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Type Pie
Effects You get covered in pie
Source Billy Mays
Location 99
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell free if being returned

OxiPie is a product sold by Billy Mays. No one knows how he makes it or if he makes it at all. We only know for sure he sells it.


This item has been used mostly in the The Great Darktonian Pie War. Penguins are warned not to eat them. It looks like a pie with the words "Oxi" Pie stamped on it. If you eat one, you may become very gassy. Billy Mays invented it a long time ago. It was one of his 1st products. He claimed that it was delicious and was great for pie wars. After it was sold, many penguins knew why he sold it now. Later, Billy passed away and the OxiPie became worth more. many penguins still bought it and they still got gassy. Many creatures ate OxiPies and it wasn't good. One town actually passed out from all of the gas and holding their breath.


  • Manny Peng has eaten an OxiPie.
  • Eating this product can cause:
  1. Belly aches
  2. Rarely Fat
  3. Uncontrollable gas
  • Jake Lovesfish loves it. And is immune to all the conditions it can cause.
  • Mech Rider uses them for ammo,so they must have explosive properties....or he was insane that day....either way.
  • Snow does not like these, he hates the "possible fatness" of it. He has had 1 in the past.
  • Mcdonalds394 is also immune to these conditions, but he ate it only once.
  • It is a parody of Oxi Clean

Penguins who got extremely gassy from eating OxiPie[edit]

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There is only one known cure for OxiPie gas. It is Poritos. If Director Penny though eats broccoli and cheese with OxiPie, it would make her skyrocket away with farts.

Times used[edit]

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