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Penguin Secret Agency
The flag of the PSA.
Penguin Secret Agency Logo.PNG
The official logo of the PSA.
Intelligence agency overview
Formed November 2005
Preceding Intelligence agency Office of Colonial Security
Dissolved May 2010
Superseding agency Elite Penguin Force (merger)
Jurisdiction Club Penguin
Headquarters PSA HQ
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Intelligence agency executive The Director, Director of the PSA
Child agencies Elite Penguin Force
Antarctica Investigation Authority
Penguin Special Force
Criminal Nautical Investigation Company
Antarctic Identification Bureau
Time Agency
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The Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) was, at one time, an intelligence agency that protected all of Club Penguin Island. There were different divisions of the Penguin Secret Agency that protected the Servers of the island. The F.I.S.H. - which stands for Factual Informative Spy Handbook - is their official flipperbook. They were one of the five top agencies that existed and were lead by The Director, co-sided by Gary the Gadget Guy.

They had many locations, but their official location and headquarters was the PSA HQ. They had a Most Wanted list for criminals they needed to catch, and the last most-wanted was Herbert P. Bear, alongside Klutzy the Crab.


The first HQ made for the Club Penguin Sceret Agency.

At the end of the Colonial Revolution, the former Office of Colonial Security was disbanded. It was replaced with agents from The Club, recruited and assigned to several regions. These were the foundations of the PSA. When they disappeared, private, non-profit, volunteer agencies, free of government control, were formed instead by volunteers. One of the largest was the Club Penguin Secret Agency.

The agency first started in November 2005 after the start of Club Penguin when Gary the Gadget Guy was discussing about protection of the island from future enemies and intruders with others who supported the idea - and then after the conference he had set up a small independent security agency, designated as a militia by the federal government, called the Club Penguin Secret Agency in January 2006 after some brief planning and graphic designing. At first, it started small, with only a few underpaid volunteers staffing it. However the Governor of Sub-Antarctica took notice of the organisation and appointed them as the official intelligence and security agency of Sub-Antarctica. Other Governors followed in suit and began their own intelligence agencies. After that, a small Headquarters was made for the new group, the Club Penguin Secret Agency. The HQ was at first very small and compact, with a small monitor screen hung in the corner and a notice board. This took a couple of months to make.

Then in October 2006, a penguin contacted the Club Penguin Secret Agency. She talked to them about a secret government order made by the federal government stating that all state agencies would merge together form a single one, due to the fact that Trans-Antarctica and Eastshield were conducting espionage operations against each other. She made a deal with Gary, with the CPSA become subordinate to the Sub-Antarctica branch of the new agency, while the CPSA purely handled Club Penguin; in return, G would become become the head of the Club Penguin Secret Agency and the Director's de jure Executive Officer. The merge was approved the next month and Gary was happy to follow the demands; his now decreased workload meant he could focus his inventions. The agency was named the Penguin Secret Agency, alongside the creation of the Elite Penguin Force. She strangely never met face-to-face with Gary, which disturbed the inventor, but as the year passed he started to trust the new head, who had been codenamed The Director. The Director did a great job as being the Director, but still kept secret of her identity, only to trust Gary. The Director set their official motto:

"Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready."
— Director of the PSA

The motto was very popular before it was made the official.

The agents working for the PSA increased very quickly (probably because there has been a recent pay rise) and more villains are needed to be caught. The PSA generally manages the damage control, protection and security of each of their regions, and in their regions only. There are three ways these laws can be twisted. PSA agents may request a transfer to another region and it must be approved by a 'high ranking PSA member' (in reality an EPF Agent handles these requests, often as a temporary punishment). Once it's approved they remain there until they request for another transfer. EPF agents may "request" for a PSA agent to be transferred until not needed. The final method is to receive a permit allowing them to travel on official business for one reason or another. This must be renewed every month. When they aren't needed to travel then the pass is discarded. The second and third are rare events but the first is actually quite common.

The Corps of the PSA- officially called the Waddle Squad -had a roving commission, meaning it's Agents could cross border regions. Because of this, it regularly assigned it's subordinate units and agents to individual regions and were able to transfer them quickly to another without dealing with the red-tape, the paperwork and the bureaucracy, plus they had the ability to assign multiple agents at once and not on an individual basis.

The Elite Penguin Force (which was introduced and sided with the PSA some years ago) however, deals with affairs from other states and across the continent; it was quite an honor to be an Elitist.


The regional branches of the PSA.

