PASA Attack Fleet

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PASA Attack Fleet
The fleet's most common spacecraft, an X-Wing.
Vital statistics
Full name
Role Protect the USA from space invaders.
National origin United States of Antarctica
Manufacturer PASA
First flight Space Invasion (official)
Introduced Space Invasion (2013)
Status Under heavy experimentation.
Primary users Skilled PASA pilots and the best air force combat pilots.
Number built 700 (X-Wings)
300 (Y-Wing)
Program cost 115,000,000,000 coins
Unit cost 10,000,000 coins (X-Wing)
15,000,000 coins(Y-Wing)
Developed from PASA Shuttle Fleet
Developed into

The PASA Attack Fleet is a top-secret fleet of futuristic attack spacecraft built to defend the United States of Antarctica. It is so far the most expensive military project carried out by the USA.


In 2008, the officials at PASA started to think about aliens after seeing Space Adventure and Space Adventure: Planet Y. They realised that the threat of an alien (or space) invasion was undoubtedly high. So, a top secret project began soon after known as Project: Star Wars. The project aimed to construct a fleet of highly advanced spacecraft capable of fighting in space. The project was given a massive amount of funding to reach this ambitious goal.

In early 2009, a large underground airbase on Club Penguin (due to Gary leading the project because of his free time and love of science) was built. The Project: Star Wars fleet was to be housed in this underground base. It took years of work and over 80 billion coins, but slowly a fleet of spacecraft started to appear. These spacecraft, called X-Wings and Y-Wings, were capable of successful space flight and were fitted with a large amount of weapons. About 300 X-Wings and 50 Y-Wings were operational and ready for use by the beginning of July 2013.

However, also in July 2013, Darth Herbert and his attack fleet (consisting of the Death Star, TIE Fighters and plenty of troopers) were sighted. This prompted PASA to put spacecraft manufacturing into high gear, diverting many funds from other space exploration projects to the building of the still top-secret attack fleet. Within the span of a few days, PASA's funds (from donations and such) for the fleet were basically diminished. By now, a total of 1000 spacecraft were operational and ready for battle. The Space Invasion finally came when Darth Herbert's forces arrived over Club Penguin. The attack fleet went to battle with Herbert's forces for more than a week, and with the help of ground troops and Jedi, finally won the battle against Herbert's forces.

Since 2013, the Attack Fleet hasn't been utilized very much, except for routine training. New ship production has also been halted, except for new ship prototypes.

Project: Star Wars scientists[edit]

These are all of the scientists that worked on Project: Star Wars. Most were PASA scientists, but a few are penguins that Gary trusted to make the project better while still keeping it a secret. No other nations were involved with this (although some scientists working for other nations were).

  • Gary- Head of operations. He makes sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Alexa (Mito) and Warning von Brown- Gary called them in from Shops Island on July 2, 2013, to see if they could find anything to be improved on the now mass-produced spacecrafts. It turns out that they helped the project by working with Gary to create a new propulsion system for the crafts that doesn't use fossil fuels.
  • Matthias- Matthias helped in the project by improving and streamlining the overall design of the spacecrafts. He also helped to produce several prototypes of important components (such as flight computers) before they went into mass-production.

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The main funding for Project: Star Wars obviously came from PASA. However, PASA's government funding and grants alone were nowhere near enough money to fund a project this costly (the USA funded the the project enough so that approximately 500 spacecrafts could be made, however they didn't want to put more government funds into it in July 2013). So instead, when word of Darth Herbert's invasion was first discovered in early July 2013, the US communicated with other nation's leaders and told them that the attack fleet would also protect their countries if they funded the project. Most of the countries that fund this project are rich countries with little to no military forces, or militaries that would prove insufficient to space invasion (or were afraid of being overrun because of space invasion even if they had some space-efficient weapons). The following countries help to fund the attack fleet, and in return will be protected by it from space-borne threats:


Gary designed these spacecraft with the help of a small team of PASA scientists from around Antarctica. He figured that bulky ships with little wings like the spacecraft in the Shuttle fleet was only good for space travelling and carrying things aboard. So, he focused on making smaller, more agile ships with a large focus on the wings to help with the agility and speed.

  • X-Wing
  • The X-Wing is the main spacecraft in the attack fleet. It is the cheapest to build, and is the most effective in craft-to-craft combat due to it's agility and weapons. The wings are unified while in normal flight, but transform into an "X" shape when in attack mode (for extra weapons and maneuverability).
  • Y-Wing

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