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Inspiration(s) The PAPER FANON series
Developer Us
Publisher Us
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Sticker Star-like collection-based RPG
Platform Snowtendo Vii N, Snowtendo 3DS

PAPER FANON is the videogame adaptation of the PAPER FANON comic series. Using the unique, paper-like art style, this turn-based role playing game is focused around collecting stickers to attack enemies.


The story starts when our hero receives a letter to a party. It is the annual Sticker Festival, in which every penguin and puffle from Craft Penguin Island goes together to the Cove for the arrival of the lucky Decal Comet, which is said to make wishes come true. However, in the midst of fun, a villain named WARlus has the excellent idea of touching the Decal Comet when it lands.

It was a terrible idea.

Absorbing the powers of the Decal Comet and separating it in 15 pieces, WARlus gets corrupted with its power and brings chaos everywhere, spreading the paper penguins and puffles all over the land.

The gameplay starts with the Player, who you can name, waking up on the now destroyed Cove. The Player quickly teams up with Naggi, a blue crystal puffle who has information about every enemy. She's also very annoying.

The Player and Naggi make their way towards the Dock at the other side of the island, battling regular Wild Puffles and the occasional Snowman with only Jump Stickers at their disposal. However, when they reach Town Center, they are ambushed by an Armored Wild Puffle. Losing badly due to their lack of stickers other than the Jump Sticker, they are saved (barely) at the last moment by a pink ninja, who misses the attack to the enemies but drops a Slap Sticker, introducing players to this new attack. The pink ninja introduces herself as Luz-Ahn, a samurai-in-training. After a short dialogue about how she looks more like a ninja than a samurai, Luz-Ahn joins your team as the first party member.

At the Dock, you need to take the Hydro Hopper to visit the nearby islands and find the scattered parts of the Decal Comet. However, the boat is torn into pieces, scattered around the island. After this fetch quest is completed, you gain access to the map.

The game then splits into 6 different paths, each can be completed at any order. Each path contains at least a single new character, 2 minibosses, a boss enemy and an advancement in the plot. Craft Penguin Island, on the other hand, becomes a "hub" level of sorts. In the Town, the Clothes Shop sells equipment and Coffee Shop sells health stickers once the area is completed. At the Ski Village, you can ask Bernie the Tour Guide for tutorials against practice enemies. A new addition is added to the Dock: The Sticker Shop. It changes stickers every day, stocking any stickers that you have encountered around the levels.

  • Papyrus Plains
  • Scrap Sands
  • Origami Ocean
  • Cutout Cliffs
  • Folding Forest
  • Tapa Tundra

Papyrus Plains has a green landscape similar to a field or hills. It is by far the easiest route to take and is often used by players for grinding, due to it being inhabited by a lot of Wild Puffles. Mr. Plik is recruited here when you fight off some wild puffles attacking him for being too civilized. Mr. Plik allows you to hit and reach faraway targets by throwing himself forward. Along with that, the optional side quest character Fooey can be recruited. He is initially found taking a nap in a small cave. He asks you to bring him a couple of food items. The Wild Puffle Quartet, a group of four stronger versions of the varieties of Wild Puffle enemies, are the main antagonists of this arc, attempting to impede your progression, being promised wealth by the WARlus if they successfully stop your team. They fail three separate times. The fourth time, however, the quartet is piloting a large tree-mech named Litmus: Extremely Annoying Failure, even though the quartet isn't aware of this unfortunate name and takes the L:EAF for a spin to attack the team. They ultimately fail and run away, leaving behind a piece of the Decal Comet.

Scrap Sands takes place in a desert-like area, with a prominent yellowish color. Mr Cow2 is lost in this desert and your team saves them from a pit of quicksand. He joins your party after this and hands you an illegible map of the desert. Mr Cow2 can pick up certain enemies and obstacles and throw them. Foddy is also found in the desert, testing her strength in a field of cacti. To obtain her as a team member, you must satisfy her request of "POWERFUL ATTACK STICKEEERS!!!", which is really any Red Sticker. A band of paper crows acts as the first miniboss, with a living cactus called Cactey being the second. As for the main boss, a pyramid in the background reveals itself to be nothing other than Illumination-Looking Luxurious Underminer Masterfully Inceptively Not A Triangle Interstellar, bent on stopping you to prove WARlus that Illumination-Looking Luxurious Underminer Masterfully Inceptively Not A Triangle Interstellar is more MLG than WARlus. Strangely, Illumination-Looking Luxurious Underminer Masterfully Inceptively Not A Triangle Interstellar spares you before self destructing for no reason. Illumination-Looking Luxurious Underminer Masterfully Inceptively Not A Triangle Interstellar also leaves a Decal Comet piece.

