Orion Initiative

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Orion Initiative
Inisyatibong Orion
Orion seal.png
Orion flag.png
Intelligence agency overview
Formed early 1970s
Dissolved (briefly) 1980s
Superseding agency (briefly) Amihan
Jurisdiction Entirety of Finipines
Headquarters Maybila, Finipines
Employees Unknown
Annual budget Unknown
Intelligence agency executives James Cueva, Director of Orion
Holiday Pietra, Director of Military Operations
Philip Mendoza, Director of Intelligence Gathering
Key document New Horizons Act of 2006
While the intelligence agency efforts to appear as transparent as possible to the Finipino nation, rumors circulate that they've recently been field testing experimental equipment from Dew's Point and Apolaki.

The Orion Initiative (Filipino: Inisyatibong Orion) is a Finipino hybrid government agency that is tasked by the government to be its main source of internal and external intelligence, with the given resources and clearance to have a functioning special forces unit as one of its main divisions. It is the only known government agency within the country that is not linked to any department nor military branch since it directly works under the office of the President. This disposition prompts many to question its integrity as an agency due to how close it is to the most powerful position of the land. To compensate, the Office of Transparency, as well as various government watchdogs, constantly keep an eye on Orion's actions.

Orion has a history of being the secret police force of Maharlika, notorious for crushing any opposing voices that sneer at the corporation's manner of running the country. It was defunct with the reinstallment of democratic institutions and briefly replaced with Amihan (North Wind), an intelligence agency tasked with going after the rest of the corporation and bringing them before the court to answer for their crimes. After the Second Finipino Civil War, both organizations were recycled and their combined concepts were redesigned to become the current hybrid organization.



Orion was established in clandestine during the Maharlika administration as an organization based solely for the protection of the corporation's interests by keeping an eye on the Finipino population. Many of those recruited into the organization were members of the Finipino Armed Forces, who were convinced into switching sides with guarantees of better pay and benefits of working directly under the corporation. Numerous Maharlika offices were built as facades for the Orion offices, with large warehouse sized basements for detaining anyone who speaks negatively of the administration. It was Orion's job simply to act as a secret police— squash any voices that dare speak up against Maharlika, scare the populace into obedience.

They made their public debut officially during the Coup d'etat at Maybila, when mutinying Finipino Armed Forces stormed the capital offices of Maharlika to overthrow the corporation's rule over the nation. Orion was given instructions to evacuate and destroy any information the mutineers may use against the corporation, as well as await further orders before they strike. They were patient with letting the mutiny escalate all the way to the main office before striking, quick with their blows and capturing the leading members of the renegades, including Captain Oliver Ballesteros. Orion was present for the public trials and executions of the rest of the rebel soldiers.

Orion maintained its public image as a fearsome police force until the First Finipino Civil War, where they were forced to retreat to the mountains along with the very Maharlika executives they've sworn to protect. It's presumed by penguin rights watchdogs that prior to being disgraced as a secret police force, Orion abducted at least 7000 opponents of Maharlika, with more than half of the captured killed and the rest imprisoned or tortured.


With the reinstallment of the democratic institutions, there was a need to fix the mistakes Maharlika made.

The Orion Initiative was immediately declared to be disgraced with all active personnel disavowed by the new government. To replace its functions as an intelligence agency, the government established Amihan that was tasked with obtaining external intelligence as well as hunting down the rest of the Maharlika corporation's executives. Included with the creation of the agency was numerous policies that ensured that it would adhere to the law of the land and maintain its image as a competent government agency. Amihan, like its predecessor, was also primarily made up of soldiers from the Armed Forces, who were given exit visas to plant themselves around the continent to collect information about the world outside the country. In terms of capturing traitorous executives, however, Amihan was not successful due to the difficult red tape that they had to navigate through.

Breach of Integrity[edit]

Amihan was one of the first government agencies to be infiltrated by the insurgent beliefs of Orion. Many of the original Orion members assumed different identities and entered the agency through recruitment and training, before convincing members of Amihan to change sides with the same methods of persuasion that created Orion. Unbeknownst of anyone, Amihan was quickly divided into two: those who remain loyal to the government and those who side with the disgraced Orion. The renegade agents would be working undetected for years until the start of the Second Finipino Civil War, which sparked many to overthrow Amihan agents and secure the Amihan bases as their own. Many Amihan agents were also abducted by Orion to serve a wide range of reasons: from target practice to experimental lab rats.

