Operation Anti-Terrorism 2.0: War Against Terrorism

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Operation Anti-Terrorism 2.0: War Against Terrorism
Start September 19, 2013
Prerequisites Project Infinite: The Legacy
Level International
Location Different countries in Antarctica
Rewards Peace and order... for now.
Project Infinite: The Legacy TBA

Operation Anti-Terrorism 2.0: War Against Terrorism is the sequel of Operation Anti-Terrorism. In the sequel, much more Anti-Terrorism work awaits General Rogue Tvarkov as she goes flying to different places in the Antarctica. Facing new challenges, will she be able to survive this all, or will a little poison change everything?

Prologue: Slow Night[edit]


The mug came into contact with the table.

"General Tvarkov?" her intern, Cyrilla, came in.

"Yes?" Rogue asked.

"It's already lockdown time." she reminded her.

"Yes, yes I know." Rogue said, standing up. She walked to the door, with Cyrilla following behind. As a Northern Penguin, it was obvious that she is taller than Cyrilla.

"It's been a rough day today, no?" Cyrilla said, following the young general.

"Yes. Yes it's been a rough day." Rogue said as she walked to her area in the Anti-Terrorism Main Office. It was the circular little area. Some glass computer screens encircled the left, front and right side of the circle. Rogue entered several commands into the front computer screen.

"ATD Main Office Lockdown initiated. Time is 2200 of September 19, 2013. No terrorist activities detected. Have a wonderful night, General Tvarkov." a robotic voice said.

"You may leave now, Cyrilla." Rogue said and sighed.

Once her intern left, she sighed and closed the doors of the ATD Main Office. She took her ID and swiped it on the door's ID scanner. A shield was on the screen as it confirms the final stage of the lockdown. Rogue sighed a relief.

"Signing out for the day, Rogue?"

Rogue turned around to look at Jet Pack Guy.

"Sure, why?" she asked, a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

"Well, it's just the Director just called in a red alert for all generals." Jet said casually, getting his own tablet from the satchel he happened to have, "They sense something. So basically, we're on call 24/7."

Rogue smiles, "I remember that satchel. You used that to deliver the paychecks back in the times of the PSA."

He chuckled, "Yeah. It became a part of me."

"Well then, what'll we do now?" she asked.

"We need to stay here. We can see each other in the Common Room, the Command Room, and each other's dorms if we wish." he said.

"Oh. Where're the others?" she asked.

"In the Common Room, I think playing a game of table tennis." Jet said, smirking at the thought.

Both smiled, before walking to the Generals' Common Room.


Beep... beep... beep... beep...

Rogue's eyes snapped awake. She woke up to the sound of the red alert siren blaring. She expected it to stop, but it didn't. She quickly sat up from bed. Realizing what time it is and where she was, she immediately runs to her closet. She hastily puts on her polo shirt, her skirt, and her shoes. She runs out of the door, quickly tying the knot on her tie.

"Oh my, what's going on?" Dot said, peeking out of her door.

"Red alert is initiated!" Rogue said, "We're being called in to who-knows-where."

"Generals, please proceed to the Command Room." the robotic, disguised voice of The Director said.

"There's your answer!" Dot said quickly before shutting her door close.

"Rogue!" Jason yelled as he ran to catch up with her.

"What on earth is going on..." Rogue mumbled as she rounded a corner. Her eyes had a glint of curiosity and determination as it was now ivory black.

"The Director mentioned terrorists!" Jason yelled, finally catching up with her.

"When? When did they?" Rogue asked.

"When they were trying to wake you up." he said casually.

"They what?!" she raised her voice.

"You're such a heavy sleeper..." Jason commented, "But then again, you're usually a light sleeper. Maybe it's the fact that you're exhausted or the fact that..."

"Don't give me your explanations." she snapped.

"Alright, alright." he said.


"Whatever took you guys so long..." Rogue commented.

