Elite Penguin Palace

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Elite Penguin Palace
The entrance to the building.
Key details
Type Government headquarters
Level Elite Penguin Force
Location PSA Base A, South Pole City
Inhabitants Elite Penguin Force

The Elite Penguin Palace, or PSA Base A, or called EPP for short is an EPF HQ located in South Pole City. It is extremely busy, and is home to several secret agencies, but is mostly owned by the EPF.


It was built in 2006 by Old Tomoyo. It was funded by the USA, and was constructed very quickly. The outside had massive, stone pillars that held up the roof. The inside was built with 100's of offices, a massive garage for equipment, ten board rooms, and 30 jail cells. The PSA moved into the palace a week after it was finished, and set up all the computers. It became very busy at the palace, and it soon became more of a massive office than what it was intended to be. When the EPF was found in 2009, half of the palace was giving to the agency. So the palace now had EPF offices, and PSA offices.


  • Command Room- The biggest room in the whole palace it is full with computers and workers. It's centered in the middle of the palace, and takes two whole floors.
  • Jail Cells- On the North side of the building it is where criminals stay for one to seven days. It is not an actual jail, more of a holding facility.
  • The Hall- It's the first room agents waddle into and is the 2nd largest room in the palace. Like outside the palace there are massive stone pillars on the side of wall. The room is also two whole stories tall.
  • Office Rooms 1-10- The first 10 office rooms are to the right of the Command Room, and each office is 20 square feet long. Most of the offices are owned by the Antarctic Coast Guard.
  • Office Rooms 10-20-' The last 10 offices, on the left side of the Command Room. Most of them are owned by the Antarctic Identification Bureau, and the Criminal Nautical Investigation Company. Most of the puffles that work at the palace are stationed there.


The palace is full of criminals, EPF agents, and PSA agents. There are also other law enforcement agencies with offices in the palace.


The palace has tried to been captured a total of six times. Many attempts have almost succeeded, but all of them have failed.

  1. In 2009, when the EPF was created and built offices in the palace five criminals tried to take control of it. They had Fruit Blasters, and had been training for a week. They attacked The Hall first, and worked their way to the Command Room. They were stopped before even leaving The Hall.
  2. In 2010, a group of twenty criminals sneaked into the palace. They sneaked through the air vents and attacked the Command Room first. They killed two penguins, and four puffles. They also hacked the computers and stole some classified information. But before they could advance to the rest of the palace they were stopped.
  3. Another attempt in 2010 was almost successful. Bugzy and some gangsters attacked the outside of the palace and tried to burn it down. But because the building was built of stone they failed to burn it down, so they attacked the inside. They destroyed offices, killed agents, and tried to set the place on fire again. They burnt down three offices until they were forced to retreat.
  4. In 2011, Bugzy returned with even more gangsters and they attacked the palace head on. They had ten bazookas, and several machine guns. They destroyed most of the building on the outside, and then attacked The Hall. The Hall was almost completely burnt down before reinforcements could take down Bugzy and his gang. They were put in jail but soon escaped.
  5. A month after that, twenty criminals attacked the palace. They sneaked into the Command Room and killed everyone that was in there. It was night, and not many agents were working. The criminals then stole 56% of the data in the computers, and destroyed the computers. When reinforcements arrived the criminals were captured, and thrown in prison.
  6. During Halloween a group of criminals disguised themselves as trick-or-treaters and waddled up to the palace. They waddled into The Hall, and said "Let us in or death!" They pulled our their weapons and randomly started to shoot everything in The Hall. They advanced to the office rooms and attacked those too. They had taken over most of the building until EPF agents in the Command Room came out and attacked all three. The criminals were killed.
  7. A group of Mwa-Mwas attacked the place on March 22, 2017. However, about 600 EPF agents counterattacked and arrested the Mwa-Mwas, about 234 Mwa-Mwas in total.


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