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Der Schweitzer Reich von Osterreach
Flag of Osterreach
MottoUnsere Stimmen sind zusammen wie eine Symphonie (Our voices together are like a Symphony)
Location of Osterreach
CapitalWein (Vien)
Largest Wein
Official languages German
Recognised regional languages Hungarian, Spanish, English, French, Italian
Species  Germanic Penguins
Demonym Osterrean
Membership German States
Government Overseen Territory of Snowzerland
 -   estimate 10,000,000 
 -   census 9,989,654 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 112

Osterreach is a famous German speaking country that is a major colony of Snowzerland. It's culture is very similar Alemania's and Snowzerland's, and is known for being the home to many famous musical composers like Ludvig van Beethaven, Frozart, and Icdyn. It's capital, Wein, is one of the Ninja Archipelago's most famous cities. It is a member of the German States.


Osterreach's history began when the island was inhabited by Germanic Viking Penguins around 50 B.C., which was the same time Alemania was inhabited. Osterreach was temporarily part of the Penguin Empire for a short period of time, but the Penguin Empire didn't colonize or leave any major cultural effect on the island. After the fall of the Penguin Empire in 450 A.D., Osterreach became a territory of neighboring Alemania. In 1278, Rudolph Hochstadt of Alemania was elected to be the first King of Osterreach, who would still in turn serve the Emperor of the Holyswissian Empire. The Hochstadt Family ruled for several centuries after the rule of King Rudolph I, and reached a golden age during the 14th and 15th Centuries, which was when Batavia was part of Osterreach for a short amount of time before they handed it to Castilla. Around 1780, the Frankterrans invaded Alemania and Osterreach and abolished the Holyswissian Empire, making Osterreach it's own independant country. It then annexed Magyaria, which then formed the Osterr-Magyarian Empire. Sadly, the Hochstadt Dynasty soon fell when Emperor Karl Hochstadt, son of Ferdinand IV, was removed from power in 1901, and the nation reunited with Alemania again until the end of Khanzem. Osterreach joined Alemania in the Khamzem War, only to have a hearty defeat. Osterreach temporarily stayed under the control of the Good Guys until 1940. Osterreach then became a republic, and this turning point began the "Musical Golden Age" of the nation. The famous composers of Icdyn, Frozart, and eventually Ludvig Van Beathaven became famous figures of Osterreach and gained fame across Olde Antarctica. Osterreach, however, still kept many of it's old fashioned things, and life there is similar to life in Frostborough. In Late 2009, Swiss Ninja annexed Osterreach into Snowzerland since Osterreach wanted the Hochstadts to rule their land again. To this day, Osterreach is prospering under Hochstadt rule.


The Culture of Osterreach is very similar to Alemania's and Snowzerland's.


Typical Osterrean dishes are saeurkraut, mashed potatoes, Fish Schnitzel, salads, soups, and Strudel for dessert. Osterreans like to drink Hot Chocolate or Coffee in the morning and Cream Soda or Tea in the afternoon.


Osterreach's national sport is football (soccer), yet during the winter, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are really popular. Osterreach's famous mountains has attracted many skiiers and snowboarders from across Antarctica, and many major international snow sports competitions have been held in Osterreach for over a century.


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