Operation Anti-Terrorism

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Operation Anti-Terrorism
Start March 31, 2013
End April 19, 2013
Prerequisites The TTNM crossed the deadline, Rogue receives her mission
Level International
Location Castilla, Japaland, Liguria, Frankterre
Rewards No more TTNM
Let's Turn the Lights Out Project Infinite: The Beginning

Operation Anti-Terrorism is about Rogue Tvarkov, who is now Anti-Terrorism Division's head, given a mission to capture or kill members of a team of terrorists, who call themselves TTNM. Will she accomplish this mission?

Prologue: Given the Intelligence[edit]

In the busy streets of Metido in Castilla, a young yellow penguin wearing a red riding cloak walked casually, as the penguin walked into a not-so-busy street, they came across a green penguin wearing a black hooded cape.

"¿Puede volar un pingüino? (Can a penguin fly?)" said the green penguin.

"No es que tenga la preocupación de (Not that I have concern of)" the yellow one replied.

The green penguin smiled and took off their hood,

"Rogue! You're now the Anti-Terrorism Division's head!" the penguin in green said happily.

The yellow penguin removed their hood to reveal short, red curly hair, "Yes, Gibson. I am the head of the Anti-Terrorism Division" she replied.

The green penguin named Gibson smiled, "The EPF needs you in the field"

Rogue shook her head in despair, "No, I can't believe it. Me? In the field? Well that's WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!" she yelled, but not enough to get people's attention.

Gibson gave her the briefing file, "Well, I gotta go. My duty in the EPF calls." he said,

"Adios then, mi amigo!" she said.

"Agent Rogue, if I were you, I would stop pacing!"

Gary and Rogue were in the CP Isle HQ.

"Yes I know, but this organization? I'd rather delete myself."

Rogue was devastated, "Gary, you should know me. This is one of the division's top 5 organizations hunted down. Can you expect me to take down that much terrorists?"

"Rogue, 530 terrorists wouldn't hurt, would it?" Gary asked her.

"No, I'm just concerned that how can all my bloodshed be cleaned up?" she asked.

Gary thought for a while, then sighed

"We'll find out on the way. Just accept the mission" he said.

She gave him a steely look with her gray eyes,

"Fine, but just because it's first orders!"

Chapter I- Japaland[edit]

"Alright, agent. You are going to Japaland" Gary said to Rogue, who was on a private aeroplane.

"WHAT?!?!" she yelled at the tablet.

"You heard me, Tvarkov. You will go to Japaland" he said.

"No! I don't wanna wear a stupid dress!" she retorted in anger.

"It is not a dress, it's a kimono. Rogue, don't let clothing be a distraction during your mission" Gary warned.

"Yes sir" she replied blankly.

"And I'll be accompanying you" he said


"Agh! Here we go again!" Gary cried, then the door separating the first part of the plane and the second opened, revealing Gary.

She was silent for a while, letting the information sink in. Then asked, "You were there the whole time? Dang, you seriously made me waste a lot of my battery power"

Gary just shrugged his shoulders, "Hey. It wasn't my idea. It was the narrator's!"

The two were quiet. Then the silence was interrupted by the pilot's voice in the intercom.

"We are landing in Japaland in approximately 5 minutes. Please be in your seats ASAP"

"Well," Rogue said, "You gotta go, G"

Arriving at night, the two hurried to a 5-star hotel, and unloaded their packs. Both prepared to go to the casino.

"Well. Let's just say you look nice in that tuxedo"

Rogue was complimenting G, who was wearing a white tuxedo and a dark blue undershirt and bow tie.

"Thanks. Same as you. Nice dress" he replied

Rogue was wearing a black Chinese dress, a dragon pin holding down her long, black hair.

"Spasibo. Now, lets?" she said, stretching an arm for him to take


They entered the casino cooly and bought some chips.

"G. I spot one of them"

Rogue spied a man with an eyepatch, betting some of his chips in a table.

"Right, I actually don't know how to do this" Gary confessed.

"It's easy, just give a big amount. Then wait for me" she said.

He shrugged his shoulders again, "Fine"

He sat near the man and began throwing in 2000 pebbles worth of chips

The players gasped at the amount of money betted by the mysterious man who suddenly joined in and began exclaiming in Japanese.

Rogue snickered silently as the Japalandese players spoke in rapid-fire Japanese



"Poor, them" Rogue whispered to Gary.

"And why is that, agent?" he whispered back

"They can't seem to stop you. Good you're learning" she said, Gary just smiled.

"Hey, did you already slip some arsenic into his drink?" he asked, whispering.

"Yes, don't you worry about this, G. This is my mission, not yours. You're only helping me, right?"

"Wrong, this isn't a mission at all. I never got to tell you, it's an operation. It's actually a chain of missions, I'm only helping you in this one. Probably in the future, I might help once more." Gary explained.

Rogue took in a sip of air through her teeth, "No... you're kidding, right?" she said.

"No, no I'm not"

That night, both were contacted by the Director.

"Good work, agents. G, I expect you back here in Club Penguin island in 0700 tomorrow. As for Rogue, you'll expect someone to pick you up tomorrow 0800"

"Yes mam!" both said.

"Alright, now you may rest" the Director said and signed off.

Chapter 2-Liguria[edit]

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO! Why the heck did the agency send YOU?!"

Rogue screamed at the sight of Rookie at her hotel room's door.

"What? Didn't the Director inform you that someone will get you at 8 in the morning?" Rookie asked.

"Why, out of all the penguins I'd expect to see... it's you" she muttered.

"Hey, she has a reason y'know" he said in a small voice.

"And what is it?" she asked.

"Training" he said.

Rogue sighed heavily and took out her bags.

"Right. Let's just... go"

A black jet soared through the clouds.

"So, Rogue. Your next mission is in Liguria." Rookie said.

"Ah, Liguria. How nice, why is it?" Rogue asked, curious.

"A meeting is to take place there in Dellamora, all of the TTNM terrorists stationed there are to attend, the kingpin of this league will be there, a perfect time to attack" Rookie mentioned.

"Wait a minute," Rogue said, looking straight at the eyes of Rookie.

"What?" he asked, a little bit of tension in his voice.

"You don't sound like yourself, Rookie. Were you given a script or what?" she said.

"I was just challenged by Gary to talk smart with you" he admitted.

"Ah. I see you're winning" she said. While he just smiled, she asked, "How long will we be there, and what's our backstory?"

"Um, we're staying there until you accomplish the mission. And it's your choice for the backstory." he explained.

"Righty-o, daddy-o" she said.

Landing in the afternoon, the two dropped by the Ligurian EPF HQ.

"This country is so artistic, no?" Rogue said in her best Italian accent.

"Sì, I agree" Rookie said.

Rogue giggled a young girl's giggle and punched him in the shoulder playfully, "Rookie!" she said and began to laugh again.

"Ha-ha... you sound so... young with that laugh, like a younger, 12 year old would laugh" Rookie complimented.

"Wait a minute. That's it! That's my key!" she said.

"What?" Rookie said, confused.

Rogue smiled a smile she never made, "You'll find out when we get to our room"

It took a while for them to unpack in a local hotel in Dellamora, especially for Rogue, who has a lot.

"So. What is this "key" you're talking about?" Rookie asked.

"In their meeting place, they use youngsters with no jobs to be waiters, why not WE be waiters? Besides, I hear they're looking for some" she said.

"Yeah, it's PERFECT!" Rookie screamed. While Rogue clamped her flipper on his beak.

"SHH! What is they know we're in town?" she whispered with flaring anger and concern.

"Alright" he muffled through her perfumed flipper, and she removed it quickly. "Um, why is your flipper scented?"

"Oh... um..." she said, searching the room for an excuse, she's been keeping a secret that her family tried to hide.

She has more abnormalities, more than what the EPF and her friends know.

"I was uh, shopping last night. And I uh, came upon a store with nice perfumes. The shopkeeper told me that the perfume lasts for a week, so I'm testing it" she lied. Everyone in her clan knew that if her flipper is smells perfume-y, it meant that her mood has changed, and that it's a safe one. But for her, a childish one, one she wished she never had.

"Oh, really?" he said with curiosity.

Poor Rookie she thought, Too gullible. Someday, I swear I'll teach you how to detect if someone's lying

She opened the hotel door, a man in a trench coat and sunglasses stood before her and went in, bumping her harshly on the shoulder. So hard, it sent Rogue staggering down at the side of the door, landing straight onto the floor. Before she could realize what is going on, the man drew out a deletion pistol from his coat and aimed it straight at Rogue's forehead. She looked at the barrel, then to the eyes of the unexpected guest. She looked at the mirror, Rookie's face mirrored the expression she had in her head, a frightened, fearful girl.

"Tombler, wait! She's a fellow agent! Lower the weapon" she heard Rookie yell. The man's eyes shot her a look as he lowered the weapon.

"Thank you Tombler for cooperating" Rookie said.

"You're uh, welcome?" Tombler replied.

"We're friends, right?" Rogue said, who was still trying to analyze every detail of the incident that happened a few seconds ago.

Tombler shifted his weight uneasily, "I am not sure, it is up to Rookie" he replied in a deep voice.

"Um, Adam Tombler, meet Rogue Tvarkov" Rookie said, "Rogue Tvarkov, meet Adam Tombler"

The two shook hands, "It's very nice to meet you... Miss Tvarkov" he said.

"Please, call me Rogue" she replied, "And must I call you Adam?"

"Yes" he replied.

"Tombler is my handler here in Liguria." Rookie explained, while Rogue nodded.

"But... why did you attempt to kill me?" she asked Adam.

"I thought you weren't Rogue Tvarkov, because you didn't sound Russian through the door" he said.

"Oh right, I used an American accent. My bad" Rogue said.

"Well, shall we?" Rookie piped up, who stretched a flipper for Rogue to hold


The two walked to ANOTHER casino to apply for being waiters.

"Buon giorno, come posso aiutarla? (Good morning, how may I help you?)" the man in the front desk asked.

