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The Order of Universal Guardians is a mysterious and legendary tradition that originated in 2020, after the Wikia Catastrophe. It was set up by Willy the Penguin.

Universal Guardians[edit]

1. James Erasmus Kwiksilver - 1995-2020[edit]

Although Kwiksilver was not a Universal Guardian, he set the example and tradition that all future Guardians followed. Kwiksilver was a traveller who became a sort of "protector" of universes and countries. He would often appear in the middle of trouble and would quickly solve the conflict, leaving without even saying goodbye. This was something he copied from Doctor Hickory Dickory Dock, a traveller himself.

Kwiksilver's best friend, Willy the Penguin, often assisted Kwiksilver in his heroic escapades. Kwik taught Willy how to use the Vortex Manipulator and Sentinel, how to negotiate, how to use, basic rules of slashing and basic rules of time travel. Willy learned fast, and soon became as skilled as Kwiksilver in the use of the Vortex and Sentinel.

In the Wikia Catastrophe, as Willy lay dying after he had saved Kwiksilver from the Deletion Wave, Kwiksilver bestowed upon him the Vortex Manipulator and Sentinel, the satchel, the bracelet and the beanie. When Willy was restored from the CyberVoid with the rest of the multiverse, he still wore the items and vowed to follow in Kwiksilver's footsteps. He also took on Christopher James Kwiksilver as his own son, and trained Chris as Kwiksilver had trained him.

Kwiksilver sacrificed himself in 2020 to restore the multiverse. His original Vortex Manipulator, Sentinel and satchel have been passed down from master to apprentice through the ages.

2. William T.H Penguin - 2020-2040[edit]

Kwiksilver's apprentice, Willy took up his friend's mantle and created the position of the Universal Guardians. He was not as skilled as Kwiksilver with the Vortex Manipulator or Sentinel, but devised a genius system of inter-dimensional outposts for the Guardians that were used and maintained for hundreds of years.

Among other things, Willy:

  • single-handedly navigated the Great Sands of Time and mapped them in only one year.
  • worked directly with the Bureau of Fiction to modify the Fourth Dimension to allow for easier travel.
  • reconciled the two warring nations, West Pengolia and East Pengolia with the help of Koobly Khan.
  • gave Sentinel a voice clip so further Guardians could understand him.

Willy retired in 2040 and let his eager "son", Christopher Kwiksilver, take up his post.

3. Christopher James Kwiksilver 2040-2110[edit]

Known to many as "filosofo del tempo" (Philosopher of Time), Christopher Kwiksilver was the longest living and most technologically skilled of the Universal Guardians. He worked closely with the Vortex Manipulator and Sentinel, modifying them and discovering new features than was thought possible. He respected both like human beings, often speaking directly to them. Sometimes the Vortex even responded to Chris's commands. He wrote a book about Vortex Manipulators at the height of his career as Universal Guardian. It was entitled "Tempo e Nello Spazio ha Spiegato" ("Time and Space Explained"), and became mandatory reading for Guardians-in-training.

Christopher's work as a Universal Guardian often involved politics and relations between countries. He wasn't as hot-headed as his "father", Kwiksilver, and didn't rush into battles without first planning strategies. Chris was fond of win-win situations, and instead of deleting the opponent like his successor, Mercure Kwiksilver, Chris would care for their wounded and provide them with supplies. His generosity and kindness earned the Universal Guardians legendary status and massive respect.

One of Christopher's flaws was his stubbornness. Especially in planning sessions and at home, Christopher always wanted to be right. His ego shrunk over time as he became wiser and more humble. Another flaw was that Chris was deathly allergic to lemons. This proved to be a great problem, because opponents would often drop lemons on Chris's camp, leaving him frozen with fear inside his tent.

Chris died peacefully in his sleep at the ripe old age of 80, leaving his daughter Mercure to carry on the legacy.

4. Mercure Rose Kwiksilver 2110-2130[edit]

Mercure Rose Kwiksilver was the daughter of Christopher Kwiksilver who came to the post of Universal Guardian when she was 20 years old. She was the complete opposite of her father and the Kwiksilver Temperament was obvious in her. She was stunningly beautiful, but also loud, brash and arrogant. Mercure came to be known as "spada della giustizia'' (Sword of Justice) thanks to her extreme sense of right and wrong. Mercure took no prisoners, and would delete the opponent after she had beaten them. She often rushed into battle with brute force and cared little for strategic planning, the latter proving her downfall.

