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PSA doing his famous "Power Stance".
Alias PSA
Born Classified
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Secret Agent
Employer Elite Penguin Force (2012-present)
Penguin Secret Agency (2005-2010)
Years Active 2005-2010, 2012-present
Awarded Golden Puffles Medal
Wilderness Survival Medal
Electromagnet Medal
Golden Sled Medal
Golden Investigative Medal
Golden Box Medal
Silver Watch Medal
Boiler-Spoiler Foiler Medal
Stealthy Spy Surveillance Medal
Secret Squad Success Medal
Amazing Maze Master Medal

Speaker.png Click here to listen to PSA's theme!

Dr. G, I'm PSA.
— PSA to Gary

PSA is a top agent of the Penguin Secret Agency and Elite Penguin Force who has been on many highly classified missions. He takes his job very seriously and his identity became the agency itself, having no name other than the acronym of the agency he worked for. He was well known in the agency for his exemplary work, which led to him being put in charge of Waddle Squad in 2008. After the dissolution of the agency, he disappeared without a trace before returning to the EPF during its darkest hour, Operation: Blackout.



Nothing is known about PSA's past before joining the agency. All information related to it has either been classified or destroyed entirely.

Early career[edit]

PSA was one of the first secret agents, joining in late 2005. The first few months of PSA's career were relatively uneventful until June 2006, when he was sent on a mission to recover two of Aunt Arctic's puffles that had gone missing. Later that year, he was called in by G to test his new prototype sled. Unfortunately, being a very early prototype, the sled was not up to par and was destroyed, leaving PSA stranded in the wilderness where he befriended a Black Puffle. The next day, he was rescued by Jet Pack Guy.

A series of strange events began occurring in 2007, and PSA was just the penguin for the job. In March, the Gift Shop's supply of coins had seemingly disappeared, and he was assigned to investigate along with Rookie. He quickly discovered that the coins had not gone missing, but were merely being held to the ceiling by the Electromagnet 3000, placed on the roof by an unknown suspect. He also discovered a mysterious tuft of fur at the scene, which he gave to G for analysis.

In August, an avalanche occurred at the Ski Hill leaving several sledders trapped on the side of the mountain. With the help of G's gadgets, he was able to rescue the penguins. Curiously, he discovered a tuft of fur identical to the one found a few months prior during the mission at the Gift Shop, which he also submitted to G.

G later found one of his old inventions, the Furensic Analyzer 3000, to determine the origin of the fur discovered by PSA earlier that year. Unfortunately, the fur was stained with hot sauce, hot chocolate, and jetpack fuel, and the machine couldn't read it. PSA was sent around Club Penguin to collect these substances to calibrate a set of goggles which would allow PSA to track the owner. After calibrating the goggles, he tracked the suspect to the Ski Lodge. Although he didn't capture the suspect, they did leave behind a clean tuft of fur and a crab, who was taken back to headquarters by PSA. After analyzing the fur, they discovered it had come from a polar bear.

Encounters with Herbert[edit]

PSA returned to headquarters shortly after to be present for G's questioning of the crab. Unfortunately, the crab overloaded G's Crab Translator 3000, destroying it and allowing him to escape. PSA chased the crab across the island until he entered a small pet door in the wilderness that PSA was unable to fit through. While searching for something that might help him, he encountered the black puffle that he had befriended during his previous time in the wilderness, who helped him unlock the door. While exploring the cave inside, PSA was suddenly locked in a cage and came face to face with Herbert, the polar bear who had been causing trouble across the island for the past several months, who explained his backstory, motives, and revealed his plan to destroy the Ski Lodge with a Mechanical Woodchipper. Luckily, with the help of the black puffle, PSA was able to escape Herbert's lair and sabotage the Mechanical Woodchipper by distracting Herbert with a vegetarian pizza, saving the Ski Lodge.

Along with all other agents, PSA was transferred into the Elite Penguin Force, which was now taking over the former PSA's duties. Although PSA stayed with the EPF at the beginning, he always felt like he didn't belong there; it was different and much more high-tech than the PSA ever was, and the new Spy Phone G had designed didn't even have a comb. After pondering his future, PSA ultimately resigned from the agency and disappeared without a trace, returning to civilian life. Unable to shake the sense of duty he felt towards Club Penguin's citizens however, he continued to keep tabs on Herbert's activites and began privately investigating him.


After not being seen for over two years, PSA returned during Operation: Blackout to assist the EPF in liberating Club Penguin Island from Herbert, after he had successfully captured G, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Dot, and even the Director. He managed to destroy Herbert's laser and rescue the agents he had captured, leading to the Director revealing to him her true identity as Aunt Arctic, although PSA had suspected the truth for years.

In June 2013, PSA was reassigned from the efforts to take Herbert into custody following Operation: Hot Sauce to recapture Evil Pengy. Shortly after, Agent Dash, under the alias "Notta Secretagent", was invited to join the Evilositian Army, a group of villains led by Evil Pengy, and was assigned to work under PSA for the mission and reported directly to him. PSA stayed back at the Command Room and received regular reports from Dash, who observed the army's every move and called it in. When the Evilositian Army took over Chill Island, PSA filed a flight plan with the agency and led a squadron of agents there to personally recapture Evil Pengy.


  • Spy Phone - PSA's second Spy Phone, issued to him after his original phone was stolen by Herbert. Although it has not functioned since the PSA was dissolved, he still keeps it for nostalgia.
  • Phone of the Elite and Privileged Few - PSA's current EPF Spy Phone, issued to him during the initial transition between agencies. It is the original model from 2010, rather than Gary's updated model from 2013. PSA personally prefers the original Spy Phone, feeling that the current phone has too many unnecessary features, and misses the tools which he frequently made use of.



  • Agent Dash - PSA and Dash have worked together multiple times since Dash's infiltration of the Evilositian Army. PSA regards Dash as a highly capable agent and feels that any mission assigned to him is in good flippers.
  • Aunt Arctic - PSA's first mission was assisting Aunt Arctic in recovering her lost puffles. During Operation: Blackout, Aunt Arctic revealed her identity as the Director to PSA, although he had suspected the truth for several years.
  • Dancing Penguin - PSA has had multiple encounters with Dancing Penguin during his career and helped him with various problems.
  • Dot
  • The Ed
  • Gary
  • Jet Pack Guy
  • Rookie - PSA worked with Rookie on his first case, the Case of the Missing Coins, and was somewhat of a mentor figure to Rookie in his first years at the agency. PSA is sometimes annoyed by Rookie's many blunders, especially the phone incident, but always manages to stay professional.
  • Rory


  • Constantine
  • Evil Pengy
  • Herbert - PSA is quite possibly Herbert's biggest rival, and has worked on thwarting many of his schemes ever since his arrival on Club Penguin. Aside from his many crimes, PSA is very angry at Herbert for destroying the agency.
  • Klutzy



  • He has a strange habit of calling Gary "Dr. G". He also usually refers to both the PSA and EPF simply as "the agency".
  • He is very nostalgic for the PSA, still calling himself PSA even though the agency itself has been dissolved for nearly a decade.
  • Following the PSA's destruction, several of the missions PSA went on were recreated via virtual reality based on reports PSA had filed with the agency. They are currently used as training missions for EPF agents, and for bringing new agents up to speed on Herbert's past activities.
  • PSA does not own any puffles, but his favorite type of puffle is the black puffle because of the one he befriended in the wilderness.