"Siamo qui per applicare (We are here to apply) " Rogue said in her best Italian accent.

"E i vostri nomi sono? (And your names are?)" he asked.

"Il mio nome è Katerina Bergamo (My name is Katerina Bergamo)" she said, "Il nome di mio fratello è Tomas Bergamo (My brother's name is Tomas Bergamo)" she gestured to her "brother".

"Wait a minute..." the man in the front desk said, fixing his monocle on the two. The two tensed.

"¿Puede volar un pingüino? (Can a penguin fly?)" he asked

Both looked at each other "No es que tengamos preocupación de! (Not that we have concern of!)" both cried.

The man smiled, while Rookie tried his best not to faint.

"Please, come with me" the man said and made them follow him to the cellar, where two waiter's uniforms were, "You're EPF agents, I only found out yesterday that you would come. Go on, wear it" he said and left them.

"Man, he scared the gazooks out of me" Rookie said, while Rogue was busily tying her hair into a bun.

"Let's go, Rookster" she said, putting on her gloves "We got a meeting to infiltrate"

The two began getting a tray full of drinks.

"Hold it, Rookster" she said. She quickly injected arsenic into each glass of cream soda.

"To look like a real waiter, you must have perfect posture, normal walking, hold you're tray with one flipper and hold it up high before you give it to the guests, and finally, smile" she informed Rookie, while fixing his scarf.

"Right, Co-" Rookie was interrupted by Rogue's expression that obviously said "Shut up"

"Call me Kat or Katerina okay, Tomas?" she said in her best Italian accent

"Fine" Rookie said.

The two entered the private room with ease and gave the terrorists their drinks.

"Ah, merci" one of them said to Rogue, who smiled back.

"Oy, don't I know you from somewhere?" one said to Rookie, who shakily gave one of them their drink

"Yes, from the... what is it? Oh yeah, the EPF" the other beside the penguin before said.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about, monsieur" Tomas -or Rookie- said. Trying to stop himself from catching their suspicion.

"Rookie" Kat -Rogue- hissed to her brother quietly when they were near each other "Don't you dare..."

"But..." he was interrupted by his "sister"

"No buts, no ifs, no ands. Not the best words in the world" she said, "No excuses"

Rookie sighed, "Hm.... act it... fine"

The two managed to stay like that, until...

"Wait a minute, don't I know you from somewhere?" one of them said to Kat, noticing her hidden hair was slowly changing color

Oh, soot! she thought, I'm SOO dead meat!

"No" she said, "I don't think so, monsieur" she continued.

"Aren't you Rogue Tvarkov?" he asked once more. By now all of them are looking at her.

By sudden, one of them collapsed, dead.

"He's been poisoned!" one of them yelled. But he died quickly because he was killed by a bowie knife. Everyone stared at Rogue, who had knives in her flippers

"Miss me?" she said in a thick Russian accent.

"We're being attacked! Security breached!"

They're covers been blown. Rogue threw a grenade at one of them and ducked.


It killed about 7 terrorists, and injured 5.

"Rookie!!!" Rogue yelled at Rookie, who was still defenseless, "Catch!"

She threw him a machine gun


Rookie was shooting at will, when suddenly, music blared.

Everyone stopped for a while, then continued.

Rogue crazily threw knives on sight at the terrorists, at the same time shooting down any who goes 5 feet near her.

After 10 minutes, both were wounded and splattered with blood.

"Rooks" she said, out of breath, "How do you think we can go out like this?"

Rookie laughed a breathless laugh, "I... I don't know"

A helicopter flew by and got them

The two showered and tried to erase the scent of blood in their bodies, and failed.


"I... I'll get that" she said as she slowly took out her tablet

"Rogue, how did the mission go? I heard you got wounds" it was Gary.

"Oh, G. Yes, it went fine. Except it all ended with a bloodbath.. all been killed, but unfortunately, the kingpin wasn't there" she said.

"I see, Rookie" Gary called out, and Rookie came in the conversation.

"Yes G?"

"Expecting you here in Club Penguin with a report of what happened, and Rogue," Gary called Rogue "Expect someone tomorrow morning"

"Yes sir"

"Alright, you may rest" he said and logged off.

Chapter 3- Frankterre[edit]

8:15 am, Dellamora, Liguria. A knock on the door echoed through out the room.

"TVARKOV!!! Open this door!"

Rogue's head rose from the pillow

"Who the Mod is it?"

"Just open this door!"

Rogue didn't hesitate, and opened the door.

"Dave? Leonardo? CLOVIS? What is going on here?"

"It's simple, we'll be accompanying you for your next mission: in Frankterre" Dave said.

"But why three?" she asked, confused

"Well, we don't know either! We thought you'd have the answer" Clovis said.

"But I don't, so nice try." Rogue said.

"Well, okay let's go!" Leonardo said.


"Frankterre, hm. Never been there for quite a while"

Rogue was busy flying a plane while being briefed by Dave, who was holding a dossier.

"Okay, so we'll be there for a few days"

"Go on"

"We will be doing surveillance"


"And you won't be killing this time"


"You heard me Rogue, you won't be killing anyone this time"

"But I thought I had to capture or kill!"

"Yes, but this is different"

Rogue thought for a while then sighed

"Fine. Go on"

"We'll do surveillance for a while so that we know where they are going. We don't have some much information to confirm where we should go, what time, and how many terrorists there will be"

"Ah. But what about Clovis and you?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that-oh Mod"

"What? What happened?" Clovis said, running to her.

"I... I never knew" she said.

"What? What is it!" Clovis yelled.

"The-the plane's bugged, and we're out of gas" Rogue stuttered

"How can you fly a plane without gas?!" Clovis yelled.

"I don't know! I don't remember half filling it!" she retorted in anger.

Everyone fell silent.

"We've been sabotaged by terrorists" Dave said.

"And these bugs aren't EPF bugs" Rogue said, showing them a bug that doesn't show any EPF insignia on it.

Everyone fell silent again.

"Well, we've been sabotaged by terrorists, that's for sure"

The penguins turned to see Leonardo

"We know, but what will we do now?" Dave said.

"Well," Rogue said, taking out a gun "now we have a reason to kill...." then stopped to think. "We need to land this, but I don't know how"

"Clovis, you know how to land this thing, correct?"

They crashed the plane into a lake in Frankterre and quickly filed out.

"Cough! Is everyone okay?" Clovis yelled.

"I'm okay!" Leonardo cried out through the rubble

"Same here!" Rogue yelled as she pushed away a part of the ceiling.

"Quick! We gotta hurry! They may come at any moment!" Dave cried.

Suddenly, a group of terrorists came out of nowhere.

"Ohh... spoke too soon" Clovis said.

"Grenades, anyone?" Rogue said as she threw a grenade at the group of terrorists

It killed 4 terrorists, and wounded 2

Dave took out a gun and began to shoot every terrorist they see

"Clovis!" Dave shouted at Clovis, who was trying to fend off some terrorists

"What?" Clovis yelled.

"Heads up!" Dave threw an ice bullet AK-47 at Clovis, who caught it quickly.

Soon, the fight wrapped up and the 4 continued to go to Parie.

Parie, Frankterre- the agents unpacked their things in a hotel.

"Okay" Rogue said, putting on a white shirt, black leggings, black slip-ons and a black trench coat "We have to go out"

"Obviously, how else would we do surveillance!" Clovis said sarcastically.

"Well, I hope everything's okay back at HQ" Rogue said.

Meanwhile, in CP EPF HQ....

"Oh my..." Gary said as the heat signature of the plane disappeared out of reach.

"What G? What happened?" Jet said, approaching him.

"They're gone" Gary said.

Everybody gasped and hurried to where G was. Then they began to murmur at each other.


Everyone turned to look at the Director

"We'll send some local agents there in Frankterre to see where they are" she said.

"But, what about the mission?" one of them said.

"Well... um..." the Director murmured, thinking of a way to complete the mission. "Gary. Can you at least track their phones for movement?"

"I'm on it" Gary said as he began tracking their phones. "Eureka! They're in Parie, Frankterre at the moment, and they're in a hotel, can we contact them?"

The Director thought for a while, then nodded.

They were about to walk out of the door when Rogue's tablet began to beep

"Rogue, what's that?" Dave asked, while Rogue approached the table to get the tablet

"It's an EPF Communicator Tablet, it's designed to well... communicate. All leaders in the divisions have this" she explained as she took the tablet, and answered the call. "Zdravstvuyte?"

"Rogue! You're alive!" it was Gary.

"Yes, is something wrong?" she asked.

"We thought we lost you!" one of the agents said

"Really? T'was just that we were sabotaged by terrorists, not much" she said.

"Well, at least you're all safe" Gary said, "Can you at least tell us what happened?"

The four rapidly explained it, all at the same time.


All four stopped talking to listen to Gary.

"I do not understand a world you say, please say it, one by one"

They began to explain the last 30 minutes of that day, from the take off to the ambush.

"Ah, I see. Well agents, you may want to go to the Frankterran HQ for a while, and wait for orders." Gary said.

"And that will take how long?" Rogue asked.

"A day or two"

All of them moaned

"Well, that's all we could do. G out."

Everyone was silent for a while, thinking of a way to pass time

"Hey, why don't we explore this country?" Clovis suggested.

All three looked at each other

"Agreed" they said at the same time.

"Besides" Leonardo said, "We get to see the Rifle Tower"

"Rifle Tower" Rogue chuckled, getting her Ruscan pin and placing it on her coat's collar "I don't think Gustave designed it for war, did he?"

All of them laughed at Rogue's joke.

As the crew enjoyed the scenery, they barely noticed a man wearing a trench coat nearly similar to Rogue's by style tail them silently.

"Rogue" Clovis whispered to her. "Why do I feel like we're being" he paused "followed?"

Rogue shivered at the thought, she knew that they were, but she wasn't so sure. "Shush, we need to further observe"

As they walked to a nearby window, she pretended she had a pebble on her shoes "Oh! Wait a sec" she said as she crouched down, trying to remove the imaginary pebble off her shoe, just to get a clear view of the man behind her a few feet.