Many fell in love with her, and she is often seen in the artwork of various ages. Mercure remained single and vowed never to take a husband. However, this vow was broken when she encountered the man of her dreams. He was the leader of an opposing army, and after Mercure defeated them she refused to delete them, to much surprise. She only asked for the leader to marry her. His name was Marcus Iceinous, and he taught Mercure compassion and love. She never again deleted an army, but was known to take the occasional pot shot at a passing skua.

Mercure was not skilled with the Vortex Manipulator or Sentinel. She would often overshoot her destination by centuries, but the Vortex's sentient intelligence made sure she got there in the end.

Mercure died in 2130 when she rushed into battle with an army five times her army. They were massacred. Mercure, however, dragged herself off the battlefield and pressed the Vortex Manipulator, Sentinel and satchel into her husband's hands, saying, "You will find a way." Then, she was deleted.

5. Marcus Iceinous 2130-2190[edit]

Mercure had no children to continue the Kwiksilver line, so her husband Marcus took over as leader of the Order of Universal Guardians. Not recognising him as an official Universal Guardian, Sentinel never listened to any of Marcus' commands and turned himself off, and he was stored away until the next Universal Guardian came to office.

While Marcus was a skilled leader, he had difficulty understanding time mechanics so generally stayed away from matters of Time Travel, focusing instead on his domain in space. He surveyed the developments of the Antarctic Continent and ensured there was peace in the universe of Club Penguin Fanon and all other existing universes at the time. He was known as "il vecchio" (The Old Man) because of his great grey beard and wisdom as a leader.

Before he left the position, Marcus was sent forward in time by the Vortex Manipulator to find the next Universal Guardian, and trained him before finally leaving and dying after a long and productive life.

6. Tyrone Jones and descendants 2190-2700[edit]

Tyrone Jones was a distant descendant of the Jones Family, born in the late 22nd Century. He was an orphan with a rebellious streak and inherited the Jones Family trait of being loud and spastic. He would often have impromptu "rap battles" with his street friends which he would always lose, because evne though the words rhymed they were just random words that didn't make sense together. Marcus Iceineus, old and with his body failing him, visited the orphanage where Tyrone lived, and asked him to join the Order of Universal Guardians as its successor.

In truth, the Vortex Manipulator had led him there, and even though he didn't understand how a member of the Jones Family could EVER become a universal guardian, he still trusted the device's judgement and trained the boy. Surprisingly, upon hearing his voice Sentinel immediately responded to the boy, and at that moment Marcus knew he was the one. He raised the boy like the son he never had, and although they had disagreements they still loved each other, and Tyrone shed many tears the night his father died.

However, he took to the post with all of his might and served as a surprisingly efficent Universal Guardian. He also seemed to have inherited the Jones work ethic, and worked hard to improve living conditions around the multiverse, collapsing corrupt governments and helping fragmented communities. He was fairly skilled with the Vortex Manipulator and relied heavily on Sentinel during battle. In fact, he often avoided conflict, learning from the standard set by Christopher Kwiksilver.

Tyrone retired from the position in 2200, but his family took over and for the next 500 years the Jones Family controlled the Order of Universal Guardians, and did a fairly good job of it too. Tyrone Jones is known as "l'erba della guarigione", (The Herb of Healing) because of the repairs he started across the universe.

7. Doomed Kwiksilver 2700-10,000[edit]


In the year 2700 AD, the Jones Family was at its final descendant. This descendant had no children to carry on the family line, and decided to consult the Bureau of Fiction of the Club Penguin Fanon universe. Mayor McFlapp, having been informed hundreds of years ago that this would one day occur, had left precautions in a locked box. Inside the box were simple instructions to find the Bureau of Fiction's Cold Storage room and turn up the heat.

Tyrone's descendant found the room in the bowels of the facility, and it had not been touched for so long that he had to use an ice pick to open the door. Once instead, he turned up the ancient thermostat and the ice began to thaw. He wiped the frost off a nearby block of ice and found a face staring back at him. He jumped backwards, and fully inspected the penguin sealed inside the ice.

