Operation: Puffle

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Not to be confused with Operation Blackout.

Operation: Puffle
No Puffle will forget...
Date November 14, 2013 - December 5, 2013
(3 weeks)
Location Club Penguin Island
EPF Logo.png Elite Penguin Force HerbertechLogo.png Herbertech and LEEPB.png Legion of Extremely Evil Polar Bears
The Director, Gary, PH Herbert, Klutzy
Thousands of EPF Agents, Elite Puffles (+ Fooly8 & Mr Cow2 ) Thousands of hypnotized Puffles

Operation Puffle was a chaotic event caused by Herbert's and his company's, Herbertech, plan to hypnotize thousands of wild Puffles to steal coins to fund it. The Elite Penguin Force retaliated and teamed up with Club Penguin Island's local rescue team to rescue all of the puffles, locate Herbert P. Bear's lair and deactivate the mind control system. The large EPF operation took several weeks and a team of agents to find the runaway puffles and finally be able to free them in early December.

Prologue: The Suspicions[edit]

November 1st, 2013[edit]

At the EPF Command Room, Jet Pack Guy and Dot were enjoying their lunchtime interlude with their soft, mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies. The interlude broke when suddenly the Director appeared on screen.

Director: Sorry to interrupt. We have received a report that Herbert-sized footprints have been seen in the wilderness. Jet Pack Guy, could you go out confirm this?

JPG: Right.

Director: Thank you!

The Director zoned out of the screen. As Jet Pack Guy walked past Dot, he turned his head to Dot.

JPG: See you. Save me some cookies.

Dot: Alright. I'll send an update to the other EPF Agents!

It was a sunny day on Club Penguin Island. JPG was flying around trying to locate the Herbert-sized footprints.

JPG: Hm?

Noticing some oddly large footprints, JPG glided down to the Forest. Taking a closer observation, he came to the conclusion that they were Herbert's! JPG hit the speed dial on his phone and called the EPF main headquarters. The Communications Leader Rookie picked up the call.

Rookie: Elite Penguin Force at your service, how may I help you? Oh hey, Jet Pack Guy!

JPG: Rookie, would you please contact the investigation forces and tell them to come to my current location? We've got some... troublesome footprints here.

Rookie: Right on it!

November 6th, 2013[edit]

It was not at all a suspicious afternoon at Club Penguin. In the Cave Mine, two penguins wearing hard hats having a slight frown were drilling through the dirt to find coins.

Penguin 1: Well, this is getting boring.

Penguin 2: Well, we do need those coins to buy some more puffle food.

Penguin 1: Yeah...

The two continued to drill in silence for a while.

Penguin 2: Some raining money would be nice.

Suddenly, they heard a small crack from above. The two penguins looked upwards in confusion, as a small rock fell on Penguin 2's hard hat.

Penguin 2: Is it going to rain money?

Penguin 1: Oh! That crack's getting bigger!

Small rocks started raining from the cave's roof, with larger ones hitting the light bulbs. The room was dimming.

Penguin 1: Let's go!

Rocks started piling rapidly, blocking the door to the Hidden Lake. The only option was to go the Mine area way. They sprinted, barely making it past a falling massive rock, but they made it. They were the last ones to ever be inside what was named the "Cave Mine".

November 7th, 2013[edit]

Agent Kerboommista had been dispatched to the wilderness. A surveillance agent had reported trouble there, but his signal was cut off.

Kerboom: What the heck has been going on in this place?

Trees had been chopped down. Some smoke was rising. Scrap metal was littered everywhere. Kerboom noticed the surveillance agent, sprawled on the ground. The Agent was ruffed up with snow and scratches, with a tattered coat.

Kerboom: Hey! Wake up!

He started shaking the agent a bit. He slowly got up.

Dukefire1: Huh? Where am I?

Kerboom: You're in the wilderness. What happened?

Dukefire1: Oh, I remember... I was looking around... and then this big beast attacked me. It was all white and furry...

Dukefire1 blacked out again, his head resting back to the snow's dent.

Kerboom noticed something was overshadowing him. Kerboom dared to turn around. It was Herbert! Herbert instantly grabbed Dukefire1, with a nasty frown. Kerboom hit a button on his bracelet, causing it to shift into a machine gun.


Herbert turned around.

Herbert: YOU! I remember you! You're the one who stopped me from using Jack Frost last year!

As Herbert dropped the agent on the ground, Klutzy came, holding an eerie rifle that Kerboom has never seen before. Herbert grabbed it from Klutzy, and charged at Kerboom, pointing the rifle at his head. Kerboom quickly dashed out of range, and began rapidfiring at Herbert. Despite the pain, Herbert quickly retaliated by firing a shot. Barely missing Kerboom's head, it scraped the side of it. It burned. Badly.