"Tvarkov? Are you SURE you didn't just step on something?" Dave said with worry.

"What are you-" he continued as she began to break into a sprint, and the man began to chase her.

"All of you. Break formation!" she yelled.

Everyone separated, leaving the man to think of who to follow. Then he chooses one person: Rogue.

"Oh, gingersnaps!!! Why me?!" she cried as she ran as fast as she could.

"Don't ask me! Ask the guy in a trench coat!" Clovis yelled through her earpiece.

"That's not what I meant!" she yelled as she turned to try to escape the man, but he still followed.

"Woah! This guy can catch up pretty well" she cried.

"Oh yeah? How far is he from you?" Dave asked, out of breath.

"Okay. One you shouldn't be running because I'm the one being followed, two he's" she stopped to look back "Scratch that right behind me!" she was tackled to the ground.

"Rogue? Rogue! Rogue come in! Hello?!" Dave and Clovis clamored at the same time as static was heard in the other line. Rogue's earpiece fell on the snow as she tumbled down.

"Oof!" she cried as she tumbled down, and punched square in the beak by the man.

The man punched her in the face, and she tried to recover as she stood up and punch him in the shoulder, he stepped back, stunned. She kicked him when she recovered on the chest and he fell over, stunned. After, she held him by the trench coat's collar and demanded "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!"

The man stuttered and talked with an Italian accent, "Misericordia, signorina! Misericordia! It's because this guy offered me 10 grand for you. So I look for you" he said fearfully.

"Merci, signorina! Merci, I have a wife and two children to care for, and I don't have a job!" the man continued to beg as Rogue placed him down to examine him.

"Take off your coat and hat" she ordered, he shivered and removed them.

"A-Are you going to arrest me, signorina?" he asked shakily.

"No no, monsieur. Of course not, I know you're telling the truth by your body language" she explained. She signalled him to spin slowly, and he obeyed. She rummaged through his hat and trench coat to find a deletion gun, some poison darts and a dagger. "You really are dedicated on killing me for money, no?"

"I was. Because it was to feed my family" he said. She nodded and continued to examine him.

"Go to this address" she said while writing a street name into a piece of paper and giving it to him "Tell them that it's my orders. But remember: they won't believe you unless you give them this piece of paper" she pointed at his flipper. He didn't notice that at the other side of the paper was a word inscribed in code.

"Grazie! Grazie signorina!" he cried and kissed her in both cheeks before running to the location, leaving Rogue frozen with a surprised look and blushing. Then the trio came.

"Woah! Rogue are you okay?" Clovis said, as they approached her. He shook her to try to get her snap out of it. And she quivered to life.

"Are you okay?" Dave said slowly. Trying to reorganize Rogue. Her eyes were still huge, and her blush haven't disappeared. Leonardo made a snowball and threw it at her.

"Brr.. oh. Thank you Leonardo" she said. Leonardo smiled and replied

"Claro que si. Of course"

"What happened? You looked like you seen a ghost" Clovis said.

She rubbed her right cheek and said "He-he kissed me in both cheeks. I didn't expect anything like that"

"Well of course you should expect something like that!" Clovis said, "We're in the Ninja Archipelago, for crying out loud!"

"Oh right. I forgot about that..." Rogue said."Hmm?" she looked down to see Leonardo nudging her right foot, her earpiece in his mouth."Thank you again, Leonardo" she said as she took her earpiece and adjusted it to her ear.

"Well, should we go to HQ now?" Leonardo asked.

"I couldn't have thought better" Dave said as he walked to the Parie HQ.

They went inside a cheese shop somewhere near their little incident.

"Bonjour! How may I help you?" said the shopkeeper.

Rogue leaned against the counter and spoke a few words to the shopkeeper and his smile disappeared, the man saluted."Welcome, General Rogue" he said as he opened the HQ door, which was behind him.

"Thank you" she said as an Anti-Terrorism agent she recognized approached her."Welcome, dear General. You came just in time, the files Agent G sent for you just came in" he said as he escorted her and the Hochstadts to the main Command Room in Frankterre.

"Did you get any intel on the man I sent in?" she asked as she went through the Division's files on the TTNM that came from CP.

"He's Aaron Nobile. Very athletic and smart, you picked a good one, Miss Tvarkov" he said.

"Wait" Dave said, as he placed a flipped on her shoulder, "You recruited him?"

"Of course I did. He's athletic and seemed extremely dedicated on his target. He'll be going through Anti-Terrorism 101 by tomorrow. Besides, we get well paid here, correct? He'll be able ton care for his family as long as he can. He'll love it here!" she said as she opened the doors to the Command Room. Agents with headsets and eyes glued to the screen were speaking in multiple languages.

"Okay. What is it?" she asked.

"Here are more files from the EPF HQ in CP" the agent said as he gave her the files. She studied them for a few minutes until she asked

"How up to date are these files?"

"Very fresh, Gary told us it came right from the computer" the agent said.

"Thank you Alex" she said and got up. "Now where is Aaron now, eh?"

"He's in the Training Room" Alex said.

"Thank you Alex. You may go back to work" she said and he left.

"How much do you trust this guy, eh?" Leonardo asked Rogue as he hopped towards her.

"I trust him, he actually confessed, I can understand how it feels to help someone you love live a life" she explained. "Besides, he seemed to be good at targets, and that. He is perfect for the Anti-Terrorism"

They entered the Training Room only to see Aaron wearing white singlets and doing pull-ups.

"Ah, signorina. How nice to see you" he said and kissed her left flipper. Rogue blushed hard because of the gesture.

"Aaron, you-you don't really have to do that" she said in her best Italian accent.

"But I must thank you, signorina. You're giving me a job, I must thank you" he said.

"I-It's my pleasure, monsieur" she said in a soft and Italian voice.

"Signorina, it's getting late, shouldn't you go to your hotel room?" he asked.

"Of-Of course, monsieur, well good night" she said softly.

"Yes, good night" he said.

The agents returned to the hotel and slept soundly, little did they know that their mission is jeopardized the next day by another mission.

Chapter 4- Operation Hot Sauce[edit]

Rogue woke up from her couch to the sound of a phone.

"Huh? I don't remember my phone with a ringtone like this" she said as she looked for her phone. It was her new EPF Spy Phone. She looked at it with wide eyes and looked at Dave's which was on the bed side table. It was the same as her's. She got up quickly and nudged the two Hochstadts.

"Guys wake up!" she said as their phones began to ring as well. Clovis stirred for a while then awoke

"Huh? What's that noise?" he said.

"It's your spy phone, hello?" she said.

"That doesn't sound like our spy phones" Leonardo said as he woke up.

Rogue took out hers and showed it to them. Everyone's eyes widened and scurried to get their spy phones. Everyone's phones were ringing at the same time, and they all answered it the same time as well "Hello?"

"Agents" Gary began "You need to come to EPF HQ in CP Isle NOW"

"Why G?" Rogue said.

"Just come" he said in a slightly irritable tone and ended the call.

"By the looks of G's voice. There's something wrong in Club Penguin" Clovis said.

"Yeah, I know. I could hear squabbling in the background" Leonardo added.

"Come on guys" Rogue said, getting the car keys of the car they got from Frankterran HQ, "We got a plane to get"

It was easy getting a plane. All they had to do was tell the agent in the front desk of the EPF Frankterran HQ's Hangar that they need a plane and all they had to do was sign a pink slip. Then they can pick their plane and go.

"So Rogue," Clovis said while piloting the plane, and Rogue looking at the computers. "why do you think G needs us back in the Isle?"

Rogue looks away from the multiple computers surrounding her... and the glass wall of the plane where her ID is jabbed into a part of it where there was a hole, now all the data stored into her ID is seen in the glass wall, which doubles as a huge computer screen. She was wearing a suit, a black fedora, and shades with this style.

"My guess would be because he needs us to do something" she said.

"Yeah, but why wouldn't ask anyone else?" he said.

Rogue stops and thinks, "Good point. I don't know" she said.

The rest of the trip was quiet, except of the constant beeping of Rogue's computers

They landed into Club Penguin smoothly and was greeted by Gary.

"HQ" he said.

"Wha-" Dave was interrupted by G.

"NOW" Gary growled and pushed the agents to the car.

"Geez, what's up with you?" she said to G as she was pushed into the car.

She noticed that Gary was extremely cranky and that he looked like he ate less and drank more.

"G. What happened?" she said as he closed the door of the car and went in the driver's seat.

"Something's going on in the Pizza Parlor, the Director will brief you in there" he said irritably.

When they arrived in EPF HQ, Rogue gasped as an agent who looked like she drank way too much coffee ran to her and said.

"Miss Tvarkov! We need you in the Anti-Terrorism station!" Rogue squinted beneath the light and recognized the girl as her Captain, Bridgett Castillo.

"Bridge? Are you okay?" she asked as Clovis, Dave and Leonardo were approached by another agent but from the International Affairs group, dragging them to the International Affairs station.

"Yeah, sure I am" Bridgett said in a shaky voice.

"Bridge, can you please calm down," Rogue said and took the styrofoam cup from Bridgett's flipper "and stop drinking coffee!"

"I know, miss. But it's a huge problem!" she said as she began to drag Rogue across the room to the Anti-Terrorism station, where styrofoam cups were scattered on the floor, and hyperactive agents were typing on the computers.

"What is it?" she asked curiously as the agents began to run around the room, papers flying away from their arms. One with a whole bunch of papers ran to her and shoved to her the papers.

"The CPT will answer that!" he cried and sped away, she looked at him awkwardly for a few minutes, then opened the paper.


Pizza chefs were alarmed to find the giant bottle of hot sauce stolen from the Pizza Parlor this week. Special agents are currently on the scene to investigate this mysterious case. When chefs came in to make pizzas, they discovered the hot sauce bottle, normally above the pizza oven, was missing. The Pizza Parlor itself was a mess, with tables overturned, hot sauce splattered across the floor, and significant damage to the room. Citizens are asked to remain calm. Special agents are investigating this alarming disappearance and have everything under control. Currently the Pizzatron 3000 is out of order due to the missing hot sauce. Citizens are advised to enjoy a fish dog or smoothie instead. If you have information that may help solve this puzzling case, report it to the special agent at the scene.