"Shut it, Anti-Terrorism General." Dot said, "I was just having a great dream."

Rogue snickered.

"Alright, agents. Listen up." The Director said. "We're receiving high terrorist activity all around Antarctica."

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" Jet said. Rogue slapped him upside the head.

"It's... odd. Seems planned, as it all happened synchronized." the Director explained.

"Wait what DID happen?" Jason asked.

"We've got some of our agents from all over chasing some terrorists on the road." They said.

"How do we know that they're terrorists? Why are we even chasing them?" Rogue asked, stepping forward a bit.

"Our facial recognition program detected some wanted terrorists in the cars." The Director said plainly.

"What did those terrorists do..." Rogue said.

"I have no idea." They said plainly. Rogue faceflippered.

"Then why chase them?" She asked.

"Because they are wanted terrorists!" The Director snapped. Rogue stepped back a bit.

"Let me guess... you got a deadline?" Rogue asked.

"Yeah. Now agents, you've got work to do." The Director said and signed off.

"The ATD is officially on black alert!"

Sirens emitting a black light blared as ATD agents scrambled towards the Main Office. The awaiting Rogue Tvarkov had her flippers across her chest as agents flowed into the office. She was in her usual area, the circular area. She noticed her generals come in last.

"Why so early in the morning, Madame Tvarkov?" Penelope said.

"We've got a black alert in our flippers." Rogue said as she took out three files. All are the same, all are for the generals.

"Summarize for us, please." Adrian said.

"For short, we've got high terrorist activi-" Rogue paused as a strong current of power swiped everyone off their feet. Rogue, regaining her balance, held the guard railings as another surge came.

"What is going on?!" Jun cried.

"CCTV footage! NOW!" Rogue yelled to the agents nearest to the computer. They scrambled to get footage. Lo, they saw a car explosion.

"Oh... shoot we're under attack." Rogue said.

"Way to state the obvious." Penelope said sarcastically. Adrian slapped her upside the head.

"We've got present terrorists!" Piri yelled as she froze some of the footage and zoomed in on a face. It was the face of Alistair Alvazar, a wanted terrorist of the TTNM.

"Protocol Typhoon!" Rogue yelled. The whole office ran out of the room, dividing to three groups then dividing to smaller teams of four to ten.

"We're whipping up a storm here!" Adrian said as he saw the first teams run out of the building. They had puffles with them.

"We shouldn't be celebrating just yet," Rogue said, turning towards the glass computer screens around her. She began to press in commands into it, "We need to know what's going on in other ATD bases."

Lo and behold, what they saw was something that went on in Rogue's nightmares.

Four of the many bases were on fire.

Thanks to an explosion, that is.

"M-M-M-Ms. Tvarkov?" Adrian began to stutter. He noticed his boss's eyes had a hint of sadness to it.

"That's it." Rogue said, storming towards the door, "I'm going to these areas. Alone."

The three remaining generals looked at each other with worry. It is a rarity if Rogue storms out like that, and when she does, it spells doom to anyone who blocks her path.

Chapter 1: Like a Typhoon in Felipenas[edit]

A black jet cuts through the clouds in the skies of Felipenas. A Rogue Tvarkov silently pilots the jet. Her jaw was clenched, and her eyes were sharp-looking.

"This is the Felipeno Air Force, identify yourself." A transmission came in.

"This is EPF General Rogue Tvarkov of Anti-Terrorism. I'm on a top-secret mission." She said.

"Ah. Carry on." A new voice said.

"Maria! Long time no see!" Rogue greeted. She noticed a Felipeno fighter plane beside her jet. Inside, she knew her Felipeno friend was there.

"Fun fact: I'm supposed to be healing from an injury at the moment!" Maria says.

"Haha! Disobeying the doctor's orders, as usual? Ha, you are one of a kind, Maria." Rogue laughs as she spirals through a cloud, "May you never change."