Kerboom was paralyzed, and Herbert took this chance to aim, but before he could even pull the trigger, a fast-moving character tackled into him. As Herbert fell down in the snow, said character was revealed to be Star Kirby12!

Star: You okay, Thomas?

Kerboom: A little hurt, but I'll be fine. Thanks, Star.

Star: No problem. Leave that big beast to me. BRING IT ON, HERBERT!

Herbert: AS YOU WISH!

Herbert shot a bullet, but Star stopped it in its tracks by rapidly slashing it with his Mike Sword. He then proceeded to fire his Aqua Tanks, which Herbert was successfully able to tank... but in doing this, he wasn't able to notice that Star was coming at him at full speed in another Spiral Drill attack, and he was thrown back on the ground.

Herbert: Curse you, penguin!

Herbert fled into the wilderness.

Star: Wow, I've fought him for years and he doesn't even know my name?

Later that day, Star came to the meeting table at the Command Room. The Director was bound to come on screen any second now. He sat next to Richperson.

Star: Person, are you here about Herbert's assault too?

Person: What? No, some boiler parts went missing earlier today.

Suddenly, the Director appeared on the screen.

Director: Hello Agent Person and Agent Star.

Person & Star: At your service, Director.

Director: As you two know, Herbert has been extremely quiet recently, that we believe he's been hiding in a safe house we haven't located.

Star: Yes, Director. But today, Herbert assaulted surveillance agent Dukefire1, not to mention he stole some boiler parts.

Director: Correct. How are Dukefire1 and Kerboommista?

Star: Dukefire1 seems to be a bit shaken, but he'll recover easily. Kerboommista was scratched by one of Herbert's bullets, but he'll be fine. He's taken worse.

Director: Hm. And do we have any evidence on the missing boiler parts?

Person: Yes Director. As usual, Herbert has left his trademark white tuft of fur.

Director: I see. We must increase security in the wilderness immediately. It is now deemed unsafe to walk alone there. I will also make sure that no more boiler parts are removed. I have a bad feeling that Herbert is up to something tragic... meeting adjourned.

November 14th, 2013[edit]

Back at the mine, two penguins were removing rocks from the cave-in a few days ago. The two huffed and puffed as they threw the remaining rocks into a wheelbarrow.

Penguin 1: There we go. That's the last of those rocks.

Penguin 2: Right. Well, those members will be hunting down for the gold puffles.

Penguin 1: Yeah. I heard all about it. Hey, what's that?

Both penguins looked at the drilling machine.

It was nearing nighttime and Herbert's plans were about to come to play. He was going to kidnap puffles for his mischievous schemes.

Nearby, signs were put up in search of missing puffles who had mysteriously vanished. These included the Keeper of the Boiler Room, the Keeper of the Stage, Plok and The Ugly Black Puffle at the Mine. A curious penguin and his green puffle were reading a bulletin board at the Ski Village, which named all of the missing puffles.

Fooly8: Heh. I wonder why these puffles are missing. And why are they giving so many bells for them.

Fuzzle: Wrong game.

Fooly: Oh yeah. Rupees. Jokes aside, I sure hope they are found soon.

Fuzzle: Yeah.

Out of a sudden, a giant puffle net swooped down and captured Fuzzle. This, of course, was none other than Herbert. What was he going to do now?

Fooly: Maybe we shoul... Fuzzle? Fuzzle?!

Fooly stood alone in the Ski Village, without any response.

7 PM. The time had almost come.

Standing next to a giant skyscraper, Herbert marked down the number of puffles he had captured. His goal was 9001. He had collected 9000.

Herbert: If I succeed in this... then the entire island will fall into chaos. If I fail, it'll just be one less puffle. This is worth it.

Herbert snuck up to the back door of the building. The door was locked, and an access card was required. He took a look at the lock.

Bureau of Fiction workers only. Don't bring your kids!

Setting up a laptop system, he began typing in various codes. In ten minutes, he had broken into the system. The door opened.

Herbert: Ah ha!

To avoid suspicion, Herbert put on a penguin mask. If Club Penguin hadn't come up with the Yeti suit, then it would be obvious this wasn't a penguin. But they did.

The hallway was empty. Most of the employees had gone home already, and the only ones still in the building were workers working the night shift, and the Masters of the Universe.

Making it to the top floor, Herbert took a peek at the only door that was there: The hallway leading to the main room of the Masters.

Illustrator Keith and Master DJ X had already gone home. Herbert had secretly seen Billybob leave the room earlier. Now the last Master he needed to get rid of was Mayor McFlapp. Both McFlapp and Director Benny were in the room, absorbed in their work. Taking a can of something (the label was blurred out), he threw it across the hallway, making a loud noise.