"Agent Bloodshedder?" Rogue turned to see the Director on the screen.

"Yes Director?" she asked, putting down the newspaper.

"I see you've read the latest Times, now you know the situation" they said.

"Uh yeah. What happened here in HQ?" she said, raising the styrofoam cup of Bridgett and placing a flipper on her waist.

"Agent's been going overtime, so yeah. We're on the case" the Director replied. Rogue sighed, and sat at the slightly tattered seat.

"A large bottle of hot sauce was stolen from the Pizza Parlor" the Director said, Rogue looked away from the newspaper that was on the table, her attention to the Director.

The Director knew they caught the agent's attention "This is an extremely volatile substance. Disastrous in the wrong hands." they continued. Rogue stood up in attention.

"Your mission: Recover the hot sauce." they said as the screen shown the operation's logo.

"To aid you in this task, we upgraded your Spy Phone and added new features." they said, showing her the features of her new phone.

"This mission is dangerous. Good luck." was all the Director said before the screen scanned Rogue, and confirmed that she was ready. She was given a field kit, to put her evidence in, and she was off.

She entered the scene of the crime to see Jet near the Pizzatron 3000.

"Nothing to see here," he said as he approached her. He was about to pushed her out when he recognized her "oh, Rogue it's you."

"Uh, yeah" she said.

"I thought you were on a mission" he said.

"Well, I've been called back to base, simple" she said.

"Oh, okay. Looks like we've got a real mess on our hands." he concluded.

"Rookie's at the Cove to tell everyone the pizza party's off." he continued. "I've secured the perimeter. You look around for clues." he left to talk to a squad of agents. Rogue stared at him for a while, then walked around, trying to think of anything to use as evidence. It was until she felt warm liquid on her bare webbed feet.

"Well that's odd." she said and inspected the room, the walls and floor were splattered with hot sauce, and she didn't notice. She took out a test tube from her field kit and scooped up some hot sauce. She began to walk away, thinking of another thing for evidence, when she spied an all-too-familiar tuft of white fur Polar bear fur. she thought and reached for it. When she placed it in a ziplock, she heard her spy phone ring.

"Good job, agent! A perfect time to use the TraceTracker 3000!" G said and signed off. Out of her phone, a small metal dish popped out from her phone's side and her screen asked her to put in the evidence. She obeyed and it returned to it's place on her phone. After a few minutes, the not-so-familiar chime of her phone echoed into her ears, and she obeyed. Her TraceTracker 3000 was prepared, and she turned it on. A green circle surrounded her, and footprints and small circles lit up around her, it was now time. Time to track the thief down. She followed the trail quickly which led her to the Plaza. Many citizens looked at her as she ran, either with hope or confidence on her finding the hot sauce. She sprinted across the Snow Forts, Town and Dock until she reached the Beach. Agents were already there and the place seemed surrounded.

"Ah, Agent Rogue" an agent approached her.

"Oh hey. What's up in here, Perry?" she asked the agent named Perry.

"We got this part of the island surrounded because the Director seemed to see that you were headed to the Beach, so we were ordered to go here." he said.

"Oh, okay. Well, let's see what my tracker could do" she followed the prints until she came upon a huge step on. She step on it, and the earth shook below her. Agents were running around in panic as a lair (or at least, a door) emerged from the seas. When the shaking stopped, agents looked at what Rogue unearthed.

"What is this? Some kind of Atlantis?" an agent said.

"Right, and we'll be seeing mermaids and crabs!" Rogue said sarcastically and walked to the door. It had a lock, and suddenly Rogue's phone began to ring, she unlocked it, and winced as the light hit her eyes.

"Okay, this thing is locked." she said to the agents as her EntryGainer 3000 began to work it's thing. She unlocked the door in 10 seconds, and proceeded in. She ordered the agents behind her to stand their ground, and to stay out. She walked in to see Herbert, Klutzy and stacks of stolen pizza. Herbert was blowtorching something and he said.

"Setting up here was a STROKE OF GENIUS. Spacious. Quiet. And that pump was perfect to keep this place dry." she turned on her recorder. "Those Elite Penguin FOOLS will never find me!"

She felt insulted when he called the agency 'fools', but he continued. "MWAHAHAHAHA! Masterful idea to salvage the solar laser for my new plan."

Salvage? Wait... she thought and looked through her memories of the notice boards, "Solar laser has been stolen!" You stole the solar lazer you dummkopf!

Herbert noticed that Klutzy was trying to reach a pizza slice from the top of one of the stacks. "KLUTZY! No pizza! We'll eat once I'm finished."

Rogue's mind raised. Come on, Tvarkov! Think! she spied on the pump, the pizza, and Klutzy. Slowly and precisely, she took a slice of pizza and threw it at the water near the 'Flood' button. He spied it and tried to look for her, but she crouched low on the ground. He went to the slice of pizza and ate it, she quickly threw another slice at the 'Flood' button. He walked to it, and pushed the button.

Herbert noticed immediately and screamed "KLUTZY! NOOOOOOOO!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? AAAAAAAHH!" he quickly noticed Rogue because of her black hair slowly turning red short curly. "Wait a second! What are you doing here agent?!?"

"You! It was you who made me postpone my mission just to kick your sorry butt and get back what the island OWNS! You devil! You should be ashamed!" she took out her badge "Herbert Percival Bear Esquire, by the orders of the EPF, you are under arrest!"

"NO! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" he looked at the water, as it began to flood his lair, she knew it was time to get out, but it was too late, she was soon underwater and the water exploded out of the lair. Agents ran back in fear while others shouted Rogue's name. She tried to speak, but her mouth took in water and she tried to cough it out, but only more water went in her mouth. When she was at the Dock, she could see agents looking for her there, her head bobbed up into the surface, then back into the water. She could only pass on one transmission.

"This *blub blub* is Rogue Tvarkov! *blub blub* Don't worry *blub* about me! *blub blub blub* Just follow!"

That was enough of an order for the agents, and the military trucks and cars sped through the island, following the trail of pizza slices that they could see visibly at the ocean. They terrified a few citizens, but many cheered at the agents, knowing that they have the trail for their pizza. Everyone followed them to the Cove, where Rookie and a bunch of agents were at in the moment. When Rogue washed onto the white sand, he jumped.

"Tvarkov! Weren't you in Frankterre?" he asked, she coughed a bit and said.

"That was until our coffee intoxicated boss postponed all missions and ordered all available Club Penguin stationed agents to the isle." she said.

"But isn't Clovis stationed in Castilla?" he asked.

"Well, he's one of our best agents, that could be a reason." she replied.

"Anyway, yay!!! You did it! You got the hot sauce AND the pizzas for the party!" he cried. "So tasty-mmmm- and mouth burn-y."

Rogue chuckled at the agent's reaction, and tilted her fedora "All part of the job."

"Hey! Is that your phone ringing?" Rookie pointed out while eating some pizza. Rogue looked at her pocket, where her phone was shining and buzzing.

"Oh." she answered the called.

"Well done agent. You recovered the stolen material." the Director said. "We don't know what Herbert was building. But we do know his plans are on hold for now. Thanks to you."

"Um... thanks, Director" she said.

"Aaaaannnnd, you're drenched. Agent Rogue, please explain this." the Director added.

"The ah... lair was flooded." she said with an accent that was like this.

"Okay agent. Well, adieu" the Director said and signed off. A hologram popped out of her phone, it said.


You successfully completed Operation Hot Sauce


5 Elite Medals and Operation Hot Sauce Background

Rogue smiled, "At least the island is okay."

Rogue saw the other agents come in the Cove. She took a bunch of pizza boxes. "Catch, Perry!" she tossed the pizza boxes and he caught it precisely.

"Miss Tvarkov, what's this?" he asked.

She smiled, "It's a reward. Tonight, we celebrate in HQ!!!" she said, every agent cheered.

Citizens began to come in and cheered at the sight of pizza boxes, music suddenly played and everyone began to party. Agents and citizens began to mingle with each other. It was months ago since the agency went public, and yet everyone is thinking like it's no big thing. The agents were taking a break.

She smiled again as a group of citizens asked her about her life as an EPF agent.

The Island was at peace.

Chapter 5- Puffle'and[edit]

Rogue was just packing her bags in her igloo again.

"Hey, where's my gun?" she said as she searched the table where she last saw her gun in vain.

"Terrence, what's that you got?" she asked as she spied her puffle tinkering with something.

"Oh, nothing Miss Ro. Just checking your gun for any imperfections...." he said. "And I found one. Just give me a lil' sec."

She waited for him to finish the gun before he gave it back to her.

"Thanks." she said and finished packing. She was about to walk out of the igloo when her telephone rang. The puffles raced to get the phone, but Carey defeated them and answered the phone

"Hello?" she said. She turned her head to Rogue "It's for you."

"Yeah hi?" Rogue answered the phone.

"Agent Rogue, don't go to Frankterre." Gary was on the other line.

"Wuh-Why?" she asked.

"It's simple. We found no TTNM activity there, you'll be going to Puffle'and." he said.

"Oh, joy!" she said.

"You'll be meeting up with your partner there. That's all" G said before ending the call.

"You're going to Puffle'and?" Terrence asked, hopping down the stairs of her two floored igloo.

"Yeah, how did you know?" she asked in suspicion.

"I eavesdropped the call."


When Rogue stepped out of the plane, she recognized one sign that read:


Rogue smiled, Veronica Willows was her alias in Puffle'and, and she walked to the man.

"Hello, Veri. My, isn't it a hot day?" the man asked.

"Of course, Timothy. We wouldn't wanna go anywhere but the beach, no?" she replied.

The boy looked at her in the eye and said. "Come with me."

The boy led her to a tea shop.

"Why hello!" the old woman said who was the shopkeeper. "What brings you to my humble shop?"