"Oh yes, we better land." Maria says as she decreases in altitude, "General's gonna kill me if I don't come back on time."

Rogue chuckles, "Alright."

Once they land, they walk into a car that was waiting for Rogue. She starts the engine while Maria starts talking.

"Penguins in HQ are excited for your arrival." Maria said.

"They shouldn't..." Rogue said as she began to drive.

"Well, what do you expect from us Felipenos?" Maria asks. Rogue stares at her as she stops at a checkpoint.

"Good point." Rogue says. The soldiers allow her out and opens the gate, saluting as she drives out of the camp. A few minutes later, Maria starts talking once more.

"The whole HQ isn't totally destroyed, though. Just the west wing, where the ATD is..." Maria drifted off before shivering.

"Hey, what happened?" Rogue said, suddenly stopping the car near the sidewalk.

"Nothing. Don't worry." Maria said calmly. Rogue stares at her for some time until continuing her drive to Maybila.

"Uh... okay." Rogue said calmly. After a few sharp turns, Rogue stopped the car and turned towards Maria, who began talking.

"Everyone's excited for your arrival." she repeated, "They've prepared the whole office for your arrival."

"Oh really now?" Rogue said and raised her eyebrow.

"Yeah," Maria said, "You're a powerhouse here, you're strong. You're like a typhoon in Felipenas!"

"I see." Rogue said and unlocked the car. She opened the driver's door and walked out, Maria following suit.

"I want to ask, but why are you accompanying me?" Rogue asked.

"It's simple, really." Maria said, "I had to welcome a good friend back."

Rogue smiles as she enters the Felipeno HQ.

"Good morning, General Tvarkov. Ambassador Santiago."

Agent Feliz, the agent stationed in the front desk, smiled at the young general, then at the ambassador. He has worked with the ambassador once, he also did with the general.

"Ah, good morning agent." Rogue greeted.

"I see, you're waiting for Colonel Ramos. Please, report to Waiting Room A-1."

"Of course. Thank you, Agent Feliz." Maria said and smiled as the general just nodded and walked to the room.

Once Rogue opened the door, she took in some air as she sighed a relief. She noticed the room she was in, cozy and all. She identified many materials. Cement, glass, wood, some marble, and metal. She sat sown on a chair, Maria following suit. An agent came in, she wearing a white business outfit.

"Good morning, General Tvarkov and Ambassador Santiago." she said and bowed.

"Good morning." the two personalities said at the same time. The two stare at each other, amber green eyes boring into chocolate brown ones.

"Would you want any refreshments?" the agent asked.

"Water is already fine, agent." Rogue said calmly.

"Some mango shake would be nice." Maria said. The agent nodded. While walking to the door, Rogue called out.

"What is your name, agent?" she asked.

The agent turned around, and smiled.

"My name is Arabela Hermida." she said and walked out, leaving Maria gawking.

Once the refreshments were served, Colonel Dante Ramos walked in.

"Good morning, General Tvarkov." he said and saluted her. She saluted back and both sat down.

"So, I've heard." Rogue said, "West wing's burned?"

"The local investigators want to come in, but we are doing are best to stop them." Dante said.

"Like how?" Rogue asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"We're using delaying tactics and our power over them." he said casually.

"Well... what are your agents currently doing over at the west wing?" she asked, wincing at the sudden pain of her head. Something's wrong; if she suddenly gets a headache, it means that there is something fishy around here.

"Trying to sift out through the remains of the fire." he said and clicked a part of his watch. The TV above the fireplace came to life and showed footage that some agents on the scene got. "This is live."

Rogue squinted her eyes in one area. There was a small agent poking through that area, and there was something odd glinting in the light under the ashes. Finally realizing what it was, she gasped and stood up.

"Evacuate the west wing, NOW!" she yelled.

All three penguins ran out of the room.

Before they could even take a step in the annex to the west wing, the ground began to shake.


