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Orange Juice
Kermit about to enjoy a refreshing glass of orange juice.png
Kermit with a refreshing glass of orange juice
Type Beverage
Effects Satisfaction
Source High Penguin labor, oranges

Orange Juice is a beverage produced from squeezing the orange fruit. It is a very controversial drink throughout Antarctica due to its association with the Khanzem regime, and many countries still ban its consumption.


Orange juice originates from the late 1890s when a "lesser penguin" formulated it as an appetizing health supplement to battle scurvy and vitamin C deficiency. It quickly spread across the High Penguin Confederacy as it was favored by other races, but was shunned by High Penguins due to their magic preventing such conditions. In 1905, King Arvedui personally ordered orange juice banned as elements of unrest appeared surrounding the beverage. This resulted in a short revolution in Lamèque, which lasted for several days until it was put down.

When Whoot Smackler Whoot led the coup that overthrew the High Penguin Confederacy in 1913, one of his first acts as ruler was to lift the ban on orange juice continent-wide. As the Khanzem War erupted and High Penguins began being interned in camps, the Khanzem regime began using them for forced labor to produce orange juice "from concentrate." This process continued until the end of the war and tarnished the legacy of orange juice forever.

After Khanzem fell, orange juice became a very controversial and taboo subject. The ban on orange juice that existed in the HPC was implemented once more "for the greater good", and extended into Ruscan-occupied territory and the Snowman Empire as well. Orange juice production, consumption, or ownership was banned throughout most of the continent, with the restrictions being slowly lifted through the 1900s and into the 2000s. The ban stayed in mainland Antarctica until it was knocked down once again with the establishment of Colonial Antarctica, as the Puffish knew of orange juice's deliciousness and health benefits.

Orange juice was never banned in certain countries, such as Bakunyumoria, fascist Castilla and communist Zhou. Though a ban on orange juice production was forced on the "Bad Guys" of Khanzem after the war, excluding Ed Island, Magyaria, Osterreach, and South Alemania would lift their bans after the founding of the Bridgestadt Pact. Liguria would still have orange juice, thanks to corruption and the mafias. Many other countries would lift or loosen their own orange juice restrictions during the course of the False War, or shortly after. Rusca's ban was lifted after the collapse of the Snowviet Union. The drink was banned in Snowiny from the 1920s until the end of the country's civil war in the early 2000s, and was the subject of much condemnation, hatred and rhetoric by the dictator Francisco Ferinco. The ban was lifted during the term of Geronimo Stanling, the first president of post-war Snowiny. Orange juice quickly became popular in Colonial Antarctica, and was being made in large quantities by the time the USA was founded. Many smaller countries that joined the Free Republic Union lifted their bans of orange juice after being requested to do so by the USA. The most notable example is Acadia, where President Greg Cleanington chose to remove the ban despite the country's High Penguin majority in favor of good relations with the USA, although the drink still isn't very popular in the country.

Today, orange juice is legal in most of the continent, although there are notable anti-OJ groups advocating for the drink's ban or restriction in countries like Acadia. Orange juice is still banned in Freezeland, due to their High Penguin heritage, as well as Duck Island. In 2008, Gary attempted to "reinvent" Orange Juice in a more positive light. Dubbed the Orange Juice 1000, this attempt ultimately failed and caused a large explosion that destroyed the igloo of his unfortunate test subject and made the air in the nearby vicinity smell like oranges for the next two weeks.

Art mocking an Acadian proposal to force orange juice consumers in the Western Union to have a license to purchase it

An Antarctic-wide discussion on the ethics of orange juice came into view when Kermit the Frog announced his enjoyment of the beverage in 2017. Kermit had denounced the use of High Penguin labor to create orange juice during the Khanzem War, and stated that he exclusively gets his orange juice from humanely juiced free range oranges.

Late in October of 2017, Kermit's arch-nemesis, the evil Constantine, anonymously convinced some High Penguin extremist groups to attempt to end the sale of orange juice across all of Antarctica, hoping to have Kermit's favorite beverage pulled from store shelves. These extremists considered orange juice a symbol of Khanzem and considered it disgusting that it was still sold and consumed in an "otherwise civilized society". Beginning on October 22nd, the extremists started the "War on Orange Juice", attempting to convince grocers to stop selling orange juice by protesting, and in some isolated cases, rioting and looting. These protests lasted for a few days, but ended in failure.

During the 2018 Pontilex Western Union Summit, a ban on orange juice throughout the entirety of the Western Union was proposed, and later a similar proposal suggesting that consumers of orange juice should have a license to purchase the beverage. Neither of these proposals went anywhere, and the majority of the Union considered the proposals ridiculous and planned to veto it in the event that it passed.

The creation of the Penstubal Post and its popularization among scrub circles resulted not only in the stigma surrounding the consumption of orange juice becoming even worse, but a fear being created as well, with Penstubal using the Post to promote that orange juice is actually unhealthy and that it can turn you into a "zombie blindly following Chill57181 and his goons intent on conquering Antarctica and enslaving penguinkind". The many bogus claims purported by the Post resulted in mass hysteria surrounding the orange juice among its readers.


The Coffee Shop in Club Penguin Island sells smoothies that include orange juice as part of its Smoothie Smash, which was initially met with some controversy that subsided after penguins tried the delicious drinks.

The Pizza Parlor also sells orange juice.

Cultural impact[edit]

Orange Juice Day is celebrated every year on May 4th. Its popularity has skyrocketed ever since orange juice became associated with Kermit.

Orange juice is the national drink of Achadia, as part of Hockey Manlet's attempts to troll Brant Esser, the president of Acadia, as much as possible. Hockey Manlet's best friend OJ owns the largest orange grove in the country, and his signature CHAD THUNDERBEAK Official Orange Juice has quickly become Achadia's #1 export.

In the highly popular Snowtendo video game Kermit Quest, orange juice appears as a recurring element. Aside from being used to recover Kermit's health, it also naturally appears many times throughout the game's story.


  • Recommended treatment for an accidental injection of Ditto A is a healthy dose of orange juice and some O-berries.

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