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Empire d'Ouestland
Motto: "Guidez nous, Notre Dirigeant" (Guide us, our Leader)
Anthem: Dirigeant, nous Voilà! (Leader, here we come!)
Ouestland is in Blue.
Ouestland is in Blue.
CapitalArtois sur Neige
Largest city Ville de Triomphe
Official languages French (called Ouestène)
Demonym Ouestian
Government Fascist dictatorship
 -  Supreme Leader Notre Dirigeant
Legislature Ordre du Dirigeant
 -  Independence 1997 
 -  estimate 275,000,000
Currency Francos (F$)

Ouestland was the smallest and youngest country on Planet 1984, and was always in perpetual war with Orwellia and Verpomia. Despite its size and youth, it proved to be just as oppressive and powerful as its adversaries. It was a fascist dictatorship, whose leader was "Notre Dirigeant", which literally translates to "Our Leader".


See the history of Planet 1984 for more information.

Ouestland gained independence from Verpomia in 1997, killing their king (Mecklenberg) in the process. After their independence, they conquered much territory in their part of the planet. While it wasn't as big as Orwellia or Verpomia, it was still a formidable force.

Government and Politics[edit]

The government was a fascist dictatorship, that was just as brutal and oppressive as Orwellia. "Notre Dirigeant" was the leader of Ouestland, and he ruled with an iron fist at all times. Total loyalty, respect, love, and obedience of him was demanded, with no room for error. No central government existed in Ouestland; Notre Dirigeant was directly in charge of everything. He was also the leader of the revolution against Verpomia in 1997, and as such was highly revered by the citizens.

Civilian Treatment[edit]

Ouestland citizens were kept to a somewhat higher standard of life, but were cracked down on just as badly. Any person with a dissenting thought was punished severely. Anyone who was found to have dissenting thoughts, heard speaking against Notre Dirigeant or the government, or was in possession of anti-Ouestian material was sent to an extermination camp. The most common form of execution seen was via guillotine. Citizens were fed better than those in Orwellia, and all supplies came from the state, but they were also restricted from free movement and assembly. Anyone found outside of where they were supposed to be was immediately executed in the streets. Not much brainwashing or propaganda was required, as the citizens automatically revered Notre Dirigeant so much for his role in Ouestland's independence.


The Ouestian military was the smallest of any of the three superpowers, but it could certainly hold its ground. Ouestians in the military had a high sense of honor, and refused to surrender under any cost. This made them incredibly hard to fight. Their military was also the least technologically advanced. Instead, they used swift tactic and sheer numbers to overwhelm the enemy.


Ouestians were completely homogenous; anyone who wasn't the same as the rest was taken away and disposed of. Even though the country had just recently split from the very spiritual Verpomia, no Ouestians claimed to believe in "The Divine". This is because the state ruthlessly cracked down on anyone who believed in The Divine. French was the main language of Ouestland, and everyone spoke it. If someone didn't, they would be disposed of. Ouestians were perfectly molded to the idea of the state and to the whim of Notre Dirigeant, to ensure total obedience, rigidity, and susceptibility to government alterations. Anyone who stepped out of line in the slightest way was exterminated.


  • Despite it being in the far Eastern Hemisphere of Planet 1984, the name Ouestland literally translates to "West-land".

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