All three penguins somersaulted to the ground with a loud THUD. The fire sirens blared again as the three slowly stood up.

"Here we go again..." Maria said as she whipped out a radio. She yelled some instructions in her native tongue. Before long, the sound of a helicopter's propeller was heard as a loud whoosh of water was heard from above.

"We need to check on the agents!" Rogue yelled as she took Dante by the sleeve. Together, they ran to the burning west wing, seeing agents running away from it.

"Takbo! (Run!)" one yelled to them. Dante shook his head, he had to check on the agents. At the sight of General Tvarkov, the agent saluted her. She nodded him off before running once more. Poor Dante was dragged before running.

"We need to know the casualties or injuries or whoever is trapped in there." Rogue said as she came near the fire.

"Where are our fire ninjas!" Dante yelled to a passing-by agent, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Forget them! We need the medics!" a passing-by agent yelled through the roaring fire.

"Good point!" Dante yelled.

Once they reached the actual west wing, Dante got a handkerchief and a bottle of water from his pocket. He wets the handkerchief with the water and uses it to cover his beak. Rogue took out a golden whistle from her pocket and blew it.

"Agents! Evacuate!" she yelled as she pointed towards the exit. Many agents that were trapped ran towards the exit, nodding their thanks to the general. Once the last agent disappeared, Rogue immediately took her heat sensing goggles and scanned for any lifeforms.

"Every body I see is either dead or unconscious..." Rogue mumbled as she jumped towards a heap of remains. She pushed some out as she saw the same agent who was near the explosion. It was a miracle and mystery as to how he managed to survive, but she pushed that idea off to a later hour. She carried him onto her shoulder and ran out of the wing, giving him to the awaiting medics. She ran back in as Dante ran out with another body that he found. They did the same routine until they both had the last two penguins. They were about to run out of the wing when the materials gave in and blocked the exit.

"Oh... shoot..." Dante mumbled. Rogue looked around them. She noticed a window.

"One of us can jump out." Rogue said, turning to Dante. "There's a trampoline for one of us to use."

"Who will go?" Dante said.

Rogue thought for a while before holding Dante's hand. He looked at her, flustered. She quickly pushed him out of the window.

"General Tvarkov!" he yelled as he was caught by the trampoline.

"I'll be fine!" she yelled as she looked towards the exit once more, then at the agent that was depending on her for his survival. She slowly closed her eyes, and thought of the medical room that was in the east wing. Suddenly, with a bright light, they were transported to the medical room. Medics looked at her, wide-eyed as she closed her eyes and fainted.

The faint noises of agents and medics alike welcomed her, as well as the smell of rubbing alcohol.

"What... what happened..." she groaned as she tried to stand up. Many medics yelled at her in Filipino as she slowly laid down once more. She noticed the burns she had on her flipper, and the scorch marks on her uniform beside her.

"Good afternoon, General Tvarkov."

Rogue looked to her left to look at Dante. He had a bit of injuries, but they were minor.

"Hey there, Dante." she greeted him.

"I am grateful for your deed, but are you alright?" he asked.

"Uh..." she looked down and onto herself, "Maybe. Yes. No."

"Hm..." Dante looked down, "It's a no."

Rogue groaned before closing her eyes, "It's temporary, don't worry."

With that, she fainted again.

"So you're telling me, that you allowed the General to wander into a site where she could get herself killed?"

Adrian was furious. His tie swished as he paced in his office, a phone in his hand.

"Sir, it wasn't my fault. She insisted, she even lead us there." Dante reasoned with Adrian.

"You must've given her some sense!" Adrian yelled, "You know all too well that the General is a curious type!"

"Thank you so much, Adrian." Rogue said sarcastically from her hospital bed. Dante looked at her with surprise; he didn't expect her to be awake, "I love your explanation about my want to see if anyone was hurt whatsoever, which was because of my curiosity."

"How did you when...?" Dante said to the general.

