Otaku Penguin

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Otaku Penguin
A well known Otaku Penguin named Amuro
A well known Otaku Penguin named Amuro
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Anamal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Neognathae
Family: Sphenisciformes
Genus: Callidus
Species: orientalis
Binomial Nomenclature
Callidus duoeoi

Japalandese Nerds

Otaku Penguins (Callidus duoeoi, Latin: "Clever two dwellers of the east") are the result of an anime-Japalandese and Dorkugese Penguin breeding. They are one of the three endemic Japalandese subtypes of penguings, alongside the "animes" and the "rednecks". Unlike the animes or the rednecks, the Otaku enjoy the privelage of being their own, distinct, seperate taxonomic species.


One day, a Nerd penguin met a Japalandese penguin and they fell in love. Then they had a son. Their son was an Otaku Penguin.
The otaku penguin married a Japalandese Penguin and they had a daughter. It was also an Otaku Penguin. It was figured out that when an Otaku breeds with either a Dorkugese, anime Japalandese, or another Otaku penguin, this will also result in an Otaku.

They all wear glasses, and all their glasses are exactly identical. that is because they all have the same sight problems and all need the same kind of glasses. They will all have black or very dark brown hair, but many will dye their hair in outlandish colours, such as Konata.

Unlike thier Japalandese parents, Otakus do not have large bubbly eyes, and they are of average penguin height. They still retain the ability to go " :3 " and other such odd facial expressions, however. Unlike their Dorkugese parents, Otakus will, almost invariably, wear modern clothes. Many will also adhere to modern principles of government, something a pure Dorkugese rarely does. This being said, they will almost always retain their Dorkugese side's passion of arithmatic and computing. They can be very cliche.

Contribution to the social strata of Japaland[edit]

Otakus are endemic to Japaland. Alongside the "rednecks" and "animes", the Otakus comprise the three unique penguin subtypes that can only be found in that country. They tend to get along better with the animes- mainly because the parent of an Otaku has to be an anime Japalandese -than the rednecks, but the nationalistic harmony of the country ensures they remain friendly towards each other.

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