Orange Yoda

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Orange Yoda
Orange Yoda's playercard (2011)
Current Age 13
Date of Birth September
Gender Male
Species / Type Penguin
Living Town Club Penguin Island
Class King
Vulnerable to Mushrooms, Eggplant, Dogs
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) The Republic of Chill Okannigan, Okan Government Bureau
Alias(es) King, King Yoda, Brown Binks III, King III
Relative(s) and/or Relation(s) Brown Binks (grandfather), Red Robyn (mother)

Orange Yoda is the third, and current, king of Okan. His egg was laid when his mother Red Robyn travelled to Club Penguin Island for a meeting between all the government officials and major scientists of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Orange Yoda later hatched from the egg during an unknown year, during the month of September. He was hatched in the Club Penguin Island Dojo. Due to the fact that his mother was poisoned seconds after his birth, he stayed at the dojo for years, training to be a ninja, before heading back to Okan to claim his throne on December 1, 2011. He is very close friends with Sensei, and has a secret ninja puffle named Jinna Lebt, who is a navy-colored Puffle. Orange Yoda is currently a black belt (who prefers the purple belt) and both a PSA agent and EPF agent. He is a high-ranked EPF agent, due to being close friends with Gary.



Sensei is Orange Yoda's ninja trainer and his closest friend. Sensei and Orange Yoda are the only ninjas (besides Pen Chi) who are able to do the secret Tenmeel Blast Card-Jitsu move. Sensei is considered to be Orange Yoda's father.

Gary the Gadget Guy[edit]

It is unknown how Gary and Orange Yoda met, but it is thought that it was because of an incident between Orange Yoda, Sensei and Herbert. Apparently, Orange Yoda saved Gary from a power blast from one of Herbert's machines that Klutzy accidentally set off. This was not their first encounter, however)

Herbert and Klutzy[edit]

As said above, Orange Yoda saved Gary the Gadget Guy from a powerful blast from one of Herbert's inventions that he was going to use to destroy the whole island. Unfortunately, Klutzy accidentally set the bomb off and Orange Yoda (with help from Gary and Sensei) pushed the large bomb into the cold water.