Benny: What was that?

McFlapp: I don't flippin' know. I'll check it out, wot.

As McFlapp left the room, he didn't notice Herbert hiding in the corner. Herbert wedged the door open, and tiptoed inside.

The room was larger on the inside. The Organ was placed neatly in a corner. Benny's desk was located at the other. Benny was randomly clicking the "APPROVE" button, although nothing was coming in as of now. Five feet away from his target, Herbert pounced.

...aaaaand was stopped from making contact when Benny's telekinesis slipped and hit the "REJECT" button instead of the "APPROVE" button when a request to approve "Herbert attacking and kidnapping Benny" came in. Herbert overshot and went flying out the window, and landed facefirst onto the ground.

Herbert: Well, that's a bummer. No matter. One less puffle won't harm anything.

Little did he know that the fact that he missed one puffle would be the cause of his downfall...

Chapter 1: The Beginning[edit]

November 15, 2013[edit]

Newspenguin: Hello! Welcome to Club Penguin Network Television, your quickest access to Club Penguin news. Just a few hours ago, it has been reported that approximately 9000 puffles, including Mabel (thank god) were captured by a mysterious tall penguin with a Yeti suit. Citizens of the island are going wild and so desperate, the Petguin adoption levels are blowing off the roof! Who is this mysterious penguin with a Yeti suit? See you next time in CPNTV.

The screen went off, with the Director appearing back on screen.

Director: See? We need to put this island on full alert until the puffles are found. Any questions?

Rookie raised his flipper.

Rookie: Do we get to take over #WaddleOn?

Director: *sigh* No, Rookie. We will not take over #WaddleOn.

Rookie: Dang it.

Director: I have created a patrol schedule for this week. The list is: Next Monday, Star will be on aerial patrol. On Tuesday, Rookie will go on ground patrol. Remember not to enter the wilderness, and if others meet you, act casual. On Wednesday, Dot will lead a group of agents on an underwater patrol session. On Thursday, JPG will go on air patrol to see if anything has changed. On Friday, Richperson will do the same on the mainland, as with Kerboom on Saturday. On Sunday, G will lead a large group of agents and do a final sweep. Any questions?

Rookie raised his flipper.

Director: If the question is about taking over #WaddleOn, put your flippers down.

Rookie lowered his flipper.

November 18th, 2013[edit]

Star flew around the island, looking for any clues related to the missing puffles. So far, nothing had shown up, but he knew that everyone was desperately trying to get them back.

Star: I feel like Herbert is behind this in some way...

Suddenly, in the distance, he heard a noise similar to a cat dying.

Star: What is that?!

Approaching this source of the noise, he found it was Fooly, still standing in the Ski Village, crying. A lot.

Star flew down.

Star: FOOLY WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?! It might just be the fourth wall, but I think you've been here for FOUR DAYS!

Fooly: Actually, it was five days. And a half. But how can I stop crying when something psychologically important to you is gone? Haven't you ever felt tha-

Fooly's speech was quickly interrupted by a wild puffle... wearing a weird hat and digging. A lot.

Star: The heck?

Star and Fooly crept closer to the blue puffle. It was spinning rapidly to dig through the snow.

Star slowly lifted the helmet from the puffle, and it immediately stopped digging.

Star: Huh.

Examining the helmet, he found the unmistakable logo of Herbertech.

Fooly: Do you think Fuzzle could...

Star: Possibly. Please stay here.

And with that, Star flew away to the Command Room.

Gary: Hmm... Interesting...

Star: What is it?

Gary: This apparatus looks scarily familiar. It seems to be some sort of helmet which tricks the common puffle's mind to obey whoever has the control base.

Rookie: Please simplify?

Gary: Hypnotizing Hat.

Star: But... how...

Gary: You see, each puffle reacts to a different frequency. Some sounds seem more "attractive" to certain puffles. Thankfully, we have a frequency chip for the blue puffles. Finding all the chips and placing them in the correct spots on whatever is the source of the mind controlling, the source would be destroyed. Agents, get ready for a challenge.

Chapter 2: Bigger Problems[edit]

November 21st, 2013[edit]

JPG flew through the skies. He saw the puffle helmet that Star had found, and wanted to see if he could find another one. Rookie and Dot had found nothing for the past two days, however.

Nothing. He searched the entire island. Nothing.

He was about to go home, when he saw something unbelievable.

Flying Woodchoppers. Lots of them. They were spreading out across the island, blocking any ships or planes from exiting the island.

JPG: What in the world?!

He quickly teleported back to the HQ as one of the woodchoppers flew towards him.