Origami Ocean is a dangerous level due to its waters. Paper and water do not mix correctly. Comb the beach and hop the rocks to the Decal Comet piece! Penghis Khan is found fishing for weapons. Player helps Penghis Khan land a mullet and Penghis Khan joins his party. Penghis Khan can use the same mullet he caught to traverse bodies of water and other fluids. This makes this level far far different from all the others, as the water acts like a free-roam level and if you play your cards right, you might even encounter the boss without doing anything else! Beware of the water miniboss who's hunting you down, though. Foopy the optional character can be found crying on a small island in the middle of the ocean. It's way out of the way of anything, so he'll just join your party without any other side quests. A big shark is often fought as a miniboss, but the main boss of the entire level is an octopus, who is actually 8 enemies (one "enemy" for each tentacle) and has to be taken down tentacle by tentacle. This also means that he attacks 8 times before your party's turn comes back again. The octopus spits out a Decal Comet piece when defeated and swims away. And so, your adventure continues.

to be continued


PAPER FANON uses a unique take on the RPG genre, using Stickers as the only means of attack. These stickers are placed on a Sticker Book, which keeps getting bigger as the game progresses. As a general rule, each time you can have one extra member on your party, the book gains one page, though there are other means of obtaining extra pages.


Each sticker has a color, detailing who can use it and, in general, what does it do.

  • Indigo stickers are used for general attacks all characters can use.
  • Orange stickers are used for healing and other non-offensive attacks.
  • Purple stickers are unique attacks which can only be used by the character who can make them.
  • Red stickers are used for attacks that deal with close combat, like punches and kicks. Dangerous to use on enemies who hurt you on contact.
  • Yellow stickers are used for attacks that use physical, non-energy projectiles, like bullets or bombs. Some characters use tools in their animations of launching them.
  • Green stickers are used for attacks that use magic or weirdness in some way. Each sticker varies a lot from each other.
  • Blue stickers are used for attacks that require melee weapons, mostly swords. Different stickers cover different ways to use the weapon.

(Red, yellow, green and blue stickers can only be used by characters with the same color association.)

List of Stickers[edit]

This list does not include Purple stickers.

Number Color Image Name Description
001 Indigo TBA Jump Jumps on an enemy to attack. Timing button presses makes you attack more times.
002 Indigo TBA Slap Slaps an enemy to attack. Timing a button press can increase damage slightly.
003 Orange TBA Small Heart Heals damage of a single character by 10 HP. If you are lucky, an extra 5 HP is healed.
004 Indigo TBA Super Jump A stronger jump for a stronger attack. Same timing rules as Jump.
005 Indigo TBA Super Slap A stronger slap for a stronger attack. Same timing rules as Slap.
006 Blue TBA Slash Press a series of buttons in a short amount of time and cut through the enemy.
007 Blue TBA Spam Slash Mash the button as much as you can to get the most out of a series of weak attacks.
008 Red TBA Thumpy Thump Thump Press the buttons at the correct time to slam into the enemy with your belly.
009 Red TBA Punch It's a punch. Press the button right before it fails to get boost power.
010 Yellow TBA Morshu Bomb Throw it towards the enemy at the back or press any button to detonate it prematurely.
011 Yellow TBA Bullet The bullet hits all enemies for small damage, but you can detonate it for massive damage to a single enemy.
012 Green TBA F-F-F-FIRE Mash the buttons to throw and enlarge fireballs.
013 Green TBA Water Magic Humidity and paper are not friends. Using this while "Cry" is in effect makes it stronger.
014 Indigo TBA Wumbo Slap A stronger version of Super Slap. You know the rules.
015 Indigo TBA Wumbo Jump A stronger version of Super Jump. You know the rules.
016 Orange TBA Heart Heals you 15 HP upon use. Sometimes heals you 20 HP instead.
017 Orange TBA Super Heart Heals you 20 HP upon use. Sometimes heals you an additional 5 HP.
018 Red TBA Fury Destruction Deals slight recoil damage to you if successful. Pressing the buttons at the right time deals more damage.
019 Orange TBA Wumbo Heart Heals you 25 HP. Sometimes heals 30 HP instead.
020 Indigo TBA Extreme Stomp Is really rare to come across. Allows you to jump multiple times on an enemy.
021 Indigo TBA Extreme Slap Really rare to come across. When used, allows you to slap your foes multiple times.
022 Blue TBA Slice N' Dice Press the A button as fast as you can as much as you can to slice your foes into pieces!
023 Orange TBA Assist Allows you to boost an ally's attack, but at the cost of your attack.