"You do know that I am a Tvarkov, right?" Rogue said casually.

"Yes, it's your surname, ma'am." Dante said casually before turning his attention to the speaker on the other line. Mysteriously, Adrian went off.

"Well then, I think I'm all rig-" Rogue tripped before she could finish her sentence. Dante stifled a laugh while helping her up.

"Sure you are. Is tripping normal for the General of Anti-Terrorism?" Arabela joked from the doorway. Dante shot her a look, and she abruptly shuts her beak.

"Pretty much. Maybe." Rogue said, joking them.

The two look at each other. Whatever had hit the General hard in the head sure gave her a concussion.

Rogue was inspecting the bomb shards in the forensic laboratory. It's been two days, she haven't got even a crack in the case.

"Paano 'to, Ma'am Tvarkov? (How is this going to work, Ms. Tvarkov?)" the forensic specialist said to her. She turned to the shorter person beside her, who was the specialist.

"Ewan... ininspekto mo ba ng mga tatak? (I don't know... did you inspect it for marks?)" she asked him.

"Hindi pa po. (Not yet, ma'am.)" he replied.

They both inspected it of any marks. Rogue was hoping for a miracle to occur now, as she hasn't slept well for the past two days.

"Saglit lang, a... (Wait a second...)" the specialist mumbled. He took out a small brush and began to dust away some dirt. Rogue sneezed several times as the specialist mumbled an apology.

"Aha! Ito na ang hinahanap natin! (Aha! This is what we're looking for!)" Rogue exclaimed.

The specialist stared at the insignia, memorizing every detail. He walked away, declaring to Rogue.

"Hahanapin ko po sa mga file... (I'll look for this in the files...)"

"Sige. (Sure.)" Rogue said while looking at the insignia. It was familiar, in a way. As if she saw it...

"Iho! Huwag na, alam ko 'to! (Boy! Nevermind, I know this!)" Rogue yelled to him.

"Sure ba po kayo, ma'am? (Are you sure, ma'am?)" he asked him.

"Ako nga yung Heneral ng Anti-Terrorism, eh! (I am the General of Anti-Terrorism!)" Rogue cried.

"Hey Dante!"

Dante looked up from his desk. His eyes were bloodshot from no sleep.

"What is it, ma'am?" he asked her. He noticed his top specialist beside the smiling Tvarkov. He shook his head, she really does have brain injury.

"We found something!" she said.

He took out his glasses and inspected Shard #47. He noticed the insignia and looked at her with surprise.

"RAUSAG?" he asked, "I thought they stopped years ago!"

"Well, you can always come back." Rogue said, a hint of a smile close to her beak. Or was it a smirk?

"Thank you, General Tvarkov. Us Felipenos will never forget the service you've given us." he said.

"Anything for you. It's all to protect, serve, and justify." she said, now clearly smiling.

"I believe that your work here is done, then." Dante sighed, "Where'll you go now?"

"Simple," Rogue smirked, "I'm going to Snowiny."

Chapter 2: Onwards to Snowiny![edit]

Rogue was fast asleep in her room in Felipenas. Her flight was scheduled two days from now, and using military planes might alert the air force of Snowiny.


Rogue groans while waking up. She gropes for the telephone before getting it.

"Speak." Rogue mumbled into the receiver.

"So I've heard, your flight's scheduled two days from now." a voice came into the phone.

Rogue sat up, "Leni... you don't call for no reason."

"I'm just saying," he said casually, "Because at the moment, terrorists may or may not be awaiting your arrival in Snowiny. They know which airport, which plane, which seat."

Rogue stared at the receiver, "And you know this... how?"

Leni happened to be in her office in the EPF, "Let's just say that I used one of those paperclips you gave me."

Rogue had a blank expression on her face before laughing, "I should've killed you for that, but eh."

Leni grinned, "So basically, you're in danger. I called in some friends over there to help you out."