JPG arrived back at the HQ. He found G and Person studying the helmet.

Person: Oh hey Jet Pack Guy. You're pretty early.

JPG: While I'd love it if that were true, that's not the case. There are flying woodchoppers surrounding the entire island.

G: WHAT?!?

Person: What are they trying to do?

G: If I am correct, Herbert's crabs are trying to embargo the island so no imports can come in. No imports, no trades. No trades, no food. And we still have a case of vandalism going around on the island.

JPG: What?!? What do you mean?!

G: Some vandal penguin is hanging up posters like these all around the island!

G held up a poster made of paper, which had a photograph of a green puffle wearing a propeller cap. In big letters it read:


Lost: Fuzzle

Description: Green, a bit wacko, wears a propeller cap.

Reward: A zillion bells rupees pokos"

JPG: Well, that description doesn't help at all... and how could someone get a zillion... whatever "Pokos" are?!

G: It's a great mystery, even to me.

JPG: Where did you get this poster from, anyways?

Person: We found it inside the Command Room.

JPG: This is very weird...

Meanwhile, Fooly was hanging up more "HAV U SEE ME?!?" posters around Club Penguin. He was obviously desperate.

Amigopen: Hey, Fooly, you probably should stop...


November 22nd, 2013[edit]

Every field agent available was sent out to search for the missing puffles, and their "Brain Boxes". Kerboomista was really aching to go, but was too weak at the time to go out in action.

Unfortunately, everyone returned with nothing. Something was terribly wrong.

As consequence, The Director ordered a select group of elite agents to work in pairs. Gary and PH were designated as leaders of the mission, with Gary dealing with signal tracking and PH encouraging the rescue effort as a public advocate of puffles' freedom from brainwashing.

That night, G gathered a large squad of agents, including Star, Person, (add more) plus the Hero Mechas, with the exclusion of Sentinel and DaiTanken.

November 23rd, 2013[edit]

Mr Cow2 slowly backed away from a swarm of orange puffles with the helmets. They looked hungry enough to eat a horse... or a penguin. Mr Cow2 hit the back of a tree. The Puffle in front jumped and bit his arm. He was able to easily shake it off.

Mr Cow2: Let me just tell you now, I don't have as much cotton as a sock.

He started ruffling through his pockets.

Mr Cow2: Come on, please let it still be here. Please please please please! YES! I still have one more!

He took a single wedge of cheese out of his pockets and held it over his head. This was barely enough to divert the puffles' attentions.

Mr Cow2: Hey puffles, want some CHEESE?

The cheese wedge suddenly grew to five times its size. It looked like it could feed a swarm of very hungry orange puffles. The puffles all jumped in excitement, shaking their helmets off. They kept jumping anyway.

Mr Cow2: Then go GET IT!

As he said this, he threw the cheese not too far away, but just enough to make the puffles run away. As he watched them run away, Mr Cow2 saw the brain boxes scattered on the ground.

Mr Cow2: Hm. Very interesting. I know who could use this! STAR!

He ran off to go get Star.

Mr Cow2: Star! Star! Lookie what I found!

Star: What is it?

Mr Cow2: No idea, but maybe you can figure it out.

Star: NO WAY. How did you find 14 frequency chips at once?

Mr Cow2: Cheese.

Star: Gary will really like this!

November 24th, 2013[edit]

Chapter 3: Fuzzle Quest[edit]

November 25th, 2013[edit]

Fooly8 got his net ready to chase after Fuzzle. But all the green puffles looked the same. Which one was Fuzzle?

Fooly: That's easy! Fuzzle is the green one!

Uh, Fooly? He's a green puffle.

Fooly: Huh. That explains a lot. Then I'll lure him in with his favourite food, tacos.

ALL green puffles like tacos.

Fooly: Stupid coders from Club Penguin, not letting puffles have different favourite foods... I guess I could... eh... OH GOD I'M THINKING!!!

And then Fooly proceeded to swing around madly his net at any green puffles he found.

Fooly: Not Fuzzle, not Fuzzle, not Fuzzle... Hey, look! Interesting hats!

After yesterday's success, the Elite team couldn't manage to catch other puffles. Where could they be hiding?! Suddenly, they saw something strange: A green penguin trying to dig for coins with a mallet.

Star: That's odd...

Star then proceeded to approach the green penguin, who tried to run away, but tripped. Taking off the brain box, he realized who it was.

Star: FOOLY!?

Fooly: 'Sup!

Star: What were you doing?!

Fooly: Well, reading the part above the separation line, it seems I was chasing for green puffles and put on one of their hats.

Star: Well, one more brain box chip down, I guess.

More coming soon