Orion and Amihan were forces that constantly clashed throughout the duration of the Civil War. Amihan was tasked with apprehending any Orion soldiers they can find and bring them in for questioning, as well as study how exactly their opponents suddenly appeared to be stronger and faster with every waking day of battle. Through their investigations and interrogations, it was concluded that they were being experimented on by scientists within the ranks of the insurgency. Orion was simply tasked with eliminating Amihan agents as much as possible, avoiding capture at best to protect the secrets of Maharlika. They would eventually get sloppy with the more experiments done on them, and many would soon fall under Amihan to be interrogated and executed.


Only a select few of Orion was spared from execution after they revealed vital information that helped give the government the higher ground towards the waning years of the civil war. Those who were spared were also considered to be those who had a change of heart, agreeing to change sides to finally end the war and allow the government to win. Amihan faced heavy fatalities during the war that resulted in dwindling numbers, making rebuilding difficult for the agency.

There was a need to reconsider what the new government wanted the intelligence agency to be, that was neither choked by red tape nor let loose without someone watching over it. To create a happy middle, Orion and Amihan teamed up to formulate a hybrid agency that had a functioning special forces unit as well as sufficient training for intelligence officers. Many of the former Orion and Amihan offices were reconstructed and converted according to the needs of the hybrid, with a base somewhere in the Finipines distinctly designed to be a training academy. A formulated training curriculum, uniform change, code of conduct were designed. Before being presented before the Finipino public, the final name of the organization was reconsidered, then finalized to Orion as a way to nod at the past. The new hybrid agency was officially written into law with the New Horizons Act of 2006.


Orion chooses its future employees from a list of recommendable citizens from the various city offices, who collect their information from the public and private schools within its city grounds. They may also recruit penguins from other government agencies, as well as any of the military branches so long as the candidate is vouched for by their superiors and those who work with them. Current and former employees of the organization may also recommend recruits. It's unknown as to where these recruits are being trained, how long and what this training consists of, or what is the minimum age requirement.

Orion personnel are characterized by their black operational dress uniforms (ODU) with their respective squadron path on their left sleeve. They also possess rank and name patches on their left and right chest sides, and other patches that identify their ORIN base designation, blood type, etc. Both divisions require that their agents keep a standard issue pistol at all times, as well as a rapid healing pack tucked in their uniform pockets. It's known that all Orion officers are proficient in multiple languages and trained in multiple forms of martial arts, with the added mastery of indigenous weapons utilized by the five prevailing tribes of the country.

The only way to distinguish Intelligence Gathering and Military Operations Divisions are in the way they dress. The IGD is allowed to wear whatever suitable office attire they have while working in the bases, and only utilize the ODU whenever they are (officially) on the field. The MOD is usually seen wearing their ODU at all times, whether they are within the base or not, since they can be called in for a mission at any time of the day. Bulkier bulletproof armor is more prominently seen on MOD agents since IGD only uses light body armor that's usually under their work clothes when they're working around the ORINs.

Agency Culture[edit]

Lucky Stars[edit]

In the guerrilla years of the organization, it was rumored that one of its commanders in the High Command had a habit of folding thin strips of paper into little stars, then keeping them in their ammunition box. It was said to be done out of boredom of the commander during meetings, or when they couldn't sleep. The alleged box containing these stars was never recovered after the war, but it quickly became a story that made its way into the current organization. While not really a necessary skill in being a member of the Orion Initiative, many find it to be a little motif that would further add to the "star aesthetic" of the team.

Orion's Orbit[edit]

The Orbit is an unofficial term used by younger agents to describe the group of current and former members of Orion who used to work for the agency at the time of Maharlika and its insurgency. The term is coined from the fact that they've gone "full circle", having endured the darker parts of Finipino history in the very organization that helped orchestra it and still have the interest of being in its ranks. Many of the Orbits made their impact on the current agency with their attempts on reverting the damage they've done in the past, having shaped Orion into what it is now by radically shifting its chain of command, ethical code, and training. Contrary to what is assumed, Orbits are called so out of fondness rather than to single them out as former traitors and rebels.

As a group, the Orbit can be described by those who meet them to be laid back and light with each other, often exchanging jokes and stories whenever they are in the same room. Orbits are close-knitted, considering each other family as they've gone through thick and thin as one team, and because so few of them walk freely in the country. Among recruits and junior agents, they usually offer advice and stories to pass the time or indulge in small talk with those around them, and are usually seen to be friendly and approachable. They remain reluctant, however, to speak of their experience or involvement in the past history of Orion.

To the public, known Orbit members are the incumbent Belt, Maria Yslenski, and philanthropist Nadia Suarez.