"So what do you want me to do now?" Rogue asked.

"Look out your window." he said, once more casually.

Rogue looked out the window and saw a convoy awaiting her. She looked at the receiver in surprise.

"What on-" she stopped when she realized no one was on the other line. She sighed before quickly packing a bag for Snowiny. Stepping out of the building, the awaiting man nodded at her before letting her in one of the many cars. With the rev of the engine, they were off.

It was night, another convoy was awaiting Rogue in the dock.

"Crap... we've been discovered..." the guy beside her murmured.

"What'll we do now?" Rogue whispered to him in a low voice. They had already ducked behind the seats.

"Hm..." he was deep in thought. Something about him was familiar, so familiar that it gave her a headache. A tinge of anger crossed her as she blamed herself for being unable to remember who this person was.

"Well?" Rogue said after a few minutes.

"Remember your mafia mission?" he asked, "Well, we'll do that."

Rogue's eyes widened, "What?"

"I'm not insane, Rogue." he said.

"How do you-" she stopped before shaking her head, "Nevermind. Let's begin."

Rogue and the mysterious fellow jumped out of the boat, making it rock at its wake. The men in the convoy noticed it.

"Oy! What's this?" one asked.

"They are off the boat! Search!" one ordered.

As they hid behind a crate, they noticed the light becoming brighter, and the footsteps becoming heavier.

"Well, what now?" the man asked her. She turned to him in surprise.

"Plan? What plan, I thought you're running the show here!" she whispered in surprise.

"Just tell me." he deadpanned.

The noise was already louder, Rogue can already hear the man's breathing. Quickly, she makes a swift move. The flashlight goes to where they were, or was. He scanned the waters, and grunted.

"Boss, she ain't here!" he yelled.

"Search the boat!" his boss yelled.

With a grunt, he entered the boat and searched it. Within ten minutes, he came out.

"Nothing!" he yelled.

"Ve, let's get out of here!" the boss said.

Half a minute later, the screeching of tires were heard as the convoy disappeared into the shadows. The once calm waters were shattered by the surfacing of two figures. One was Rogue, who gasped for air. She was already seeing spots, and was lunging for the first thing she could get her flippers on. It happened to be her mysterious companion. She continued gasping for air as her heart pounded in her ribcage. He clutched her to his chest while mumbling words to her.

"Sh... Rogue, you're alright.... keep calm..." he mumbled.

For once she looks up at him. Her eyes were bright blue, and he doesn't know if it's streaked with tears or saltwater. She looks at him, surprised.

"Leni?!" she cried.

"Yes, it's me." he said. Rogue abruptly slaps him.

"That was for not telling me." she said.

"Yes, love you too little sis." he replied sarcastically.

"We're twins. You don't call me little, and neither will I." Rogue said.

"Sorry." he apologized.

Rogue began to float on her own, and looked at her soaked uniform.

"Better get up to land." she said.

"Agreed." he said.

She collapsed onto the bed. Her black hair was beginning to spike once more due to the saltwater, but she didn't care. She heard him make a tsk sound while removing his white gloves.

"I don't see how jumping into cold saltwater in the middle of the night and holding your breath for 10 minutes can exhaust you." he said behind her.

She rolled over to stare at him, "I'm the weaker Tvarkov, you idiot."

"I don't see how you're the weaker one..." he drifted off.

"The book says that the female Tvarkov can be the weaker Tvarkov." she said.

"Riiight..." he said.

Rogue closed her eyes and began to enter dreamworld. She exhaled, and was soon out cold.

The next day, she woke up, still in uniform. She sat up and shuffled to the shower.

"Hurry up, slowpoke! You've got a meeting in 30 minutes with EPF Snowiny's finest!" he yelled at her. She stormed out of the shower and quickly dressed up. She tripped on her way out, and silently cursed Leni.

"What'll happen to you?" she said as she was shoved out of the door.

