Orange Juice

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Orange Juice
Kermit about to enjoy a refreshing glass of orange juice.png
Kermit with a refreshing glass of orange juice
Type Beverage
Effects Satisfaction
Source High Penguin labor, oranges

Orange Juice is a beverage produced from squeezing the orange fruit. It is a very controversial drink throughout Antarctica due to its association with the Khanzem regime, and many countries still ban its consumption.


Orange juice originates from the late 1890s when a "lesser penguin" formulated it as an appetizing health supplement to battle scurvy and vitamin C deficiency. It quickly spread across the High Penguin Confederacy as it was favored by other races, but was shunned by High Penguins due to their magic preventing such conditions. In 1905, King Arvedui personally ordered orange juice banned as elements of unrest appeared surrounding the beverage. This resulted in a short revolution in Lamèque, which lasted for several days until it was put down.

When Whoot Smackler Whoot led the coup that overthrew the High Penguin Confederacy in 1913, one of his first acts as ruler was to lift the ban on orange juice continent-wide. As the Khanzem War erupted and High Penguins began being interned in camps, the Khanzem regime began using them for forced labor to produce orange juice "from concentrate." This process continued until the end of the war and tarnished the legacy of orange juice forever. When Khanzem fell, the ban on orange juice was implemented once more "for the greater good." This ban stayed until it was knocked down once again with the establishment of Colonial Antarctica as the Puffish knew of orange juice's deliciousness and health benefits.

Today, orange juice remains legal in United States of Antarctica, Polaris, and East Pengolia, while it is banned in Freezeland and heavily restricted in Acadia due to their High Penguin heritage. In 2008, Gary attempted to "reinvent" Orange Juice in a more positive light. Dubbed the Orange Juice 1000, this attempt ultimately failed and caused a large explosion that destroyed the igloo of his unfortunate test subject.

Art mocking an Acadian proposal to force orange juice consumers in the Western Union to have a license for it

An Antarctic-wide discussion on the ethics of orange juice came into view when Kermit the Frog announced his enjoyment of the beverage in early 2018. Kermit had denounced the use of High Penguin labor to create orange juice during the Khanzem War, and stated that he exclusively gets his orange juice from humanely juiced free range oranges.


The Coffee Shop in Club Penguin Island sells smoothies that include orange juice as part of its Smoothie Smash, which was initially met with some controversy that subsided after penguins tried the delicious drinks.

The Pizza Parlor also sells orange juice.

Cultural impact[edit]

Orange juice is the national drink of Achadia, as part of Hockey Manlet's attempts to troll Brant Esser, the president of Acadia, as much as possible. Hockey Manlet's best friend OJ owns the largest orange grove in the country, and his signature CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Orange Juice has quickly become Achadia's #1 export.


  • Orange Juice is the driving force behind the popular video game, the Kermit Quest.
  • Recommended treatment for an accidental injection of Ditto A is a healthy dose of orange juice and some O-berries.
  • Orange Juice Day is celebrated every year on May 4th. Its popularity has skyrocketed since orange juice became associated with Kermit.

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