"Oh nothing, I just need to get some Jasmine Tea... and that's that." the boy said. The woman looked at them both and said.

"Welcome agents."

One of the shelves filled with boxes of teas descended, revealing double doors. The two nodded and went in. Then the shelf went back to its original place.

"So, who are you again?" Rogue asked the boy who escorted her.

"Hollingsworth. Edwin Hollingsworth." he introduced. "Glad to have you in Puffle'and, dear General."

"Yes, well who will be my partner in my field mission here?" she asked in curiosity.

"Special Agent Frost Prestine. He is from the Tactical Division. Personally chosen by Tactical Agent General Jet Pack Guy"

"Frost Prestine. When did I last see him? Oh right, THE ACADEMY" she said.

"I see you know him. Well, you are a general, I cannot question the reason why." Edwin said.

They arrived to the room they needed to go to: Central Control Room. Agents were walking and running around, files on hand.

"You'll be waiting for him here. Now if you excuse me, I need to go back to work. Ta-ta, general." he said and left. Rogue took out her general's tablet and contacted JPG.

"Uh yeah, I'm in the middle of a situation Rogue, you better have a perfect excuse for calling me right now." Jet answered the call.

"Why Prestine?!" she cried.

"What? Prestine is an excellent agent. Highly skilled and, a fellow batch-mate of yours. Is there anything wrong with my choice?" he asked innocently.

"What's wrong?! Prestine's wrong! In my first mission in Puffle'and years ago, he left me in Little Benny for hours until you came in and saved me!" she argued.

"Ahem. Miss Tvarkov? Is there anything wrong?"

Rogue turned sharply to see Frost Prestine, wearing his usual suit and tie. His flippers were crossed and he was looking her in the eye.

"Prestine" she narrowed her eyes, "See you later JPG. I myself have something to attend to."

"Rogue are you oka-" the tablet turned off and she placed it back into her inventory.

"Frost Prestine, how very nice to see you..." she said sarcastically.

"Are you sarcastic again, Tvarkov dear?" he asked.

"Eh... slightly." she said. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket. She looked at it with slight annoyance.

I've been meaning to tell you this, but never forget: what happened in the past mustn't interfere with the future. --JPG.

Rogue grumbled, "Okay, fine."

"What is?" he asked.

"Nothin'" she said, looking away.

He laughed softly and said "Ah, typical Tvarkov. Always the mysterious and suspicious one. Ha ha..."

She raised an eyebrow."I'll just... brief you on the way to Anti-Terrorism's sector..." she said and walked to the Anti-Terrorism sector of the Puffle'and HQ. Frost had to jog to be leveled with Rogue's speed walking.

"So, what's this mission about, chap?" he asked.

"You'll see." she responded.

"This isn't the Agent Rogue Tvarkov I met back at the Academy, this isn't the slightest bit like her! Is this an impostor, or is it just that I haven't seen her for... 5 years?"

"I know right! My attitude changed ever since I began my career as a general!"

In surprise, Frost nearly tripped on his own feet when Rogue turned, smirking.

"How- How did you read my mind?" he asked in surprise.

She laughed and said, "It's a Tvarkov secret" she pretended she zipped her beak and locked it, throwing the key to a random place. She grinned and continued to walk. Finally, they reached the Anti-Terrorism Sector of Puffle'and.

"So uh, what's the situation?" Frost said as they sat down in one of Rogue's branch office.

"You mean Jet didn't tell you what's going on? Geez do I have to do all the talking?" she said and sighed. "Okay, so we've got terrorists all around Antarctica, a organization called TTNM, now I've been taking them down for now and they have been spotted in Puffle'and. Our mission, is to kill or capture TTNM members, now how does that sound, mate?"

Frost thought for a while, then said "Something's missing, the briefing file."

"Ah, it's with me." she said as an agent brushed past her, dropping a file onto her lap. "Thank you comrade." she whispered.

"Now, here you go, read while I go attend to... some stuff." she said as an agent signalled her to come in to the room to attend to something. She waddled to the room and closed the door behind her.

"Miss Tvarkov, we've got TTNM movement a few minutes ago!" one of them said.

"Where?" she asked.

"Near Little Benny! We've got to get you there ASAP!" an agent said and tried to push her.

"Fine, ta-ta!" she said in a hurry and sped through the hallway, taking Frost by the shoulder and dragging him towards one of the exits.

"Tvarkov! Are you mad? What the bloody heck is going on?" he cried as she let go of his shoulder for him to run.

"We don't have much time, go!" she said as she ran to an unattended jeep and hopped on. "We need to get to Little Benny fast! TTNM activity has been spotted near there!"

"Wait, how did you know?"

"I'm a general!"

Rogue stepped on the gas and they sped off.

Frost was practically leaning against the backrest of his seat as Rogue sped through the streets of Snowdon.

"Rogue you're breaking the SPEEEEEEEEEED LIIMMIIIITT!!!" he yelled as the general made a sharp left turn.

"We will never get to Little Benny quick if I don't break every driving rule in Snowdon." she argued through all the racket both the engines and the wheels were making. By now, they were a few blocks away from Little Benny. Then the radio made a sound it wasn't supposed to make, the sound of a ring. Then the radio flipped and a tiny screen replaced it.

"G'day agents." it was Pufflish Chief-of-Staff Gerald Ackerman.

"Ah, Gerald. Nice to see you once more." Rogue said, making another sharp turn to the right, making Frost slam against the jeep's side, even if he was on seatbelt.

"How do you not hit the sides when you turn even if you're not in seatbelt?" Frost complained, but was drowned out by Gerald.

"Agents we've got latest TTNM activity, they have moved from Little Benny to East, we need you to find them, and bring them in for questioning." he said.

"Yeah, how do they look like?" Frost asked.

"We only have information on one of them, Len Ming Yung, a female hostage of theirs. She looks Zhouese, because obviously she IS one. Gerald out." he signed off.

"So, what's the plan?" Frost shouted through the racket as Rogue did another sharp turn to the left.

"Plan? What plan? Oh right, the plan. Well uh, what do you think is appropriate?" Rogue said as she drove.

"Maybe we can spot her through a crowd?" Frost said, practically digging his flippers into the seat.

"You're saying we should climb Little Benny and spot her through the crowd? Okay, sure." she said and stepped on the brakes. The scent of burnt rubber filled the air around them and they leaned forward by force. "Here we are."

The two hopped out of the jeep and waddled towards the clock tower. Rogue walked around it twice and tried to think of a way to get in. Then she says, "Frost, please contact Gerald again to ask how Lin looks like, will you? I'll try finding a way to get in." Frost nodded and took out his spy phone. He pressed on the screen then placed the phone to his ear.

"Hello? Who am I speaking to?" Frost began, he squinted when he realized who he was talking to "Yes boss. I'll give her the phone now. Rogue?" he called for her attention. She waddled to him slightly annoyed.

"I was just making a final calculation on how much strength is needed to kick this door DOWN! What do you want?!" she snapped, but paused when she realized who he was speaking to. She grabbed the phone and answered, "JPG. What do you want? And why are you in Snowdon?"

"Slow down, girl. I just have to notify you about sudden intel," he paused, "We've received intel that TTNM is going to attack CP anytime soon, please hurry in the mission, I trust that you would finish your Puffle'and assignment and return to HQ ASAP. Did I make myself clear?"

Rogue grunted, "Yes. You really did. But really, you had to go to Snowdon?" she said.

"I have a file that is too confidential to be faxed or mailed." he reasoned. "It's Level 12."

Rogue nodded in agreement, Level 12 Security Clearance was only for chief-of-staffs, agent generals, and the Director. It was the highest, and the most dangerous level of them all. Anyway, Rogue returned the phone to Frost and proceeded to kick down the door, and succeeded.

"How the heck will we get up the - oh." Frost was interrupted when he saw Rogue speed up a flight of stairs.

"Hurry! We don't have much time!"

After a few minutes, Rogue was at the top of the stairs, without even sweating or panting, with Frost trudging behind, panting and wheezing.

"You really need to get into shape." Rogue said, Frost retorted.

"Hey, it isn't me who has a unique skill set!"

"Whatever, let's just get to the rooftop and look for her. Say, how the heck does Lin look like?"

Frost gulped, "I didn't ask."

Rogue grumbled and sighed, "Plan B?"

Frost took out a pair of goggles, "I have this, it has a face recognition mode, if I remember correctly."

And he was, he typed in Lin's name and soon, they got a message: a tragically unfortunate one.

They've killed her, agents. Please report back to HQ. --Gerald

Both sighed, and hopped on to the jeep, they've wasted their time getting here.

Both came back dragging their feet.

"Rogue, here's the file you need to look at." Gerald tossed to her the Level 12 file Jet gave her. She looked through it then closed it.

"Both of you are dismissed. And Rogue," Gerald paused, "You may go back to Club Penguin."

Chapter 6- Hostage Crisis[edit]

It's been 2 days after the Snowdon incident and it was Saturday, Rogue was in the middle of her nap in her igloo when the chime of her spy phone interrupted.

"Hello." she began. Then squinted "Shoot."

Rogue dashed into the Plaza, and the sight of a small crowd gathering around the Pizza Parlor made something drop in her stomach. She approached the EPF line and flashed her badge towards the EPF agent. He nodded and allowed her through. As she weaved through all the tents, she spied a familiar red penguin in a suit using his laptop. Catching her gaze, he grinned.

"Rogue, glad you can make it." Jet said.

"Do they have my field items?"

"Yes, it's in the Anti-Terrorism tent over there." he pointed towards the tent near the Pizza Parlor. She nodded and waddled to it.

"Hello, Rogue!"

Rogue recognized the penguin as her Major General: Penelope Acer.

"Hello Pen. Where're my field items?"

Penelope pointed towards a desk which had a blue field jacket, a bulletproof vest, a weapons belt and at least 4 different weapons. Rogue wore the vest and the jacket and placed two weapons on her belt and hid the other two, one on her side and another on her back. And she returned to Jet's side.