"I'll just... y'know, use my Tvarkov power." he said and heaved her out of the door. He slammed the door shut. She was about to enter it again when she heard the click of the lock.

"You forgot to give me my gun!" she yelled to him.

The door opened, and her gun was given to her. A few magazines were given to her as well, and the door went shut once more.

"Darn it Leni..." she mumbled under her breath, and was off.

"Our finest agents are currently in a mission debrief, ma'am. You will have to wait." the secretary said.

Rogue's eyebrows knitted together.

"Wait? Ah well, sure." she said casually.

As Rogue slipped into the head of the conference table, an agent gave her a mug of coffee. It was just the way she liked it: black with no sugar. Her phone chimed, meaning someone was calling. She looked at it, and noticed that it was a blocked number.

"Tvarkov." she answered.

"Waiting can be a pain, no?" Leni said on the other line.

"Quite. How did you know?" she asked.

"Again, paperclips at work." he said, "Listen. We've got terrorists closing in on your location. Keep caution, and prepare your gun at all times."

Rogue nodded and ended the call. She wielded out a ice bullet pistol from her holster. She was inspecting the barrel when the door swung open. She placed the holster under the counter of the desk and placed in the weapon.

"I'm telling you, George. I should've loaded the C4, now look what happened!" one of them said.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault Troy here ordered me!" the one who was addressed as George cried.

"Good morning, agents." Rogue chimed in.

The quartet stared at her and immediately saluted.

"Take your seats, gentlemen." she said calmly, and they followed.

"We haven't properly introduced ourselves, have we?" one said, "Well, I am Troy Ilik, the leader of Squad 1 in Snowiny."

"I am George Vlasic." one said.

"I am Mellow Zupan." another said.

"And I am Hans Kasun." one finally said.

"Pleasure to meet you all," Rogue said and paused, "It is quite obvious that you know me."

"Yes ma'am." the quartet grunted.

"The terrorists are in your area! Are you alright?" Leni hissed into her mind. She groaned at the sudden message, and bowed her head to recuperate.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" Mellow said.

With Rogue's vision, she close-up'd on Hans's flipper, which was wielding out a tranquilizer gun. She immediately stood up, fighting off the wave of pain that retaliated, and pointed her deletion gun at Hans.

"Put your flippers in the air!" Rogue yelled, her teeth gritted. Her head was killing her, but she had to resist. This was terrorists, she has to stop them from winning.

"Don't think so!" Hans yelled as the quartet pointed their guns at her.

"I should've known, Rogue. These are fakes. Even the agent who handed you that coffee. Of course you wouldn't get a headache that bad due to a telepathic message. Of course, you've been poisoned." he said once more. She groaned once more, and held onto the table.

"I'll strangle you if you don't shut up." she growled telepathically.

"Four against one? That's unfair, don't you think Madame?" one said.

"I'm twice your capabilities, idiots." Rogue snapped, despite her pounding head.

"Prove it." Troy said.

With a quick move, she shot at the multiple lightbulbs that illuminated the conference room. With the lights out, Rogue's night vision kicked in. She took down every single one of them, using only a pen as a weapon. Once the emergency lights went on, not one penguin who was in the conference room was conscious.

"General Tvarkov?" an agent ran in to see the general as well unconscious. He inspected her for any injuries before shapeshifting. It was Leni, who quickly carried Rogue over his shoulder. He ran off, and to the clinic.

"Someone! Help her!" he shouted.

Rogue groaned, and woke up. She was on a bed, in a clinic. She sat up, and in perfect timing, a nurse walking in.

"Hello, General Tvarkov. You are very lucky, your assistant rescued you." the nurse said.

"Assistant? Who?" Rogue asked.

"Oh, Leni Stratovski." she said and went to the side as Leni walked in.

"Ah, Leni." Rogue said, relaxing a bit.

"It's great to know that the General is alright," he turned to the nurse, "You are dismissed, my dear."