Stabby the Roomba[edit]

Within the ranks of Orion, the mention of Stabby the Roomba brings about fondness throughout its agents, especially within the Military Operations Division.

Stabby is a Roomba whose origins can be traced back to the ORIN base in Pilar, where a Rigel squadron allegedly duct-taped a kitchen knife to the Roomba that was cleaning the snack room near the Rigel offices. The Roomba was soon noticed by the base officers, who lovingly gave it the clearance to go through any of the rooms within the ORIN base, quickly gaining the attention of everyone else. Affectionately named "Stabby" for its tendency to minorly stab unknowing agents at their ankles, the Roomba was declared as the unofficial mascot of the Orion Initiative. Every base soon made it mandatory to have a Stabby the Roomba wandering its floors, with agents greeting it whenever it is within their vicinity. All Stabby the Roombas are currently equipped with a weapon of some sorts with an Orion uniform patch taped to its surface.

A popular base bonding activity within ORIN bases is the Roomba Death Matches, where Stabby the Roombas are pitted against each other. The Death Matches typically occur in the after hours of the first Friday of every month, at either the observation decks or the gardens around the bases. This usually entails potluck found around the Match Arena, as well as a steady flow of drinks provided by those generous enough who brought them. Betting commonly occurs during these times, with numbers going as high as six figures. It's rumored that to boost up morale, the Belt constantly competes with each other to maintain the highest bet throughout these matches.

Chain of Command[edit]

Director of Orion
Director of Military Operations
Director of Intelligence Gathering
Bellatrix Commander
Rigel Commander
Betelgeuse Commander
Saiph Commander
Squadron Captains
Squadron Captains
Head Hunters
Head Hunters

Orion's Belt[edit]

The Belt is the made up of the three directors of the agency, that being the Orion Director and his/her co-directors, the Director of Intelligence Gathering and the Director of Military Operations. They are responsible for making all of the decisions that run Orion, as well as acting as a check and balance upon each other. The Belt is called as such due to the callsigns that are given to each of the directors, with Alnilam pertaining to the Orion Director, Alnitak to the Director of Intelligence Gathering, and Mintaka to the Director of Military Operations.


Military Operations[edit]

Uniform patches of MOD agents wearing the ODU

MIlitary Operations is said to be the heart and public face of the Orion Initiative, seeing as they get most, if not all of the action in terms of publicity. They're given the mission of moving according to the information obtained by the IGD, whether it is raiding an insurgent hive or doing heavy crackdowns on organized crime organizations. Besides this, they are also active in disaster relief operations especially after harsh blizzards or typhoons, typically seen alongside the fire department and the armed forces. They are always seen in the black ODU, which is heavily padded with bulletproof paddings in comparison to the IDD's.

Due to the nature of their work, they often have to jump from one ORIN base to the other, lacking definite work hours, and need to live within the dormitories of the base they're assigned to. To compensate, a large percentage of the agency budget is designated to a package of benefits for each MOD officer, ranging from 3 months worth of paid leave per year to rent to own homes in numerous housing projects. The MOD has to carry the burden of actively risking their lives for the sake of national security, often sacrificing their own identities should they meet their unfortunate end on the field. They are currently being lead by Director Holiday Pietra.

  • Bellatrix
Bellatrix squadrons are a lesser seen unit of personnel comprising of 15 officers, with specialization more inclined towards guerilla warfare. Their training is said to tilt towards survival of the elements, with advance medical practices in their quota since they could possibly be on their own when they require medical services. They are based at ORIN bases in the smaller islands around the country or in the southern parts, possibly in classified bases unknown to the public. They cooperate with military units when it comes to looking for insurgents in the mountains, especially targeting Maharlika loyalists whenever they catch wind of them in their location. Bellatrix officers can be seen as more serious than their counterparts, often prattling about how they want to come home to their families and/or pets as soon as their job is done.
  • Rigel
Rigel squadrons are units comprised of 12 or so agents who specialize in urban warfare tactics, with training rumored to include situational simulations in major cities of the country and weaponization of day to day objects. They're said to be masters of blending into civilian crowds since they have faces that are "easy to forget", which is vital in making sure they don't botch a sensitive operation in broad daylight. A majority of them are stationed at the ORIN bases within major cities due to their specialization, seemingly ready for deployment should information point them to a certain district or nearby town. Rigel officers are described to be casual and street smart, with knowledge of all of the Gray Areas and criminal hotspots in their given base city.

