Our Loyal Brigades

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Our Loyal Brigades is a song about the Freezelandian Civil War. It was sung by those loyal to Triskelle and the remnants of loyalists throughout Freezeland.

This is sort of a recruiting song for the Freezelandian Remnant. During the Civil War they fought their former comrades who supported the Malcurian Regime and had joined Malcur's Army.

The Loyal Freezelandian Remnant (LFR) continued to exist as an illegal army in both Freezeland and Archet and would develop itself to one of the most prominent military organisation. The LFR, however, was not connected to the Remant led by Triskelle and Amdir who's story was told in Twilight and Shadow.

There are more versions of this song and especially the first line might differ. Sometimes the first line is completely different and reads "The Black Brigands from Frostborough came".

The war cry Reclaim Freezeland is also used in this song. The use of this battle cry originates from the Siege of Frostborough.


Tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl_rljOB4AE (please note the tune is slightly different on the last verses of each bit)

Amluc sent dismissals out to cut the remnant down,
he thought the true Freezelandians were out of dear old Frostborough town,
but he got a rude awakening, one with snowball and grenade!
He met the armed batallions of Our Loyal Brigades!

Glory, glory, to our old Freezeland!
Glory, glory, to our homeland!
Glory to the memory of the ones who fought and died!
"Reclaim Freezeland" is the warcry of Our Loyal Brigades!

The soldiers came from all the towns,
Equipped with fancy guns,
There were penguins by the thousand,
Ammunition by the tonne,
But when they got to meet us,
They were seriously delayed,
By the fighting First Battalions,
Of Our Loyal Brigades!


We have no ammunition,
Or no armoured tanks to show,
But we're ready to defend ourselves,
No matter where we go,
We're out for our Republic, And to heck with your Kingdom!
"Reclaim Freezeland" is the war cry Of Our Loyal Brigades!


Come all you gallant Freezelandians,
And join us today,
We'll strike a blow for freedom,
When it comes a certain day,
You know your country's history,
And the sacrifice it made,
Come join the First Battalion
Of Our Loyal Brigades!