The nurse nodded before leaving the two be. Leni closed the door, and turned to Rogue.

"The heck happened back there." Rogue deadpanned.

"Simple, the poison took the best of you and override you. Luckily, we extracted it before any harm was done." he said casually.

"Heh, you make it sound so normal." Rogue said, she tried to stand up, but was stopped by Leni.

"No... don't..." he said.

"Leni, I have my own right to do whatever I want to-" she stopped in mid-sentence at the sudden surge of pain. She went back onto the bed, not daring to move another muscle.

"See?" he said, "They inflicted some harm to you. Remember why you felt something in your stomach? Because they did that to you. Now look what happened." he said.

"Leni..." she began to say something, but stopped, "You have a point."

"Yes, I do. Now go and rest." he said softly to her.

"Fine..." she grumbled before falling asleep.

After being cleared by the medics, Rogue was able to get on her feet and work. She was 2 days off schedule, and had to redeem fast.

"So basically speaking, this fire was caused by an arsonist. And an arsonist means infiltration." the agent finished.

Rogue hummed, tapping the pen onto the table, "Where again, is the team I'm supposed to meet up with?"

"Ah yes, the one that was impersonated... I'll go get them." the agent said, then disappeared. Rogue looked towards Leni, who was in the corner of the room. To a normal penguin, he wasn't there. In reality, he was.

"What should we do now?" Leni asked, stepping into the light.

"Simple. Get our info. Then we leave for the next area." she said and looked down on her files, "I stayed here too long. The terrorists might find me again."

"Hm... seems legit." he said and then disappeared once more.

"Hello, Madame."

Chapter 3: For the Glory of Munijoch![edit]

(In the point of view of Rogue Tvarkov)

Surprise, I find this a surprise.

"We're landing in 30 minutes." Leni said beside me, combing his hair.

I sigh and stand up. I walk into my room in order to change my clothes. I reek of paper and coffee. Well, it wasn't my fault for the coffee: Leni accidentally spilled it on me.

"Hey Ro, get me a knife while at it." he called out to me.

"And why?" I ask.

"You don't ever trust me with any weapons. C'mon, Rogue. I need something." he said.

I sigh and take out a knife from my dresser. I look at it dully. It was a kris, a gift from Piri a few Christmases ago.

"Here." I said and firmly placed it on the table after changing. He seems to be glaring, but why?

"Rogue, what's that scar?" he said, standing up and looking at the scar. He's almost as tall as I am. If it weren't for the fact that I'm in high heels, that is.

"Scar? What scar?" I ask innocently. Of course I knew what scar he was telling me. It was a scar I got in Gary's lab.

"This scar." he said, stroking the one not far from my shoulder blade.

"Oh." I said, "Well, Gary was testing things on me... so he uh... well, how do I say this..."

I decide to explain to him what happened in the laboratory that day, just so that I can wear myself out.

Yeah, I have my moments.

Maria welcomed us as we walked down.

"Maria, what're you doing here?" I asked.

"That's what I'm wondering." she chuckled, typical her.

"Well, I'm here for EPF duties." I said, "Y'know, classified stuff."

"And I'm her partner." Leni said behind me.

"Oh." Maria said, still grinning, "I'm here for diplomatic stuff."

"Diplomatic?" I said as I looked beyond her. There was a limousine there, and I can spot the Munijoch flag with the Felipeno flag across it.

"I'm an ambassador, what do you expect?" she frowned.

"Nevermind." I shook my head, "Well then, we'll be on our way."

"Alright then. I was just checking on you." she said, "I need to run, see you!"

I nodded as she walked to the limousine, the door quickly opened by a waiting guard. I frowned as I noticed the penguin with black feathers wearing a suit which I knew concealed a lot of weapons.

"Defense." I mumbled as I walked towards the waiting car and into the driver's seat.

"Defense?" Leni frowned as he sat down next to me.