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Puffle Handler

PH in 2013.
Born Paige Stephanie Handler
April 8, 1989 (1989-04-08) (age 30)
Water Kingdom
(Now known as Freezeland)
Gender Female
Nationality Antarctican
Other names PH
Alma mater Penguin University
Occupation Elite Puffle handler
Years active 2009-Present
Home town Millbourne, Austiceia
Known for Her contributions to Puffology and the puffle world.

Paige Stephanie Handler, better known as Puffle Handler, is an Elite Puffle handler that works for the EPF on Club Penguin Island.


Hatched as Paige Stephanie Handler, Puffle Handler has always had an obsession with Puffles, which started after she hatched when her family adopted a female Pink Puffle named Rush.


Paige Handler was born in the Water Kingdom of Antarctica on April 8, 1989, in a region that is currently part of Freezeland. At a young age, shortly after Colonial Antarctica was established, the family moved to another Puffish land- Austiceia. It is here that Paige spent the rest of her chickhood. Over the years she developed an Austiceian accent, and her love for puffles only grew.

PH grew up in a normal sized igloo in the Austiceian outback. It is here that she spent many afternoons watching the wildlife, and learning how to lasso and round up puffles, always releasing them afterwards. She eventually decided that she was going to become a Puffologist, so she would be able to continue learning, researching, and helping puffles.

Although she might have seemed like a nerd, she was quite the opposite. She was popular in her school due to her cheery attitude, and had a solid group of friends. During high school, Paige started up a "Puffle club", where each week its members would bring in their Puffles. Various breeds appeared, including Vampuffles, Piffles, and the normal puffle variants.


In 2007, Paige graduated from school with a scholarship, and turned 18. She decided that before she went to a college towards the end of the year, she wanted to get a job. So, she applied to become the "Puffle handler" on a farm in the icy outback, and she was accepted. She learned how to properly care and train puffles, as well as many other animals. Her Puffle wrangling skills also came to good use. She went to work every day, ready to go, always excited to see what new experiences the day would bring.

It was during this time that Paige gained the nickname "Puffle Handler". It started as her elderly boss's lack of memory, but soon caught on as her nickname, even with her friends and family. Towards the end of 2007, PH heard about rare Yellow Puffles being found in the wilderness of the growing USA port city, Club Penguin. That same news report also showed the elaborate history of puffles in the city, including that CP was the second known location for Red Puffles to reside (due to Rockhopper delivering them to the island). This intrigued PH, so she decided that she would move to the island and take college classes at the nearby Penguin University.

She packed up her things and her puffle Rush, said goodbye to her friends and family, and was living in a nice Club Penguin igloo by the beginning of 2008 (on the Traditional Server Outback).

Club Penguin[edit]

After a few months of living on Club Penguin, PH knew she had found home. It was an amazing community, unlike anything she had ever seen, and the Pet Shop was just extraordinary! She spent hours upon hours of her time volunteering at the Pet Shop, taking care of animals, helping other penguins find their perfect pet, or rounding up Puffles.

She was also taking college classes at Penguin University, studying for a degree in Puffology. Her teacher was "Puffle Pete" Gadget, a relative of Gary, and a famous Puffologist who had been learning about Puffles since the 1960s. He could tell she had a lot of passion about the subject, so he taught her everything he knew about Puffles, from training techniques to methods of affection, personality traits, puffle myths and legends, history, and more. Due to the short class periods, most of the teaching was actually done after school. Through the learning and the stories, they became close friends and colleagues.

Elite Puffle Handler[edit]

PH after joining the EPF.

In mid-2008, PH was introduced by Puffle Pete to his relative, Gary the Gadget Guy, who was searching for a puffle expert for the recently formed and top-secret Elite Penguin Force. Gary told her that he wanted someone to find and train a group of puffles that would be known as Elite Puffles. PH happily accepted with encouragement from her mentor Puffle Pete, and became part of the Elite Penguin Force. She was given the post of "Puffle Handler for the Elite Penguin Force", often shortened to Elite Puffle Handler, Elite Handler or simply Puffle Handler. Her igloo was also upgraded to a fully-furnished bungalow for free.

Over the next few months PH found, trained, and bonded with the Elite Puffles, one of each species, in some of the EPF's secret training facilities. She also continued her university studies in her free time, and became friends with some of the EPF's other top agents like G.

Death of Rush[edit]

Despite all they'd been through, as much as they'd been fit and active, Rush soon got very ill. She was diagnosed with pancreatic diverticulum, an uncommon disease, thus there being no known cure. Rush died, and was buried "in a special place that only few know about". Distraught and overcome with sadness, Paige was given permission to take months off of working, due to her fantastic, previous work.

Rhys Pluckfeather[edit]

One day, Paige was on her coffee break at the coffee shop, when the barrista accidentally tripped over her foot, causing him to fall to he floor, spilling the drinks and smashing the mugs, that he was holding. At first, he was shy, but Paige thought he was pretty cute. She kneeled down, and helped him clean up the shrapnel. She introduced herself, and he replied back that he was Rhys Pluckfeather. Paige, excited to have met him, asked what time he would finish work. Rhys looked at his watch, and mumbled "5 minutes". Paige invited him over for a mug of hot cocoa, and they got to know each other. Over the weeks, Paige and Rhys continued to meet, at the same time, every day. They continue to learn more and more about one another. In early 2013, they broke up and more information in relationships.


Paige is a professional puffle handler, and works for the EPF doing so. She sometimes calms puffles who are getting too wild at the Pet Shop.


Puffle Handler is generally on good terms with everyone she knows. She, similar to most people, does not know the Director's identity, but is still quite friendly with him. Recently, she and the coffee shop barrista, Rhys Pluckfeather, have been going on dates, enjoying each other's company. However, the couple split up in early 2013 like the same year where Cadence broke up with Dancing Penguin. She dated Stompin' Bob for a short period of time but she broke up with him since they both found someone new. That someone new that PH saw was Franky and they started dating since late March 2013.



  • She speaks with an Australian accent.
  • She loves to yodel.
  • She sometimes spends days in the wilderness with puffles.
  • Her favourite snacks are O-Berries.
  • She is afraid of UFOs. However, her experience with alien puffles in Area 501 lessened her fear.
  • She is a minor character in the icePhone app Jokemon NO.

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