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Republic of Osterreach
Republik Österreich
Snoss colony

Flag of Osterreach

"Unsere Stimmen sind zusammen wie eine Symphonie"
"Our voices together are like a Symphony"
Capital Wein
Languages German, Czech, Slovenian, Italian
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic (Official)
Absolute monarchy
 -  2010- Swiss Ninja
Prime Minister
 -  2008- Something German
 -  2006- Heinrich Dietmar (Exiled)
 -  Annexation 2010
Currency Gold Coin (Club Penguin coin.PNG)
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Snowzerland Flag.png German States
Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Ninja Archipelago Union

Osterreach (German: Österreich) is a small German-speaking country in the Ninja Archipelago. Formerly a strong and influential power within the Ninja Archipelago, the end of the False War brought an end to Osterreach's military might. Osterreach is currently an occupied territory of Snowzerland, which had invaded and conquered the country in 2010.

Osterreach is currently a member of the Ninja Archipelago Union and German States, as well as a suspended member of the Bridgestadt Pact.


Osterreach's history began when the island was inhabited by Viking Penguins around 50 BC, around the same time Alemania was inhabited. Osterreach was temporarily part of the Penguin Empire for a short period of time, but the Penguin Empire didn't colonize or leave any major cultural effect on the island. After the fall of the Penguin Empire in 450, Osterreach became a territory of neighboring Alemania.

In 1278, Rudolph Hochstadt of Alemania was elected to be the first King of Osterreach, who would still in turn serve the Emperor of the Holyswissian Empire. The Hochstadt Family ruled for several centuries after the rule of King Rudolph I, and reached a golden age during the 14th and 15th Centuries, which was when Batavia was part of Osterreach for a short amount of time before they handed it to Castilla. Around 1780, the Frankterrans invaded Alemania and Osterreach and abolished the Holyswissian Empire, making Osterreach its own independent country.

Osterreach joined Alemania and Magyaria in the Khanzem War, only to have a hearty defeat. After the war, the Good Guys abolished the country's monarchy and Osterreach reformed into a republic. Osterreach continued to maintain positive relations with the other former Naughtzee nations, and along with Magyaria sent military aid to Ed Island when the Wulfen War broke out in 1934. When the war ended with Ed Islandian victory, the three nations continued their close ties and signed the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation which would later become the Bridgestadt Pact. This pact ensured security and friendship between Osterreach and its allies, as well as provided an alliance against the rise of the Snowviet Union and its Comintern.

In the mid-1950s, a Snowviet-supported uprising occurred in the region of Checkia. Culturally distinct from the rest of Osterreach, many Checkians wished to form their own nation or even a federation with the Markia region of Magyaria. Ultimately this uprising was put down, but other ethnic tensions continued to rise across Osterreach. Fearing a breakup of the nation, the Osterrean president proposed a federalization of the country with new autonomous states forming mostly along ethnic and cultural divides. This process was a success, with Checkians and Snowvenians having a greater role in and support of the Osterrean government.

Osterreach was a major power throughout the False War, and helped defeat STINC-zachal and the rest of the Comintern in the STINC War. As with Ed Island and Magyaria, Osterreach experienced a massive demilitarization after the end of the False War. With the military budget shrunk, many new social and scientific programs received greater funding such as Osterreach's small space program.

In 2010, after months of threats and posturing, Osterreach was invaded by Snowzerland with the goal of uniting all Ninja Archipelago nations under the Snoss banner. Despite heavy resistance from Osterrean and Bridgestadt Pact forces, Osterreach was overrun and capitulated to the Snoss government within two months. Many Osterreans, including most of the country's government, fled to Magyaria and Ed Island to form a government-in-exile. To this day, Osterreach remains under Snoss rule despite promises from Bridgestadt and other powers wishing for their liberation.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Osterreach is a very mountainous nation, with the famous Osterrean Alps making up much of the western side of the country.


As with other members of the Ninja Archipelago Union, Osterreach uses the Club Penguin Gold Coin as its official currency.


Osterreach is currently under the rule of Swiss Ninja and Snowzerland, with very little autonomy. The local Osterrean government only exists for bureaucratic purposes and to maintain the image of an independent nation, but holds no actual power to govern the island.

The Osterrean Government-in-exile which currently exists in Magyaria maintains its position as the legitimate government of Osterreach. Recognized as such by several of the major Antarctic powers, no real action has been taken against Snowzerland due to fears of Snoss retaliation.

National Symbols[edit]


The current flag of Osterreach is a red-white-red tricolor flag with the coat of arms in the center. Prior to Snoss occupation, Osterreach used a similar flag but with a green and white isosceles triangle on the right side.


Osterreach is a very multicultural nation, with three major and several minor cultural groups. These include the Checkians in the north, Osterreans, and Snowvenians in the south.

After the Khanzem War, Osterreach experienced a "musical golden age." Composers such as Ludvig van Beethaven, Frozart, and Icdyn became famous figures of Osterreach and gained fame across Olde Antarctica.


The Osterrean government recognizes German, Czech, and Slovenian as official languages of the nation, with Italian being given official minority language status. All documents and proceeds in the government are distributed in German, but there are local distributions in these languages available.


Typical Osterrean dishes are sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, Fish Schnitzel, salads, soups, and strudel for dessert. Osterreans like to drink Hot Chocolate or Coffee in the morning and Cream Soda or Tea in the afternoon.


Osterreach's national sport is football (soccer), with skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating being popular during the winter. Osterreach's numerous mountain ranges has attracted many skiiers and snowboarders from across Antarctica, and many major international snow sports competitions have been held in Osterreach for over a century.

States and Divisions[edit]

Osterreach is divided into 7 states, with the cities of Wien and Grogue possessing special autonomous status.

Flag State Capital
Check Republic Flag.png Checkia Grogue
Osterreach Flag.png Osterreach Wien


Prior to the Snoss occupation of Osterreach, the country possessed the second largest military of the Bridgestadt Pact.

Currently, Snowzerland uses several of the alpine regions for advanced military technology projects. Several TIE Fighter bases are located here, where the most advanced models are stationed and tested.


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