"So, what's the situation?"

"TTNM, they're holding them hostage."

"Did they threaten to kill any hostages?"

"Yes. They did 5 minutes ago."

"And did they?"

"No. Not at all. Rookie's in the Comm. tent fixing a direct line to the Pizza Parlor, all other lines cut. The Director wants you to do it."

"What? Why?"

"Don't ask me! Ask the Director! She has her reasons!"

Rogue sighed in defeat, "Fine, I'll do it."

As if on cue, Rookie walked towards them and said, "Hey, the telephone line's ready. You ready, Rogue?"

Rogue nodded and followed him to the Communications tent, there was a telephone on the middle of the desk, and it was connected to a table full of recorders for everyone to listen in. Rogue silently dialed to the Pizza Parlor, her heart beating against her ribcage. It rang thrice, then the penguin on the other line responded.

"Hello? Who is this? What do you want?" a gruff, German tone said on the other line.

"Agent Everest of the EPF. Who is this?"

"You know who I am."

"No. I don't."

"Enough with the stalling!" the man on the other line yelled. Rogue fell silent for a while, thinking of a way to get him on their side.

"I'm sorry, that was rude. Now, what do you want?" he said calmly. Rogue looked behind her, the agents who were listening in shrugged. She looked at Jet with a pleading look in her eyes, he mouthed 'negotiate'.

"That's what we're supposed to ask. What do you want with the hostages... and more importantly, us?"

"We... we want you to surrender!" a guy nearly out of Rogue's hearing cried. Her eyes widened in confusion and asked, "Is your phone on loudspeaker?"

"Yes..." the German said.

Rogue looked at her comrades again, who shrugged once more. She hung her head in defeat, if she has to do it, then so be it. She thought of every training exercise, every lesson her instructors taught her back in the Academy.

"Listen, recruits." They're instructor began. "Today's lesson is on persuasion and negotiation. Now, does anyone know what the words 'persuasion' or 'negotiation' mean?"

"Fast forward." she thought.

The memory fasted forward until it came to the point where the students were learning about methods.

"Now, one of the attitudes you need to have is to know who you are talking and persuading. You need to remember: research, research, research. It never hurts, does it?" "No, mam." the whole class said in chorus. "Good, as I was saying, know who you are talking to, whether a hostage taker or suicidal penguins, you need to know how to talk to them, no matter what."

"Is this what you want, fellows?" she said into the telephone, "Do you want to hurt innocent penguins?"

"It's the boss's orders." one of them firmly said, she bit her lip - or whatever was the lip in her penguin beak. She chooses her words carefully, trying to think of a reaction. Then she said.

"What do you want? Were you forced or you wanted to do this?" she said.

Rookie and Jet shared the same look, and only one word crossed their minds "Burn."

There was slight murmuring in the other line, and Rogue could've sworn she saw some movement through the window.

"We... we never wanted to hurt... anyone." a new voice said. It sounded Caladian, in Rogue's perspective. She signaled a SWAT team to move in to the space between the crowd and the Pizza Parlor's entrance.

"Well, it's time to give up. You can tell us why you did it when you... get out of there." she said slowly.

There was once more, murmuring from the other line, but she or even any of the agents listening in can't tell the difference since the crowd too began to murmur, noticing the SWAT team that began to station themselves around the door.

"NO! We will not comply! You have 1 hour to surrender to surrender, and we won't kill this hostage!" a Snoss accent boomed into the phone. An orange hostage taker appeared in one of the windows, showing a scared female hostage with a deletion pistol pressing against her forehead. The SWAT team reacted by training their lasers at the window. He had a gloomy expression on his face then disappeared with the hostage. Just when Rogue was about to put the phone down, a whisper was heard on the other line.

"Psst. My name is Oliver. Please, help us! I don't want to help this TTNM anymore! A few of my comrades also don't want to continue this act. Please, don't shoot us when we go outside. This is all, please help us. We want to be free." then the line went dead. Rogue just stared at the phone in disbelief then at her fellow agents, who had the same expression as hers.

"Jet. We need to take this negotiating thing to a new level." She said firmly and walked to a recently delivered box. She opened it with a swipe of her ID on the glass-like part of the box. When it opened, she took out 4 metal bracelets. She placed two on, and slipped the other two in her pocket.

"What do you mean 'a new level'?" he asked.

"What I meant was to go in there personally. We need to earn their trust by sending me in." she said.

"WHAT?!? That's absurd!" he reasoned.

"I have these with me, and remember, I have a division and at least 4 weapons at my disposal. Nothing can stop that, can there?" she reasoned, showing her wrists which had the bracelets. The color from Jet's face flushed at the sight of the bracelets.

"They're only prototypes. Are you sure they'll work?" he asked. She told him to do a test run with her in the Forest and he obeyed, and it actually worked.

"Well, what if you were caught off guard?" he asked. She rolled up her sleeves, revealing full body armor.

"And your head?"

"You're not my mom." she said. Some agents snickered. "Rookie, do we have the blueprints of the Pizza Parlor?"

"Yes. I do." he said and placed down the blueprints on one of the tables. She stared at it for a moment then said.

"What's that?" she pointed at the door that leads outside.

"Oh that? That's the back door that leads to the back alley of the... crap." Rookie's face morphed from confused to astonished. "Jet, come here."

The three division heads stared at the blueprint.

"Jet, send in your SWAT team. You'll be using me as bait now."

"Fine. But are you ready?" he said. She nodded. Then she walked out of the tent with several agents in suits flanking her with assault rifles. The murmuring of the crowd became louder as the agents who were flanking her stopped and stepped away from her as she approached the door of the Pizza Parlor. She pushed the door open, and goes in. She blinks at the sight of the situation before her. The hostages were in a corner, guarded by two gloomy penguins with rifles. At the sight of her, the Snoss hostage taker aimed his rifle at her.

"Stop! Who are you!"

"Agent Everest of the EPF." she flashed her badge. "I'm here to negotiate."

The Snoss penguin snorted, "Oh please. You'll only take us in."

One of the hostage takers looked at her desperately. She soon felt something in her snap. They were forced. Only he wanted to do this. she concluded, keeping an eye at the Snoss man. She unconsciously stepped back at her sudden realization.

"Trust me. You wouldn't like how you'll be treated if you wouldn't surrender. I swear to my badge." she said solemnly. "We don't want to hurt you. Never. You're just innocent penguins who were forced into this madness."

"Oh yeah? Prove it." the Snoss said. She tossed to the hostage taker who was forced to go out the window with a hostage the other two metal bracelets of hers.

"Those are indestructible, I have them myself. Try me." she said and showed her wrists. Quickly, the Snoss shot her, but she quickly reacted by clashing her two wrists together, thus activating the bracelets. A green shield grew, and ricocheted the bullet towards a different and safe sector of the Pizza Parlor. From both the crowd and the hostages she heard a gasp. She smiled, it worked again. "C'mon. Give me that one hostage you threatened to kill. Just... one."

Before she said that, she quickly mentally messaged Oliver, who happened to be the hostage taker who went out the window with the hostage. "Oliver. Do you hear me? Don't freak out." He looked at her and signaled her to go on. "Give her the bracelets, and instruct her to clash them together if she hears a gun sound. Did I make myself clear? Now go."

Rogue saw that he passed to the blonde hostage the bracelets and silently whispered to her what to do. When she slowly walked to Rogue, the sound of a gun was heard, and she quickly reacted and clashed her wrists together. She survived the bullet that was aimed for her head. Rogue gave out a sigh of relief. She nodded her off and she walked calmly out of the Pizza Parlor with her family awaiting her. Rogue looked back at the Snoss, who just stood there with a smoking barrel. Her eyes snapped awake at him and her adrenaline began to course around her by storm, suddenly something snapped. She didn't know what, but something snapped in her mind. Her green eyes changed red, with a ring of black on it.

"You intended to kill her?!" she roared. "Is that it? What kind of penguin are you?!"

She felt herself take out a deletion pistol from her belt holster. "You... you'll stay here!"

"NO!" the Snoss yelled and removed his shirt, revealing C4 strapped onto his chest and stomach. She gasped and took an unconscious step back. "I'll blow this junk up with the hostages and you if you won't surrender!"

By now, a SWAT Team silently came in and evacuated all of the hostages and hostage takers, without the Snoss penguin knowing.

"C'mon! Fight me! Show them what you're made of!" he said, pointing at the crowd and at the SWAT and team of agents who were on the snow. Not taking 'no' for an answer, he charged forward with a knife, and she jumped away. He took out a gun and she held it by the barrel, maneuvering it away from the crowd. He shot several rounds, but she kept it pointing at the ceiling. He took a knife and dug it onto her side. She yelped and took punched him in the shoulder, making him tumble back. She removed the bloody knife from her and threw it out, she took out her deletion pistol and aimed it straight onto his head.

"You don't want me to do this, no?" she said. He just smiled at her took out a small remote with a big red button.

"No. I'll just do it for you." he grinned and pressed the big shiny red button, and the C4 exploded with him. The blast of the explosion sent Rogue flying out of the door and onto the snow, narrowly missing a SWAT member. The agents and SWAT members backed away from her slowly until she rose her head from the snow, revealing a cut on her right cheek.

"I'm good." she said and stood up. Dusting herself off. When she looked at her flippers there was blood on it. She looked at her comrades as the world around her began to rock. She ran to the medical tent where a waiting nurse attended to her. That was all she could remember until she blacked out.

Chapter 7- Alemania[edit]

Rogue woke up to the sound of shuffling, then voices.

"Oh my, what a wound."

"Gadzooks! What happened to her???"

"She was stabbed, Rookie. Isn't it obvious."

"Shh! She's waking up."

"Guys..." she moaned, but snapped awake when she realized where she was. "Where are the hostage takers."

"That's why we came by to visit, they are ready to be questioned and we thought you should do it. You woke up just in time." Gary said.

"Thanks. Well, can I please go to them now?"