Story character spaces available: 10/15

Sidequest character spaces available: 25/35

Total character spaces available: 42/50

Image Title Name Colors Ability Availability Purple Sticker
PAPER FANON Player.png Our Hero Player* All Tattle: Basic information about an enemy is given to Player. Story Hyper Jump
PAPER FANON Luz-Ahn.png Samurai Wannabe Luz-Ahn Blue Critical Miss: Makes every character more likely to miss an attack for 5 turns. Passive for Luz herself. Story Direct Strike
TBA Black Cat Puffle Mr. Plik Red Greed: Increases amounts XP and coins won after a battle. Can only be used once per battle. Story Puffle Scratch
PAPER FANON Mr Cow2.png Gluttonous Galapagos Mr Cow2 Yellow, Red IdunnoLOL: Infects an enemy with a random health-draining effect. Story Cheddar Blastar
PAPER FANON Fooly.png Silly Flippling Fooly Green, Yellow Chaos: Every character in battle receives a random status effect. Story Legendary Whackhammer
PAPER FANON Fooey.png Lazy Flippling Fooey Green, Blue Rest: Skip a turn to heal damage instead. Sidequest Sleepy Pillow
PAPER FANON Foddy.png Angry Flippling Foddy Green, Red Charge: Charges the next attack for more power. Sidequest Foddy Combo
PAPER FANON Foopy.png Shy Flippling Foopy Blue, Green Cry: Disables fire-based enemies. May occasionally have background effects. Sidequest Chili Heat
PAPER FANON Folly.png Smart Flippling Folly Yellow, Green Analyze: Reveals hidden weaknesses on enemies and sometimes finds items. Sidequest Pie Bomb
PAPER FANON Foomy.png Nervous Flippling Foomy Red, Green Mundane Attack: Stops all status effects from every character. May fail. Sidequest Critical Hit
PAPER FANON Fobby.png Sassy Flippling Fobby Green, Yellow Design: Increases accuracy of allies in battle. Sidequest Blinding Lights
TBA Freezing Fuzzball Snow Red, Blue Chill Out: Freezes an enemy for 1-5 turns. Sidequest Corruption
PAPER FANON Nat.png Passionate Punner Nat Blue, Yellow Punniful: Throws a pun which leaves a random enemy immobile. Sidequest Cyclone
TBA Initiative Leader Mcdonalds394 Yellow, Red Help Shield: Creates a shield which heals all allies. Sidequest Infectous Hit
TBA Tundra Tabby FrostByte Blue, Red Cattitude: Takes a hit for an ally in a pinch. Sidequest VyPurr the Destroyer

*It is possible to change the protagonist's name at the beginning of the game, but Player is the "official" name.


