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Motto: "Victory is Ours!"
Anthem: Hymn of our Captain
Orwellia is in Red.
Orwellia is in Red.
Largest city Air Base One (de-facto capital)
Official languages English (called Orwellian)
Demonym Orwellian
Government Socialist Republic (de jure)
Totalitarian, Socialist and Militaristic Dictatorship (de facto)
 -  Supreme Ruler The Captain
Legislature The Organization
 -  Upper house Upper Tier
 -  Lower house Lower Tier
 -  The Great War 1950 (Earth Years) 
 -  Foundation 1963 (Earth Years) 
 -  estimate 250,000,000
Currency Victors' (V)

Orwellia is a large nation located on Planet 1984. It is one of the three countries on the planet, including Verpomia and Ouestland. It is considered a superpower by Antarctic standards, along with the two other nations, whom Orwellia is at war with against one or the other at any given time. The leader of Orwellia is The Captain, who is elevated as a superior figure above the populace, which is manipulated and forced into submission by the government.


For Orwellia's history, go here.

Government and Politics[edit]

The Captain in a common propaganda poster.

Orwellia is a self-declared Socialist State, but is in reality a Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship. Orwellia's leader, The Captain, is elevated above all others to the level of a supernatural being. Respect, obedience, dedication, and love are demanded towards him. In the eyes of Orwellians, he can do no wrong.

There is no central government or legislature, as in a normal country. The effective "government" is "The Organization", which is the umbrella which almost everything about Orwellia falls under. The ruling class of The Organization is the "Upper Tier" is responsible for controlling the populace, economy, and military. None of these officials are in charge or are above one another; they all work in synchronization. The Upper Tier is also directly responsible for what happens to the Lower Tier. These are the members of the Organization that do everything else required by the state: Writing, editing, cleaning, broadcasting, and many other chores.

The Organization itself is split into four further sections, called Departments. Each department focuses on something different:

  • Department of Reality - Handles media manipulation and anything to do with the written word. Responsible for propaganda and thought control.
  • Department of Resourcefulness - Responsible for providing the basics of life, such as food and water. The department purposefully malnourishes the creatures of Orwellia.
  • Department of Repose - Conducts any operations relating to war, the military, or law enforcement, with the exception of one faction of the law, which is the Mind Patrol
  • Department of Righteousness - Responsible for law and order in Orwellia, such as court hearings, punishment, and "rehabilitation". Also the controlling department of the Mind Patrol, Orwellia's secret police.

Rules and Regulations[edit]

All policy is made by The Organization. Rules and laws in Orwellia are to be followed thoroughly and without question or deviation. Organization members have strict schedules to abide to, which leave no time for recreation and fun. The Organization and its ideals control every aspect of an Orwellian's life, from how they dress, to how they speak and think. Strict laws forbid any deviant actions, speech, or thought, and violations of these laws are punished severely. The Organization decides who breeds, how the population is raised, and who gets what jobs. The Organization has absolute control over everything.

Criminal System[edit]

Violations of the law are punished severely. Unlike countries like North Joseon, criminals are not simply killed. They are either sent to a labor camp to work and be tortured for the rest of their days, or are sent to the Department of Righteousness. Here, criminals are tortured, broken down, manipulated, and rebuilt to serve The Organization's needs. After this "reeducation" is finished, the subject is a hollow being inside which can be bent to The Organization's needs.


The Orwellian military is massive, and is always mobilized to its almost-full extent at any given time. The military fights all over Planet 1984, against either Verpomia or Ouestland. They fight not only in the name of Orwellia, but also in the name of The Organization and The Captain. Their tactics are brutal yet inefficient, always failing to decisively defeat any of their enemies.

Mind Patrol[edit]

The role of a police force is filled by both the military and the Mind Patrol. The Mind Patrol monitors everyone in the population. Almost all officers are undercover, unbeknownst to everyone else, as to crush dissent through fear. The Mind Patrol is known for its brutal tactics to punish and root anyone out who may be against The Organization.


Wilson Schmidt, a typical Orwellian.

Orwellia's populace is completely homogenous. They are mostly similar to other inhabitants of Planet 1984, and also share a eerie resemblance to penguins. Unlike Antarctica, where there are many species such as penguin, puffles, walruses and more, there are only these penguin-esque creatures in Orwellia. The only other animals exist for consumption.

Citizens are drained of their positive traits at a very young age. Characteristics such as happiness, love (except towards The Captain), joy, humor, creativity, lust, ambition, and others are squashed out soon after birth. Citizens are seen as an empty shell for The Organization to fill to their content. Every citizen is demanded to devote themselves wholeheartedly to The Organization and to The Captain. They believe wholeheartedly in everything The Organization says; most out of sincerity, but also some out of fear. In general, Orwellians are miserable; they just refuse to acknowledge it.

Orwellians are also subject to constant surveillance by The Organization. Giant tele-screens and the Mind Patrol are always watching and listening to the populace, ready to punish those who step out of line.

Rights Violations[edit]

Orwellia's creature rights record is abhorrent. The Organization keeps its subjects in poverty and in substandard living conditions with no access to transportation or technology, to prevent protest and gatherings. The Mind Patrol keeps a close eye over everyone and makes them disappear if they slip up. Punishments for misdeeds are severe. These punishments include beatings, torture, more torture, imprisonment, forced labor, even more torture, and other things that is best not mentioned. Even the most oppressive dictatorships in Antarctica pale in comparison to that of Orwellia when it comes to creature rights.


  • The concept and name comes from the author George Orwell, the author of the dystopian novel 1984.

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