  • PSA Eastshield. Their HQ was Fort Lox.
  • PSA Trans-Antarctica. Their HQ was in Pengu Town.
    • PSA Base F: Pingko
    • PSA Base Q: GourdZoid
    • PSA Base S: Sealville
    • PSA Base X: Ross Ice Shelf -- This base was also known as "Area 52" and was said to contain remains from the Ross-Well Iceberg Collision. It is the subject of much controversy.
  • PSA Weddell. Their HQ was a underwater base using bubble technology known as Weddell Forts.
  • PSA Subantarctic
    • PSA, in Club Penguin. This division was dissolved and replaced by the EPF (see below).
    • PSA Base R: Ross Island

Child agencies[edit]

  • Elite Penguin Force: Elitists used to have a roving commission, meaning they were allowed to travel past state borders, although now this only applies to non-PMC EPF agents. The EPF acted as the Intelligence agency, whereas the PSA was the Security and Law enforcement agency (the AIA took away some of the PSA's law enforcement responsibilities but not fully). When the PSA was dissolved, they took on their internal security and law enforcement role.
  • CNIC: A special division dealing with crimes involving water.
  • The Printer's Sweepstakes Agency: Although not an actual branch, the PSA occasionally uses this guise to trick unsuspecting creatures into doing missions that no one else can. For instance, they used it on Professor Shroomsky to investigate the Darktonian Realm, because he is immune to polka music and starvation. It was later found out that their name has be copied by a group of penguins to create the Printer Sweepstakes Agency.
  • Time Agency: Formerly a division commissioned for the study time and also to protect different areas of time, they soon separated and became independent from the PSA. They are a corrupt agency.

Most Wanted[edit]

The PSA had compiled a list of the 20 Most Wanted criminals of the USA, 19 being the lowest rank and not very worried about, and 1 being the highest rank, and very dangerous.

The official Top Ten Most Wanted List.

The list went as follows:

1: Nightmare

2: Darktan II

3: Herbert P. Bear

4: Lizlord

5: Bugzy

6: Klutzy

7: FredX

8: King of Sorrow(destroyed during the Nightmare Epic)

9: Kill(turned to the good side and killed by Shadow Knight during the Nightmare Epic)

10: Bill Gates

11: Sam Rudi X


13: Metal Explorer

14: Robo-Gary

15: Flamehopper

16: Ernie

17: MicroChip

18: Fredrick

19: Kwiksilver X

20: King Snowkinian

System & Agenda[edit]


After the upgrade of the old headquarters (which was very plain), the headquarters had moved to the Sports Shop. It was an ideal place for a secret headquarters - or at least a secret entrance to a headquarters. The first changing room was basically just a changing room, but it was also the entrance to the HQ. There was a secret button on the Spy Phone which nobody can notice. By pressing the button, the floor slid in and reveal a staircase. This only worked if there was nobody else in the Sports Shop - Gary the Gadget Guy, designer of the Spy Phone, made it so that it sensed when others were in the room, there were special sensor-pads in the floor, and the agent had to stand in a specific spot to make sure they were not caught in the pads - then the agent walked down the stairs and went through a number of doors (for security reasons), which lead them into the headquarters, which was right under the Sports Shop.

Tic-Tac-Toe Code[edit]

Everything you need to know about the Tic-Tac-Toe Code

The Tic-Tac-Toe Code, also known as the PSA Code, was the secret language of the PSA. It was created in 2005 by Gary the Gadget Guy and The Director, in an attempt to keep the Agency's communications secret.

Unfortunately, the Elite Penguin Force does not use the code, and once the PSA was dissolved in 2010, the code wasn't forwarded to the child agency. Thus, the only places the language is used now is between former PSA agents, and occasionally on super secret EPF documents.

PSA's Dissolution[edit]

In May 17th 2010, the CPSA, investigating Herbert P. Bear, had discovered that Herbert was growing a corn field. He was using it as a maze to house a temporary headquarters after his previous ones were destroyed. He sent a message that he was going to reveal the PSA to the entire public along with other agencies and their purposes, such as the Antarctic Identification Bureau, which monitors all penguins in something like a human TV show. The PSA dispatched a unit called Waddle Squad to investigate.

After discovering evidence of the corn field, G sent a distress signal. Waddle Squad's leader was sent back to HQ where he discovered Herbert was hacking into the CPSA, stealing vital agent clearance and low-level data. G declared a Code Red and other near by regions prepared a relief force.

They discovered that a broadcast would be at the Ski Village. They got to work by disabling the broadcast. After they did so, Waddle Squad's leader was sent into the corn field where he discovered Herbert's new HQ. He disabled the hacking procedures. However Herbert teleported him and a so called Popcorn Bomb. Despite not having the clearance, the agent managed to get help from the (then-adjacent) EPF Command Room in Club Penguin. They escaped and watched as the Popcorn Bomb exploded, somewhat damaging the HQ and the whole Ski Village. The Code Red had a response from the Director, who shut down the CPSA. When the releif force arrived Herbert had also silently hacked into other PSA offices. Nobody knows how much data he stole although some was high level PSA documents. A Code Black was declared, the highest level of emergency. To prevent any more data being stolen, The Director then shut down the entire PSA and merged them into the Elite Penguin Force.


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