"Yes. Your uniform is on the rack beside you." Gary said and pointed to her the rack of several of her uniforms. She got up, but winced at the pain of her wound. She looked at it, but she only saw a white bandage wrapped around her stomach. She got up, ignoring the pain that shot up her stomach, and proceeded to dress up into her Anti-Terrorism general uniform, while the others went out of the room for her privacy. When she got out she raced to the interrogation room, her wound didn't pain her anymore due to her fantastically fast healing capability.

She ran in just in time.

"Hello." she said calmly and took her seat in front of the hostage takers.

"It's you! Are you okay? Did he hurt you???" Oliver said.

Rogue chuckled, "Yes. I am a-okay. You don't need to bother."

"Will we be going to jail?" the Caladian one said.

"No. Innocent penguins don't go to jail." she assured them. "You're only here to be questioned. Now, from which branch of the TTNM are you from, boys?"

They squeaked their branches immediately, without hesitation. Rogue grimaced when she heard the first two.

"Okay. So uh, what will be they're next move?" she asked.

"They were planning on going to Alemania."

Rogue thought of any more questions. But none were needed.

"Okay. Just follow my comrade here." she said as Miranda came in. "She will be testing you for... something." she said and walked out of the room. Whispering to Miranda, "Testing for the Academy."

Rogue was in a room with both Gary and the Director.

"I say that my next mission should be in Alemania." Rogue said firmly, while Gary was pacing the room.

"How much do you trust them, enough to prove that they aren't bluffing, Tvarkov?" Gary asked.

"You may watch footage."

The Director and Gary watched the questioning. Then nodded.

"Okay, so Alemania?"


"Well, this will be in effect tomorrow. Good luck." the Director said and the television screen went off.

Altitude Street, 04: 15

The knock on the door startled Rogue's crimson puffle, Ethan awake.

"What? Oh, it's just the door." he said. He hopped into her room and nudged her flipper which happened to be dangling on the bed. He licked it and she woke up quick.

"What? Oh, it's just you Ethan." she said and ruffled his hair. He walked her to the door when they heard the knocking harder. "Who could it be?"

As she opened the door, she brushed a flipper on her stomach, the wound was still there, and her prepared gun was on it. Slowly, she opened the door. A dark green penguin wearing a trench coat and a brown fedora was on her doorstep.

"How can I help you?" she said, giving the guy a murderous glare. He walked in, and Rogue stepped back. "But first, who are you?"

The man chuckled and took of his fedora, revealing spiky, jet black hair. "Ms Tvarkov, you don't know me?"

Rogue blinked twice "Adrian?"

Adrian chuckled, "It's funny how you didn't recognize me." he said and walked to her couch. Ethan hopped towards him and jumped onto his stomach, acting cute and all.

"Hey..." she thought about what he said to find an offense or insult, there wasn't. "Why did you come in such a time?"

Adrian was now petting Ethan, bewitched by his cuteness. "Oh. Well I guess the Director needs you in Alemania ASAP."

Rogue took one good look at those two, then sighed. She waddled towards her drawer and took out a towel.

"I'll be in the shower. You guys..." she paused before taking step up the stairs, "...play with each other."

When Rogue finally came out, wearing a black tank top, grey tactical pants, and black sneakers. Her jet black hair has been tied back into a ponytail.

"Okay, what now?" she asks.

Adrian looks up from the couch and grins.

"We go to the Air Base"

EPF Air Base 5, Somewhere in the Forest, Club Penguin Island. 04:55

The first thing that crossed the Lieutenant General's mind was God it's so freaking cold.

As they trudged through a path leading to the Air Base, Adrian wondered how the General could survive such temperature. Sure, they could be penguins, but in this freezing climate in the early morning? It's like Operation Blackout! "Rogue, how can you survive such temperature?"

Rogue looked at him, her breath coming out in short white puffs. "You don't know? Well, I am a Russian Nord, from the Northern Hemisphere." she said calmly.

He tilted his head to the side in confusion. "You're from Russia?"

Somewhere, a small crack appeared on a wall. "Yes. You never knew?"

The lieutenant general stared at her for a few minutes then shrugged. They continued to walk until they saw the silhouette of the Air Base, Adrian ran there in relief and Rogue had to catch up. When they got there, they saw a sleeping USA soldier on the front desk. Rogue cleared her throat and the soldier woke up in surprise.

"Huh? Oh. General, what is it?" he asked. Rogue leaned on the counter to mutter a few words, then he nodded and pushed his chair back. "Follow me."

They walked through the corridor of vast military planes and stopped at one of them.

"Behold! The Ruscan Beriev A-50 Minstay!" the soldier said.

The Ruscan spy plane was huge, the color a mixture of grey and white. There was a red star on the tail and wings. It was magnificent, in a way.

"Well, my shift just ended. You may get in." the soldier said and left them. Rogue stared at the plane then slowly got on. After a few minutes, they lifted off.

As Adrian flew the plane, Rogue kept to herself in one of the corners of the plane with her laptop.

"Rogue what are you doing?" Adrian asked. She looked up and said.

"I'm doing my research on any TTNM activity there so that I don't really need to do that when we get there."

He just looked at her for a while and sighed, he adjusted himself in his chair to see the scenery before him, better. Suddenly, two Alemanian fighter jets were at his sides.

"Ahh!" he said and prepared to shoot them. Rogue in return tackled him to the ground.

"Darn it Adrian they're comrades! I called them in since I found out TTNM planes are up in the air DARN IT!" she screamed. They were guided to the EPF Air Base without getting attacked by the TTNM.

"Good lord... and I thought they were enemies." Adrian muttered while Rogue was in the cockpit with him, keeping a close eye on him while she silently types in her computer.

"Heh, I should've told you." she said while typing.

And they finally landed in Boorlin and hopped out. They were greeted by an Alemanian general.

"Willkommen, Genossen!" he said and saluted to them both. Rogue saluted back while Adrian was left wondering what he said.

"He said 'Welcome, comrades!', Adrian." she whispered to him and he nodded.

"I can speak English, if you are more comfortable with that." the Alemanian general said.

"Sure, general. My partner here doesn't understand the language, but I do." she said and looked at Adrian.

"Oh, yes. I'm Lieutenant General Adrian of the Anti-Terrorism sector of the EPF, and this is my general, Rogue Tvarkov." he said and ushered to her. The Alemanian looked at him in the eye then at Rogue.

"Alright. Follow me... oh and my name is General Erik." he said and with one foot, steered him in 180 degrees and walked the opposite direction, making sure both of them are tailing him. When they got to an abandoned building in a secluded area of Boorlin, the general took out a keycard from his jacket and swiped it on the seemingly crack on the iron door. It opened and the three walked in, the room was extremely dusty, so much it made Adrian sneeze. There was a fireplace that somehow survived and rubble everywhere. The three paused and stared at their surroundings. The Alemanian general continued walking and stopped by the fireplace and took his keycard and swiped it between two bricks. The bottom part of the fireplace opened and a metal shack was before them with air getting sucked in.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go!" General Erik said and jumped down. Adrian looked at Rogue and she nodded, they jumped together, and landed on Erik by mistake... a loud crash could be heard within a 5 meter radius as they came crashing down on each other. Adrian groaned and got up slowly.

"Man... my head. No offense Erik but is your shoulder made out of metal?" he groaned as he rubs his head.

"Beats me. Is your forehead made out of titanium?" Erik groaned back. The only one who seemed unaffected was Rogue, but a visible bruise could be on her chest when she crashed on both of their shoulders at the same time.

"Anyway... what is it, Erik?" Rogue said, while rubbing her chest gingerly.

"Follow me." he just said and waddled towards a huge computer mounted on the wall. He pressed a few commands into the keyboard and a file fresh from the EPF mainframe in Club Penguin pops up.

"Recent findings from HQ says that they have recently been getting innocent females and maroon them where some of their operatives would pick them up and uh... I think you should read it." Erik said and took a step aside, so that Rogue and Adrian can see the file.

"You are kidding right? Becoming slaves of East Pengolia?! Outrage! A darn outrage!" Rogue cried.

"I know right? That's your mission, agents. Rogue you will act as a single woman from and Adrian, you will be tailing from the rooftops." Erik said and left.

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Oh joy."

Adrian in return, snickered. "You're gonna be alone."

Rogue Tvarkov, now under the name Iris Novata, which doesn't sound Alemanian to her protest, was waiting to cross the street. She looked from the corner of her eye to check on Adrian, who was on the rooftop of the cafe behind her. She pretended to be vulnerable, to be innocent, or to be unsuspicious, but with recognizable green eyes and black hair combed to a bun, she was recognizable by anyone who knows her.

"Darn. Any sign of terrorists?" she said into her earpiece.

"Nope. Just hold on tight." he said quietly. They waited for what seemed like hours until a member of the terrorist group approached her.

"Entschuldigen Sie mich, gnädige Frau?" he asked her. She grinned and said.

"Ja, was ist das?"

"Können Sie Englisch?" he asked her.

"Yes, I can speak English pretty well. The name's Iris. Iris Novata." she said.

"Okay. Nice to meet you." the man said. He quickly covered her beak with a white cloth, she could only squeak out a "mphf!" before passing out, probably a "help" call. Then, he dragged her to an alley, with Adrian secretly following them. When he reached an area where he noticed a penguin and a truck, he heard a conversation.

"You found another girl, eh?"

Caladians Adrian thought.

"Yeah. C'mon, she looks strong." the man said.

Before they could put Rogue into the truck, Adrian jumped down and beat the two up. After doing so, he placed them against the wall and placed his still unconscious general on the ground near him.

"Alright! Where is your kingpin?" Adrian said.

"We'll never tell!" the two yelled in unison.

"You WILL! You DARED to knock my general out, you DARED to nearly send her to East Pengolia, and you DARED to go to the evil side. Elaborate or else it's your deathbeds!" he yelled.

"Never! I'd rather die than live to see the other day to find out our leader's killed!" the Caladian one said. Without much, Adrian shot him square on the beak with his deletion gun, and watched him get sucked into the CyberVoid.

"It's going to be your deathbed, mate. So spill or else it's the CyberVoid for you." Adrian said.