Image Name Tattle ATK DEF HPs
TBA Wild Puffle "One of the more common enemies, Wild Puffles are weak, but they try to get in your way anyways. They are easy to defeat too." 1 1 3
TBA Winged Wild Puffle "A Wild Puffle that somehow grew a pair of wings. What?! This abomination of nature is slightly more health and can't be hit with ground attacks.'" 1 1 5
TBA Big Wild Puffle "A larger Wild Puffle. This puffle is stronger than your average puffle, but is still pretty weak." 5 1 3
TBA Armored Wild Puffle "A Wild Puffle with a spiky helmet on. It provides it with extra defense and can't be jumped on, but they don't use it to attack." 1 5 3
TBA Snowman "There must've been some magic in that old silk hat it found, because if you knock it off its head it'll go and bounce around, hitting other foes." 3 7 3
TBA Wingman "That is a terrible name. Couldn't it have been Snow Angel?! It is just a Snowman with wings. Try knocking off its hat. It's hilarious." 3 7 5
TBA Flower "Watch out. This Flower lures you with a peaceful look, but attacks fiercly. Stay determined and kill it!" 7 2 2
TBA SPIKE "SPIKE stands for 'Slightly Pointy Indestructible Knife-irresistant Enemy'. It's not indestructible. Try using Blue Stickers." 6 9 5
TBA Shield Guy "Shield guys use their massive shields to block attacks. However, they don't know how to block Red Sticker attacks. GET THE HINT?!" 4 15 5
TBA Kami "These living bombs explode upon death when they're close to your team. Try using Green Stickers to light its fuse so it incinerates other enemies." 99 1 1
TBA Fly "Pests! Flies are normally useless on their own but attack in groups of 5 or more. Try using as little stickers as possible." 3 0 6
TBA Nirilno "A foreigner in our world. Its homeland is called the Ultima Void. Its gooey appendages carry a poison so powerful that Nirilno uses it for the purpose of possession. Best not to directly contact it." 16 15 30
TBA Papyruf "It comes from another dimension called the Ultima Forest. Its blade-like wings can KO an unsuspecting foe. Don't let it be you." 25 10 25
PAPER FANON Luz-Ahn.png Luz-Ahn "Formerly your ally, Luz has suddenly switched sides and is fighting you! All her statistics are improved since she was your ally, but her attacks remain the same. She will occasionally verbally taunt you, but this is a hidden clue that her defense is temporarily lowered." 35 15 302
TBA Ultima Dimentio "It passed through this world in search of power and light. This miniboss is so huge, it's safe to say it'd be better to call it a MEGAboss. But who am I to judge? Its size may be normal in its world. Perhaps it's an Ultima Puffle, too?" 30 10 75
TBA Amazing Garble "One of No Man Land's minibosses... maybe. The Amazing Garble is immune to Red stickers." 9 4 50
TBA Amazinger Garble "One of No Man Land's minibosses... possibly. The Amazinger Garble is immune to Yellow Stickers" 9 4 50
TBA Amazingest Garble "One of No Man Land's minibosses... I guess. The Amazingest Garble is immune to Blue Stickers" 9 4 50
TBA Amazingerest Garble "One of No Man Land's minibosses... kind of. The Amazingerest Garble is immune to Green Stickers" 9 4 50
TBA Even more Amazingerest-est Garble "Seriously, who comes up with these names?! Anyways, the Even more Amazingerest-est Garble is immune to all stickers, except for Indigo stickers." 10 5 100


  • It has been confirmed that the "canon" name for Player is actually "Player". Choosing "Player" as the Player's name gives you a different ending.
  • On the other side, naming the Player as "WARlus" gives you an edgy ending.
  • If Nat is an active member of a party and Player or Folly uses "Tattle" or "Analyze" respectively, Nat will also comment on their reports with a pun.
  • Oddly, even with Tutupie City appearing as a main plot point in the game along with a bunch of NPCs from the Fooly series, Fuzzle, who is often used as an icon to represent the PAPER FANON series as a whole, is nowhere to be seen during the course of the story.
  • It is later revealed that, in the Bonus Menu, Fuzzle was napping all of this time on the top of the Beacon while chaos unfolded below.
  • Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif
  • Luz-Ahn's name sounds like the word "Losing", hence her awful ability and tendency to fail.
  • Nat is only seen with two axes in the game and never a singular axe.
  • Rumors have been going around that Naggi is actually a penguin...

  • A small cameo of a PAPER FANON strip depicting certain events early in the game has been spotted in the newspaper of an inn at A Really Fictional Movie.
  • Various themes heard in Fanon Characters: The RPG have returned as musical cameos in stages.
  • Foomy's Mundane Attack and Fooly's Chaos return from Fanon Characters: The RPG.
  • Mr Cow2, when using his IdunnoLOL, dons his warlock leader outfit from both games.
  • Fooly alludes to A Really Fictional Movie when dialogue involving the lack of background music is triggered during No Man's Land.
  • In Fanon Characters: The RPG, Fooey says "(yawn) Maybe after this I'll just go and rest in Papyrus Plains..." which he ends up doing in this game.
  • Snow's mallets all appear, and upgrade over the course of the game, just like in Fanon Characters: The RPG.

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