It was wearing army camoflage gear and had a red patch sewn to its breast pocket, there was a scar running down the right side of its face and it was wearing an eyepatch to cover what was presumably one empty eye socket. It seemed about 20 years old, but so resembled the legendary figure and inital Universal Guardian Kwiksilver that he was sure it was him. But that couldn't be right - Kwiksilver had been deleted hundreds of years ago.

When the ice fully thawed and the penguin had been interred in the BoF's medical facility, he explained that he was in fact a Doomed Kwiksilver, and frequently expressed a desire to be locked back in storage. However, after learning of the fate of his Alpha counterpart and the good place that the Alpha timeline had turned out to be, Doomed Kwiksilver was convinced that may be he wasn't doomed after all, and, somewhat reluctantly but realising there was no other choice, accepted the offer to join the Order of Universal Guardians.

There was a problem though - after so many years in stasis his body was too weak to even move. Sentinel, recognsing this being as his old master, willingly gave his robot body up to the BoF engineers, and they created a nigh-indestructable metal cyborg body to protect Doomed Kwiksilver and prevent him from dying, just as a failsafe in case he really was doomed after all. His legs and arms were replaced with metal ones, his body surrounded by a metal shell and his missing eye being replaced by a cyborg one.

The War Manipulator that Doomed Kwiksilver owned was implanted into the armor so that it gave him extra protection, and weapons that would never fail. The Alpha Vortex Manipulator was also implanted into the armour, and his mind was directly connected to it so that the entire armour glowed orange and Doomed Kwiksilver was able to move anywhere throught time and space.

Reign as a Universal Guardian[edit]

Doomed Kwiksilver accepted his duty with the fierce determination that had been created during his years as a Resistence fighter. Initially he was not a kind leader, he was cruel and merciless, with a very set knowledge of what was good and what was evil. With his powers he effectively controlled the universe and ruled it with an iron fist. During that time he was known as "tempesta amaro" (bitter storm) because he often swept through an area and killed without mercy.

However, after the first couple of hundred years Doomsilver realised that he was immortal. Implanting the Vortex Manipulator into his body had stopped him aging, and as much as he tried he could never die - not even from deletion. The protection of the armour and the Vortex Manipulator was inpenetrable. Becoming conscious of his immortality, he changed. He started to give people mercy and sought to help instead of fight. He did what he thought was right but always gave people a second chance.

Doomsilver lived for seven thousand years, becoming impossibly old but never changing. He became known as "il solo dio", the Lonely God, because he was so powerful and had seen so much that even though he still appeared young his eyes were old. He visited every universe in the multiverse, he was present at the beginning and at the end of many. He kept on living and doing what he could to keep order.

Doomsilver watched from the sidelines during the events of The Spitfire, and was the individual who deactivated the CP Fanon Bureau of Fiction when the time was right.

Eventually there were not enough universes to warrant universal protection, so Doomsilver retired from his post as a Universal Guardian and disbanded the order.

The End of the Multiverse[edit]

Doomsilver still kept on living, and he was one of the group present at the End of the Multiverse.


The Mausoleum of Universal Guardians is a mausoleum run by the Universal Guardians to preserve the tombs of decreased universal guardians and other protectors of Justice. Currently, the mausoleum contains the bodies of Marcus Kwiksilver, Ajax Marcus Kwiksilver (supposedly), Explorer Antics X and Saint Ninjinian Titan-Smith II. In the future, the bodies of James Erasumus Kwiksilver (will be buried in 2020), William T.H Penguin (2040, will be buried in 2040), Christopher James Kwiksilver (will be buried in 2110) and Mercure Rose Kwiksilver (will be buried in 2130) will be buried here.

The mausoleum was physically built in 1724 in Arda; the year of the death of Marcus Kwiksilver. However technically, it was founded in 2020 by William T Penguin, to bury fallen hero James Erasmus Kwiksilver. Using time travel, it was built in Arda by Willy the Penguin in the 1700s to ensure that Marcus Kwiksilver would be buried there. Willy the Penguin gave it an Anonymonity Shield, which protected it from Bureau of Fiction actions and enlisted 1000 High Penguins to guard the Mausoleum; through extreme Fourth Wall hacking, the High Penguins were made immortal, could never die of natural causes (although there are ways of killing one, it's just extremely hard) and were set to guard the mausoleum.


  • The default language for all Vortex Guardian documents and titles after the time of Christopher Kwiksilver is the human language of Italian.
  • All of them have used the BoF mech, Sentinel.

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