The one who knocked out Rogue sputtered "H-H-He's in S-Shops."

Adrian only smirked and shot the guy in the chest with his deletion gun. Then the guy evaporated to the CyberVoid. Rogue was already steering awake when Adrian scooped her up.

"Hey, wake up." He said. She only groaned and tried to shake away the dizziness.

"Where... where are we?" she asked. He remembered to put her down on the ground again to look through the truck for any files or whatever. He only found an encoded file that he didn't understand.

"You're an expert in cryptology, right?" he asked when he got back to her. She only nodded.

"Yeah. Is the mission over?"

"Uh-huh. Now, let's get you back to the military base." Adrian said and helped her up, she leaned on him and walked out, muttering something about her head before passing out.

After being treated in the medical bay, Rogue was in a room that was dark, with a general, Adrian and herself in it.

"The kind of knockout liquid they used on you was something that messed up with your head. Well, it wasn't really a liquid, just a melted drug." Adrian explained. Rogue was still on aspirins and painkillers that day and wasn't thinking straight.

"What. Kind. Of. Drug." Rogue said after popping another aspirin in her mouth.

"Timoxeline barbebutenol. Well on small amounts, but it lead to you needing to take aspirin or painkillers every hour for three days. Can't your Tvarkov Serum skip that?" Adrian asked. The general only raised an eyebrow.

"Actually, if I'm an ordinary penguin, I'd be on painkillers and aspirin for two weeks, the Tvarkov Serum already helped me, FYI." Rogue grumbled.

"Zo uh.... vhere vill you go nezt, Miss Tvarkov?" The general asked.


Chapter 8: Shops Island[edit]

Boorlin, Alemania. 07:38

Two agents knocked on Rogue's door. Rogue opened the door, beaded with sweat. She looked like she was in a hurry, because her tie was only on her neck, without a knot, her weapons belt was tilted to the side and her small pouches in it were opened and half-filled, she was barefooted, her hair was still wet and her room was messy.

"Uh... sorry. I stayed up because of obvious reasons." Rogue said. She was finally off of aspirin and painkillers and was a bit sleep deprived.

"Okay. Well, I am Agent Deltrob and she is Agent Alison." the male agent said, then ushered to his partner. The man seemed to be no older than 45 and the girl was... probably in her mid-30s.

"Alright. From which agency?" Rogue asked.

"The SIA." both said in unison and shown their badges to her. Rogue only nodded.

"Ah. Well uh, give me a while." She quickly closed the door, and some commotion could be heard through the door. The two agents looked at each other confused, what is the general up to?

"So uh... Alison. What do you think-" Deltrob was interrupted.

"Is Tvarkov doing? I have no idea. We're working with the EPF Anti-Terrorism General. We don't know how she acts around non-EPF agents or what happened to her two days ago." Alison replied coolly.

Deltrob went mute for a while then said "I remember something on our briefing file about the fact that she was on aspirin and painkillers three days ago after breathing in timoxeline barbebutenol. She had a slightly bad concussion. But now, she's fine. Though she is slightly sleep deprived due to headaches. So I guess she is a bit under the weather."


"So," Rogue said as she opened her door, leaning against the side of the door. "Where will you be taking me?"

The two looked at each other "Southern Shops."

They landed on Southern Shops smoothly and was finally underground.

"So... are we going to be briefed or something?" Rogue asked.

"Or something. I guess we'll have to brief you." Alison said and walked her to their office. Rogue sat on a chair, Deltrob sat behind his desk and Alison sat on the table, holding a file.

"We'll be going off the coast of S. Shops, to an island which is believed to be a TTNM training hive. Our mission is to infiltrate, get intel and bomb the place while exiting." Alison said, looking up from the file. Rogue looked rather bored and looked at Alison.

"That's it? That's the plan?" Rogue asked.

Alison and Deltrob looked at her rather confusedly, "Do you call this a plan, from where you're from, General?"

Rogue only shook her head "I do not mean to insult you. What I mean is, this doesn't seem to be what I have been told weeks ago. My orders are capture, interrogate, imprison or kill. Your plan doesn't seem like it's anywhere in those categories."

Alison and Deltrob looked at each other "Oh really? Well, you're general, so what's the plan?"

Rogue only smirked "Get in, kill, probably interrogate, get intel, get out and burn it to the ground."

Three hours later...

Rogue's biceps were throbbing as she got out of the row boat.

"Note to self; let Deltrob and Alison do the rowing... when we get out and if we get out." Rogue thought to herself. They hid behind a huge rock and spied on the guarded ground before them.

"5... 6... 8... Oh geez, this'll be hard." Deltrob muttered and placed down his binoculars.

"Deltrob... I'm scared." Alison said in a weak voice.

"We're Shoppers, and we never, never, never give up!" Deltrob said.

Alison muffled a giggle, and Rogue just smiled "The demonym of Shops is so funny in a way..." Rogue thought to herself.

Deltrob only smiled, and turned back towards the scene before them. "Are we ready?"

Both female agents nodded.

And all three ran for cover.

Rogue looked away from her binoculars.

"The only way in is the sewer, then it has a line up to the top, to the control tower." Rogue said "Alright, who'll volunteer to climb up the sewer?"

The two looked at her, she sighed "You twits will be..."

Rogue was grunting and the two intently listened to her. Then Rogue slipped and hurt herself on the side.

"APACHE!" she yelled.

"Ha! I told you! She will yell Apache when she gets hurt." Alison paused."You owe me a pebble."

Rogue heard something smack into Alison's palm.

"You two were betting?" Rogue asked.

"Pretty much. Yeah." Alison said.

Rogue sighed, and continued climbing. She finally got in, and opened the door for them.

"Thank you." Deltrob said and went in, gun in hand.

"Well, shall we?" Rogue asked.


"For the fifth time, Deltrob. Put your freaking foot on the red circle!"

Alison was yelling at Deltrob. Somehow, the security code of the TTNM was in a Twister-style.

"Shh! Quiet!" Rogue whispered. "You want to get caught?"

"Ya think?" Deltrob asked. "Also, get your arm off my face!"

"Oi! I'll lose my balance!" Rogue argued.

"And she was just talking about being quiet..." Alison murmured.

"I heard that." Rogue deadpanned.

The door in front of them opened. An intimidating chuckle came from the man behind the door.

"Silly little agents," he said. He turned towards the two men behind him and nodded. The two men took the trio.

"Hey! Let go of me!" Deltrob yelled.

"Get your flippers off me!" Alison cried.

"Mmph!" Rogue murmured as a piece of white cloth was held up to her beak. She was slowly losing consciousness as the others yelled to her.

And they lost General Rogue Tvarkov.

Chapter 9: Operation Anti-Terrorism[edit]

The lights flickered softly as Rogue slowly regained consciousness. She heard the dripping of the water from the faucet and heard some matches igniting.

"Nnn...," she groaned. She then heard banging from above.

"Quiet, fool!" a man screamed. She looked up and all around her. She concluded that she was in some cylinder shaped cage. She looked to her left, and two more of the same kind were there. One held Alison, the other Deltrob.

"What... where..." she mumbled, she narrowly dodged a bullet from above.

"I SAID QUIET." he said.

"Hey short temper guy. Just stop it geez..." she thought to herself. She slowly sat up and looked around. The room was dark, with only a lightbulb above each cell.

"Hey... Rogue?" Deltrob said, trying to raise his sorry head up from the pathetic excuse of a mattress.

"Yes, Deltrob?" She whispered. She noticed the short tempered man's asleep.

"Will we ever get out?" He asked.

Rogue looked up, "Have faith in it."

Deltrob sighed and nodded.


"Rogue Tvarkov's gone MIA!"

Catherine Tvariench began to bark out orders.

"Call in the NRR!" She yelled, pointing to some penguins, "Call in Taskforce Alpha!"

"Woah hey who placed you in charge?" Adrian said, walking into the scene.

"Rogue sent in final orders before touching down in Shops." She said. "I'm to take charge if she's gone MIA."

"Well then," Adrian said, "What'll we do to get her back?"

"Simple," Catherine said, a smirk on her face, "We call in NRR Taskforce Alpha."

"Taskforce Alpha?" Adrian said, "We can't do that!"

"Oh no, not all of them." Catherine said, "I just need one specific indivisual."

A few days later, the captured agents felt hopeless. An injured and untreated Rogue Tvarkov laid collapsed on the ground. She had whip lash marks on her flippers and she had cuts and bruises here and there. All she needed now was a fever and her day will be complete.

"Tvarkov. Time check." Deltrob said, plucking out the remains of glass from his flipper.

"2127." She said weakly. Without proper nutrition, her quick healing abilities wouldn't function.

"You alright, Rogue?" Alison said, noticing the young general. She was the least injured of them all, she only had a broken foot.

"Define... alright..." Rogue groaned.

Before that could happen, a figure ran towards the imprisoned trio. It unlocked Alison and Deltrob's cells.

"Leave. Now." A raspy voice said to them. It must've been from the figure. The two obeyed and ran, noticing the path was marked for them.

The figure opened Rogue's cell and walked in. She noticed and stared at them hard. Then, she slowly closed her eyes, as if in defeat. They stepped closer to her and picked her up.

"What... what is going on..." she murmured.

"I'm setting you free, my dear." The figure said softly. He walked out of the door, and towards a helicopter.

"Where are you taking me..." she groaned.

"Back home. To Mother Rusca." They said.

Rogue had enough of this, it was too much.

And Rogue Tvarkov fainted in the arms of Victor Bregovsky.


"She's still alive? Great. That's great."

Gary ended the call and looked at Jason, then Jet.

"Good, she's alright." Jet said.

"She scared me there..." Jason said.

"She's in stable condition." Gary said.

"We're giving her the week off. Besides, she'll want to explore Rusca." The Director said, a smile somewhere in their features.

So Rogue had to heal for two days. The kingpin of the TTNM was arrested and sued of multiple cases, ranging from illegal possession of firearms to murder. Peace reigned once more.