'm Ok. and thirsty.

RealMax: What's your name?

Penguin: My name is Regan, and i was walking, until i dropped my waterbottle, until something attacked me. I think it was somesort of beast.

RealMax: A beast you say?

Regan: Yeah, Why?

RealMax: Well, i know a bunch of Cryptids and mythical beasts, and i'm wondering what it look like.

Regan: Well, it had black fur, and had a long tail, and almost looked like a cat!

RealMax: Wait, how is it possible that the beast you claim, in which i think is the Beast of Eastshield, could be living here?

Regan: Honestly, i don't know, but i was attack, that's why you could see my scratches and that i'm thirsty, you got some water?

RealMax: Yeah hold on.

RealMax soon gave Regan a bottle of water, and soon walked another way around the hill. They soon found a large grassland, of small little hills, pure grass, but had no sight of said beast. They soon walked down the hill and walked through the grassland. They were talking, but without all of a sudden.


The laser of a blast gun has shot RealMax, making him fly, knocked out, and soon landed on the ground. He is alive, but was knocked out from that blast. Regan, in fear look at who attacked him. It was Amigopen, who had a laser gun. He soon shot at him, but dodged but pretended to be dead. Laughing, Amigopen, was not afraid to know that he was the one who had tamed the beast. Regan looked, in shock.

Amigopen: YES! This "Animal Control" powder works! It's a good thing the guys have captured this cryptid thing, or whatever it is. And finally, two have been killed. Time to go report to the others

After Amigopen was far and out of sight, Regan ran to RealMax. He checked his pulse. He was alive. He soon grabbed his water bottle and poured water on his face. realmax woke up, and was wondering, what the heck happened. Regan has told him that Amigopen was the one who controlled the beast, and that attacked him too. He soon picked up RealMax, and slowly put his wing on his shoulder, and slowly walked with him.

Without all of a sudden, a small aircraft landed on the field. Out came Icespice, and walked towards their aid.

Icespice: What is it, is everything ok?

Regan: Well not quite.

Icespice, Regan and RealMax, soon went inside the aircraft, and flew high into the sky. Amigopen saw this, but did not have teh chance to shoot.