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Osheco Hawk VI
Title Plan B
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction EPF, ninja
Health Enemies should worry about theirs
Status Scaring the heck out of Mwa Mwas and other ninjas
Location Club penguin island
Birth date 10th January 1993
Occupation EPF, Ninja
Employer Director, Watersei.
Salary 350 coins
Color Lime Green
Hair color Black
Primary residence Igloo near town
Catchphrase I'm gonna freak out!
Interests Being a know-it-all, breaking the fourth wall.
Abilities Sneaky, can go places without being detected, can defeat an army AFTER being detected first.
Friends EPF agents (Kinda high positions)
Enemies Herbert, Mwa Mwas
Archetype Good
Weapon of choice EPF gear, Water suit

Osheco Hawk VI is an Adelie penguin who currently resides on Club Penguin Island. He is an EPF agent who is hated by Herbert to the max. His personality is a combination of a Dorkugese, a Deletion Missile and a better version of this.

Manny Peng once came to his igloo, and got a free trip around the world without a plane asaresult (Yes, he was kicked).


When he was an egg, he fell into coffee, resulting to a bad case of hyperactivity. As a chick, he was raised by his parents Elena and Max. He was an average chick. One day, while coming back from school, he was attacked by a leopard seal. A black puffle came and saved him. He then learned that he had to be tough. He was Numero Uno in sports, resulting in the PSA getting interested in him. He graduated and was given an offer in the agency.


He has been used as a secret weapon numerous times due to tactics. He is also referred anonymously sometimes as his rank is not too high. His contribution to the EPF is impressive, but nothing to brag about. He ends up bumping into FCG quite often.


Osheco is lime green in color and has black hair. He wears aviators, a black t-shirt with a green jacket, a silver watch and black shoes. He has a scar on his beak, so tiny that it is barely noticeable.


  • Lightbulb- Black puffle. Saved Osheco as a chick, adopted after reunion in the wilderness after a mission failure. Brother of Grassy. Father of The White Twins.
  • Emma- Pink puffle. Adopted at Pet Shop. Sister of Emila. Aunt of The white Twins.
  • Grassy- Green puffle. Had been captured by pookies. Saved by Lightbulb and brought home. Brother of Lightbulb. Uncle of The White Twins.
  • Emila- Yellow Puffle. Came to igloo searching for Emma. Sister of Emma. Mother of The White twins.
  • Charlie-White Puffle. Born to emila. Son of lightbulb and emila.Nephew of grassy and Emma.Twin of snowflake.
  • Snowflake- White puffle. Born to Emila. Daughter of Emila and Lightbulb. Niece of Grassy and Emma. Twin Of Charlie.
  • Scruffy- Blue puffle. Came to igloo. Brother of Cheeseball and Rocker.
  • Cheeseball- Orange puffle. See above. Brother of Scruffy and Rocker.
  • Rocker- Red puffle. See above. Brother of Scruffy and Cheeseball.
  • Newton- Brown puffle. Crashed plane in igloo. 'Bro' of Disco.
  • Disco-Purple puffle. Tied to crashed plane. 'Sis' of Newton.
  • Rainbo- Rainbow puffle. Chose Osheco at the Cloud Forest.
  • Tina- Rainbow puffle. Again chosen, this time by accident.
  • Jackie-Rainbow pufflle. [email protected]#@#$#@%@$%$#[email protected]#%%$##^$$#^ (Please scroll away as we refrain Osheco-Ampersand Publishing.)

Note- All of his puffles can talk. Lightbulb, Grassy, Emila, Emma, Snowflake, Rainbo, Jackie and Tina do so naturally, others with machines Osheco found lying around. Coincidentally the next day G said he lost a top secret invention.


  • "Yes I have common sense, it's the reason I'm leaving ASAP."
  • "What the ampersand!"
  • "Of all at-signs!"
  • "Manny, I won't pick you, but punt you."
  • "There goes the Fourth Wall."
  • "Yes, Watersei."


  • Penguins and puffles who irritate him end up petrified. Mabel was frozen the longest, with 3 days.
    • It is unknown how this happens but victims they heard someone say "That was too bally, wot!"
  • He was a pookie (as he refers to call them due to the poo part) for only 5 mins (thankfully).
  • Manny Peng wants him to 'pick' him, but Osheco will only 'punt' him.
  • He is frustrated when many of his puffles are hungry as he cannot remember who is fed and who is not.
  • He gets hyperactive when given cappuccino (He HATES it.)
  • NEVER insult his watch.
    • Combining the two effects may be the reason of petrifying people.
      • That alter-ego is referred to as Hyper-Osheco.
  • He can break the Fourth Wall with difficulty. He understands Fourth wall jokes but doesn't laugh
  • He is helped by the masters to calm down when hyperactive or he can destroy one-sixteenth of Antarctica.
  • He works in repairs and stuff but also tactical work for both EPF and dojo, the other jobs are part-time.
  • As a chick, he would scream "REPENT, THE ALMIGHTY IS ANGRY" for some reason when the electricity goes out.
  • His jacket has so many pockets, all his puffles fit in it.