Operation: Yowien Sea to Snoss Sea

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Yowien Sea to Snoss Sea
Start November 16th, 2011
End December 27th, 2014
Prerequisites Barbearic Crab War, Feey1's Crazy Halloween, The Race to Thanksgiving
Level 90,000,000
Location Ninja Archipelago, Yowien Sea
Rewards Read the stories.
The Race to Thanksgiving

Operation: Yowien Sea to Snoss Sea, or YSSS is and operation set by Swiss Ninja, to conquer the Yowien Sea. After much discussion with Snoss generals, the operation began on November 16th, 2011. It soon became heavily tied with Yow Kingdom's corruption, The Crab Wars, and all of Antarctica itself. It ended on the last Crab War, which changed Antarctica forever.

The Story[edit]

This is a series of stories, some may be wars, and some may be adventures!

Welcome to Operation: Yowien Sea To Snoss Sea, this is your next mission. We are planning our attack on the Yowien Sea, because it does have a lot of potential. First, we will bomb the ruler of the sea: Yow Kingdom. Then we will take the other islands, and soon we will control the sea.
Haha! Let's ship these guys to Castilla, and get rid of them once in for all!
What a great day. The only clouds up are miles away!

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