Intelligence Gathering[edit]

Uniform patches of IGD agents wearing the ODU

Intelligence Gathering is known as the intelligence sector of Orion, tasked to quietly collect information for the government inside and outside of the country. The information they obtain may vary from key figures within the country or abroad, statistics, and penguins of interest. They are much more fixed than the MOD, with most of their agents being stationed in one ORIN base and hardly being relocated unless needed. Besides working in the ORIN bases, agents can also be found in small satellite offices near major government blocks and in buildings of military camps, mainly to maintain a smooth flow of information around the government. Officers of the sector may also be found abroad as sleeper agents who collect information about the state of affairs of the country they are stationed in.

IGD agents do not often see action because they are far too busy observing from their desks, with their only field missions being either a case that requires legwork or a simple reconnaissance mission. Their training is believed to be shifted to focus more on the bureaucratic side of the agency, with an added importance towards intellect. Despite this, however, the IGD is still formidable on the field as they are just as capable as their counterparts, the MOD. It is the sector's responsibility to protect the national interests of the Finipines, swearing to do whatever it takes to get the information it would need to best protect the country. It is currently lead by Director Philip Mendoza.

  • Betelgeuse
The Betelgeuse squadrons typically comprise of 6 agents who focus more towards the processing of information received by the agency. Their members can be described to be shrewd workaholics, mainly comprising of analysts and handlers who study the information they receive on a daily basis. It's their directive to interpret the data they receive from on-field Saiph squadrons, deliver this to the concerned divisions or agencies, and monitor missions executed by the MOD. Due to this, many Betelgeuse squadrons are assigned to analyzing one field of information. They may also be deployed to work in the field for any particular case concerning the information they specialize in. They are spread out across the ORIN bases and satellite offices across the nation, with the former designating a whole wing for them to work in peace.
  • Saiph
Saiph squadrons are made up of 4 agents tasked to collect information inside and outside of the country. This entails several of these groups to be sent to foreign countries as spy rings, where they report back to either their ORIN base of origin or to the Betelgeuse. Officers of these teams are much more lax than their counterparts, since the organization targets conversationalists and extroverts for the Saiph officer position. The squadrons are typically more prominent than their counterparts, often seen in the sidelines of major events by keen observers. They can also be seen in the entourage of many government officials, since Saiph agents are usually sent to become point persons. Due to this, field Saiph members are typically jokingly referred to as "Ornaments."


Uniform patch of active Orionids agents

The Orionids is a special protocol of the agency that's only activated by the Belt and the President as a militarized unit of personnel. Activation for Orionids typically bypasses both the legislative and judicial branches of any confirmation, seeing as it directly gets its orders from the President. It involves plucking the best officers from both Military Operations and Intelligence Gathering, who would then work in tandem to obtain information in real time as well as accomplish whatever objective has been given to them by their superiors. Typically, the reasons for activation are during times of crisis, war, or anything delicate that needs a different method of execution.

Field officers working for the Orionids are distinguished mainly by the patch on their uniform that shows the whole Orion constellation, with the stars and border made of blue reflective material. Besides this, Orionids officers lack any name or rank patches whatsoever to ensure the secrecy of the identity of those comprising the protocol team. The field name of the hybrid team is Meissa. The first and only known activation of Orionids was during the Zamorez Crisis.


Orion's known bases are located in major cities, usually near government offices or within military strongholds. These bases should not be mistaken for satellite offices, since the latter are clandestine offices outside of the ORINs that function under a certain base. The following are the known ORINs:

  • ORIN Northern Bases
    • ORIN-01: Air Force Quadrant
    • ORIN-02: Pilar
    • ORIN-03: Quizon
    • ORIN-04: Maybila (headquarters)
  • ORIN Southern Bases
    • ORIN-05: Sugbu
    • ORIN-06: Zamorez
    • ORIN-07: Danao
  • ORIN Island Bases
    • ORIN-08: Kalayaan Island
    • ORIN-09: Ballesteros Island
    • ORIN-10: Hiraya Naval Base
    • ORIN-11: Moriones Islands



  • Active personnel on the field are often called "Hunters" rather than "Agent" or "Operative".
  • It's rumored that a large number of Presidential Security Team officers are recruited from the agency.
  • A variation of Stabby the Roomba can be found in the Southern bases, where a standard issue pistol is duct-taped instead of a knife. These Roombas are called "Gunny" and are considered to be the estranged uncles of Stabby.
  • Since the declaration of Stabby as the mascot of Orion, there's been a 10% increase in the agency's annual budget that's allotted to medical supplies.

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