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Sanderson "PC" Pauguns
Born 1978
South Pole City
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names Sanders, Paugu and Polite Criminal
Occupation Criminal
Home town South Pole City
Known for Murder and terrorism
Partner CD

Sanderson Pauguns (prounounced "Paw-gins") or PC, as he calls himself, is a well known criminal across South Pole City.

Early Life[edit]

As a young penguin, he always did have that criminal attitude, as he always stole things from various places, such as school and friend's houses. At the age of 13, he starting robbing banks and vandalizing the community. He did this all the time and finally got arrested at the age of 24.

Meeting CD[edit]

On a prison boat heading to Owcatraz, he got freed from his cell by CD. When they attempted to jump out of the boat, he revealed that he couldn't swim, so CD went and found him some inflatables. The two jumped out of the boat and went searching for land.